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Endless Calls Before Installation -- Zero Service After They Got the Check
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Rating: 2/51
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- We got a quote to add Invisible Fence to a home we were building. We got endless calls during the year it took to build and received many promised about the level of service that came with the Invisible Fence.

Once the house was up, the installer came out on a rainy day. He laid the fence on top of the ground in some places to get done and out of the rain sooner. The spots he showed us looked great. The mower found the not-so-great spots. He didn't have the piece to connect it to the house, so he gooped around the wire with caulk and promised to come back in a few days to do it right. And he put the dogs collars on warning beep for the training period.

That was a year ago. The first communication I've been able to get since then was them reminding me that a year was up and I needed to renew my battery contract. I told them the installation wasn't complete and the collars needed turned up. They were very apologetic and asked when they could come out. I told them when we would be available. It's been a month since that email... Haven't heard from them since.

Warning...the collars are proprietary. You can't adjust them. They won't come back to do it and from what I've read online, when they do show up, they try to charge you for the service call.

Go to Petsmart, get the generic version and hire an electrician to help you connect it. Cheaper in the long run.
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NO Invisible Fence Brand Company Customer Support
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Rating: 1/51
PRESCOTT, ARIZONA -- One year after Invisible Fence Dealer installed fence and terminal on outside wall of our home, we contacted the dealer because the terminal was not working. Dealer responded that his original installation of terminal on outside wall was in error, removed transmitter (we repaired/repainted wall), installed transmitter on interior garage wall, and charged service call fee to correct his error.

Approx one year later, terminal again not working. Referred to "Invisible Fence Owners Manual" provided with original unit, but directions did not match terminal installed. Dealer advised he had installed new unit, did not provide owners manuals, and could not service unit for 48 hours. After advising my wife not to remove the transmitter cover, he told me to remove the transmitter cover and disconnect power and battery back-up to stop constant beeping.

Multiple phone calls to Invisible Fence Brand produced only recorded messages directing you back to your dealer. Email messages to Invisible Fence Customer Support produced only boiler plate messages back to your dealer.

If your dealer is not cooperative or not available (illness, injury, vacation, etc., ) you have NO alternative source for customer support. Invisible Fence Brand provides NO company support.

When I advised the dealer, Invisible Fence of Northern Arizona, that I was going to share my experience at multiple Internet sites, he responded, "Go ahead, knock yourself out!"
No response from Invisible Fence Brand after notifying them of their dealer's encouragement.

Invisible Fence Company "Guarantee"
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CALIFORNIA -- I bought the Invisible Fence pet containment system last summer. I had it installed and paid $1,300. I was promised up and down that containment was GUARANTEED. We had a fence but the problem was my dog was jumping OVER it. He is very agile and he knew freedom was on the other side.

Shortly after it was installed he figured out that he could get over the fence without getting the shock if he jumped over the gated portion of the fence (they don't put the wire on moving gates generally). He got out, I called them and they came out to move the wire. Shortly after that he got out again because he could still make it over getting only the warning tone or just the weak initial shock.

They came out and increased the correction/decrease time for warning. He jumped again and this time was hit by a car. Three days and $5000 later, when he was out of the doggie ICU I called Invisible Fence again to tell them it wasn't working and my dog had been hit by a car. They were unsympathetic and took no responsibly. They blamed me saying I didn't do enough training. Of course the training is to teach the dog where the boundaries are and he was jumping over a 5 foot fence (an obvious boundary). If you read the fine print in the contract they have countless opportunities to come "tweak" the fence if it doesn't work. Then after a year they will tell you you're SOL. They will still come out for service but for a fee starting at $90.

They came out and tweaked the fence again but my dog didn't jump the fence for about 6 months after getting hit because he was injured not because the fence worked. I know this because we took the receiver collar off for that time. My dog recently decided he was over it and jumped the fence again (twice) with the Invisible Fence collar on and "working".

They also told me that I could not turn up the fence by myself (they couldn't make it out to my house for two weeks) because it required special tools. My BF figured it out in about 45 seconds and we turned it up ourselves. They don't like that because they charge you $90 just to show up at your door.

The fence may work for you but be prepared for poor customer service and make sure you get it working very well in that first year. Know that the term "containment guarantee" is interpreted loosely by them. If you have a smart, high energy dog, don't expect a quick fix.
Pets vs Visitors
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We live in a housing development, these are issues that we have seen. I would like to urge all pet and home owners to take a strong look at all of the perspectives of this device before purchasing. (1) It keeps your pet inside the area you have included in your perimeter. (2) It doesn’t keep other animals from entering the perimeter and hurting your pet. (3) If your perimeter includes your driveway and front walk your visitors may be in danger if your dog is a biter or even just a jumper. (4) If your visitors are bitten or knocked off their feet you are liable for damages. (5) You insurance may not cover these damages. (5) If the collar doesn’t fit your dog correctly it can cause burn, blisters and infections on your pet. (6) Be aware that the collar still works if the pet is inside your vehicle and you drive across the perimeter.
Invisible Fence A Waste Of Money
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Our baby boy, Duke, our family pet was shot with a shotgun and left to suffer along the railroad tracks about a ½ mile west of 600 W in New Palestine. We had to end his suffering ourselves. If you have any information related to this tragic event, please contact Wayne at the Humane Society at 477-4367 or Hancock County Deputy Christie McFarland at 477-1144…CAD# 090560228.

DO NOT invest in the Invisible Fence. DO NOT rely on a collar/cable leash to contain your loved one. We do not want anybody to have to experience this devastating tragedy as we have been forced to. We love you Duke! And you will always be missed…Run the RR tracks in heaven freely!
Company Response 03/19/2009:
The underground fence is just a tool to -help- keep your pet in the yard. Our company has installed hundreds of underground fences in the past years. Training, training, training, and an understanding of your pet, are crucial to keeping your pet in the yard. A dog may cross the boundary if he feels one of his people is in danger, a hunting dog may be too tempted by a passing racoon, another dog may just be bored. Part of the training is watching the dog and knowing what areas need to be addressed. We do not quarantee your pet will not cross the line - no company should - but we give you the tools to make the fence give you peace of mind.
I am sorry for your loss - I love my dogs and (especially) my cat.
If you acquire another dog my husband and I would be happy to help you through the training process so the fence can give you peace of mind.
Beware of injuries to your dog from the collar of Invisible Fence
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LUTHERVILLE, MARYLAND -- I am a veterinarian. My dog received SEVEN burn holes and skin burns from the shock collar of the Invisible Fence. The company will not stand behind their product, nor will they do anything about what it did to my dog. They will not accept the responsibility that there is something
defective in the collar
We Do Not Honor Our Contract!!!!
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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK -- Invisible fence containment did not work for my English Pointer. They simply would not accept that it was never going to work for my dog because of her breed as a hunting dog. They accused me of not training the dog correctly no matter how much I told them I tried. My dog was a rescue and I had no idea that this fence was never going to work for her. I found that out later after researching English Pointers. I did ask them repeatedly, however, that I was afraid it might not work for her and asked if I would be refunded. The salesman and the trainer reassured me many times that I would be refunded in full as the contract clearly states. They will not honor their contract period. Now, I have to install a wood fence to contain her, so I will be paying for this twice. It's a scam and I would never recommend IF to anyone.
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