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Deceptive Ads - Scheister "Support"
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- ISkysoft is a ripoff! Don't purchase their software!!!

"DVD Converter for Mac" Suite of software is supposed to be compatible with Mac OS X PowerPC architecture, at least that's what ads say. When you get the suite of software (4 programs sold together - DVD Ripper, DVD Copy, DVD Creator and Video Converter) you'll find otherwise. Some is compatible, some isn't compatible. They sell it as a package, but they won't back it up or grant a refund as a package. They don't want to give you a refund at all. They want you to send more money so they can send you something else (that you don't want or need) If you ask for a refund, they'll tell you that you should have downloaded the free demo version of that one component of the suite before you bought it. So I guess that means they're saying "Don't believe what I say in my ads - you're on your own." If you're worried about deceptive ads, poor customer service, and our trade deficit with China - steer clear of these scheisters.

They use a PO Box in Portland Oregon to ship from but they're located in China - so that's where your money is going (and not coming back).
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CatherineQin on 03/30/2009:

I'm the customer service of iSkysoft. We are sorry for the inconvenience cuased to you.

To my honest, iSkysoft DVD Converter Ultimate for Mac only has Intel Version which have signed in our website. Perhaps you did not notice that or you purchased this suite from our agent, and they overstate the details of iSkysoft DVD Converter Ultimate for Mac. Actually, this suite including four applications, all of those have both Intel version and PowerPC version except DVD Creator only has PowerPC version.

BTW, could you provide us the email address or order ID you used to purchase iSkysoft DVD Converter Ultimate for Mac for further lookup?

Please advise further!

Best Regards,

Customer service
iSkysoft Studio
GB on 02/17/2012:
They are now trying to pass themselves off as the creators of a popular genuine mac Ripper on their website.

A clear , very clear case of deception.
Some users are buying this thinking its the genuine article.

How sad is that of a company to behave like that.
Ruth on 08/28/2013:
Terrible customer service, they barely speak English! They claim 100% satisfaction, but when it does not work, they want you to pay more for an upgraded version. Don't waste your time or money, this company is a rip off! Avoid ISkysoft!
Alex Baxxter on 09/11/2013:
This product and this company is fraudulent. I ordered the product and was given the wrong one. When I asked for a refund I was told I ordered the wrong product. I have written proof of keystrokes. I ordered correct product but was told it was MY fault. I was told NO REFUND but I could buy the correct product at double the advertised price. Completely unprofessional and fraudulent company with a fake storefront in US but actual offices in China
Gary Eriksson on 11/11/2013:
I have the same problem with ISkysoft ... paid for a product .. they did not send it to me .. after complaining a dozen times they said they don't have the product to send me and refuse to refund my money back
Alex Krislov on 04/12/2014:
I can top that! I sent in the "donation" requested to upgrade their "iRinger" software from the freeware version. After two years of irregular complaints that I never got a registration number, they now claim they don't' MAKE that....even though it's on their webpage!
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