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Non functioning software and ignorant tech support
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I recently purchased Quickbooks Pro 2007, installed it one week ago on my laptop (OS is Vista) and entered a large amount of financial data. Two days later I went to enter additional data and continued to get an error message (6123,0) that QB could not find the server. I called tech support (Intuit advertises free phone support for the first 30 days) and spent 2 hours on the phone with someone in India whose broken English was extremely difficult to understand. After trying several fixes (of which none worked) he said my data files must be corrupt and need to uninstall everything and start over.

After deleting all files and uninstalling the software I reinstalled the software and continued to get the same error message. I sent three e-mails to Intuit to contact me and called finally called them. Intuits's policy for "free phone support" is you need to send an e-mail and they will then call or e-mail you back. I was informed that because I called them I would be charged for the tech support. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 20 minutes of "discussions" they agreed to accept my call. Two hours later QB still does not have a function.

The tech service rep remotely took control of my laptop and could not figure out what was wrong, in expiration he finally said it was a problem with Vista and just because the QB box says it's Vista compatible doesn't necessarily mean it will work with Vista. The techs obviously only know what the script says and do not have the experience or skill sets to go beyond that. The tech did say he thought QB 2008 worked better with Vista but he could not upgrade my software (he would sell me the upgrade however). My 2 hours on the phone id nothing but waste my time and burn cell phone minutes.

The tech was going to have someone call me back who might be able to fix the problem, is is now 6 hours later and no one has called back. This is my first (and last) dealing with Quickbooks, it looks like it is "buyer beware" when dealing with the folks at Intuit.

Talking To The Box
By -

I recently ventured into the realm of personally e-filing my taxes through turbo tax online, considering my income taxes were relatively simple to file. Because I was a part-year resident of two states, I had to file with both obviously. So, after going through federal and both states, I filled in everything to the best of my knowledge, having carefully read through everything. So, I submit my e-filing request, pretty simple... however after reviewing my form again after the e-filing, I realize that I owe the state of North Carolina $330 more than originally told.

Looking through the forms, they had filled in a completely irrelevant amount for a taxable pension? (which, of course, in no way applies to me) which caused me to have to actually pay in the $330 amount. I have absolutely no recollection of filling in this taxable pension amount. So, after reviewing the NC amended return from the NC Dept of Revenue, it seems pretty simple and I have no idea how they came up with this pension amount.

Anyway, what the real issue now is that not only did I pay turbo tax to e-file with the state, but now that they have, I have to pay in the WRONG amount, and even if I send in my amended return now, I won't see that money for six months. Sole point being, I could have easily done the paperwork myself with much less hassle and may have had a slightly smaller deduction amount, BIG DEAL! So, I attempted to call Turbo TAX helpline after realizing my questions couldn't be answered through the online services...

I get an outsourced hotline where they (needless to say have no comprehension of the English language) have no idea what I'm referring to on their program, nor a slightest idea of anything related to taxes I'm talking about. You could spend hours on the line with these people and really get nowhere, except maybe enlighten them on what they are supposed to be the experts on (and considering I know little more than the basics, it's pretty sad.) Next time, I'll find an accountant because in my case, it would've saved me about $200.

Software Change without notice
By -

It looks like INTUIT has figured out how to make a little more short-term profit and drive long-term customers, like me (20 years), to TaxCut or some other Competitor. I was comparing the Deluxe & Premier versions of TurboTax 2006 on the TurboTax web site. On their "Choose me If " pages they stated that a buyer would have to upgrade to the more expensive "Premier" version if they sold stocks, bonds or mutual funds. In each of the past years, I have used "Deluxe" and stock transactions were part of the year's Income or loss. This concerned me.

So, I sent an E-mail to their Tech support and asked if this were actually the case and I could no longer use “Deluxe” if I sold stocks. The Intuit Tech Support reply contained the following quote (bad grammar & all): "1. Yes, the Deluxe version do not offer this feature. If you will try to access this on your product, it will ask you to upgrade to Premier Investment product. 2. There is a question on the Deluxe interview that will ask you if you sold these items. If you will click yes, it will ask you to upgrade to Premier Investment product. 3. Yes, you need to purchase or upgrade your Deluxe 2006 to Premier 2006 to handle stock sale."

Stock transactions are a common item in today's income tax. Now they seem to have removed this fundamental tax item from the Deluxe program, with no notice to consumers. It's like selling you software that is useless without the purchase of add-ons or having to pay to buy an activation code. It's a version of the old "Bait & Switch" con game OR the INTUIT Tech Support doesn't know what they are talking about.

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