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Terrible Customer Service a Complete Disregard for Customer Satisfaction
By -

BUFFALO, WYOMING -- A few weeks ago, I had an appointment for Thursday between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m., regularly scheduled workday for most people. It had been scheduled much in advance through DirecTV. We placed a work order to have a technician move a DirecTV receiver box from one room to another. The new location was new construction. However, all inside wiring was accurately completed before the Ironwood technician was scheduled to complete the work order.

The technician arrived early in the a.m., several hours early, minor inconvenience, I just happened to still be home. He connected the outside cable to the dish. However, the technician left without moving the box and/or testing the outlet in the new location to assure that the dish, box, and/or outlet worked as it was intended. If the Ironwood technician had attempted to test the box or outlet, he would have realized that a coaxial cable was needed for connectivity to the wall outlet from the receiver.

After speaking with one of DirecTV's technicians and being told that I would need to talk to someone at Ironwood, I called Ironwood. An Installation Supervisor named ** helps with programming the box and TV after I moved both the TV and receiver to the new location. Thank you so very much **. We did, however, encounter a few problems. Of course, the first problem or issue that we encountered was that the cable in the original location was connected directly from the dish through the outside wall directly into the DirecTV box (there was no way to move the cable without tearing out the wall).

Therefore, the original cable would not be moved to the new location. I borrowed the coaxial cable from the DirecTV receiver box located in the bedroom. This allowed us to set up the receiver box in the new location and get it programmed for viewing DirecTV's channel services according to our purchased programming. Upon completion of the setup for DirecTV'€™s programming, ** told me that a 6ft coaxial cable would be delivered within a few days to replace the cable in the bedroom. It has now been close to two weeks since we spoke. I would like to know when or if this cable will be delivered as promised.

I called DirecTV this a.m. and was told that I would need to set up a work order and pay to have a cable brought out to me. When I explained the situation again, I was told to call Ironwood. I called Ironwood'€™s Customer Support Services 5 times before I was able to speak with an individual that could begin to understand what I was saying. Not to mention her inability to communicate that which she was trying to say. I have worked with people from all over the world in the capacity of a Network Support Specialist/Technician.

In addition, yes, I am English speaking but I figured out ways to make sure that communications between customers, my fellow technicians, and me were clear and concise. I never once attempted to intimidate or disrespect people. I know that I could have eliminated this stressor if I had driven 35 miles and purchased a coaxial cable but that is not the point.

I made at least 7 calls to Ironwood Communications and DirecTV today. I am convinced that “€œCustomer Service” is a thing of the past. I have included some of the detail pertaining to my ordeal with Ironwood and DirecTV. The proposed path to resolution is as follows: according to the fifth representative that I spoke with, she would leave a message for another supervisor to call me within the hour. ** was not in the office today.

I am very disappointed with the quality or the lack thereof "customer support" services that I received from both DirecTV and Ironwood. When I called Ironwood, the first "customer support" representative, ** or ** (check spelling), was very annoying and rude. She obviously felt the need to try to intimidate me by attempting to loudly talk over me in a very condescending tone. She did not allow me to complete a sentence, much less give her the information that would help to convey our current problem/issue.

I then called Ironwood a second time to speak with or leave a message for **, the Installation Supervisor for our area (Buffalo, WY). This conversation consisted of a "customer service" representative that tells me that she "...can't help me and that I need to go to Best Buy and buy a cable or they could place a work order and charge me for the call and cable." I called back a third time and attempted again to explain, that ** told me that I should have received the cable during the work order/service call, But since I didn't, he would have the tech drop a 6ft coaxial cable off to me.

Again, I was told that she, the “€œcustomer service”€ representative, could not help me. I should hang up, call DirecTV, and place another work order. As you can well imagine, I am frustrated at this point. All that I want to do is to find out if and when a coaxial cable will be delivered as promised. I called Ironwood Communications again and was told to hang up and dial back and select option 3. This took me right back to the “€œcustomer service”€ representatives.

I called back, for the 5th and last time, I hope. After being placed on hold for 30 minutes, I was told that a supervisor would call me within the hour. Well, we are well past the promised hour now and I have not received the call from an Ironwood supervisor, as promised. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. ;)

What ever happened to "customer service"? Has it gone for good or will companies here in the U.S and abroad realize that their customers, the same ones that pay the bills and put money in the pockets of many undeserving, deserve better than the quality of service or lack thereof that I have received today and in the past? Please forward this to any appropriate office for their record of complaints and hopefully, consideration for a resolution. I am sending this on to Ironwood Communications, DirecTV, the Better Business Bureau, and any other entity that I think will be interested. **, disgruntled consumer.

Ironwood Communications - Incompetent Everything!
By -

MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- I WAS a happy DirecTV customer for many years until this last weekend. We wasted 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sun) fighting to get a simple installation. Last week I called DirecTV when our 4 year old receiver started to fail. DirecTV was very helpful and I negotiated replacing the receiver with an upgraded HDTV receiver. We made the installation appointment for Friday morning. The installation company never showed up or called.

DirecTV referred us to Ironwood Communications - the company DirecTV contracts with for installation service. They promised they would arrive Friday afternoon between 1 & 5 PM. The installer called at 5 PM and said he wouldn't be there until 6:30 PM. We asked if he had our new equipment and he said he had the receiver. Well, HDTV uses a different satellite dish! He apparently didn't know this.

Hours later he finally showed up. He did a VERY rushed installation and left, without checking to see if the service worked properly. You guessed it - it didn't work properly. He also didn't cancel the card in the old receiver (the one he took with him) so DirecTV thought we had one more receiver than we actually had, and charged us for it. We called DirecTV and they scheduled another installation/repair appointment for Saturday 1-5 PM. By 3 PM no one had arrived so we called. We were assured that the technician was on his way and received a service confirmation number. We waited until 6PM, no one ever came.

We called back DirecTV and they said, "You don't have an appointment." Wow! After speaking with three customer service persons we finally reached a supervisor who made a conference call to the Ironwood Communications dispatcher. That person said, "Oh, there it is (appointment)... We're sorry. We'll send someone Sunday morning. You will be the first appointment and the technician will call you at 8AM to confirm." You can guess what happened, NO SHOW. Again!

Well, we spent the entire day Sunday trying to get a service technician to respond. We spoke with the Ironwood Santa Rosa office - WOW what a bunch of rude, argumentative, rednecks!! In fact they were so uncooperative that we called both the DirecTV and Ironwood customer service centers and asked that they send a technician from another area.

Santa Rosa is in the San Francisco Metropolitan Area. This area has a population of over 3 million!!! I'm sure that Ironwood has more regional offices and other technicians other than the individuals in the Santa Rosa Office. NO, apparently only Santa Rosa could respond. I called DirecTV and spoke with the VP of Installation Services. He apologized, agreed with my assessment and promised an immediate VIP installation. A manager from Ironwood called and promised me that another technician would arrive by 3PM. Of course no was here by 3PM.

The manager called back just after 3 PM and couldn't understand why the technician wasn't here. EVEN HE COULDN'T CONTROL THE SANTA ROSA OFFICE EMPLOYEES. Guess what my VIP installation was - the same incompetent technician who came on Friday arrived back on Sunday at 4PM and immediately began arguing with my wife. WAIT, it gets better! The same Ironwood supervisor at the Santa Rosa office who was uncooperative, rude, demeaning, sarcastic, yelled at my wife and hung up on us arrived at our home right as the technician. WOW!!!

We called DirecTV and Ironwood and reported the misconduct and pleaded with them to send a competent technician from another office. Oh well! What if the technician had arrived drunk and we complained. Would it make sense to send the same guy back?

Ironwood Communications Caused the Death of My Dog
By -

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- In early April, DirecTV sent an individual from Ironwood Communications to upgrade our system and this is what happened. First of all, the technicians showed up at my house and did not knock on my front door. They proceeded through a closed gate in my backyard and started inspecting the dish there. It wasn't until I came out to the backyard that contact was initiated with them. It should be noted that my wife was breastfeeding my six-day old son in direct line of the window on the back door. They proceeded to do what they needed to do with the dish.

When they came inside, I let Edgar, my pure-breed, champion pedigree, English bulldog out the back door so that he would not be in there way. I did not know at that time that they had left the back gate open. About an hour later, we realized Edgar was missing. I went searching for him and then called the police. They told me he had been hit by a car and brought to the vet. I called the vet and they informed me that Edgar had died on the x-ray table from internal bleeding.

Ironwood has now sent me a letter denying my property damage claim. First of all, I never filed a property damage claim… I do not view my dog as property and I am insulted by it. Secondly, they state it is not their job to "watch and maintain control" of the dog. I never said it was, but it is their responsibility to not carelessly leave my gate open… a gate that was closed before they opened it. Another issue I have is the mysterious second technician that was at my house.

When I spoke with an individual at the local Ironwood office and another in their national office, they both seemed surprised by the fact that two technicians were here. Despite repeated attempts, they would not tell me who the second individual was. Also, despite the fact that I was holding the dog around the chest while they were in my house and I was talking to them, the technician claimed he didn't see the dog. To top it all off, they left here with only one TV of the three working. Someone else had to come out two days later to fix it and they were in disbelief at the sloppy job done.

In regards to the individual at Ironwood's national office, he first gave me a wrong phone number over the phone and then the number he gave me in his letter to contact him wasn't correct, either. I had to jump through hoops to finally get in touch with him.

Initially, individual's I have spoken to at DirecTV were sincere and kind. They seemed to appreciate the pain that has been brought to my family. However, after they escalated my complaint over a month ago, I still have not heard anything back from them. They have also ignored a follow-up email I sent them three weeks ago. Now I am unsure of what to think of DirecTV.

I haven't asked for anything from anyone at this point… I just wanted an apology from the responsible persons and to maybe keep this from happening again. Now, Ironwood has turned our sadness into anger. I considered small claims against Ironwood and their technicians, as well as trespassing charges for initially entering my property without permission. However, I have a newborn child at home and do not have the energy to pursue this issue any further because of the emotional toll.

So, the purpose of this letter to you is in hopes that other people will keep any eye on their pets when service people are at their houses. I also wanted to express my concern over how the law perceives pets as property. Even if I wanted to pursue some sort of lawsuit, I wouldn't want to stand their as they refer to Edgar as property.

This was a family member. One that we went through surgeries and health problems with. One that my 20-month old son played with. One that we relied on for personal safety. Nothing can bring him back, but I am going to do all I can to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else.

Ironwood Runaround...
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I will be leaving DirecTV because of the poor performance of Ironwood Communications: So, I was fed up with a variety of technical issues with DirecTV, and tried to cancel service. I let myself get talked into upgrading my box, which required an upgraded satellite dish. They scheduled an 8-12 appointment for like three weeks later.

The day in question arrives, and I take it off. I call around 11:30 (directly to Ironwood Communications 800 number, not DirecTV). They tell me at 11:30 that the guy was running late (obviously), and could arrive at 1:30p. This is later than my time off allowed, but I agreed anyway. 2:00 rolls around, and I call back. The dispatcher can't get a hold of the installer, but promised to have him call me. 2:45 rolls around and he finally calls back. He explains that he's still on his first install of the day, but that his supervisor was 'already' working on a solution for me.

I really wasn't REALLY pissed until he said the word already, like he was doing me a favor. 'Already' working on a solution would have happened around 11:00 that morning or so when he realized that he was still on his first install, and wouldn't make any of his morning (or afternoon, the way things went for him) appointments. So, I continue to wait. 3:15 when the supervisor calls, telling me that he his on his way, and would be there at 4:00. 4:30, I HAVE to leave for work, so I do.

I call Ironwood again, and tell the dispatcher to have the guy come back to base, as I was finally giving up and leaving for work. This was the only mistake I made of the day (other than, you know, staying with DirecTV), as apparently, they took that has a cancellation. I immediately had called DirecTV, and they said that they couldn't reschedule until two months later. They couldn't get me in with a supervisor, so I call back later that night.

That begins a three day process of DirecTV "escalating" the issue, and promising me that someone from Ironwood would call me the next day. Three nights I make the call to DirecTV, three days that they make that promise, and three days I'm disappointed. The notes in my account kept telling the CSR that I was a No-Show at the appointment, so I had to explain the situation 7,000 times. After a couple more days of waiting, I finally get a hold of a supervisor at my local Ironwood shop, and he tells me that while he doesn't have any HR20's in stock, the new shipment comes in on Thursday, and he could install it on Saturday.

I agreed, but couldn't get Saturday off. After not being able to get a hold of anyone at Ironwood who knew what they were talking about again, and going through all of the menus and CSRs trying explain thing, I quite literally gave up. Sunday Ticket is the only thing holding me to DirecTV, and I hope that I'll be making a move back east and alleviating that need by Football season, and I'll cancel, and get something local at the time.

DirecTV is not without its own problems, but its use of Ironwood is a real problem, as at the very least, my branch provides service that is well below acceptable standards. I understand that Ironwood specifically will peak at this board, and I am willing to speak to anyone at Ironwood about these issues.

Service Call No Shows
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of this company and by default DirecTV. Poor quality installation work followed by 2 (so far) no shows on system down service calls. Evidently this seems to be the norm with Ironwood Communications. I wish I had known to do a search on them prior to this. We are now going to incur the expense of switching services. These guys do not care about quality or commitments. Good luck if you use them.

Worst Company Ever
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- This company is the worst ever. I had a appointment for yesterday between 1-5. Nobody showed. At 5:pm I called them and they said the installer would be here at 6:30 pm. He never showed. I called them back at 7:30 pm, they could not contact the installer, I called until 9:00 pm, and was told that the installer still had the equipment in his truck, so I would be first in the morning. I have taken off another day of work to make this appointment, and it's another no show. The company now says that they can squeeze me in next week. DirecTV is doing nothing about this mess.

This morning I spoke to a manager named **. He said it would be unfair for a installer to come out to my house today, just because his installer hung me up all day yesterday. I have to wait for another appointment on another day. I have posted the above comments on Yahoo reviews for Ironwood Communications, and while checking the internet I have found that there are many posts complaining about poor service.

The Worst Service I Have Ever Seen
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I have been a customer of DirecTV since 1994 and have been pleased with their service. Recently we decided to get HDTV. We waited 2 weeks for installation. On the day of scheduled installation which was scheduled between 8 and 12 I was called at 9:30 am to be told they would not be there. They rescheduled for two days later. The installation was terrible. They never got my HDTV working and could not install all my boxes because they lacked a required switch. The tech said that with time my problems (not receiving all my channels) would resolve.

After 3 hours I called DirecTV and they told me that I was misinformed and they would get a tech out in two days to fix it. When the next installer came he could not fix the problem and informed me that he spoke with the supervisor and was told the channels not coming in were future channels. When I questioned him he became belligerent and said he had to leave.

I called DirecTV and they rescheduled a senior installer for 2 days later. After one hour he could not fix the problem so he said he would bring me a new box the next day. Two days later no tech or phone call. I called DirecTV and they said their only solution was to send me a new box and I could install it myself.

Two days later I received a call from Ironwood asking how I satisfied I was with their service. I informed them of my dissatisfaction. I was promised a supervisor would call me within an hour and resolve my complaint. Two days later no call from Ironwood. I have decided that I just have to fix the problem myself. I am totally disappointed both with Ironwood and DirecTV because no one wants to offer you service.

Throughout the process I have been polite and patient but I am truly contemplating dropping my DirecTV after 13 years but I am afraid that there is no company out there that truly wants to serve their customers. I will be writing a long complaint to DirecTV but I doubt they will ever respond.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA -- I have had or I guess I should say put up with DirecTV since November 2005. I should say DirecTV, when working, is great. Since Nov. 2005 I have scheduled 11 appointments with Ironwood Communications. They have made it on time to just 4. The first was the initial installation scheduled for Nov. 25, 2005. The tech was a no call no show.

A few days later they gave me another 4 hour window and this time the tech called an hour before that 4 hour window would expire and told me that he could not find my house and it would not come up on MapQuest. I told him I would give him directions, but he said he had already left the area. The third appointment was again a no call no show. I called Ironwood and they told me that I never had an appointment. On the fourth try, the tech showed up 1 hour late rude with me and my wife.

About a month later my HD channels stopped working. I scheduled an appointment where I got the same excuse that the tech could not find my house and it would not MapQuest. Of course, FedEx, UPS and Qwest had no trouble finding it on MapQuest. So I rescheduled for about a week later. The tech arrived on time and fixed the problem with the HD channels and installed an off air antenna so I got local channels in HD. The antenna worked for a total of 3 hours. I decided to wait for the new DVR and dish to come out rather than have Ironwood schedule another appointment to fix the off air antenna

When DirecTV introduced their new DVR and dish. It took again 3 appointments for the tech to make it to my house and install it. They use the same excuses as before. This past week my local HD channels went out. I scheduled an appointment for Sat. from 1-5. The tech called at 12:50, I missed the call.

I returned his call at 12:58 and again he told me he could not find the house and I told him I would give him directions and he said he was in Queen Creek when he called at 12:50 but he was now in Chandler. Interesting since Chandler is about a 45 min drive from Queen Creek. He was rude and condescending to me on the phone. I have rescheduled for this Sat. We will see if they make it.

It should be noted that my house is in a very developed area and is easy to find. After extensive dealing with technicians, supervisors, and managers with Ironwood communication, it is my opinion that a culture of poor customer service and outright contempt for their customers exists. Through all of this DirecTV has done nothing!

Customer Disregard
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- DirecTV has hired Ironwood Communications as a key subcontractor in several states. However, Ironwood, a privately held company, has nearly no regard for customers. They give you an 800 number to call regarding installation appointments that won't go through without an access code which they make sure that you don't have. Their local number is for employee access only and they list only their fax number. Boy, that is just so helpful! They did not show up as scheduled today to install DirecTV.

The installer called me up with lots of attitude. He was too busy to get here!!! [In his defense and the fact that they are trying to get more employees through, I suspect that he is overscheduled.] However, he was not nice on the phone call and said that he was busy. My point is that he could have called and said that he would be delayed… would that have been so hard? He had a 5 hour window (7am until noon).

He didn't call until after I called DirecTV. He was defensive and annoyed at having to talk with me. He called me back shortly afterward saying that he might be by at 1:30pm, but that I had to call him back or he would cancel the installation. What right does he have to cancel the installation? Neither DirecTV (who seem to know little about these folks) nor folks at Ironwood Communications seem to know if he could do that. Yes, I actually, got to them through DirecTV.

The woman at Ironwood automatically told me that she was sorry for my trouble. I said that she didn't sound sorry and she laughed! I guess I called that right. They have some kind of deal with DirecTV that is so good DirecTV doesn't seem to care if their customers are screwed in the process. Wow, I wonder what this relationship is… probably lowball bidding. DirecTV shame on you for no customer quality control metrics!

If my husband didn't think DirecTV had something to offer, I would drop it so fast! It is not worth it, being treated like this and being laughed at. I made my husband come home from work so that he can deal with these people. It is 1:00pm the time the laughing lady gave me for a serviceman to be here and guess what, no one is here. I have only been waiting 6 hours. But, then my time is not important to either DirecTV or Ironwood Communications.

Poor Service by Ironwood
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently requested an upgrade of my DirecTV for an HD receiver/dish. I was connected with the installation contractor, Ironwood Communications (IC). IC promptly set up an appointment for the installation within 2 days of my request for an upgrade. I was told they would be at my home between 8AM and Noon on a Friday.

When that day arrived, I waited for someone to show up but by Noon nobody had arrived so I called IC call center who called the local IC dispatcher but they said they were unable to contact the installer. They said notes on their file indicated the installer was running late and should be there within an hour. At 3:00 PM I called back to the local dispatcher who said the vehicle had broken down. They apologized and asked if we could reschedule for Sunday AM but I said no and requested they come out on the next Tuesday AM if possible. They re-scheduled for Tuesday between 1PM and 5 PM.

On Tuesday morning I called to confirm the appointment and was told they would be thereby 5PM. Once again, there was no callback and no show by the installer. I called the IC dispatcher back and they said the installer was running late but on his way and would be there between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. By 7:00 PM, nobody showed. I called DirecTV and spent 45 minutes with customer service, the retention and resolution teams who said they would follow up. DirecTV said they would credit my account for $100 for the missed appointments and would get back to me.

I got a call the next day from the local IC manager who said they would come out on Friday of the same week. I asked if I could have a better time slot than just 8AM to Noon and he said they would be there between 8AM and 9AM. The installer finally showed at 10:00 AM.

I told DirecTV that this company (Ironwood) is making them look bad. They said Ironwood is their exclusive installation contractor and that they had not received many complaints. I advised that they look into this closer because these types of issues can cost DirecTV it's reputation for good service.

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