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Fast food my butt
By -

Several times I have gone to Jack In The Box on Wax Road and all you do is wait.
Today went inside and there was only three people there, and they were waiting on their food.
10 mins. and never was waited on.
I don't think they have enough help.
Slowest fast food place I've ever been in.
We left and two that came in after us also left.

Jack in the Box serves moldy food
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- They served me moldy food.
They hid it deep inside the food item.
I bought a breakfast burrito. I opened it and found mold on the flour tortilla, on the part that was folded in at one end.
They thought they could hide the mold so I would eat it without noticing.
I'm lodging a complaint with the county health department.
Yes, there are pictures.

http://i55.tinypic.com/2s85vnm. jpg
http://i55.tinypic.com/2v8lpjb. jpg

Jack In The Box advertisement
By -

I will not patronize a Jack In The Box ever again. The advertisement showing people stripping off their clothes is terrible, especially for a restaurant that caters to children.

Good By Jack In The Box!!

By -

WILLIAMS, ARIZONA -- I went into the Williams, AZ. Jack in the Box to eat lunch. A WHITE worker in the food preparation area rubbed his nose really hard with his fingers, then immediately continued preparing food, touching the meat with those same fingers. It was disgusting and I left.

By -

ST.LOUIS, MISSOURI -- My son is disabled and loves JACK IN THE BOX taco's. So, between my brother and myself we get him the taco's whenever he wants them. On 8-4-08 at 2:27pm I purchased his taco's brought them home and he ate them. The next week was pure HELL! He can't walk so I still change him. He has just be introduced to FOOD POISONING! The Taco's made him deathly sick. Now instead of going to see a lawyer and suing them over this I am willing to let them make this right with him. The Phone Number And The Number's on the receipt are as follows: 314-773-1553 JTB#4027 196349 JAK 01.

If they would like a copy of the receipt I can sure furnish them with that. And I was also wondering if it wasn't with any of the tainted tomatoes the sauce was made from.

Code of conduct complaint
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- How do we pursue a complaint regarding an employee in a drive through AT ' JACK IN THE BOX' THIS SO CALLED MANAGER threw our change to us, shutting the window and after honking to get his attention he comes back saying now what!! Go back to Mexico you F...... wet backs! Every other word was F... you.. , then excersizing with their co-workers laughter on what had just happened.
Kept on using profanity and told us to get the Hell Out, before he calls the cops. This affected Mom daughter, and son who was refrained from going inside to get an apology for the disrespect towards his mother, but really was refrained back from kicking the so called mgrs ass. I might add mgr. said he would go out there to kick sons ass 1st too. ( son is 16 years old) adult... ....minor???? I mean how much trouble can this employee continue to add and cause. He does not know how to stop. this went on and on. til we left. They refused to give us names numbers kept saying get the F... out of here you wet backs. This will affect our family for a very long time!until justice is complied. Everyone help BOYCOTT... DON'T EAT AT JACK IN THE BOX.


Incredibly bad Experience
By -

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE -- I had my first (and last) meal at Jack in the Box recently. Actually I didn't even eat the meal. I stopped for breakfast at the one in Cool Springs. Well, they stopped serving. I said I thought it was 24 hours. She (bored teenager) said it was only to 10. I pointed out it was not 10 and she said, "We're not serving breakfast."

I said, "Well.." and she got this exasperated look and started sighing and tapping her fingers and put down her head. I ordered a fish sandwich that took forever (the kids discussed their sex lives) then got possibly the foulest thing I ever put in my mouth. I mean it was rancid. I said I couldn't eat this and her friends giggled. She literally threw my money on the counter (including change), never apologized, never said "Come back" (as if I would). Do companies conduct even a minute of training?

Summary: Avoid this place like the plague

Unsanitary food handling
By -

INLAND EMPIRE, CALIFORNIA -- The following applies to the Jack In The Box restaurants in Chino, CA (Walnut and Central) and Riverside, CA (Riverside and Central):

Diners should be aware that these two restaurants use unsafe and unsanitary food handling practices. In both restaurants, I observed employees scratching/picking noses/ears/teeth/butts (I kid you not) and then handling the prepared/unprepared foods immediately after without washing or even gloving hands. Likewise I observed at least one employee from each restaurant not washing their hands after toileting (no water flow heard, they didn't even flush). Employees were observed picking up trash from floor, cleaning surfaces or the floor, etc. and then moving immediately to handling prepared/unprepared foods without washing hands or even putting on gloves. At the Chino location, I observed an employee serve food that had been dropped on the floor to a drive-through customer.

In the case of both stores, I made immediate contact with the managers to discuss my observations. I then asked if the manager or at least one employee had any training in food handling (with subsequent certifications). I was told they are exempt, and as such did not. Both managers acknowledge the practices I observed were wrong, and that they would correct it immediately. I informed them I would return in one week to see for myself. Needless to say, I did not eat the food that day.

One week later, I observed the same unsafe and unsanitary practices. This time I was wearing my work uniform, which made clear I was now officially on duty and had the authority to conduct a complete inspection to find violations. You would think this would prevent most if not all of the violations I had observed a week earlier.

It didn't. In fact, it was worse.

In one case, my drink had a cigarette butt and two empty creamer containers in it, near the bottom. Thanks God I was pouring it out instead of drinking it when I made the discovery.

I again confronted the managers, and was told the behavior would be corrected. It wasn't. Hence the reason I am posting a health warning.

Dirty Commercial
By -

Sweaty man showing his stuff to other man its just nasty and doesn't need to be on TV.

By -

WILLIAMS, ARIZONA -- I went into the Williams, Az. Jack in the Box to eat lunch. A Mexican worker in the food preparation area rubbed his nose really hard with his fingers, then immediately continued preparing food, touching the meat with those same fingers. It was disgusting and I left.

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