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Worst Drive-Thru Experience of My LIFE

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- This complaint tells a story about ineptness and idiocy and customer devaluation, about the everyday tension between respectable hardworking customers and those paid to serve us at the fast food window. Although I do not desire to demonize anybody or play the 'blame-game' but an honest recollection of events has no other possible outcome.

It's the morning and the boy and I are coming back from our boys weekend getaway in San Antonio. We needed a quick stop for some breakfast. Now I wanted Taco Cabana but the boy wanted Jack in the Box which ya know I gave in cause I'm that kind of nice guy.

We placed our order for two steak breakfast burritos and two large drinks. Then we rolled up in line behind two other cars. Now this particular drive-through there is no escape except for backing-up and that option was quickly eliminated by the customer behind us.

Twenty-four minutes later the car in front of me drives off making it my turn at the drive through window. Ya know 24 minutes is a hell of a wait but eh we're almost done so I'm cool. The lady takes my money and gives me our drinks. About three minutes later the manager comes to the window and says "I'm sorry but we're out of steak breakfast burritos would you like your money back?" Odd she didn't ask me if I wanted to change my order. So I said "Yeah sure." She refunds me my money for the steak burritos but not for the sodas we're drinking.

I first said "This isn't a total refund," which she replied "I have to charge you for your drinks since you've already taken drinks from them." I said, "NO, wrong answer. I need a refund for the drinks as well. You can certainly have them back if you'd like but it seems senseless since you'll just throw them away and two free drinks seems fair since we've been stuck in your drive-through for half an hour for basically nothing. Now I need my refund."

She said no again because of the drinks and again stated "I can't give you a refund." I said "You can and you will. This is just silly. Give me my money back and I'll be on my way. It's just that simple." She was obviously getting stressed and upset but soon enough she saw the light and gave me the rest of my money back albeit without a smile or an apology.

I drove down the road a bit to Taco Cabana where I got my food, my satisfaction and a smile in less than five minutes. Awesome. So the moral of this story is never take a 14's advice on where to go for fast food in San Antonio.

Food Poisoning
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Rating: 1/51

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- This is a warning I wanted to get out to the Town of Apple Valley because I am not sure who to speak with. I ate food from Jack in the Box on Apple Valley Rd. in Apple Valley CA. Right away I became severely sick. I was vomiting non-stop, very weak, fatigue, upset stomach, no appetite, and could barely drink any water. I went 2 days of this then had to seek medical attention and was told I got Food Poisoning. Day four I have since lost 10 pounds and have only be able to hold down water, toast and apples. I plan on taking this complaint to the Department of Health and anyone willing to listen. Thank You for your time.

Loaded Commercial
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Rating: 1/51

AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- I am writing to complain about the recent Jack In The Box commercial which shows three supposedly college students eating "loaded" sandwiches on a lawn. This commercial makes your company looks like it approves of young people smoking weed. Why else do you have girl stagger around the lawn shouting how she is so loaded. You are alluding to the fact that it's OK to be stoned.

I will never ever do business with your company. That commercial is disgusting and should be pulled. I have also written the CEO of Jack In The Box. I know I am not the only person is offended by this commercial. Do you want our nation to become a country of "dumb and dumber?" Keep it up. We are headed that way with people like you.

Customer Service on Take-Out Food
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Rating: 2/51

3459 ALTAMESA, FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I like your many choices of food that you have on your menu, but I don't like the customer service I receive on take-out food at location 3459 Altamesa, Fort Worth, Tx. I haven't eaten there in a while because of the same reason, but I thought maybe by now it might have changed. I went to the store on 06/24/2012 and ordered 1 Jr Jack value meal and a total of 4 Tacos (time: 6:49) and at this time they were not busy. I got home and did not receive my tacos.

This is the reason I quit going there before. I live about 2 miles round trip and I don't like eating my food cold, because I have to go back to pick up the rest of my order and all they can say without remorse that they are sorry. I have worked at a bank for 16 years and dealt with people all the time. I appreciate your time on this. Thanks.

You May Get Arrested or Killed for Complaint at Jack
By -

LIVINGSTON, TEXAS -- We went into Livingston Texas Jack In The Box, saw a local biker member working and she waited on us very rudely after seeing it was us. You see she had threatened to kill us before and also her biker gang had. After being treated rudely we called Jack at Corporate because Jack says he wants to hear from you about your experience. Corporate called the Jack In The Box who told the employee who waited 7 days, went to Police and tried to get criminal charges filed on us. Police came to our home to arrest us.

We called Corporate to ask why and tell them we are afraid of these people, please stop causing us harm. Corporate says they will tell her we called back and encourages their employees to call Police if they feel threatened by a customer. SO! Complain on an employee to Corporate at Jack In The Box and risk being murdered by local biker gang or arrested by Police. Anyone know where we can find a good lawyer who will sue over this. We are afraid of these people and we cannot sleep as well as health issues. On top of that Corporate has vowed to cause us more harm from this complaint. BEWARE, you better not file any complaint on Jack...

The Worst Customer Service I Ever Had
By -

Went to Jack in the Box on 2920 and close to Falvel in Spring, Tx with my family over the holiday weekend and when I started ordering our food the person on the order radio was absolutely rude. I couldn't place my order with her because she wasn't interested in me whatsoever. After arguing with her for about 2 minutes I asked to speak with her manager and she replied she was the manager. I couldn't believe it. She then turned her radio off to ignore me.

I drove up to the window - told her this was the second time I've a problem with her "management skills", she then threatened to call the police. Then we drove to Wendy's and had great service. This is the first time I've written about a complaint but feel it needs to get corrected. Just for that reason I will never dine at Jack in the Box.

By -

So me and my husband decide to go to lunch to Jack In The Box with our three girls. Everything was good until he finished his food and was still hungry so he gets up to order and the cashier without caring I was there with our children in a very high pitched voice tells my husband he's a very handsome man and that all the girls there thought so too but they didn't have the balls to tell me.

I just saw other people eating there turn their heads to look at me. All the manager did was laugh. My nine year old daughter said it was out of line for her to do that. Never will I return there. I couldn't say anything to her because my kids were there and I knew it would get ugly. I'll take a compliment on my husband anytime. But flirting and the way she said it was so beyond rude.

Where's the Beef?
By -

I saw on the news that someone has filed a class action suit against Taco Bell over the percentage of beef in their taco filling. I happen to like Taco Bell tacos. Perhaps the plaintiff would like to try Jack in the Box tacos. The current JitB commercial shows Jack as a cop, sent for lunch.

The tacos shown in the commercial have filling spilling out the end of the shell, lettuce and possibly tomato, and a slice of cheese. Every time I have gotten tacos at JitB, there is less than a tablespoon of highly spiced stuff that is definitely NOT ground beef, in a grease laden shell. It sort of looks like a Mexican ravioli. If anyone should be sued over tacos, it is Jack in the Box.

Credit Card Purchases Without Asking for ID
By -

Apparently Jack's bubble head contains nothing but air which is passed down to his managers! A counterfeit credit card in my name was used to purchase approximately 40.00 worth of food at a Jack in the Box in Bakersfield, CA. When I called "guest services" I was told that Jack's policy is NOT to ask for identification when purchases of any amount are made. The "Senior agent" I talked to was totally rude, asked "...just what do you think Jack in the Box is going to do for you?" I felt like I was the criminal!!!

I was basically told I was SOL until my bank reversed the charge - I was told Jack's policy was to not contest bank reversals because they (JIB) didn't ask for ID. She wouldn't supply me with the store location or phone number. When I explained about filing a police report she told me she would give me a report number to give to the police department. So because of Jack in the Box policy and a crook with an affinity for junk food... my bank and I are stuck with the footwork of trying to get back my money.

Offensive Jack in the Box Commercial
By -

I'm just a slight tad disgusted with Jack-Off-In-The-Box's latest ** brainstorm of a commercial, depicting a woman in need of a friggin' tropical smoothie because she's going "street rat crazy" to combat hot flashes. It's offensive and not even mildly amusing. It clearly demonstrates that Jack is obviously a sexist pig.

I humbly offer this suggestion: that the next commercial involve some sort of Jack-Off-In-The-Box remedy for erectile dysfunction. I believe this is only fair. They need to create a new menu item for the old fart with a **. I have just the thing: an order of "Jack Off's Deep Fried Oysters."

I even have a tag line for this item: "Cheaper than Viagra -- and tasty too! For all you old men **." I suggest anyone else offended by this sexist crap boycott Jack Off In The Box. I know I will. Suck it, Jack. Now I'm really sorry that bus didn't kill you...

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