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Unbelievably bad service
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CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- Wow! In exasperation I googled this company to find so many customers out there with the same EXACT complaints, it makes me wonder why DIRECTV executives would allow there contract to continue with this company. As Ironwwood earns money by the contract and gets charged for each missed work order appointment I can only assume that they are the most incompetent company ever. My story is the same as everyone elses - a four window appointment is made. An hour before close of that window I received a call extending it by a couple of hours. We waited for three hours beyond that window, but the technician didn't show. This was a Friday evening. On Sunday I called DIRECTV to inform them of the No show to be told that my appointment had been rescheduled ( that's Ironwood's way of avoiding showing themselves to be incompetent to DIRECTV). I was told that I was booked for Monday 1-5pm. Guess what, same thing happened. At 4.15 I received a call extending the window to 5.30. I left my house at 6.30 after another no show. I returned home to find a voicemail left at 6.30 saying the technician was on his way but couldn't find our house. Obviously he and everyone at that company has never heard of a Thomas Guide or know how to go online and Mapquest. Inexcusable service. I called DIRECTV to cancel my service after seven years as a customer ( I was only wanting a technician to activate service in a third room for me), and the customer service rep was very good. EVERYONE LISTEN: make sure you call DIRECTV and receive your $100.01 credit under their no show appointment guarantee which gets billed back to Ironwood Comunications.Anyway, I was convinced to give them one more try which is for this coming Friday. I won't hold my breath. If the same things happen then, I will be cancelling my service with DIRECTV. All I can say to is BEWARE of this company. Better still don't book your installation or service with DIRECT/Ironwood but find a different company to come out. good luck!
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direcguy on 08/02/2007:
Customers never keep their appointments either. I love it when I call the customer to let them know I am coming and they don't answer. I still have to drive all the way there to find out that no one is home. Then I get a call four hours later from them demanding that I come back. Fun.
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Ironwood: Beyond Neglect
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BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZONA -- I live in Southern California but own a second home on the Colorado River. I made an appointment for the installation of three DVR's in my River home more than two months in advance and got automated calls from Ironwood confirming the appointment approximately 24 hours in advance. After receiving the confirmations, I drove to my River home, a 9 hour round trip, for the sole purpose of keeping the appointment. I waited patiently during the 1-5 window I had been given for the appointment. At 4:00, I called to make sure they were coming and was told they did not have the equipment they were supposed to install. They never bothered to call me; I wouldn't have found out unless I called them.

That was on a Saturday. The person I spoke to said they could get the equipment and install it for me on Monday if I was willing to extend my stay. Not wanting to waste the entire trip, I agreed.

Unfortunately, Monday was merely a replay of Saturday. Again, I waited until 4:00, then called to make sure they were coming. Again, I was informed the equipment had not arrived. Again, they did not bother to tell me this; I only found out after waiting several hours before calling them.

My 3-day trip was completely wasted. A full week has now elapsed and Ironwood still has not apologized or offered an explanation. They have yet to call me (other than the automated calls) for any reason.

I think there are enough disgruntled customers out there to interest an attorney in a class action, which I would enthusiastically join. In my opinion, Ironwood's behavior is uncivilized and burdens other people unnecessarily. Never, to my knowledge, has a service provider displayed such utter contempt for its customers.
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Noneill on 02/06/2007:
I think you should take them to small claims court and try to get a judgment against them. They probably wouldn't show up in court either.
jacob on 09/14/2007:
I am a proud employee of ironwood so when I see comments and not facts it sucks.when the customer ordes d-tv I comes with a standard/professional installation. that means through the wall or through the foor. I agree there are some bad apples out there lets face it we have seen it everyhere. I work ot of a smaller site than the rest we have about 30 techs.To the person who said ironwood has their own contractors that is wrng ironwood is the contractor we just show up to the jobs. In a perfect world every homewould be pre-wired for d-tv.,Instead they have none or only 2 service lines going from outside to the mediabox inside, makes a litle difficult to hide or not drill holes so from a installer who cares about his work take a minute to see the sit.In most cases d-tv doesn't even give ironwood proper notes on job that's not an excuse that is a fact.I have to deal with miscommunicaton everyday,upset customers.Whoever talks about there dog lets give he tech a break I'm sure he feels bad enough I almost ran a dog over last week just went out to my van and started to leave I didn't know the dog was under the van the customer came running out.I don't know the sit. but accidents happen so lets give the tech a break.I'm sure I will get feedback.There are a lot good techs out there you guys have had some horrible exp.sorry
jacob on 09/15/2007:
good luck on a lawsuit ironwood probably has OJs defence on call.If everyone wanted to file a judgment on every bad exp. the deficite would rise to companys going bankrupt. Good help is hard to find!!! let me know if if you employ more than 2000 people and every body does what they are supposed to.
jktshff1 on 09/15/2007:
heavy..what would are you suing for..lost wages? Only the lawyers make money in a class action.
1. You are doing what you get paid for. I don't see a problem with that.
2. I always look under and around my van before getting in and driving off common sense tells you to do that.
3. I don't see where the op was complaining about the tech..he was complaining about the company not communicating and did a good job of explaining.
jacob on 09/16/2007:
looks like a have a fan. All I was doing was looking out for ironwood. wasn't nessarely talking about the techs just don't point fingers until you know the or site we do not have an automated calling system,I haven't even heard of any irnwood site having one.I would love to know the number that the customer called and who would give it to them. D-tv usually deals through e-mail.
jacob on 09/16/2007:
I cannot believe you would try to convince yourself or any body. that you look under your van and around before you drive away.I agree you should.I guess it could be if you only get in and out one time!!!
jktshff1 on 09/17/2007:
Don't need to convince anyone, just a recommendation and I do it. A quick walk around and looking under takes little time and can prevent a lot of problems.
I have Direct TV and love it.
nikisoba on 06/22/2008:
I've never even heard of Ironwood, but I live in Bullhead City and I'm absolutely blown away by how horrible local customer service is. Amazing. This particular example IS a really bad display of customer service, but in this area, you're kind of screwed no matter what you choose.
OutlawComic on 12/31/2008:
Hey Jacob I worked for ironwood in Sacramento and they sucked. uncompensated for long hours low pay poor benefits and horrible management.
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The worst
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MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- I scheduled an appointment for a new satellite dish in December. The soonest they could come was January 31 between 1 and 5. I waited around all afternoon. No one showed and no one called. When I called, I was told that my order had been canceled but they had no idea who canceled it or why. The soonest they could reschedule was a month later. When I told them I already had waited a month and shouldn't have to go to the end of the line because of their mistake, they basically said tough luck. I tried to reach a supervisor and was told he would call me back. No one ever called. This is one of the worst companies to deal with. I see from other postings on this board that my experience is not exactly unique.
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Sparticus on 02/02/2007:
I saw your previous complaint against Directv. Sounds like the same story! What is going on? Which service did you order? Both?
Anonymous on 02/02/2007:
I noticed that too spart. Something's not right here.
stebro on 02/02/2007:
Thanks for noticing. When you call Directv to order service in my area, they subcontract to Ironwood Communications. Directv took my initial order. When no one showed up, I first talked to Directv and got nowhere Then I did some investigation and found out that Ironwood was the subcontractor. Since Directv would not schedule service for 3-4 more weeks, I called Ironwood directly. That experience is described in my posting. They're both in it together. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
stebro on 02/03/2007:
Update-A happy ending. I got a call today (Saturday) from the Director of Operations for Ironwood Communications. He apparently read the message I posted on this board. He promised to send someone out today. During the day, I got follow up calls from him and from several other people at Ironwood. The technician showed up, did the work, and told me how to contact him in the future. Some conclusions:
1)My3Cents really can work; 2) The people I talked to at Ironwood today were all very helpful and apologetic. From this experience, I believe the main problem at Ironwood is getting past the people who answer the phones in their call center and offices and speaking to someone in a position of responsibility. This is not easy because the people who answer the phones seem very dedicated to preventing customers from reaching their bosses. They really do the company a disservice. Unlike the higher ups, the people I talked to prior to today had no clue about providing customer service and seemed to regard customers as an annoyance. Maybe they need better training.
nmartini187 on 03/27/2007:
I stumbled upon your message, and thought I would put in a few words. I was just recently employed by directv as a customer service rep. I am in no way shape or form defending directv with this message but being that I did work for them I thought I would throw you some in and outs of the company for any future problems you might have. I do apologize for all of the problems you have had and I honestly do understand your comments about customer service, who knows at one point I may have been someone you have talked to. I will agree with you the training we receive from this company is not the best, it's a little 2 week basic training and then your thrown onto the phones with almost no knowledge of anything. First when you finally clear the automated system unless you hit the right prompt to go technical support you will be put through to billing. Billing are *the newest employees* they are fresh to the phones and don't really know a whole lot again due to the training. So before even asking anything to them I suggest getting trasnfered straight over to installation support (my dept) a direct line to them is 1-888-355-7530. Now, in regards to you being rescheduled or order cxled. Installation support only has 2 tools to their advantage 1 being the ordering system where we order equip and sched. the dates. The dates are at no control of directv. The home service providers or HSP's like Ironwood are subcontracted companies and the only ones that have control of dates. I don't know how your oder got cxled but I can tell you the resched. process is determined by the HSP and if they have proper inventory to get you the date you want and need. It sounds to me like this company didn't check their inventory correctly and therefore could only resched. you to when they thought the equip would be in. After giving you the open dates the only power we have is to call this hsp and see if there is anything closer and/or explain the suituation to a rep and try and get someone out there sooner. Now the hsp reps are low on power too they see what we see and can only in turn contact the dispatch supervisor to get approval. They used to be able to get approval right away but as of lately they can either only email the supervisor or you wait for supervisor to call you back, and at that point both the directv rep and hsp rep are powerless. Speaking to a supervisor yourself is yes you are right a task. Now when you call into Directv and ask for one you will be routed to what's called a resolutions specialist. The only power they have over a installations rep is to email to account management which in turn you will wait for someone to contact back. The best and almost the only solution you have is to either wait or cxl services. Now my best advise to you and anyone else who reads this is to go installations first and see if a solution can be made. If not don't ask for a supervisor tell them you want to cxl your service and they will in turn transfer you straight over to the customer retention department (crg). CRG are not supervisors but have a a lot more they can do, whether it be crediting you via your monthly bill or they also have the power to reach the hsp and if they do not help they have the power to reach that hsp's regional office where you can definitely get a lot done, unfortunately I cannot give a direct line to them as they didn't even give the reps access to it, but they can definitely transfer you to them. I hope this in some way helped you for furture issues, feel free to post back with any other questions I will be happy to help you out as I will check back.
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Service Call No Shows
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SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of this company and by default Direct TV. Poor quality installation work followed by 2 (so far) no shows on system down service calls. Evidently this seems to be the norm with Ironwood Communications. I wish I had known to do a search on them prior to this. We are now going to incur the expense of switching services. These guys do not care about quality or commitments.

Good luck if you use them.
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bugaboo1 on 10/24/2008:
Yep, I had same problem w/Ironwood. Finally showed up 2 days after they were supposed to be there, never got it up and running AND left a gaping hole w/live wires hanging out in my wall. Your best bet is to deal with Direct TV CORPORATE. Don't waste your time calling into the toll free number.
Anonymous on 10/24/2008:
I can't stand no-shows.Glad Ironwood doesn't do installs in my area.
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NAPA, CALIFORNIA -- I have to agree with other reviews I've seen on this company. Their service is pathetic. I had an install date, took a day off work to be there, and they never showed during the prescribed hours (sometime between 8 and 5!!!). They called back twice afterward to "get me back on their calendar" but after we were unable to connect they cancelled my order.

My equipment sat in their office for another 2 1/2 months while I went on with life. Not a word from them, the onus was on me apparently to resolve the situation, as if it is my full-time job to make arrangements to get TV equipment hooked up.

I just made another appointment, through DirecTV... hopefully they'll show up this time but I'm not holding my breath.
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Direct TV Installation
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CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted to relate my Direct TV experience in New jersey with Ironwood Communications. I had read all of the horror stories on here and I did have some problems with Direct TV building my order and hanging up on me several times. And I spent hours on hold trying to get scheduled until my neighbor gave me a business card of a Director from that company.

He had been out to to my neighbor's home to do an install and left his card. I called him and he had me scheduled (WHEN I WANTED IT) and I got a call to verify my order two days before and at 8:10AM on the day of my installation I had a installer on my door step.

He did a beautiful job and he called to check on the install after the fact. And told me to call whenever I had an issue -- WHENEVER -- I have called but not with a problem which new customers.

I would recommend Direct TV, Ironwood Communications to anyone.
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tnchuck100 on 09/07/2007:
This is listed as a complaint. Is it against Ironwood or DirecTV? Is the last sentence intended to be sarcasm?

It's not adding up.
Anonymous on 09/07/2007:
DirectTV hung up on you many times yet you persisted on getting their service installed. And then it took the intervention of a company Director to get the installation done. Ironwood must be a very small outfit to have an executive do installations. Complaint? Compliment? Informative? Pipe Dream?
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Incompetent Morons poor customer service
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I ordered DirecTV about 2 weeks ago and scheduled an install for last Sunday. Sunday came around and I waited. When the tech didn't show up I called and was told they didn't have any equipment and that they would have to reschedule.

I rescheduled for Friday and took the day off from work without pay. No tech showed up. I called in and they said they had no record of having an install planned for me. I called DirecTV back and they convinced Ironwood to install the equipment on Saturday. So I give up my Saturday. The tech did not show up at the appointed time. When I called in they said that the work order never got sent to the technician by the dispatcher. I then was told that there was no equipment available.

Shortly thereafter (And a lot of cursing later) I finally talked to a local supervisor. He directed a tech to install at my house today. Sadly the tech hasn't shown up yet but I am told I am on the list.

So far I have given up 15 hours total of my free time waiting for this lousy company. Such professionalism both on the phone and how they conduct business. It is absolutely inexcusable. To make matters worse I have been made to feel like I should thank my lucky stars that they are making an effort to come out today (Assuming they show up).

What a joke of a company.
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katielynns23 on 09/08/2007:
I live in Denver as well and we are experiencing the same problem... This is ubsurd!!!
JGL on 04/17/2008:
I've read a few of the posts here,directed at Ironwood Communications.Mostly bad ones. No one remembers the good jobs done,now do they.Such as a tech leaving his personal Cell phone number so the customer can call the tech direct?(and you still call directv first) No one remembers the tech having to move furniture or tv sets to accommodate the customer,which is the customer's responsibility.No one remembers the tech hooking up a vcr for free and asking nothing more than a thank you.
Directv is a large company as well as Ironwood. People sometimes can be incompitent as with any business large or small.Sometimes things get misplaced,forgotten etc etc. No different then any of you reading this. You ask for professionalism,how about incompetent customers not being home for a scheduled install or service call and the techs get nothing for the time and trouble of your incompetence.
I feel for the one complaining customer who's dog was killed,but in reality the customer was responsible for his fence gate and the tech was not trespassing,he was there on a service call.
how about posting some good things these techs do,the type of things techs don't have to do so you can get your service up and running in a smooth fashion.
Most likely most of the posters here complain about just about anything,you know,the type that wants something for free if they don't get their way.If I were directv and knowing what I know now about some customers,I wouldn't want you as a customer anyway.Too much bagage. Id have to say,sorry,we have the right to refuse you service.Go get cable.
I have directv and I know the dealings with Ironwood as well as mastec,both contracting companies. I know first hand what the techs have to deal with and frankly,If it were me,a lot of the whinning customers would have been dropped.Some customers do have real complaints and some techs may not be responsible,but that small percentage unfortunately makes it bad for everyone. And it is a small percentage.
Do you any of you have a clue as to what these guys make and how much is required of them in a day,week,month?They don't get weekends off,nor hollidays,or birthdays etc,but while you enjoy these things,these guys are busting their asses to keep you on the sofa.
Even though I don't agree with everything Ironwood and Directv does,my hat is off for the both of them for what they have to deal with regarding customer relations.You cannot please everyone all the time and that small percentage of the complainers screw it up for EVERYONE!
So,maybe compliment your service man sometime instead of having an attitude.Maybe the work will be a little bit better.Cannot hurt to give it a shot,now can it.

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Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am a senior technician for Ironwood Communications and I see more than all of you could imagine. Pissed off customers and just plain bad work. Do you think anyone who has had a good experience gets online and writes about it? No, they don't. When a customer is satisfied then everything went well and there's no reason to pass along comment. There's good technicians and there's bad tech's. What people don't know is that there is new tech's, good tech's who make mistakes, and plain old large company miscommunication. My point is that there are plenty of techs out there who care about the customer, care about their company, and care about their job. I am one of those techs who, if I could, would come to each and every one of your houses and complete the necessary work to ensure your satisfaction. All I can do is my small part. All I can do is my job. Here's a little advice. If you want the reassurance of an experienced technician, ask for a senior tech. I guarantee, we'll do our best. Don't blame all of us. Thanks
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ladydeath on 05/31/2007:
you are completly correct, I work for dtv as well if everyone who had dtv had bad svc be csr or tech we would never be off the phone and I have spoken to some very good techs whose main concern was making sure our cust were taken care of thank you
Jaygee on 06/02/2007:
I agree with you that not all technicians/installers are to blame. Our installer from Ironwood was polite, professional, and seemed to know his job. Unfortunately, a large company like Ironwood can't do enough to weed out the bad installers and it appears from their many job openings that they are a rapidly expanding firm. I hope another company can start up soon and get some good old fashion competition going. For those who work with Ironwood as installers, you are the front line of the company and you should provide feedback to your managers by showing them this forum. Thanks should be given to those installers who do a good job and the rest should be fired.
direcguy on 08/02/2007:
Ironwood can't weed out all of the technicians because there is way too much work. I install and I end up working 70 hour weeks, one day off. They hire 40 people a week but only 2 or 3 stay because they can't handle the pressure of taking the brunt of the call center's complaints. We have to go out there and be the face of DirecTV and WE get yelled at for someone else's problem.
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Installation Problem
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MISSOURI -- You think you have a problem they came to my house on 12/26/06 to do the installation I have everything up the Tech.whose name is Jack. Badge # 8157 wanted to Charge me 125.00 Cash to do the installation I told him he was Crazy So we had words he called the Police on me because I had his clip board I told him he wasn't getting it till he gave me 125.00 Cash so the Police came I had to give him his board back so I called Direct TV told them what happen they have me to call ironwood they said it was a Miss understanding and they was Sorry so I was to get hook-up 12/30/06 between 8-12 well it is now 5:45pm just got a call from a guy name John he said that he can't make it till 12-1 in the Morning I told him if he came to my house @ that time in the Morning he would be talking to my Lab. I will keep you updated
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tnchuck100 on 12/30/2006:
This Ironwood outfit appears to be one sorry company. This is the 7th complaint made here since September.
Anonymous on 12/30/2006:
Dave hope you get your installation, what a crazy company Ironwood must be. Subcontractors can be difficult to deal with, sounds like your best bet is complaining to DirectTV. I keep thinking we are going to change from cable to directTV, thanks for warning.
Anonymous on 12/31/2006:
Dave this is crazy don't use them get someone else. Press charges against the guy that wanted cash up front. I here so many bad things about DirecTV I wonder how they are still in business? Good luck
*Brenda* on 12/31/2006:
You stole his clipboard and were holding it ransom for $125.00 cash? But you said you told him he was crazy for asking that much. Are you saying you still paid the $125.00? Confusing.
Anonymous on 12/31/2006:
Brenda, its new years have a drink and all will become clear... lol .. Happy New Year
*Brenda* on 12/31/2006:
OK Lidman but it better work! LOL.
spatch on 01/04/2007:
I happen to work for ironwood here in phoenix and I can tell you that direct tv is a lot of the problem. They are the liars and they are the ones who promise the world without checking to see if there are enough installers. But in reality what if they were honest and told you they were overbooked what would you say? We have at least 10 customers a day with the same story and I personally let everyone involved in the deception know how this makes us look to the customers. Also there are internal issues at ironwood that are monumental issues that need addressed. The head of our office is far from the type of individual that is pro customer service. our IT department is not sympathetic to users needs And there are slow updates of tech phone numbers. About 3 installers a day quit and if he had your install you are screwed. And and the contractor supervisors only care about there big houses and themselves. The software we use on all the workstations and that all the employees for direct and ironwood use sucks very bad. A lot of the dispatchers are younger and do not recive the proper training. I started and was thrown into it with hardly any training at all. It is sad because I bust my butt everyday to go the extra mile and I am very frustrated with all the issues. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. but I will contine to do my very best and earn my take home pay knowing I did the best I could in a broken system. It is no different in most of the large service companies out there.
barnsz on 01/13/2007:
barnsz on 01/13/2007:
No I did not pay him
I did get hook-up by John and another guy did not catch his name took them about 20 minutes and No I Did Not Pay Them
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Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Ironwood Communication was scheduled to upgrade my HD dish & tuner on Monday between 1-5 PM. At 4:30 PM I received a telephone call from a person who was very difficult to understand telling me that he would be really late. The shop had overloaded him & all of the installers with more work than could be done. I called the shop to complain about the situation and the person who answered the phone said he would get with his supervisor and see where they could help out to get the job done & call me back. No one ever called me back in fact the next day I checked the status of my order on line and saw that they had changed to installation date to 7 days later. I called & talked with a supervisor who was very defensive of his contractor who could barely communicate and then promised to get the job done today & hopefully in the morning. So once again I stayed home and at 4 PM I called to talk with him because I job was still not even started. He asked for my cross streets I asked why does he have someone in the area to do the job and when he did not answer the question I asked him do you even have anyone dispatched to the job yet and he said no that he never promised me what he did. I called Directv and cancelled all my orders that I had involving Ironwood Communication and even though I really wanted the upgraded HD equipment no way will I support a company like Ironwood that lies to its customers.
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Anonymous on 12/06/2006:
Determining this clearly requires casting a horoscope.
spatch on 01/04/2007:
I happen to work for ironwood here in phoenix and I can tell you that direct tv is a lot of the problem. They are the liars and they are the ones who promise the world without checking to see if there are enough installers. But in reality what if they were honest and told you they were overbooked what would you say? We have at least 10 customers a day with the same story and I personally let everyone involved in the deception know how this makes us look to the customers. Also there are internal issues at ironwood that are monumental issues that need addressed. The head of our office is far from the type of individual that is pro customer service. our IT department is not sympathetic to users needs And there are slow updates of tech phone numbers. About 3 installers a day quit and if he had your install you are screwed. And and the contractor supervisors only care about there big houses and themselves. The software we use on all the workstations and that all the employees for direct and ironwood use sucks very bad. A lot of the dispatchers are younger and do not recive the proper training. I started and was thrown into it with hardly any training at all. It is sad because I bust my butt everyday to go the extra mile and I am very frustrated with all the issues. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. but I will contine to do my very best and earn my take home pay knowing I did the best I could in a broken system. It is no different in most of the large service companies out there.
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