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Worst experience I have ever had with a locksmith
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Rating: 1/51

MESA -- The Jack Rabbit employee that was sent to me by my insurance is by far the worst person I have dealt with. This guy hated life and apparently his job as well. He cussed out an elderly man and another gentleman that were trying to help the employee open my car. After multiple attempts at trying to open the car he said "I can't open it, have a good day." I don't even think he knew how to open a freaking car. Ridiculous! Sad that a random man was able to open my car with just a hanger instead of this stupid guy employed for a roadside service company.

Roadside Assistance
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Rating: 5/51

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was traveling from Jacksonville, FL to Jacksonville, NC. On my adventure I started losing air pressure in my left rear tire. I stopped to air up as it was 1:30 pm and wanted to get where I was going. The next day I called my roadside assistance program and they sent Jack Rabbit out for the service call. The technician was prompt and very courteous. I am so happy that this provider was used in my situation. Thank you for providing excellent service.

Jack Rabbit Does Not Honor The 1099 Contract
By -

BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY -- I worked for Jack Rabbit for a short period of time and they do not honor the independent contractor rules and regulations. We are not employees and they try to treat you like employees!!! They make rules up as you go along-that's a no no!! As an independent contractor for a majority of my life I had a real problem working for Jack Rabbit. They tried to tell me what to drive- independent contractors in Texas can drive whatever they like, no matter what shape the car is in as long as you show up for work. They tried to tell me not to drive my vehicles because they were faded, had a dent in the side or just "didn't look good".

They pile 12-13 assignments to do and expect you to do them all literally in 40 minutes and there are no other drivers in town and the area manager calls you and yells at you about your times being bad and your poor attitude. Why did it take you an hour and 20 minutes in rush hour, bottle neck traffic on the busiest section of freeway in town to get to this call? They expect you to work "backed up" 8-10 calls in a concentrated area when there are no other drivers and then expect you to drop everything and go 26 miles in the opposite direction to take care of a call. Again I was the only driver in town.

As an independent contractor, I am able to accept leads as I see fit and take what I want and decline what I want. And to quote an area supervisor, "you've already turned down 3 calls and if you turn down anymore you won't be getting anymore at all!" It was said the proper customer service. He said "I don't care and stop (insert expletive here) calling me" after telling the lead driver he would answer his phone at any hour to help his drivers. B.s!! According to the supervisors and managers you are to accept a call, ask the other drivers if they can accept the call and pass it off to them. That is an impossible task when there is only one driver in town.

They expect you to drive 46 miles out of town and get there is 40 minutes when you are at least 72 miles away from the call and over an hour away from it. They don't understand that you are driving to polar opposite sides of town. The area supervisor wants what he wants and he wants it now and then after yelling at you expects you to kiss his butt as if he were the greatest. He runs hot and cold and expects you to be bi-polar with him. As for getting paid I think it's inconvenient to ask drivers to go to Kinko's and pay over $150 to fax in their invoices just to get paid when the main offices has the calls in the office in the hands of the auditors.

If you don't fax in they threaten not to pay you. They told us to fax in any day we want just don't go over 7 days. Then when we did fax in they told us not to be faxing on Thursday Fridays or Saturdays. So I faxed in Mondays. They quickly text-ed us and told us not to fax on Mondays either. Only fax on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They claim 7 days to pay you and then the pay comes in 9-11 days. The lead driver in charge started treating another driver unkindly after the driver refused to let said manager borrow one of his cars because the managers truck broke.

After the driver went out of his way to pick him up and drive him home. He had a very nasty ugly attitude and said, "you have vehicles at your disposal! And if you're not going to use them I will!!" The driver said no and it went down hill from there for the poor driver. The second they get what they want from you and run your car & your spirit into the ground. They get rid of you for one reason or another. They are lame and I pity the fools who replace me. The dispatchers called a driver up to tell him, "i know it's not your shift and I know your probably sleeping but i'm told you're very reliable so i'm going to call the customer and tell them you're coming thanks and bye now."

And if you don't get up and do it the dispatchers call and complain about you- and you are penalized by not being given work for a couple of days and the supervisor calls you and berates you to death. He says "how dare you not go to this call when we need you?" They want you to work all night and all day and it gets frustrating to not get sleep for 3 and 4 days and only bathe 2 times in a week because every time you sit down or close your eyes they call you and threaten you and say you will be fired if you don't get up and help because there aren't anymore drivers. You're it get up.

They made another lady (who was ultimately fired because she had cancer) miss her chemo appointment and they didn't care. She worked with her husband as a team and they kept her husband working because there were no other drivers. He didn't want to get fired because then there would be no more money for her treatment. He was ultimately penalized for being the only driver in town. How backwards is that. He's running the city alone and they re going to dump poop on him.

He was running the city all by himself and they had the nerve to chastise him after they signed his wife's death warrant (this driver is the husband of the driver who had the cancer) they are nasty nasty people. The owner ultimately doesn't care that the supervisor in Louisiana is running the company this way. They think I am a dumb mexican man- I'm not. I pretend to be who they think I am so they will leave me alone. Well this dumb mexican man has started working for the competition and now I'm well respected, well paid and well rested for my work.

To deny a cancer patient treatment is an unconscionable thing to do and I have sat down with the cancer lady and she's a doll. Everyone that meets her loves her. There was a flattering comment about her on the Jack Rabbit facebook page and they removed it. They want people to think she's a villain. She's really nice. And surprisingly enough she doesn't hold it against them. I'd be a mother sucker to work with after them making me miss a chemo appointment. Jack Rabbit also lets the customers lie about the drivers and they don't fight for the drivers at all. They're snakes in the grass. You know what? Snakes won't even hang out with them they're too slimy.

You cannot run a city in Texas from Louisiana, Kentucky, Maine, or South Carolina. You must be professional and hire enough drivers to handle the shifts and the workload and not blame one single person when the job cannot get done or he blows a head gasket on his car working as a faithful worker for you. You must hire dispatchers for that city to work that city or drivers are going to wear themselves thin and wear themselves our and end up bitter. You run Austin from Austin, San antonio from San antonio and Houston from Houston. If you don't like it, or you cannot do it then don't run in that particular city.

Over worked, under paid, and not paid on time
By -

I would like to warn consumers not to use this company!!! As past employee of 6 months I would like to state some facts!!! To begin with dispatchers are located through out numerous states and dispatch calls that are not within the same state they are located in. Therefore it caused many mix ups and hardships causing customers to wait extended periods of time and calls were not met within the eta (estimated time of arrival.) Example: dispatch would send a call to us field techs, the call would be in richmond, ky and the call would actually be in richmond, va. They also gave me the run around on my pay check and would not pay me on time.

Also, would deduct money from my check because they said they could not google map runs that were located on interstate exits, and only get base pay and continued to lose money. Had numerous disputes with management, not returning my calls, no number to reach the so called payroll department. Try to reach management and never could reach them and would always get voice mail & it would be full could not contact a person when needed with any issues.

It would take several days if I was lucky to have someone in management to contact me with any issue that I might have been having, such as: receiving my paycheck after invoices had been faxed so I could get paid, the longest duration to receive paycheck was 3 weeks and then they would deduct funds from my check prior to discussing it with me and I was always wrong and did not get paid. They are great on the phone, but do not follow through with anything they say. They are not registered with the bbb to file complaints. They have great talk, but can't follow through with what they say they say.. example being on time.

I felt sorry for a lot of the customer that I serviced because I could not arrive on time due to the errors from the dispatchers. I do not recommend anyone using the service from this company.. They are contracted through geico, allstate, assurance, nsd, signature, verizon wireless roadside assistance, at&t, sprint, select dealerships.. Sad to say, but you as a customer should ask before service are rendered which company is coming to assist you!!! Much more to post but not enough time!!!

Jack Rabbit Services Very Slow About Paying Employees
By -

KENTUCKY -- I read the other reviews about this company and they are all true I worked for this company for about three months and had to wait about a month to get my check. I finally just stopped running calls for them. They lose your invoices. They blame the postal service. They want you to pay extra for overnight mail but your check doesn't get to you like it's supposed to.

If your check doesn't come they will send you a MoneyGram but you have to pay for that too. When you do get a check you have to use it all to run calls to get another check. They are supposed to pay you mileage but you send in 10 miles they will pay you for 7 and say your GPS is wrong. Well you've been warned. Don't work for these people.

Will no pay employees
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- As an employee of Jackrabbit services, I have been employed for over 8 months. I continued to have issued receiving my pay, as there was always an issue. I could not get my pay on time. There was always a change in the Management team, or the payroll department, or some other excuse. No area supervisor, cannot or does not know a number for the payroll department. You always have to go through a 3rd person to get anything done.

After finally having enough, I have waited for over 11 days, for a check that is paid weekly. I simply don't know what to do. They are not listed with the BBB, so you would think that someone would step up to the plate and take companies like this to the matt. So, if there is anyone else who has had an issue, please, post. As if I had their money, they would have me in court by now.

Jack Rabbit Is a Great Place
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Rating: 5/51

I been a contractor for Jack Rabbit Services LLC for 6 months and then some. My car is my office, I help people everyday, and I make good money. If people out there don't like Jack Rabbit, then I have to wonder if they are lazy or what. I work hard and have a good attitude and don't have problems. JRS pays me to help people. That's awesome!!!! I also really like the Facebook for drivers.

Just a Question
By -

I am thinking about going to work for this company and just wanted some advice. Is this company a good place to work. I need work bad and they said the pay was great. I just am wondering about all the tools they say I need to buy? Can I get by with just the starter tools they loan me for my deposit?

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