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Name Epithets, Vulgar Customer Service, Obscenities
Posted by on
2305 ASHLAND SUITE C-260, ASHLAND, OREGON -- I placed an ordered with International Wigs May 11,2011. It came recommended to me by Yahoo. I was so excited at first when I made my order. I called today to verify standard shipping. The customer service number stated to email for faster reply because they were unavailable. I replied to the customer service by email also giving a suggestion that 2 weeks was too long that I didn't understand their shipping policies. They might lose potential customers that way. A lady by the name of Christie responded so rudely and said I even needed an English lesson. Did I graduate high-school to some extent. I was appalled and thought it was a hoax. Then as the emails kept coming back from her as I was expressing my frustration with her customer service skills she got even more personal. So I demanded a full refund. I haven't received anything but for the simple notion that my money is going to such a company like that who doesn't respect people or customers is asinine.

It won't happen with my money. Now I have an issue with Yahoo. There's plenty of customer complaints against this company on their website and data base. Why do they continue to allow them to be searchable for wig products. Luring customers to this type of catastrophe.
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madconsumer on 05/16/2011:
ordered on the 11th, today is the 16th. some places take 10-14 days to process and ship an order.
momsey on 05/16/2011:
I don't think the base of this complaint is about the shipping time. That might be how the communication started, but even the title of the complaint doesn't indicate shipping.
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Don't Buy From!!!!!!!!!!!
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ASHLAND, OREGON -- Oh my gosh!

These people have the worst customer service I've encountered. When they made a mistake on my first order that was supposed to be for a birthday present, they wrote back 3 weeks later to let me know the product was discontinued, which of course didn't make it to the birthday destination on time. They offered me a $4.00 Credit for my inconvenience. Then 1 month later after I ordered again, they didn't send the right color or the third wig that I purchased. They were very verbally abusive and said my mom has a memory problem and basically told me, that I'm trying to rip them off. Every time I write to explain, they write nasty things back, and write, go ahead turn us in, so what. I got mad and told them ignorance can cured. They need to fire whoever is in charge of the e-mails....She calls herself summer, but it's probably a fake name....

I lived in Asia for 3 years and she writes like the uneducated ones with English....Broken English and doesn't know how to interpret correctly, so therefore, for lack of knowledge and personable skills, she lashes out her verbal abuse and accuses you of ripping her off. Also the wigs are sub-standard and could only be used for halloween!


this is an example of their abusive e-mails
sure, just like we did not send the parcel
we ship over 10,00o parcels a month.
There is bound to be people like you, who lie about what they get and if they get it at all. People are like that. Plain and simple
we have tracking, and proof from every maker that we sent every item. We ordered the three wig- we sent you the three wigs. And your non sharp mother knows this, or maybe does not but that does not make us the fraudulent party here. Good day!


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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
I have so many questions..I'm just not going to there right now. Anyone?
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
I'd love to see a few of the email exchanges, but I'll just use my imagination.
Skye on 08/24/2009:
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
Wow. That's crazy.
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
I'd like to hear Summer's side of the story.
Skye on 08/24/2009:
OP, could you post the emails that you sent to them. I'm curious to see why they would respond the way they have.
BokiBean on 08/24/2009:
Woo hoo! $4 credit! That's like..20 hairs!
Whistleblower on scams on 09/06/2009:
This is what International wigs sent me.

sure, just like we did not send the parcel
we ship over 10,00o parcels a month.
there is bound to be people like you, who lie about what they get and if they get it at all. people are like that. plain and simple
we have tracking, and proof from every maker that we sent every item. we ordered the three wig- we sent you the three wigs. and your non sharp mother knows this, or maybe does NOT but that does NOT make us the fraudulent party here. good day!
PepperElf on 09/06/2009:
I'd say get a lawyer then since obviously you're not going to get anything from them directly
Consumer on 01/06/2013:
I had the same experience. They registered me on tons of sites including sex sites when I asked why my order was pending still after 4 weeks. Thee people are not normal, they have an F rating on Better Business Bureau. They buy their Likes on Facebook (you can do that) so that it looks like a lot of people like their product and I believe they are a one person organization with various addresses. Google international Wigs review and you will see tons of complaints. They are the most ignorant people.
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Horrible Customer Service
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ASHLAND, OREGON -- I recently stumbled onto a website when ordering wigs for my significant other's and my Halloween costume. The website is I would like to advise everyone to steer clear of this website. Allow me to explain.

I placed an order on October 14, 2007 for two costume wigs. A couple days after my order was placed, I received an email from that noted that my order was being processed. On October 21, 2007 I sent a y: "I was not being rude. Obviously you have issues with how to run a business or with your employer. My point was that your website states that you ship within one to two days of the order being placed. My order is now one week old and there is still no record of shipment. I
am very familiar with how the USPS works and ground shipping takes 7-10 business days. Maybe you need to be more clear about how you list
things on your website. You're a bunch of jack asses and I would rather cancel my order than provide you with any money! I expect a very prompt

Yes, I was upset at this point and I called them jack asses. Most people would have done the same, or worse, considering that two much needed wigs were now not on their way, there was an accusation made that I believed (at the time to be untrue), and things were being brought into the correspondence that did not even apply (that I was blaming them for manufacturers being sold out).

The rest of the correspondences follow below:


IC: "and our site is down right now, so you cannot know it says that, LOL but when it gets back up check it. NO where does it say that!"

ME: You are right and I apologize for the ill assumption on my part. The error came from me incorrectly typing in not This oversight on my part however does not deem it appropriate to be rude and inconsiderate to your customers. Part of
running a successful business is implementing GOOD customer service. You should be more cautious who you're rude to as the internet is a
very powerful tool that can be used to make or break any business. Fortunately for you, I am not someone to hold a grudge or allow inconsiderate people like you to affect me on that level. I still wish to cancel this order as I do not intend to allow my money to be spent
toward such a rude, non-customer oriented business."

IC: "I believe we told you hours ago we would cancel it! you won't find a genuine pippi wig now. :( best of luck! and next time- actually read the info before you order!!! absurd!"

My reply to this was merely: "Seriously Guy, I just apologized and accepted responsibility. Why are you still presenting with an attitude?"

Needless to say, I received no response from this seriously poor businessman or associate. I know that I noted in one of my emails that I wouldn't waste my time trying to deface their business; however, the more I thought about it the more that I thought others should know about this website. Others shouldn't have to deal with such bad customer service. Please steer clear of this website, at least until they can learn how to properly assists customers with their needs and concerns.
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Anonymous on 10/22/2007:
What do you expect after saying:
"You're a bunch of jack asses and I would rather cancel my order than provide you with any money!"
Good luck.
heaven17 on 10/23/2007:
"Most people would have done the same, or worse..."

No. I have to disagree. Even if I was getting less than stellar service from a company, I'd never stoop to name-calling.
It's unnecessary and accomplishes nothing.
Perhaps the reply you got was rude, but as they say (appropriately enough) in kindergarten: You started it.
Ponie on 10/23/2007:
The thing I'm going to steer of is not, rather it's *you.* 'Business' like yours I don't need.
Anonymous on 10/23/2007:
Hey, wait a minute there heaven17 you called me names before!! LOL
Slimjim on 10/23/2007:
Just from what is supplied it's clear you didn't handle it well and are the root of the dispute. I'm curious as to what your first email sent to them said that you didn't supply. The one they appear to have responded by accusing you of being rude.
heaven17 on 10/23/2007:
Lidman, you weren't supposed to remember that!
Anonymous on 10/23/2007:
SocialBttrfly1 on 10/25/2007:
Thank you all for your comments. SlimJimJohnson, I would have loved to post the email that was not supplied; however, removed that email, and only that email, from our correspondences. On my part, I have my email account set up not to save sent messages, so I had no way to post it. The email contained no name calling or abrasive accusations. When I decided to call them jackaxxes, it was because they canceled my order without my consent - to be as such, jackaxxes. There were also no attempted problem solving. My intent with expressing my displease was merely to provide them with constructive criticism - which internationalwig, in my opinion, has a huge problem dealing with. My point with this post was not to say that iternationalwig was responsible for what had happened. I admitted my fault and apologized. The point of this post was to inform others that this is not a customer oriented website. I've held many customer service oriented jobs and in order to maintain a business, one must first problem solve as opposed to allow their anger to affect the service they provide. Internatialwig was not happy that I expressed to them that I was not happy with their services. In my opinion, when a company has customer service related issues, all efforts at a resolution should be implemented prior to canceling someone's order or resorting to such confrontational behavior. I hope this provides you with a little more information regarding this company and my reasons for posting my story. Thanks again.
foxxe on 10/16/2009:
I completely agree. I had my own experience with this company. They do not live up to their promises. They do not respond "within" minutes, more like hours-and when you are paying by the minute to use the internet, you feel it. So when they fail in that respect, they offer the customer the option to purchase over the phone, except they refuse to answer phone or call back (even though the voice greeting says they will call you within two days and that a customer will be able to place the order over the phone). When I call them out on their failure to be faithful to their claims, I have to call every week and still no return call, instead they email saying that I am rude and I will not get a call back. I find it strange to be considered rude behavior to inquire about an order that is taking 2 months to complete for one wig and it claims that it should only take 14 days. But honestly, I have never in my life complained about any company but this company deserves it. I will never order from them ever again. This was the worst customer service ever!!!!
Alain on 10/16/2009:
Consumer might have responded in a better way, but the company should have ignored any personal comments and responded in a professional (nuetral) way explaining their actions and working for a resolution to tthe problem. Best idea I can come up with: Don't deal with this company again and you'll both be happier.
Alain on 10/16/2009:
Oops! Spelling. 'neutral'.
PepperElf on 10/16/2009:
though technically all people should refrain from personal comments, not just a company... but that's me
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International Wig Issues
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I placed an order with International Wig. The item was such a good deal that I used a credit card, that I never, ever used, a "save for emergencies" card.

My card got compromised shortly after the purchase and I started getting all kinds of fraudulent charges. I wrote to International Wig to alert them that someone was obviously hacking their site.

I won't repeat their response to me, but they lost another customer over it.
I spent weeks trying to fix the fraud charges and months trying to repair my credit.

I have ordered a lot of stuff over the internet since then with no problems.
It could have been a co incidence but I don't think so.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/08/2009:
How is buying a wig an emergency?
Anonymous on 04/08/2009:
Very helpful post. If an online merchant is not interested in the security of their customer's form of payment, they are not worthy of my business.
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The Biggest Thief Of The World
Posted by on
International Wig is the biggest thief of the world, my problem begins when I "bought" a wig on December 25/08 the total amount was U$ 110.95, they sent me a email on January 16/09 when they say that my order was shipped, two weeks later on January 30/09 I sent a email asking about my products and two days later they answer me that my order was shipped but not in the nicest way no, they was so rude, and I wait three weeks more and I based on the shipping policy of that "company" I made a complain because my order never arrive to my house, but the only answer that I receive for them was "sure, we have proof, proof of post
you b...h".

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 7:46 AM. That was the answer of that "company" People I wrote this complain because I don´t want that thing happened to you, please never make deal with them because they don´t have products, you sent the money but they don´t sent anything to you... they´re stealing and using a web side to catch people.

Thank you for reading my comments.

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/24/2009:
Contact your credit card company, you still may be able to dispute the charge.

This business is located at:
2305 Ashland St #C-260
Ashland, OR 97520

If you can't recover your money I suggest that you sue them in small claims. That email is shocking evidence.
Ponie on 02/24/2009:
Hope it's not too late to dispute the charge with your credit card company. Don't know what the limit is because I've never had to pursue this. Also, keep all those emails.
Ponie on 02/24/2009:
Soaring, nothing like giving already stated advice! Read your post so quickly, didn't even notice you already mentioned the credit card contact. Oh well--maybe double enforcement will get results. :)
BokiBean on 02/24/2009:
In a complaint filed in 2007 for this same company, the OP got an email in which they called her the "N" word. I have no trouble believing this recent poster and would hope you take Soaring and Ponie's advice.
BokiBean on 02/24/2009:
Ponie - I don't think you should ever worry about posting repetitive advice, if you ask me it gives the OP the sense that more than one person is on the same page with what to do.
Ponie on 02/25/2009:
Thanks, BokiBean. Just because I was curious, I went to their site and found they have a tremendous amount of product. I didn't catch the complaint you reference, but I guess this place has a reputation for name-calling when the customer makes inquiry.
Angie99 on 03/29/2009:
I would like to see- proof of postage they claim- and your so called email too. Email them and demand proof of postage, then post the email they send you so we can see. This complaint has no validity to it. Where is proof of payment, or anything? Angie
febwhowantsgoodservice on 12/18/2012:
Hi! I hope all worked out for you. I just made a purchase from them and let me warn all others: DO NOT buy from They do NOT ship out all items that have been paid for, and they respond unprofessionally with personal attacks and hide behind Jesus talk to get their way out.
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Called me the n-word
Posted by on
CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- As posted above, I placed an order with an online vendor at InternationalWig.Com, for the item listed above. On January 15, 2007 I received an order; however it was not for the wig that I have specified therefore I contacted the vendor to alert them of their error and gave a detailed description of the item I had received which was a DC- Mulia #2. She informed me that the Mulia is a DC brand that has taken the place of the Ciara wig I had ordered. After a few emails, she finally told me that if I didn’t want it to simply send it back. Apparently, according to her it was replacement confirmed with the Deli Cali Company but in any event I was not informed of any changes from my original order. I made it clear that I should have been informed of any changes post shipment and the item should not have been shipped to me unless I agreed to the replacement.

In any event, the item was shipped back to the vendor, as soon as delivery was confirmed I wrote inquiring about my credit and my shipping cost. She stated that she would not credit me for any shipping cost from my original order and the money I spent to ship it back. I found this proposal to be unacceptable. Therefore, I asked to speak to a manager. She replied that she was the manager and that her name was Angela. When I informed her that I planned to dispute the charges with my credit card, she wrote me saying that I had got what I ordered. I informed her that I still had the email from her as proof that she sent me a something other than what I ordered. In any event, she became indignant and called me dumb, a b**tch and other unflattering names, words were exchanged and in her last email to me she called me a the (N)WORD This was indeed most shocking. While I did insult her after she insulted me, I never once made a reference to her race! How could I? I don’t know her race nor would I have insulted her race if I had known. This is EXTREMELY POOR BUSINESS! Honestly her entire behavior was appalling for a Manager of a Company. Something must be done about this. The (N) word has its roots as a derogatory term and has been used throughout history as a hurtful epithet. The N-word is a term rooted in hatred, used to belittle blacks and degrade African American culture. The N-word still inflicts pain and is still an insult when implied to people of all kinds of oppressed heritages. Do Not Buy from this Vendor! VERY RACIST! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY HAVE A LOT COMPLAINTS ON THE INTERNET!

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User Replies:
bill on 02/06/2007:
Did you save the e-mail? You should find out who Angela's boss is and forward the email to him/her.
KCRovert on 02/06/2007:
Not that I condone it's use, but if it is so offinsive and inflicts such pain, why is it so commonly used by the African American community (hip-hop & urban cultures) as a familiar greeting?

Just wondering.

Obviously, the rep at the company has some issues to deal with. You admit that you were insulting to her as well (but you feel that you did not cross some self-defined line). Unfortunately, when you get into a war of insults, everyone does not have the same "line" they will not cross.
Anonymous on 02/06/2007:
You claim that you don't know her race, well how is she supposed to know your race. Just like you don't know her race she would not know your race since you talked on the phone and did not meet in person. Do you have proof that she called you the n word. Not saying that you are lying, just saying why would she call you a racist term if she oviously does not know your race.
Anonymous on 02/06/2007:
I was also wondering how can a phone conversation or email show race, ofcourse on the phone a voice can sometimes give away race, with accents and all, but not all the time. if she thought she knew your race from your voice and sent that email to you it is quite clear that she has issues and hatred.
MRM on 02/06/2007:
I know this is none of my business but I would like to read the email that was replied back to you containing the "N" word.
Cococraze24 on 02/06/2007:
I have all the emails from start to finish involving this issue as proof. I never said I had a verbal conversation with her, I said our communication was through E-Mail I can only assume she based her conclusion that I was black on my real first and last name, email address, and the product that I had ordered. We had been going back and forth and then she wrote me an email that simply said "you are funny" I replied and said "you are too" and that is when she said the following

Re: order 17649
Date: 2/1/2007 9:57:34 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:
Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)
Internet Address Card Attached

I know I am but what are you?
to bad English is your second language, nigga

I hope that is enough proof

MRM on 02/06/2007:
International Wig was not professional when they replied back to you via email. That is not customer service. I would file a complaint with the manager with regards to employee's behavior and take your business elsewhere.
Slimjim on 02/06/2007:
That is a strange way the company responded back. Not even close to professional, even if you instigated it.
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
Somebody wigged out
tander on 02/07/2007:
Wow!! That's a disgusting way for a company to act!
Bababooey on 02/07/2007:

Sorry Cococraze24, but I just don't believe your accusations of racism!

Because you like to "play the race card", I think that they might have been justified in calling you another n-word: NASTY!
Cococraze24 on 02/07/2007:
If you think anybody is justified bababooey in calling anybody a racist slur then I'm sorry to say to say that you are just as ignorant as your comment and the customer reps at IW. Racism is never justified. I'm sorry you feel that way. It's deeply upsetting that people still believe that racism is OK. While I know it's still very much sometimes correct society in a negative way, people have to learn to change their way of thinking. See the person not the color and for the record I don't have to play any race card. I stated the facts and have the email proofs from start to finish.
Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
Coco - Anyone can just put those words together and say someone sent them that email. Do you know how to take screen shots, that would be better proof. (Ofcourse even screen shots could be faked.)
Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
cococraze24 - Nasty is not a racist term. If you were rude to them they have every right to call you nasty. Bababooey is not calling you any racist names, she is not saying that it is okay to call you a racist name, she is saying it is okay to call you nasty. I also don't believe your claim of racism because you just said that bababooey said it is okay to call you something racist.
Cococraze24 on 02/09/2007:
I am not here to try to prove my case to anyone. I wrote what happened and that is all that matters. This company has numerous complaints against them for their poor CS, just look it up on or with the BBB. The reason for my posting it to warn others and maybe prevent someone from experiencing what I did.

Anonymous on 02/09/2007:
The reason that you are not here to prove your case to anyone is because you don't have proof. And from the looks of it you would accuse everyone of being racist. Babobooey did not believe your post of racism, so you automatically assumed that she is racist, you automatically assume that she thought that it was okay for them to call you the n- word that is considered racist when the n word that really describes you is nasty.
Nancyp on 02/10/2007:
I read the letter and did some internet research on this company and I checked with the site suggested by coco and their seems to be a lot of complaints against this company for explict language and rude emails from customer services reps. I wasn't sure but after the language I saw in the compaints written by several people I actually believe what she states. In regards to the comment from Babe I think I would have assumed she was saying she deserved to be called the word too. I think it was miscontrude because how it was written. This company was once shut down! it's terrible
GeorgiaPeach on 02/10/2007:
Personally, I don't believe a person would be foolish enough to post this type of complaint unless they had valid proof of the exchange. I saw the email posted and OK anything can be falsified or altered but I tend to believe the story only because it could be considered slander against the company and they could retaliate. I mean racism isn’t a small issue and when you make allegations you better have proof. If I were you I'd seek legal counsel to see what could be done. Let them see all the emails from start to finish. Nobody deserves that type of treatment from anyone but certainly not from any operating business in the United States. The person needs to be fired from the company.
SpkTTruth on 02/10/2007:
I went to and international wig have had similar complaints as well. Apprently they are notorious for poor customer service and their seems to be a few branches. Also I don't see how cococraze was so nasty. If a Company tried to rip me off, I'd be pissed off too. I mean who hasn't gotten pissed off about poor CS? but for the manager to get involved and behave in such a way leaves me floored but at the same time there are a lot of ignorant people in the world. Keep your head up.
Anonymous on 02/11/2007:
GerogiaPeach - How were they to know her race. Just like she said she did not know the employee's race, the employee did not know her race. I think this was just written for attention and she knew what kind of replies she would get.
Beyonce1978 on 02/12/2007:
Actually Ghost, I can answer that, statistically, speaking there are names that are more likely to be held by members of a specific race. This is a known fact. For example, a name like Tyrone Johnson, would most likely belong to a blk man. I could only guess that may be her name could have lead the vendor to assume she was blk? The vendor could have also have used other contributing factors, such as the item; Dena Cali, is a company that supplies wigs and hair extensions geared toward African American women. I don't think anyone needs to post here for attention? What I find to be most disturbing is that the vendor would say it in any regards. Who ever this Angela person is truly needs to be reported and then fired. It was simply used as a way to attack, belittle, and insult her. My advice to coco is get the word out about this place and don’t buy from them anymore. It only takes once to get beat. I don’t know if anything else could be done? Did you get your money back? Well, at least you know not to buy from this company again if they are hiring employees like this.
dfields on 02/12/2007:
ghostbuster--I think its disgusting you are accusing the complaintant of making up this story, just for attention. this IS a complaint site. we should not come here to accuse complaintants of lying. also, if you had done YOUR research (as suggested and websites provided) your attitude towards the complaintant would change! if you HAD any intelligence, the CSR Manager, obviously assumed the complaintant was black, based on the purchase.

I use this site to make decisions on 'important' purchases. though consumers take a risk of being ripped-off, I certainly will NOT do business with a company that is known for ripping-off customers.
Anonymous on 02/13/2007:
dfields- I think it's disgusting that you believe everything you here. If you had any intelligence you would know that you should not believe what you here, but what can I say you probably still believe in the tooth fairy.
Anonymous on 02/13/2007:
Also Dfields don't bother replying to me I blocked you.
Anonymous on 02/13/2007:
Ghostbuster - Sweety, while there are some people that do come on here just to see how people reply to their letters, I doubt that this person is doing so. However I doubt Coco is doing this. While the I do believe that she is telling the truth, she would need proof if she wants to take action. Honestly Ghostbuster some of your comments look like they were written by an 11 year old.
Cococraze24 on 02/13/2007:
Anonymous on 02/13/2007:
Mr Mafia - Look she is accusing bababooey of saying she deseived to be caled a racist term when she did not she said that cococraze24 deserves to be called nasty. Cococrase24 admits to calling the person from the company nasty names herself, so if she is telling the truth she is not completely innocent. They both provoked each other.
Cococraze24 on 02/13/2007:
Ghost, If I wanted to be viewed as innocent, I could have easily left that part out of my complaint, however I choose to tell the truth completely. In short, we didn't provoke each other, she was lying and trying to rip me off and became indignant when I told her I had proof that I was sent something other than what I ordered and planned to dispute the charges. Please, if anything she tried to provoke me to start cursing! Obviously, if you checked the other sites you would read for yourself that it don't take much to tick the CSR at IW off before they result to cursing at their customers. Furthermore, I'd like to add that I've been in arguments before, heated ones, and I have never had to result to calling people a racist slur or making any reference to their race. If you want to know the truth, most people say what is truly in their heart when they are angry. She felt that in her heart so she said it and again I hope someone reads this and won't experience what I did. She doesn't have a lick of proof I called her anything racist. I on the other hand do! I could have replied to her and called her something else but instead I told her that people like you are the reason why this world is so full of hate. I have all colors in my family White, Blk, Spanish, friends of all different colors of the rainbow so I don't need to play any race card or put my business out here just to get attention. I have no problems with any race, I have a problem with anyone regardless of color if they are trying to rip me off. What is your problem with this! first it was I was a liar, then I wrote this to attention,like being called a N is something to proud of, now I oh "we" provoked it each other.
Cococraze24 on 02/13/2007:
For those of you who wanted to know, I did get all my money back! I got a full refund including my shipping cost. Thanks for the support!
Anonymous on 02/14/2007:
coco - I have been reading everyone's replies, here and I reread your topic. I forgot missed the part where you said that you to got nasty with her. Let's just say that you both handled this childishly. She may have provoked you into cursing but you both got off on the wronng foot. But I do admire your guts to admit your side of the story and admit that you are not completely innocent. A lot of these letters are one sided. ALso when reading ghostbuster's comment's keep in mind that he is 11 years old. His life is probably sheltered by kindness, because he probably did not yet get exposure to racism, and hatred. He's still an innocent child. Though some of his comments are helpful a lot of them can be hurtful which I am sure he does not do on purpose. Just try to remember what the world was like when you were 11 and keep that in mind and don't take his comments personally. Unfortunately when he is older he will get a wake up call and realize that the world is not all lovey dovey.
Anonymous on 02/14/2007:
cococraze - You don't have any proof, I could easily make a statement use your email post it and call it "proof" Also the fact that you said that she does not have any proof is kind of like saying, I was wrong but she does not have any proof so there. She could do the same thing you know.
Anonymous on 02/14/2007:
Mr. Mafia - I am ten, but everyone thinks that I am eleven because I skipped grade 3 so ever since I was in grade 4 people thought I was a year older.
Cococraze24 on 02/14/2007:
MR. Mafia I only got nasty when she sent me an email calling me all sorts of names and even then I wasn't angry enough to start hurling out racist comments. She has a lot of hate in her. I believe the company is owned by her or maybe some sort of family operated business because some of the placs were located in various parts of the US but they shared the same poor and nasty Customer Service.
Redbandit1944 on 02/14/2007:
Coco, don't worry about it. It was something that a lot of people experience in this hateful world. I truly sympathize with you. I have notice that not once did Ghost say anything about the CSR behavior! yet he can accuse you of lying, trying to get attention, etc. What next! I guess he will say you shipped yourself the wrong item! I'm surprised he didn't say you tried to beat them! Nothing and I mean nothing can provoke someone to stoop to that level of cruelity unless they are already harboring some hatred inside! Remember GOD is in control of everything! I've learned in this life you don't get away with to much for long! THat company has been shut down or closed up shop because of numerious will happen again! it might be this case to do it.
Anonymous on 02/15/2007:
coco - You know what when she got nasty with you you should have ignored her that would have made you a better person. Hopefully she is dealt with. If you are right and the company is owned by her than with her attitude the company will go downhill. Keep your head up and don't let her ignorance get to you.
Anonymous on 02/16/2007:
redband - If coco is telling the truth, than well her behaviour was not perfect either.
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Worst company I have dealt with
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This company is the worst I have ever dealt with was spending $100 per week with them on referrals and when I brought to their attention problems with the ordering system they called me rude and told me 50 people in the office agree and told me to quit shopping online if I did not like their service. Definitely do not know anything about customer service.
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Do Not Order From International Wig
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They Never sent me my order and are tryng to keep my money. Its been one month now and no product and no refund. Save the headache. DO NOT ORDER FROM INTERNATIONAL WIG.
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/02/2009:
If you used a credit card you should dispute the charges.
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