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Do not buy anything from IRobot
Posted by on
Well... This was a great idea poorly executed when the IRobot
corporation decided to involve China in the manufacturing. Everyone
here in America is quite familiar with the "crap" that China floods
our country with. Well this item is no different!
I have bought this "over priced" piece of plastic crap for my wife,
for Chistmas in 2007. Every month I was calling and having this and
that replaced. Finally....because of the tedious cleaning that was
necessesary to keep this running. I quit using it.
Over the 2009 Christmas holidays I decided to get it out and use it.
It did not clean one room before I started hearing this "clunk" "clunk"
sound and removing the dust bin I could see that the brushes were not
turning. Yet another cleaning head has failed!
You know....after spending $400 for something....that money should insure
the buyer that the item purchased is not a cheap piece of crap that
will break down continually until the manufacturer decides not to help
you fix it any longer! A year warrentee? Not good enough! If you
believe in what you make......and you know the term of "intended" usage.
Then give a warranty that reflects that! This cleaning head should have
metal hardware and gears and not the plastic crap made famous by the
Chinese hord. Americans are willing to pay extra for quality. But
until more Americans "wake up" and stop buying Chinese crap....this trend
will continue until the economic collapse of this country.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
You're asking for too much. One year warranty is the norm. If you have a complaint about the "Chinese crap" that we're flooded with, then buy a $1200 item that will break down also.
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Keeps hair under control
Posted by on
This is great for pet hair! I can’t believe what a difference it’s made in our house. I have two long haired dogs and we used to just throw up our hands and let the lint and dust and hair take over. Now I run the Roomba a couple times a week in each room, and it’s amazing how much cleaner the whole house looks. At first the dogs barked whenever they saw it running, but now they give it a sniff and then leave it alone. It’s so nice to be able to just push a button, leave, and come back to a clean floor.
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User Replies:
miketech on 03/11/2006:
I've been wanting a Roomba.
Ponie on 03/11/2006:
Duplicate my comment for OneSuite.
KenPC on 03/13/2006:
Actually Ponie, this one could be for real. My wife wanted one in the worst way, so I got her one for her birthday just to keep peace. Surprisingly, it does a heckuva job cleaning up, and just kind of runs and minds its own business. While I would stop short of telling anyone to run out and drop three hundred bucks on one, I am not sorry that I did.
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