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ANTIOCH, TENNESSEE -- This is a scam. They advertise in the newspaper and internet saying they have jobs available in the security field. When you contact them they will tell you that you need to pay a registration fee. It is all a scam and they have no jobs to offer.

They also go by, BodyguardUSA, Advancement Solutions, and Countergroup. You can contact me through this ad for info on reporting them and getting your money back.
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BobJohn on 07/21/2008:
Almost any 'professional' agency will not charge you a fee upfront, the client company pays the fee. You have to be very careful what you are signing up for. There are too many legitimate job sites to worry about paying someone to supposedly do the same thing. Good luck.
WKNOX on 08/02/2008:
They are now trying to start a new one called Federal Rangers out of TN and Atlanta
agent man on 08/14/2008:
First of all Mr. William Knox has been terminated from our training. It is our opinon that Mr. Knox needs to seek mental treatment due to the disturbing postings he is leaving on the net. If anyone would like a full report on the case about MR William Knox, please email We are 6 almost 7 years strong and we are not a rip off.
The BBB does not take either side in a dispute.

BBB Reverse Report
Please read report at very bottom of page after reading this.

International Executive Services LLC /Advancement Solutions, LLC does not have a good relationship with the BBB in Tennessee. However our stance is that their information is inaccurate and unfounded.
Any information that the BBB have gathered is from clients who have signed up for our referral services without meeting the qualifications for the training.

Our office understands that the BBB tries to help consumers. We believe that the number of complaints is minimal, considering the number of satisfied customers we deal with on a daily basis. On the other hand, we feel that if an applicant has read and signed & notarized documents agreeing to the conditions of our company’s polices, it is unreasonable for the BBB to side with the customer when a complaint is filed simply because they do not get a refund. International Executive Services, LLC feels that the applicant at some point should be held accountable for their actions.

International Executive Services LLC /Advancement Solutions, at one time was on good terms with the BBB until it was requested that IES divulge personal and confidential information concerning clients personal information & the security company's who employ graduates.
IES does not give sell, trade or otherwise divulge confidential information of any client or Agency who employs clients.
Perhaps the time has come for the business community to ask whom the BBB must answer to for their own indiscretions. If a company does not respond to the BBB’s request, then that company is considered not to be legit or a scam etc. The general public assumes these allegations to be a fact! The truth of the matter is that the BBB makes misjudgments against many companies, including International Executive Services, LLC.

IES does have a refund policy that states if you do not graduate the Academy, You will have to provide the school transcripts stating the reason you did not graduate. You can request a refund if you have a doctors statement saying that you cannot participate in the training because of a medical condition. You can request a refund if you are called for Military deployment.
However, if you register for a program and do not follow through with the application process you will not be eligible for a refund. If you decide you don’t want to take the training you are not eligible for a refund.

IES is a Referral Service not a Registration Service and DOES NOT GUARANTEE anyone a job. No one who contacts IES will ever be told that they have been guaranteed a job. Our Agents tell all callers that they are only guaranteed a job upon completion of the Academy training, which IES will make every effort to acquire for you.

When you are accepted into an Academy Training Program you will be offered a contract to work overseas and in the U. S. A.

IES is not out to take anyone's money and not provide our services. There are jobs available to those who meet the qualifications & go through the Training Academy Programs and graduate.

If you would like to register or if you would like additional info, you can contact me
Agent Robbie Wood @ 1-615-885-8960 EXT. #117 or @1-615-942-6978 M-F 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST.
Or you can e-mail me at or

Recruiting Agent Robbie Wood
International Executive Services

BBB Reverse Report below (READ) ***
The Hidden Results that the BBB won’t tell the public to hide their own actions.
On 09-09-2005 the BBB recognized International Executive Services, LLC as a new company in TN. On November 1st 2006 the BBB requested information from our company about our advertising and to provide them information about the advertising, the BBB also requested 10 customers that have used our services and obtained work through our company. On 10-23-2006 International Executive Services, LLC – Advancement Solutions , LLC did in fact- fax over 25 customers information with their first and last name including their contact information, we did not provide addresses to the BBB simply because of respect for our customer. International Executive Services, LLC and Advancement Solutions, LLC did call the 25 customers to let them know that they would be getting a call from the BBB. We didn’t reach all 25 customers but did leave a message. So the BBB goes on to say we refused this information but we did NOT. We also provided them with accurate information concerning our advertising PAID TRAINING ** we changed this information around to PAID TRAINING IS AVAILABLE so that it would mean that not all would qualify, but some would, yet they still go on saying we refused. The BBB also goes on to say we offer no training and that is just ridiculous, we have sent many students to training and have helped hundreds with obtaining work.
No, we will NOT release the name of the schools to the BBB or WTVF News Channel 5 or any other news or agency working to discredit our services. We did on 05-22-2007 provide the BBB and Channel 5 News in Nashville, TN the names of our affiliates and the BBB called them and used the owner of the companies background to discredit our services and we lost the affiliation and instructors because the information they were presented with was BLOWN OUT OF PERPORTION. The fact is that WTVF News Channel 5 is just looking for a story and when they found out Mr. Coleman, the owner was arrested years ago for DUI and government impersonation they used their own assumptions that Mr. Coleman was running a scam and this is not true at all. Running this company has nothing to do with the past of someone’s record unless proven otherwise. The fact is, YES International Executive Services, LLC is a legal business in Nashville, TN and has been for years and will be for years to come. On 11-01-2007 International Executive Services, LLC sent a request by fax to the BBB that they provide us the information to file a complaint on their actions and they have refused. International Executive Services, LLC has called and left messages for Benita Tabb and the supervisor to call us back but they refused again to even provide us with any information concerning that they are in fact a monopoly in itself. So the BBB is not always reporting the facts about some companies and now that they have put International Executive Services, LLC on the news and said all this misleading information they feel they would look like fools to admit they were wrong and owe International Executive Services, LLC an apology. As of 11-12-2007 we are still waiting on the requested information from the BBB that they continue to refuse to provide our company.
Update 12-18-2007 this is the actual email the BBB sent to me after months of requests- take a look at this ***
Mr. Coleman,

The BBB is not regulated by any government agency, so therefore there is no agency for you to file a complaint with.
Seems funny to me. Does this mean they can say anything they want? Come on this is completely out of line and business owners need to stand up to this non government agency that calls itself the BBB.
This report is information obtained from the BBB and the company International Executive Services, LLC.

02-08-2008 Updated information about the BBB. The BBB has reported that International Executive Services was using their logo on this report. This is true however we have removed this due to any misunderstandings requested by the BBB. The BBB will also state that this is a false report but as you see above their email explains itself. There is NO ONE to file a Judgment or Compliant against them, so does this mean we are to let them keep destroying a business just because of a few complaints. The fact is we have over 7 thousand paying customers and only 40 complaints WOW is that a lot it only comes to 2.8 % of the total customers we have. They also say we don’t offer training or related work that is a complete LIE. We do offer training and job placement assistance. We will Not provide the BBB with Any of our associates because they will do exactly what they did before and that is call them and tell them not to do business with us or leave them a bad impression on our services. The fact is this THE BBB is doing nothing more than keeping YOU the customer or candidate from using our services therefore leading you to believe there will be no jobs or training. So who is to blame for services not rendered = The BBB has kept several qualified applicants confusing them to believe they will not get a job or training when they had a great chance of achieving if they would have used our services.

Update Report 05-20-2008

International Services has attempted to have the BBB remove any comments or complaints pertaining to Net Worth Group. International Services, LLC has in NO WAY any affiliation with that company and that company is out of business. The BBB states that International Services, LLC doesn’t respond or try to handle complaints but that is a complete false statement. All reports and cases are responded to and not all customers are qualified for a refund or to attend the academy. What the BBB doesn’t state in any of there reports is the customers are agreeing to a contract and terms of service. International Services, LLC has several references and sends students to train. If you would like to check our companies please do at and go under Buyer Beware and you will see we are NOT on the list. The state is regulated by a government and the BBB is NOT they are only a non profit service.

06-02-2008 As of this date, we International Executive Services, LLC has NOT received any information requested from the BBB about removing these statements that have never been confirmed in any court of law. They are only posting and never investigate what the actual issue is.

Thank you.

Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life. Fear the media far more, for they will destroy your honor."

Channel Five News has done nothing but take Mr. Coleman’s old past history that dates back when he was 18 and they go on to say Mr. Coleman was in prison. Mr. Coleman has never been in prison and the one felony case was dropped to a misdemeanor offense. Mr. Coleman has to deal with current events each day, explaining how the News and the local BBB slander and talk about the past events. The truth and the facts are: International Executive Services has changed the way they practice business and we have changed our ads around. We have never just up and took money and done nothing. Every day it seems like Mr. Coleman or his staff has to go into detail about the BBB or News Five and we are all just tired of it. If you stop and think about it, News 5 and the Local BBB are the ones to focus your frustrations on, because all they are doing is making our customers feel they are getting nothing or scammed. This is not true and it makes it hard for us to explain this to our customers when they are set on the words of the BBB that is not even a government agency or ran by one. Jobs and training do exist, and for the BBB or News 5 to say we don’t offer this, is a complete bald face lie and is an offset by the news channel to endeavor to complete a follow-up story. Their purpose is to see that this company is shut down, in order to glorify their previous reports against our company. In other words, the News media does not like to admit that they could have possibly made a mistake in their previous report against our company. ENOUGH SAID!

Thank you,
International Executive Services, LLC

Boosterking on 08/15/2008:
I was amazed by an ad I saw in the local paper advertising "making $120-160k a year as a body guard or special agent. They also listed prisnor transporting. I called the company up and they sound very convinsing I almost whipped out my wallet and got a new career, but then I thought to look them up on the internet. I got a few complaints and "scam" warnings. Then I checked BBB (Better Business Bureau) and saw a long list and a June 25, 2008 news report on the BBB site saying:

Advancement Solutions aka International Executive Service
615-731-0917 (various other numbers on file)
5341 Mt. View Rd. #167, Antioch, Tennessee
How would you like to earn 143k/yr as a special agent, $75/hr as a bodyguard, $18.53/hr as a prisoner transporter or $220k/yr as a sub contractor for counter-terrorism? That’s what Ricky Lee Coleman, Owner of Advancement Solutions aka International Executive Services, promises consumers who come across advertisements his company places in newspaper classified help wanted sections across the country. BBB has received numerous complaints from consumers who thought they were guaranteed a career in one of the advertised positions, but after paying Advancement Solutions fees for training the company failed to deliver the training & jobs as advertised. After a lengthy investigation, BBB discovered Advancement Solutions’ advertising is deceptive and misleading. The company is nothing more than a registration office, and has NO positions for special agents, bodyguards, prisoner transporters or counter-terrorism subcontractors.

Take a moment to look them up on the net then make your own decisions.

I'm still looking for that Real "$120k-$160k" a year position in security. Even if you ask International Executives LLC questions that you seem to get answered, they may just be BSing you all the way. Read the full review on BBB, its worth your money. My attempted registration fee would have been $375 "special". It seemed too good to be true and it might just be. Basically they claim to be "A listing agency"...for everyone that it matters to, this means THEY CANY GUARANTEE WORK. .....P.S. The BBB says they are just an office location and have no Training or physical agency location (only to answer sales calls to take YOUR/OUR "Registration fee".
Ponie on 08/15/2008:
Little boys, will you stop fighting with each other? Please go back to ROR to continue your dispute. They miss you over there.
WKNOX on 09/06/2008:
They are still runnig the scam.
agent man on 10/09/2008:
International Executive Services and Advancement Solutions, LLC Corp Is NOT a Scam. We offer excellent training, resume service,online trainig, and equipment sales. If anyone is willing to join the FRS and work 2 days every 2 months in Atlanta, GA as a reservofficer $150.00 for the 16 hours working with police, and sherrif,you will need to be post certified or hold a deputy card in any state and fax a copy to 615-915-1390 for review. Please do not send SSN.
Thank you
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