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Bad Service
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ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- After being told a sofa would be delivered in 6 weeks, I waited 13 weeks and the sofa was the wrong color and the wrong size. The sofa was ordered on 12/9/07 and today is 3/9/07 and the situation is still not resolved. The owners have expressed no empathy and have not tried to rectify the situation. I called the manufacturer of the sofa (Canada) and they informed me that Italmoda has a "bad account" with them and that all orders have been put on hold. So they lied about the whole situation, and never called to keep me updated about the situation. They have absolutely expressed no empathy for the situation.
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Jff on 08/18/2012:
I have never seen another industry with so many dishonest and crooked business owners.
Helmut on 10/05/2013:
These people are pathological liars! They take deposits for furniture they have no intention to deliver. It's my understanding they have negative credit with suppliers so nobody will ship to them.
Worse shopping experience ever.
Stay clear of these crooks!
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Do Not Give Them Your Money
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We have purchased a bed from them and (stupid us) give them full payment. Bed was to be delivered within 2 weeks - NEVER came. We've called our credit card and got our money back.

THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY ! and do nothing with your order. Buy at Gormans, Bright Ideas or any other store but not from them!!!!!
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FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN -- This company is full of lies! They continued to lie to my regarding my order that I placed back in 6/08 its now 3/09 and I still do not have my order or a straight answer. I honestly don't think the order was ever placed. I want my money back and they are refusing to refund it. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer!

I'm so angry! I'll be making a trip to the Royal Oak police first thing Monday!
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Soaring Consumer on 03/14/2009:
I don't know how much the bed cost you, but if you paid $3000 or less, sue them in small claims court, if it cost more, sue them in large claims court.
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Poor Service and Communication
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ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- We ordered furniture from this company in May, 2008. To date (February, 2009) furniture did not arrive. We were given a check representing a return of the deposit. The check failed to clear due to insufficient funds.

This company has told us on two occasions that the furniture had arrived in the United States. In fact it is still in Italy if it has in fact been manufactured.
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BokiBean on 02/13/2009:
You're holding their bad check?
Cheatedbythem on 02/17/2009:
I now have received my Gilda Radner's character says Nevermind.
BokiBean on 02/17/2009:
Excellent! Glad you got your $$ back.
LAdy001 on 05/27/2009:
omg I had the same problem - I hoe people will read this !
jktshff1 on 05/27/2009:
LA, I am sure there are some hoe's that will read this! LOL!
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Stay Away!!
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ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- This store does not fill orders, this store only takes money.

We ordered a set of chairs from Italmoda. They never came after 9 months. We asked for our money back and were told that the chairs were on their way. We waited some more. We asked for our money back again and finally got to pick over some warehouse items that were partially damaged.

We have asked around and found that this common for them.
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