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Run Away From Them As Fast As You Can
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I met JoAnn and one of her associates over 2 years ago. Initially, they were very professional. We met for over 2 hours and discussed the particulars of what I wanted and what I expected. They showed me lots of photos of men and JoAnn squealed "he'd be perfect" for me. Contracts were signed and we discussed distance and other details.

It took 3 months to hear from them. They matched me with someone who obviously was a couch potato (while I am very active).The associate was upset when I mentioned this. The second match was worse. He was much older, retired, and liked sedentary hobbies. While nothing is wrong with that, I am very active. He and I spoke on the phone. We agreed we had nothing in common, had different energy levels, and were probably match together only because we lived near each other. Not long after I received a call from JoAnn who told me that, basically, while she couldn't tell me to, a woman my age should seriously consider plastic surgery it because I looked at least 10 years older than I am and no one wants to date me. So, I quizzed my friends on how old they thought I looked. Mind you, my friends are professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, etc) and are in the public eye. Their response? "You are hot!" When I shared this fact with JoAnn she hit the roof- yelling, and telling me that how dare I question her judgment.

It took another 6 months to be matched with someone else. He was nice, but we didn't have a lot of chemistry- different politics, hobbies, etc.. The second date I went on was the same thing. I was contacted about another man and was told they would follow up, but I never heard from him, or MM again.

They still owe me a date- that was over a year ago. In the meantime, I've had countless dates from interesting, intelligent, educated and successful men who find me attractive- and ARE NOT from this awful service.

This service costs thousands and thousands of dollars. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! If you want to spend lots of money and be insulted- go to a dominatrix.
My experience with Master Matchmakers
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I met with Joann July '04 and was excited about using her service. I live in central NJ and explained several times that I had two young children at home and didn't want to date anyone over 45 minutes, door-to-door, from my home. I expressed concern that I was far from her home area of PHL but Joann assured me that she had 50 women in her database that met my criteria and were within 45 minutes of me. I signed her contract and a couple days later she and her son both called me with different women they wanted me to meet. Both women were in PA and easily 2 hours from me. When I reminded Joann that she had agreed several times that she would only provide matches within 45 minutes from me she said "love knows no distance". When I continued to insist that I wouldn't travel more than 45 minutes because of my kids, her son said "so you're saying you need to be coddled?".

I ended up cancelling the contract without going on any dates (I came to believe she had closer to zero women than the 50 she claimed within 45 minutes of me), complained to the Better Business Bureau, talked with attorneys, etc. I was able to get a partial refund but I lost $2500 and all I received from Master Matchmakers was extraordinary frustration.
No scam here!!!
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I was really shocked to read two negative reviews of It’s About Time Master Matchmakers. I love Steven and Joann! They’re great! I signed up for this service about two years ago after going through a divorce. My second match in the service I dated for about a year and a half. We recently had a mutual split and I re-activated myself with the service to use my remaining matches. It was like I was their first priority again. They started sending me potential matches within a few weeks.

Also, the whole pricing issue, they discuss it all with you in the initial interview. They describe the range of prices people pay, which is pretty widespread, and for a reason. It does not depend on how much one makes. It depends on how much work they will have to do to be able to satisfy your requests. Therefore, the pickiest people end up paying the most money.

And lastly, sometimes they do come back to you with things you don’t want to hear. They can’t help what people bring to them as feedback and it’s their job to share it with you. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be kept in the dark about why none of my matches didn’t want to see me a second time. It’s a learning experience for everyone.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify for some people, because if a bad review on the internet may prevent you from embarking on a path with Steven and Joann that may have a permanent positive impact on your life, then I hope that my positive words will cause you to seek a third opinion before turning away. I’ve worked with some other matchmaking services and I’ve never received the quality of personalized service that I’ve received with Steven and JoAnn. However, know that they are an upscale service for the successful and the attractive, so if you see you are in need of a face-lift or gastric bypass surgery, this is not the service for you. They make no attempts to hide that. But also, know that successful does not necessarily mean rich, but successful along the lines of loving where you’re at in life and being good at what you do. Best of luck to all of you, and if you’re reading this, then maybe this is what you need to do at this point in your life.
It's About Time Master Matchmakers SCAM
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Mother/Son Business - RipOff

It's About Time Master Matchmaker.

I saw their website and it looked like a nice matchmaking service, but it is smoke and mirrors. This is a perfect example that you can't judge a book by its cover. They have posted flattering pictures of themselves and positive testimonials. Don't be fooled as I was.

This business is a scam.
It's About Time matchmaker is a scam.

They charge according to how much money they think you make, so downgrade your answer to them about your income. I know someone who got charged $2000 less because of what she told them her income was.

They tell you they have many matches for you before you pay, then they tell you they have much fewer after you pay because of either what you look like, or what you're looking for. A face lift was suggested.

They argue with you and insult you. I believe it is to intimidate you to just back down and accept what they offer you, and to think less of yourself so you'll settle for what they offer you. Then they keep your money and don't match you claiming that you were too difficult to work with.

Charge it on Discover Card- you can get your money back.

Beware of this Dating Service. Might I suggest Premier

Master Matchmakers POSITIVE Review
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I lost contact with Steve and Joann a few years ago after I got serious with someone they introduced me to. I'm an attorney and reputation matters in my line of work. I wouldn't have hired them if I thought they couldn't deliver what they promised and I intend to marry just the third woman they introduced me to. Its About Time Master Matchmakers lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. I was trying to find them online to tell them Christine and I are getting married and found this thread which blew my mind. I don't know if they know this is up here or not but I felt obligated to post "my 3 cents" and speak up for them. They're good people.
Wish I'd read this first
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I met with them they claimed to have a large client base in NYC. I live in New York and do not keep a car. The one person they introduced me to lived outside Philly - almost 3 hours away.

Long story short, I do not think they have many clients and I was pretty shocked to see they have been taken to court before and lost. I intend to pursure this in court with counsel.

If there are others who have had a similar experience with them, please contact me and perhaps we can pursue this jointly.

To anyone considering their services...think again.
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