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Screwed Up
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I put in the name of the company and the fact that I was wanting to register my washer & dryer. It sends me to a page that says register the washer and dryer and it is something entirely different. The longer the internet is around and the more information that is downloaded to it the more screwed up it gets. If the companies loading the information on to the web would delete all of the OUTDATED INFORMATION, than those of us who are looking for the latest information might be able to find what we are looking for. So much for progress, dumber than conchs!
Failure to Deliver, abandoned company
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POMONA, CALIFORNIA -- On September 1st I ordered a system from the company including an OS, with 3 day shipping as I needed to purchase a full, burned in system to deliver to a customer in the military that was shipping out soon. I have worked with this company for 5 years and not had any issues other than minor shipping problems, which they refunded each time. I had no reason to think it would be different.
When I did not receive a tracking number within their usual timeframe, I called. I was unable to reach them for approx a week, then reached "Tam" who stated they were out of the version of processor, would overnight the machine and refund shipping charges as soon as the product came in, giving me a delivery date of the 23rd of Sept. I was not able to make contact with the company again, their site(s) were up and down and on the 30th I reached the Pomona BBB & Pomona CA Police Dept to file reports. I also contacted my bank, who will thankfully be crediting us the amount and going after them on their own, but I know many people do not have that option available. Anyone who has been burned by that company, I urge you to contact the Pomona CA police department and give them your information, the more people that go the extra mile here, the faster we will all get resolution to these thieves ripping us off.
I do know all of their business sites have been taken down and all of their phone numbers are disconnected at this time. The email is not bounced back but there is no response from them.
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