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DirecTV Installation
By -

OGDEN, UTAH -- I have had 4 service calls to my home. The first technician was very courteous and helpful. The second technician was in a hurry and left a mess behind. He was no courteous when I asked questions, instead he referred me to DirecTV to get my answer's. I was very disappointed in his service and dismayed when I had to have them return to my home for trouble we were having again.

Thankfully we had another good technician who called to come earlier. He was concerned about leaving enough cable in case we were to move location. He did a great job and was nice to be around (friendly). The last technician came and had to continue his service after I left. My 27 year old pregnant daughter was there and the tech did not leave until he was sure that she understood how the box worked and how to order pay per view.

It is a sorry effect how one bad experience can cloud over the good experiences. I hope that they continue to hire tech that believe the customer is important enough to reschedule another appointment due to courteous treatment of the current customer that will make sure that they understands what the equipment that they bought is supposed to do and how to use it. I am thankful for those who are representing a company that is concerned with customer care as well as installing properly.

No Shows for Ironwood Communications
By -

AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- Jan 1: Ironwood tech comes out to install HD receiver. He encountered problems and stated (and wrote on the work order) he would be back on January 5th. Jan 5th: no show. I called DirecTV to complain. I received a call from an Ironwood supervisor stating a tech would be out Jan 12th. Jan 12th: no show. I called Ironwood and asked for that supervisor. He never called me back. Again, I called DirecTV. Another appointment for Jan 20th. We'll see if they show. I changed my work schedule to accommodate the techs. they could at least called me to cancel instead of me waiting around.

By -

NAPA, CALIFORNIA -- I have to agree with other reviews I've seen on this company. Their service is pathetic. I had an install date, took a day off work to be there, and they never showed during the prescribed hours (sometime between 8 and 5!!!). They called back twice afterward to "get me back on their calendar" but after we were unable to connect they cancelled my order.

My equipment sat in their office for another 2 1/2 months while I went on with life. Not a word from them, the onus was on me apparently to resolve the situation, as if it is my full-time job to make arrangements to get TV equipment hooked up. I just made another appointment, through DirecTV... Hopefully they'll show up this time but I'm not holding my breath.

Ironwood Communcations / DirecTV Sucks
By -

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I am a return customer to DirecTV. My husband and I were so happy to see all the wonderful programs and packages that were offered by DirecTV via mail. We went ahead and cancelled our local cable service, and were looking forward to all this new programs that will come on.

Appointment #1 10/2/07: A technician was scheduled to come out and complete the "€œeasy installation process"€ on 10/2/2007 between 12-4p.m. I was more than happy to take half day off from work waiting for the technician. The technician ended up showing up at 5:30p.m. I was a bit unhappy thinking that I could have been working all day. But since this was supposed to be a 1-time thing. No biggie.

The tech guy told me that there were several issues and he wouldn'€™t be able to install it. He said that since my Internet line has not been switched to a standalone, my Internet service would not work if he installed the DirecTV Service. I explained to him that the Internet guy would come out and fix it 2 days later, and I could live without the Internet service for a few days. Then, he found another excuse not to do it. He told us that they need two plugs on the back of our TV in order to install the DVR, and the only way that can be done is if we are willing to pay $85 and he would run a line through the attic.

My husband and I talked about it over the phone and we agreed to pay and got the whole thing over with. Then, he spent about 2 minutes in the attic and he decided that it was more worked that needed to be done than he expected, he would need to reschedule and come out on Saturday again. This guy is from "€œIronwood Communications"€ located in Chandler, Arizona.

Appointment #2 10/6: After several days of not having our TV service, we were still happy that the same installer would be coming out and installed the dish for us. It turned out that Ironwood contracted some other company to complete the installation for us. Not the same guy who promised me that could come back out. These crews explained to us that they could run a line through one of our bedrooms and still gave us a free installation.

While all 3 of them began the installation process, I wanted to confirm that they were aware of the special program I ordered called "the Jadeworld"€. They immediately stop the installation process and told me that they were not being told, and they did not have the "€œInternational dish"€ for programs to come on. They told me they would come out the same night with the correct dish, which turned out to be the next day, and reschedule again to the following Monday.

Appointment #3 10/8 and 10/9: A guy showed up on time. This is a different tech guy again. Prior to the installation, we explained to him that we need a 3LNB dish for Jadeworld channels to come on. He did not bother looking into it and started installing the international dish. We figured he is the expert, not us, and he insisted that he knew what he was doing.

After 4 hours of installation, he could not activate the Jadeworld channels. Then he realized that we were right all along. What we need was the 3LNB, not the international dish. Since it was getting really late at night and he could not finished wiring all the rooms, we allowed him to complete the rest the next day.

Appointment #4 10/13: We were on the phone with DirecTV for an hour and a half trying to get this rescheduled. We told them that all we needed is the correct dish for the Jadeworld channels to kick in. Nothing more. DirecTV scheduled with "€œIronwood Communications"€ again for the installation, supposedly between 4-8p.m. My husband called the local office on Wednesday and checked if they could come out earlier. Unfortunately, they were all booked up.

My husband and I waited patiently until Saturday, and a guy from Ironwood Communications by the name of **€ called us and cancelled our appointment. He forced us to reschedule the appointment because "€œthere was miscommunication between Ironwood and sub-contractors"€, and "€œhe was not aware our appointment"€. He told us that he was just a tech and he had no control over this.

Finally, we had to call DirecTV again and on hold for an hour, did a 3 way phone call with Ironwood Communications. We were on hold for 30 minutes before someone finally picked up the phone. Not only she was not being understanding in regards to our frustration towards the situation, she was extremely rude to us (and DirecTV Staff) over the phone. DirecTV customer service rep explained to them that if they didn'€™t correct their mistake and came out the same night, the customer was going to cancel. Their response was "€œthat'€™s not our problem, go ahead and cancel then".€

Appointment #5 10/15: Ironwood tried to correct his or her mistake by sending someone out to us between 4-8p.m. When the tech called us, I asked him if he was aware of what happened and what needs to be done. Not only he did not know anything besides "this is a regular installation, right?"€ without knowing what 3LNB is or why we needed it, I could not even understand the guy. His English was so poor that I could not even understand him at all.

I then called DirecTV and found out why they are sending out "Iœronwood"€ to us again. I explained to DirecTV customer service rep what the situation was and specifically requested another tech company to do it correctly once and for all. I was told by the customer service that they would request for the approval from the management to allow another company fixing all the mistakes. Managers would call me back within 24-48 hours to grant me the approval on this.

I called back 30 minutes later to confirm that this is a correction on the mistake that they'€™ve all made since the beginning, and this is not a "€œupgrade"€ service. The customer service rep told me that both orders dated on 10/13 and 10/15 were for an "€œupgrade"€ on the dish, and they were going to charge us on it. She kindly cancelled those two activities and re-opened another one for us. I asked the customer service rep if she could re-escalate this activity to her supervisor and request for another tech company, since she cancelled the one that was supposed to be escalated.

She told me that it was impossible to get done that way, and she did not see any note from the previous rep that it would be done. We were on the phone for quite some time and she finally realized that we were now able to pick a different tech company for the installation process. Not to mention that she argued with me for 15 minutes and insisted that we needed an international dish when it was not right. I had to educate her what has changed and that Jadeworld was no longer with the international dish. It is the 3LNB (from I have been told by other reps). The whole thing wasted 2 hours of my working time.

Throughout the whole process, my husband and I were on the phone with DirecTV at least 10 times, with an hour each minimal, and constantly got transferred from one department to another. Do not order DirecTV. And if you do, please tell them do not use "Ironwood Communications" for installations. THEY SUCK!!!

Ironwood Communications Caused the Death of My Dog
By -

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- In early April, DirecTV sent an individual from Ironwood Communications to upgrade our system and this is what happened. First of all, the technicians showed up at my house and did not knock on my front door. They proceeded through a closed gate in my backyard and started inspecting the dish there. It wasn't until I came out to the backyard that contact was initiated with them. It should be noted that my wife was breastfeeding my six-day old son in direct line of the window on the back door. They proceeded to do what they needed to do with the dish.

When they came inside, I let Edgar, my pure-breed, champion pedigree, English bulldog out the back door so that he would not be in there way. I did not know at that time that they had left the back gate open. About an hour later, we realized Edgar was missing. I went searching for him and then called the police. They told me he had been hit by a car and brought to the vet. I called the vet and they informed me that Edgar had died on the x-ray table from internal bleeding.

Ironwood has now sent me a letter denying my property damage claim. First of all, I never filed a property damage claim… I do not view my dog as property and I am insulted by it. Secondly, they state it is not their job to "watch and maintain control" of the dog. I never said it was, but it is their responsibility to not carelessly leave my gate open… a gate that was closed before they opened it. Another issue I have is the mysterious second technician that was at my house.

When I spoke with an individual at the local Ironwood office and another in their national office, they both seemed surprised by the fact that two technicians were here. Despite repeated attempts, they would not tell me who the second individual was. Also, despite the fact that I was holding the dog around the chest while they were in my house and I was talking to them, the technician claimed he didn't see the dog. To top it all off, they left here with only one TV of the three working. Someone else had to come out two days later to fix it and they were in disbelief at the sloppy job done.

In regards to the individual at Ironwood's national office, he first gave me a wrong phone number over the phone and then the number he gave me in his letter to contact him wasn't correct, either. I had to jump through hoops to finally get in touch with him.

Initially, individual's I have spoken to at DirecTV were sincere and kind. They seemed to appreciate the pain that has been brought to my family. However, after they escalated my complaint over a month ago, I still have not heard anything back from them. They have also ignored a follow-up email I sent them three weeks ago. Now I am unsure of what to think of DirecTV.

I haven't asked for anything from anyone at this point… I just wanted an apology from the responsible persons and to maybe keep this from happening again. Now, Ironwood has turned our sadness into anger. I considered small claims against Ironwood and their technicians, as well as trespassing charges for initially entering my property without permission. However, I have a newborn child at home and do not have the energy to pursue this issue any further because of the emotional toll.

So, the purpose of this letter to you is in hopes that other people will keep any eye on their pets when service people are at their houses. I also wanted to express my concern over how the law perceives pets as property. Even if I wanted to pursue some sort of lawsuit, I wouldn't want to stand their as they refer to Edgar as property.

This was a family member. One that we went through surgeries and health problems with. One that my 20-month old son played with. One that we relied on for personal safety. Nothing can bring him back, but I am going to do all I can to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else.

Ironwood Runaround...
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I will be leaving DirecTV because of the poor performance of Ironwood Communications: So, I was fed up with a variety of technical issues with DirecTV, and tried to cancel service. I let myself get talked into upgrading my box, which required an upgraded satellite dish. They scheduled an 8-12 appointment for like three weeks later.

The day in question arrives, and I take it off. I call around 11:30 (directly to Ironwood Communications 800 number, not DirecTV). They tell me at 11:30 that the guy was running late (obviously), and could arrive at 1:30p. This is later than my time off allowed, but I agreed anyway. 2:00 rolls around, and I call back. The dispatcher can't get a hold of the installer, but promised to have him call me. 2:45 rolls around and he finally calls back. He explains that he's still on his first install of the day, but that his supervisor was 'already' working on a solution for me.

I really wasn't REALLY pissed until he said the word already, like he was doing me a favor. 'Already' working on a solution would have happened around 11:00 that morning or so when he realized that he was still on his first install, and wouldn't make any of his morning (or afternoon, the way things went for him) appointments. So, I continue to wait. 3:15 when the supervisor calls, telling me that he his on his way, and would be there at 4:00. 4:30, I HAVE to leave for work, so I do.

I call Ironwood again, and tell the dispatcher to have the guy come back to base, as I was finally giving up and leaving for work. This was the only mistake I made of the day (other than, you know, staying with DirecTV), as apparently, they took that has a cancellation. I immediately had called DirecTV, and they said that they couldn't reschedule until two months later. They couldn't get me in with a supervisor, so I call back later that night.

That begins a three day process of DirecTV "escalating" the issue, and promising me that someone from Ironwood would call me the next day. Three nights I make the call to DirecTV, three days that they make that promise, and three days I'm disappointed. The notes in my account kept telling the CSR that I was a No-Show at the appointment, so I had to explain the situation 7,000 times. After a couple more days of waiting, I finally get a hold of a supervisor at my local Ironwood shop, and he tells me that while he doesn't have any HR20's in stock, the new shipment comes in on Thursday, and he could install it on Saturday.

I agreed, but couldn't get Saturday off. After not being able to get a hold of anyone at Ironwood who knew what they were talking about again, and going through all of the menus and CSRs trying explain thing, I quite literally gave up. Sunday Ticket is the only thing holding me to DirecTV, and I hope that I'll be making a move back east and alleviating that need by Football season, and I'll cancel, and get something local at the time.

DirecTV is not without its own problems, but its use of Ironwood is a real problem, as at the very least, my branch provides service that is well below acceptable standards. I understand that Ironwood specifically will peak at this board, and I am willing to speak to anyone at Ironwood about these issues.

Service Call No Shows
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of this company and by default DirecTV. Poor quality installation work followed by 2 (so far) no shows on system down service calls. Evidently this seems to be the norm with Ironwood Communications. I wish I had known to do a search on them prior to this. We are now going to incur the expense of switching services. These guys do not care about quality or commitments. Good luck if you use them.

Sloppy cleanup
By -

MEDFORD, OREGON -- I had a new DIRECTV dish installed and the Ironwood Communications installer left the old connector pipe attached to my roof and he threw the old dish into the field adjacent to my house.

Direct TV Installer - Dish Fell Off
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- This company is the worst. Between no shows and then drilling into my stucco with 1/2 bolts that within 24 hrs the dish fell off and hit the ground breaking leaving us with no TV for the weekend. Will see today if they even show up to fix the problem. All I hear is "we are sorry" and no action. Already made three calls before 9:00 am to start my hammering process in order to get them to do their job right! DirecTV need to find another installer company or hello dish.

Worst Company Ever
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- This company is the worst ever. I had a appointment for yesterday between 1-5. Nobody showed. At 5:pm I called them and they said the installer would be here at 6:30 pm. He never showed. I called them back at 7:30 pm, they could not contact the installer, I called until 9:00 pm, and was told that the installer still had the equipment in his truck, so I would be first in the morning. I have taken off another day of work to make this appointment, and it's another no show. The company now says that they can squeeze me in next week. DirecTV is doing nothing about this mess.

This morning I spoke to a manager named **. He said it would be unfair for a installer to come out to my house today, just because his installer hung me up all day yesterday. I have to wait for another appointment on another day. I have posted the above comments on Yahoo reviews for Ironwood Communications, and while checking the internet I have found that there are many posts complaining about poor service.

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