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The Scooba has made my life so much easier
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You know that house on the block that always has cars in the driveway and out on the street, with people coming in and out all the time? Parties, get-togethers on holidays, kids running all over the neighborhood into and out of that house, with dogs barking and voices excitedly shouting and phones constantly ringing and it seems as if they always have people visiting them to the extent that you're not sure who is *supposed* to be living there, and who's merely a guest? Yeah, that house. I don't know how this happened, but that's my house now. I married into a huge extended family -- think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" -- and along with that came visitors and pets and friends of friends of friends and we have our own pets and my in-laws' pets and my children's friends' pets and it's hard to tell which dogs are ours and which we're simply dog-sitting.

The point?, you ask. Well, we have tile floors. Therefore, we have dirty tile floors. Kids spill drinks and food, people track mud and dirt and leaves in with their shoes, and don't even get me started on the dogs. I used to mop every single day. Not kidding. It was either that or allow the tile floors to get so dirty that future archaeologists would be able to date the time periods according to the different layers of debris covering our tile.

And then the Scooba appeared in our lives. I'd like to say that she showed up on our doorstep (much like some relatives we've had visiting), but actually she was a gift from my mother-in-law. All I do now is fill the tank with the cleaner, and then empty the tank later. That's it, the rest of the work is done by our Scooba. She works without complaint on a nightly basis, just like I USED to do.
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User Replies:
tander on 06/12/2006:
Thanks for the review, very well put together!
glc on 06/12/2006:
Nice review and I thought the Archaeology analogy was great!
Ponie on 06/12/2006:
I'm glad I don't live in your neighborhood. :)
batzion7 on 06/12/2006:
kirkthepelican...Great review...I have an Irobot vacuum and had wondered if the scooba really works. I guess I will be ordering one now. My house is not one of "those" houses, but I am old and lazy (LOL) so Irobot is just right for me. Blessings
Anonymous on 06/12/2006:
so nobody else thinks it smells like spam around here?
batzion7 on 06/12/2006:
amaniR No I really don't!
BlackHole on 06/26/2006:
Hey, good review. I was actually thinking about reviewing the Scooba myself.
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The Scooba Doo
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ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- After many spilled drinks (mostly margaritas) on the kitchen floor, and lack of time or interest, I broke down and bought a Scooba. I heard good things about the Roomba so I thought I would buy the Scooba to save from bending over to mop my floors. I have to admit I have a love for it. I think I might spill my drink intentionally just to see it go, but that is just crazy talk. Who would intentionally spill a drink.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/26/2006:
Depends.... is it an adult beverage?
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