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Dismal, Rotten, Non-Existent Service From Ipower
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- (Note: for anyone who wants to see IPower's record with the BBB,
go to the Phoenix BBB site below and search for "IPower" . My complaint
with them is listed below.)

Phoenix Better Business Bureau
4428 N. 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014-4585
Phone: (602)264-1721
Fax: (602)263-0997
Email: info@phoenix.bbb.org
Web: http://www.phoenix.bbb.org/

Filed on : December 14 2007

Filed against :
Ipowerweb Inc

Complaint Description:
I am a webdeveloper who has hosted different companies at IPower. They have become terrible with respect to support!! The worst I've
ever experienced from any webhost...and I have used many nationwide. The current complaint is that I have a client that needs
changes done to their website, but I haven't been able to login because Ipower has changed the username and passwords recently and
they DO NOT provide any easy way to get answers from them. I have waited for LIVE SUPPORT CHAT for a total of 3.5 hours today,
finally getting through to someone, who eventually sent me the wrong information to login. Even though I asked not to be disconnected
from LIVE SUPPORT CHAT until I received the login information by email, I was disconnected by them anyway....which began another 50
minute wait for service. I have also waited in the queue for telephone support today for a total of 3 hours (calling 4 separate
times...being dumped twice and 2 other times I hung up in disgust). Also, NONE OF MY EMAILS to their tech support email address over
the last 2 days have even been responded to. This company is the absolute worst when it comes to service. I could also tell you
about another of my clients who's entire website went down last spring during a big online sale they were having. There was no
support to be had for 5 days while their (IPower's) servers were down...by which time we had moved the company to a different
webhost. Nevertheless, the company lost thousands of dollars in potential sales revenue due to IPower's incompetence and lack of
support and assistance. Then, they had the audacity to continue billing for that client and to send me email surveys asking how
satisfied I was with their service. When I went to the webpage link that was provided to fill out the survey (and spent 15 minutes
going into detail why I thought they needed to pay more attention to technical support and overall service), the page choked on the
form submittal (typical) and I was denied the ability to complete the survey a second time. If I can't get any satisfaction from
this company in terms of service (and I WILL be removing all remaining clients hosted there soon), at least there will be a record
with the BBB that this company is only too willing to take your money, setup your account, and then let you wither in the wind. I
would be more than happy to discuss this with the media and would welcome any inquiries directly. I JUST WANT TO GET A LIVE PERSON
SUPERIOR 24 HOUR/7 DAY CUSTOMER SERVICE (WHICH IS PLASTERED ALL OVER THEIR WEBSITE). Unfortunately, there are no email addresses for
support listed anywhere and the live chat and telephone numbers are only good if you're willing to sit and wait for hours to be
served. If they were honorable, they would provide the public with names and telephone numbers (with extensions) of staff that can
help with customer problems.

Your Desired Resolution:
Sure, I would accept refund, but they won't provide it. I JUST WANT TO GET A LIVE PERSON TO ANSWER MY QUESTION WHEN I NEED ONE

This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their
response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the
business has responded.

Ipower Web Is The Worst Web Hosting Company Out There
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased web hosting with IPOWER Web in about 1996. The site worked well until November 2007 when they switched over their Platform. At this time, right before the Christmas holiday my site crashed. I made over 20 calls and each call was a minimum hold time of 3 hours (no exaggeration) to have the site repaired and not one person would help me at this company. I was told it is with the top of the line technicians (several times) and they would get back to me and nobody ever did. Each time I called back there was no record of the previous call. One operator finally gave me the email to the vice president to the company and he responded and promised the problem would be resolved. It is March 2008 and there is no resolution. The lost all of the data from my site, customer lists, photos, all parts of the data base.

I requested compensation for another web designer to come in and fix this problem they declined offering me a 100.00 credit for their company and to re-create the data base minus all of the information they had lost. I had professional photos taken, spent hundreds in web design, hours entering the information into the data base. I have NEVER received such poor service and the nerve to offer me a credit with their company? They have no clue how to fix their own mistakes, they lost invaluable data and offer no solution to my problem besides locking me into more time with this abominable company. I also sent an email to the president of the company Thomas Gorny and never received a response.

I would like this company to pay for all of the money and time I have put out to try to fix this problem. I have spent COUNTLESS hours dealing with this, wasting my time. I had to pay over a thousand dollars at this point out of my pocket to try to fix this on my own and nothing has been done about it. To offer me $100.00 credit is a joke and unacceptable. I insisted on being refunded my $95.00 for the year and somehow they took that as give me a credit. YEAH RIGHT!!! I fought and finally got that money back. This company has a ton of nerve and should be out of business.

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