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At Least One Manager There Is Unhinged
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MIAMISBURG, OHIO -- Long Story Short: I walked away from a deal before signing because they
wouldn't give me the discount I requested. The manager (J***), began to
belittle me on the phone when I told him, so when he asked me why I
walked, I said, "I guess it's because I don't like you, J***." He got
more pushy so I hung up. He sent me the following text message: "I
never did anything to you but try and find you the vehicle you desired. I'm
sorry that you are immature and don't know how to conduct good business!
Dave took time out of his day to drive and go get this vehicle. So thank
u for nothing." (D*** is good. J*** is bad.)

He then called me four times in 5-10 minutes from a different cell
number. I didn't answer. There was no reason to. On the fifth time I
called, a friend answered, told him she would report him to the BBB if
he continued to call, and that he couldn't leave a message. He then
called again. I gave the phone to her again, and she said that she
would report him to the BBB and that he was harassing me. He asked to
leave a message, and she said sure - just to see what it would be. It
was a medium-toned rant, telling me I wasted 4 of their hours and that I
should think next time I want to buy a $20k car, and that I'm immature.
The next statement he made could only have come from a place of
insanity, unless he was being sarcastic. I couldn't tell because I
wasn't the one talking to him. He asked whether there was anything he
could do to earn my business. Creepy.

The truth is, they will try to make you feel like you owe them, but you
don't, until you sign. They try to use your sense of common courtesy
against you, so you give more money than you can or buy more than you
can afford because they made you feel a rapport with them. They do this
on purpose. You can walk any time until you sign the papers. If you
don't like them, walk. In this economy, people will be falling all over
each other to sell you a car.

Short Story Long: (Here are more details filling in my motivation for
insulting the nut, and possibly slightly exonerating the nut on a few
counts above. No need to read unless you're really curious.)

I wanted a yellow car. They didn't have it. They found a dealership
that had one that was what I wanted, but had a lot of cosmetic
modifications on it - some looked good and some would make me look like
a poser. I wanted the yellow car, but I didn't want to pay for all the
mods. They could have taken some off, and left me with one I wouldn't
have bought on my own. First, J*** continued to press for the full
price of all the mods I wanted. So, I considered the red car.

J*** wanted to close, so he tried to get me to buy the red car. I
turned my back to him because I didn't want to let him manipulate me. I
already knew from the prices he was offering he wouldn't yield and
wasn't interested in giving me anything that would make me feel I had a
good deal. From now on, D*** could relay what J*** had to say. J***
actually made me spend more time at their dealership because when people
push me to make a decision, I have to make sure I'm not deciding one way
or another because of their interference. Bad move. They weren't
swamped - there were sales people standing around. There was no need to
push. They also practiced the "technique" of making us sit for far too
long while they searched for the car I wanted with dealer trade. It is
the end of the 2000's. The internet is fast. It doesn't take that long
to pull up a page unless you are in a rural area with dialup.

Not only that, but they couldn't reach a sales person at the dealer that
had the yellow car. The dealer had gone bankrupt, so the people there
were only administrative. They could have asked one of them to go out
and describe what he or she saw, even if that person didn't have the
detail vocabulary, the modifications were pretty easy to describe. They
didn't. The choices were to have one of them go there to take photos of
it and the image would get to us through some email relay, or my buddy
could go out to the dealer (.5 hours away) and check the mods himself.
He's awesome, so he did that for me.

I have identity protection. They couldn't get my info without a special
phone number that I hadn't memorized. I went home to get the number,
spoke with D*** on the phone about the 2 cars in a 3 way call with the
car guy buddy who was helping me negotiate. They wouldn't sell me the
mods I didn't want for less than $800 above price. I said I wanted the
red car. I fully intended to close with them the next day. I gave D***
the number to call to get my credit info. (I realized a little later
that they didn't give me anything at all. They had the full deal on the
car, with no extras for me.)

I had to go to a party 1.5 hours away. On the way, one of the Ford
dealers who had given me a test drive before I went to Interstate called
to ask if I was interested in a car from them. I told him that my buddy
wanted to go to another dealer, and he asked if it was anything he did
(typical salesman m. o.). I find this weird. I thought about it and
thought about the original detailing I wanted - the detailing that
wasn't on the red car, but was on the yellow one along with unwanted crap.

I told the guy that if he could give me the details I wanted he could
have the sale. This is because J*** wouldn't give on the price of the
mods I didn't want on the yellow car, and tried to push me to close on
the red car. It was employee pricing, so they get a profit but
negotiation is out of the question. What's left? Extras. I only asked
for some detailing for which they wanted to charge $500. I told them
that I called another dealer (true) and that he said he would do the
detail for $300 if he could close the deal. I asked them to match it.
The manager (J***) "offered" that they paint part of the car for $300,
but if I want all of it, I would have to pay $500. That was odd, and a
little insulting - a completely meaningless offer. I was done with
Josh. They can spend $200 to keep my business, but Josh thought he had
me and didn't have to give me anything - from the beginning until the
time I walked. I gave the sale to the other dealer. That's when I
called J*** and told him. The rest is above in the Long Story Short

His complaint was that I wasted their time. I know dealers. They don't
think twice about wasting their customers' time. In fact, one of the
ways they wear you down is to make you sit in their dealership for long
periods of time until you agree to their prices.

D*** didn't exhibit any of the character flaws that J*** did. Of course, maybe he will when he works his way up to manager. They all really should sell cars like Saturn does. It would be better for everyone.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/11/2009:
I sure would like to hear the sales manager's version of this story.
Anonymous on 01/12/2009:
Yeah, and if you keep talking to people like that you'll find the one that will throttle you instead of calling you.
spiderman2 on 01/12/2009:
Sounds like 2 peas in a pod to me.
Slimjim on 01/12/2009:
I can understand not wanting to pay for mods you don't care about, but they were on the car so the car was what it was. If you were being given employee pricing, I can see where any negotiations would be limited and you sound like you really pushed too.
straightshooter3 on 01/12/2009:
How about hearing from the friend who answered the phone for her since he wouldn't stop harassing her?

Seriously have you people car shopped? You are safe to walk out at any time as long as nothing is signed. She was negotiating and he lost the deal. End of story.

To pretty much yell at me on the phone and then hit a bunch of buttons before hanging up is not cool. This man had no class and I did nothing more than tell him to quit calling. The fact that he is a manager is sad. People like that should not be running businesses.
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Poor Sales Dept.
Posted by on
MIAMISBURG, OHIO -- We were going to buy a 2007 Fusion, signed loan papers for 6.5% loan and drove car home. A week later Interstate Ford called and said we could not get approved from Ford credit for 6.5%. I just got a loan for a new 150 Ford van last year for 0% through Ford credit. This is no big deal but what happened next is. The dealer said they could get financing at a higher rate of interest and a larger monthly payment. My wife said we do not want a higher monthly payment or a higher interest rate, Paul (from finance) said we do not have to accept these terms and could return the car. When we returned the car the next morning, they had several talk to us about higher interest rates and higher payments but we said we felt if Ford credit did not want to finace the car they did not want our business very bad. We were told by two people that our down payment check had not been cashed and would be returned to us in a few minutes. In the meantime a Paul (from finance) came out and wanted to know what the real reason we were bringing this car back. We said we talked to you last night and you told us if we did not want new terms to bring the car back. At this point Paul told us we were going to be charged a rental fee for the car. I signed no rental agreement and I was out of town for the week and did not even drive the car. My wife asked for our check back and Paul said he would mail us a check some time next week, my wife said we are already here we would like the check now. Paul said the check had already been cashed and my wife told him two people had just told her the check had not been cashed. Finally he stomped off and returned to my wife and flipped the check on the table and told my wife very rudely "Don't come back!".
We have bought 4 new Ford vehicles from Interstate Ford down through the years and I will tell you after this we will never own another Ford. Very shady practices going on here.
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User Replies:
groveman55 on 05/13/2007:
I have seen several posts from different parts of the country all about the same tactics.
How can dealers send you out with a new vehicle and then pull this trick?
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/13/2007:
Sadly, this is becoming more and more common. When I bought my last Ford truck the dealer wanted me to sign a form that said I agreed the credit approval was conditional and they had up to ten days to finalize the loan and that if I didn't qualify and would not agree to the alternative terms that I waived any rights and was granting them access to my property for purposes of reposessing the truck.

I've worked with leasing and financing companies long enough to know he could get the loan funded within 48 hours at the most. I told them I would not sign the form. They said "everyone" had to sign it, even if they were paying cash. I called BS and told them to never mind, I would buy my truck elsewhere and bring my own financing. Faced withe that choice, they suddenly managed to bend the rules and let me drive out without signing their.

It sounds like you handled them perfectly - some folks here have reported being threatened with having the car reported stolen if they didn't come in and sign for the higher rate. But don't condemn Ford for the actions of one dealer - there are some good ones out there.
Pomona Guy on 05/13/2007:
For my last few car purchases I have been pre-approved by my credit union. Then we FAX the sales agreement to the credit union. No problem. That's the way to do it.
poppapia on 05/14/2007:
Two words of advice when purchasing a vehicle, new or used:

1. Never drive a vehicle off the lot until financing has been approved, preferably prior to even shopping.

2. Never drive a vehicle off the lot until all agreed-upon repairs have been made.
rhondam718732 on 05/14/2007:
Poppapis said it! If you are shopping in the evening or Saturday...then 9 times out of 10, you are not approved and should not tske the car. Wait until business hours when you see, in writing, an approval aigned off on by the lender. Then you are good to go.
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