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IOffer Poor Sellers Poor Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RIVER ROUGE, MICHIGAN -- I would not recommend iOffer to anyone. I ordered a rear movie, "Bird of Paradise", put in the credit card information clicked all the way to the end. I get an email that say, "Thank you for your order it will be shipped in 5 to 8 days." Then I get emails to confirm payment. I email the seller and asked what's up with that, I already put all my credit card information in. This back and forth went on for three emails and then I got a rather rude email from the seller, Lisa/filmclassics4u2, telling me they don't know what I am talking about after I explained it three times and in caps, "DO NOT REPORT THIS AS A PROBLEM just send the message here at IOffer. When you report a problem sellers items are dumped in searches. I won't have any sales for that day. So I click on the link to respond to her and it does nothing, it goes nowhere. As far as I am concerned, she was rude and no help what so ever. I believe you have to use PayPal but when I went to buy the item, it said nothing about PayPal and took all my credit card information. Yet, the seller, sending me numerous emails just didn't have a clue what was going on, didn't understand what I was saying and was obviously to uninformed to guide me in the right direction.

So if you want your credit card information out there and one big run around, go ahead and use this site. I order a different movie the same day from and received it 5 days later no muss no fuss. iOffer is a fly by night site with sellers that don't have a brain in their heads.
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IOffer allow delinquents to post as legitimate sellers. iOffer is a scam
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- IOffer is a scam run by street gangs delinquents that take no responsibility for the quality or honesty of their sellers. I purchase a pair of boots from their site at the cost of $218. after a few days of not getting any information from the seller I contacted Pay pay for a refund. I was told that as long as I have a tracking number they wouldn't give a refund. After 3 weeks I receive a box with a pair of USED old boots "not before I have to sign for the delivery"
I contacted iOffer but they never had giving me an answer as to why they let this delinquents post on their site!. iOffer is as guilty as the delinquent that run freely under their control on their site, posting as legitimate business when in fact are a bunch of the thief protected by iOffer.
In retaliation of my complains iOffer had deleted all my notes/complains from their site, and had put my account under review because of the complain.

On the last note from iOffer they informed me the seller has been suspended from iOffer for "violating iOffer's policies" but that I should contact the seller for a refund (pathetic) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't recommend this site anybody, you are much better protected at E-bay. There If you purchase an item and you pay with Pay pal they an the item is not as describe Pay pal will refund your money, but they do not cover you if you purchase an item in any other site.
My recommendation is never to use iOffer.. they are a bunch delinquents that protect other delinquents.

See below iOffer response to my complain

Your request (#89032) has been updated.

To review or comment on the request, follow the link below:

Andy iOffer, Sep 30 00:15 (PDT):

Unfortunately, the seller of your purchase has been suspended for violating iOffer's policies. Please contact the seller by email to request a tracking number or a refund. Sellers are responsible for sending items. iOffer provides sellers stores, we do not handle sales of items, receive payments or ship items.

The seller's registered email address is: mdll2010@live. cn

You may have recourse if you paid by credit card via PayPal, Mpayy, Amazon Payments, or Google Checkout. To file a dispute using these services, please visit the site where you originally made your payment.

For credit card purchases, call your bank or card company to request a charge back.

For other services, please contact their customer service for assistance.

Please review our Buyer Safety Guide for online fraud resources:

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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 10/03/2010:
I never heard of this site. I would not buy clothing or boots from people I do not know. You never know what you are going to get as you found out.
Skye on 10/03/2010:
I don't know why you think the site is run by a bunch of street gang delinquents, but from what I've read, anyone can use the site to buy, sell or trade.

What did the description of the boots say? Did they ad say they were brand new? If they did, but you received used boots, you have options, according to the page of terms and conditions. Read through it. Hopefully you can resolve this issue.
jktshff1 on 10/03/2010:
Never heard of them either, but they seem to be on top of things suspending the seller, and explaining your options. Their responsibilities are clearly spelled out in their "User Agreement" and seem pretty clear.

"iOffer is only a Venue: Our Site acts as an open marketplace for users to buy, sell and negotiate the purchase and sale of goods with other users. iOffer only provides a service and is not involved in any transaction between buyers and sellers who use our Site. There are risks that You assume when dealing with foreign nationals or those who may be acting under false pretenses. You agree that all of these risks are borne by You, and not iOffer. iOffer does not control the behavior of users on the Site or the information provided by other users that is made available through our Site. As a result, iOffer does not guarantee or endorse the authenticity, quality, safety, or legality of any items offered or sold, the truth or accuracy of any listings, or the ability of sellers to sell items or of buyers to buy items. We cannot assure that all transactions will be completed. Additionally iOffer does not guarantee the ability or intent of users to fulfill their obligations in any transactions.

PepperElf on 10/05/2010:
"I should contact the seller for a refund"

try contacting PayPal again now that you have the item
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Just Be Careful!
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- Ioffer has had a lot of customer complaints. However, I have bought two things from there, no problems. A lot of sellers are from China (which I was uninformed on this when purchasing a "Gucci" purse from there.) and other countries outside the U.S.

Of course, a lot of their things listed are FAKES, and being resold on eBay, because people are unaware of the fact that they are buying fakes. But one way to tell you have a fake, ask for the serial number. If you type that serial number in google, and it lists a bunch of DIFFERENT purses, then you know it's a replica. No two purses (or whatever has a serial number) should be the same. Another red flag of a replica is when you google the serial number, and REPLICA WEBSITES showing the same serial number with different purses show up. (: hehe just remember the saying: if it's too good to be true, it probably is. remember, that if someone bought a $1,000 Chanel purse, why would they sell it for only $100?

You just have to watch your back on Ioffer. ALWAYS check the feedback. To make sure I'm safe, I even read negative feedback. If there is any feedback from someone who hasn't received their item, I wouldn't buy.

There are a lot of scammers, but there are also a lot of honest sellers. You just have to be careful. Always ask questions before you buy. Do your research on the buyer. and always know the product you're buying (to ensure you don't get a FAKE.)
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
Very helpful review. Cool tip about googling the serial numbers too!
Anonymous on 09/29/2009:
Good info, but I got to correct you here: "No two purses (or whatever has a serial number) should be the same." The truth is seriel numbers are recycled all the time. So it is possible for a purse and a chain saw to have the same number.

As for purses. Most people don't know real from fake. That's why Coach and LV are flooded with counterfeits right now.
PepperElf on 09/29/2009:
you're buying something dirt cheap from China and you're surprised that it was fake?

China is a mecca of fake goods
believe me, I've been there
fionaflyby21 on 09/29/2009:
Don't rule out all luxury handbags made in China. You may be surprised to learn that many top designers have elected to have their bags crafted and/or assembled in China. One example is Coach, which btw also manufactures their bags in India, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mauritius, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan & Turkey (and U.S.) The country of origin is not a good indicator of whether a bag is fake. Also, many designers do not use serial numbers - that went out a couple decades ago for many mainstream designers and have adapted some form of a registration system that allows a bag to be "tagged" with a registration number which is a series of numbers that denotes its date of production (or more commonly the month & year), the plant where it was assembled and includes a style number and possibly a color code. Thousands of handbags can share identical registration numbers because thousands of bags pass through production in any given month or season. As for - they may prefer not to police the activity unless that are required to do so, by law, just due to the cost of managing a team that will oversee products in categories that far exceed luxury handbags. Counterfeits have hit every market from Duracell batteries to video games.

When it comes to cracking down on fake purses, so far only eBay and a few other larger retailers have tried to comply with LV, Coach, Prada, and other designers to pull listings that appear to be fake. The designers have teams of people in the fraud dept that can notify the website that a listing is fake and it is usually pulled. Although eBay seems to be flooded with fakes, it does have a plan in place and a system that allows members to report suspected fraudulent listings... but with the hundreds of thousands of designer handbags listed at their site on any given day - the task is daunting and there is no way it can be truly policed. Know what you are buying before spending your hard earned cash - and the old saying that "if it is too good to be true..." certainly seems to fit in this case.
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Terrible site, illegal
Posted by on
I just read a review from Mommyhaven, and I absolutely agree.
I am a member of eBay and I was surfing around for other sites to buy and sell on, when I ran across Ioffer. what a mistake that was.
I bought some items from a certain individual only to find after posting them on eBay that they were illegal.
well eBay pulled them and I waslivid.
I value my good name on eBay.
well I wrote several letters to customer service in Ioffer to no avail. UNBELIEVABLE, customer service didn't respond and neither did the person that I bought from.
I still have 20.00 on account there just incase I was going to sell something but after that, I asked for the money back to no avail. I can't even terminate my account!!!
well 1 month later I wejnt into Ioffer and wrote all kinds of bad feedback on the person that sold me 470.00 worth of illegal items and said " you have your items back, I want my money back to no avail.
Finally they left me bad feedback and called me LOCO for saying that items were illegal.
I inturn got to leave the whole story for all to see and they refunded total amount.
I got very Lucky
Now all I have to do is find away to get out of the illegal hell whole.
thanks for reading this long letter but I felt that good people need to know to stay away.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/29/2009:
What as it? The person who is responsible for researching the law on the legality of what they sell is the seller. If you buy something illegal you are the one at fault. Keep in mind, that Ebay and Ioffer, and the rest of them, have a blanket policy on prohibited items.

Just because something is illegal in Alabama doesn't make it illegal in California. However, if it IS illegal anywhere in the US, you can't sell it on the US site. If it is legal overseas, you have to list on one of the international sites.

Some of Ebay's prohibited items are downright ignorant. Ebay has become stupid to the point of mentally deficient.
PepperElf on 09/29/2009:
what? you expected eBay to keep your illegal sale up because you didn't know the law?

stole my money on 11/26/2012:
the seller had good feedback so I thought it would be OK to use. I never received my goods and they took my $150. if anyone knows who the seller greatsalemall is on Ioffer, please get my $150 and turn them into the authorities!!
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Safe Haven for Criminals
Posted by on
iOffer is a safe haven for criminals. They allow individuals to sign up for multiple accounts, then buy from themselves to seem credible. People that can't make a profit from fraud on eBay jump to iOffer because it protects them. iOffer administration is hands-off. They feel that their TOS puts the transactions in the hands of the users--which it does, but really, can't they do some sort of IP tracking? Make sure an IP address doesn't purchase from itself or sign up for several accounts?
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 03/30/2005:
We have a similar problem here, except it doesn't buy from itself, just talks to itself to seem credible.
bobbieh56 on 07/19/2005:
The most disreputable company that Iv'e ever come across.
You hit it right on Mommahaven
EmmyHope on 11/11/2005:
I totally agree with your comments. Stay far away from the Ioffer site. They either don't have their act together or they really don't care what goes on at the site.... Thanks
Anonymous on 09/29/2009:
OK. Let me put this in terms that everyone can understand. If you go to a yard sale and buy something crappy. Who is at fault? What do you think the mortgage holder would do for you? Or a flea market. Who is going to be to blame cause the dude in the booth in front of you sold you fake glasses?

Ioffer, Ebay, Epier etc...they are ALL venues. The people who are the crooks, are the individual buyers and sellers. Your beef is with them.

Now, let me just say that BUYERS are the blame for the rampart fraud on these sites. Ya'll complained about feedback, policy, shipping, delivery, price, etc until ran off all the honest sellers and all you have left is the crooks. Sucks doesn't it? Deal with it.
TheTimvh1 on 07/06/2013:
I'll bet you (Anonymous) are a person from Ioffer who just wants to legitimize your illegal dealings by comparing yourselves to legal venues. Ioffer and Ebay are not the same thing. For example, I found a so-called "Darkwing Duck" complete series on Ioffer (which I did not buy). There is no such release by disney. Only a volume 1 and 2. So by trying to legitimize yourself by comparing yourself to legal venues, that is just a bunch of hogwash. Thank you.
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Rip Off
Posted by on
STEUBENVILLE, OHIO -- I purchases a sweater from Ioffer the money was taken from my bank account, but I never received the sweater. What do I do next, they gave me an address but no one ever answers the mail.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/23/2009:
Contact your bank and ask them to charge back the debit transaction. There is a limited time in which you can do this, so don't delay.
Anonymous on 03/23/2009:
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Posted by on
On February 17, 2007 I saw an add on iOffer I saw Cartier glasses being offered at a good price. I have contacted the seller via internet and he told me to send him $100.00 via Western Union and he will send me the glasses. Money was wired to him the next day and as of today I still do not have the product I have paid for. I have contacted iOffer several times but have not heard back from them yet.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been scammed out of their money, this advertisement is nationwide. Do not have anything to do with oats16@gmail.Com.

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 04/17/2007:
First clue you were about to be scammed: Western Union.
shawnp80 on 04/17/2007:
Yep. Kiss the hundred bucks bye-bye and when they ask for more money don't give it to them.
Ponie on 04/17/2007:
Our local police department occasionally publishes articles in area newspapers and/or holds meetings on Internet scams. One of the first things they mention: If payment is requested via Western Union--just say 'No!'
MRM on 04/17/2007:
Excuse me for being unknowledgeable since I've never used the service, but how does Western Union work and how is it vulnerable to scam artists?
mmm_d0nuts on 11/07/2008:
Yup, your problem was Western Union. It is NOT safe and secure at all for online purchases, especially dealing with strangers.

It works by wiring money from bank account, or in-person to pay the money. Then the fund is transferred. That's not a lot you can due to track it or anything.

So it has nothing to do with iOffer. I've been using it for a while and it works well for me. Just be careful who you deal with. There's people like that all over the web.
Anonymous on 09/29/2009:
MRM, WU is unrecoverable. Once you wire the money it is gone. So many people just don't use common sense when it comes to online auction shopping. I am too tired for a tutorial so google online auction scams and get up to speed before you shop. You can have great shopping experiences, IF you protect yourself BEFORE.
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Bootleg DVD copies (USUALLY POOR COPY)
Posted by on
PALOMINAS -- I have tried, without success, to determine whether or not "Ioffer" is attempting to seel bootleg, i.e., illegal DVD copies of fims.
DO NOT DEAL WITH ANY COMPANY WHICH SAME REFUSES TO RESPOND TO A LEGITIMATE INQUIRY. Any purchaser of such copy could be prosecuted by the Feds!
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User Replies:
mmm_d0nuts on 11/07/2008:
All user selling sites are going to have bootleg copies of films. It's up to you to confirm everything before you purchase anything.
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