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Jack Rabbit Does Not Honor The 1099 Contract
Posted by on
BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY -- I worked for Jack Rabbit for a short period of time and they do not honor the independent contractor rules and regulations. WE ARE NOT EMPLOYEES AND THEY TRY TO TREAT YOU LIKE EMPLOYEES!!! They make rules up as you go along-THAT'S A NO NO!! As an independent contractor for a majority of my life I had a real problem working for Jack Rabbit. They tried to tell me what to drive- independent contractors in Texas can drive whatever they like, no matter what shape the car is in as long as you show up for work. They tried to tell me not to drive my vehicles because they were faded, had a dent in the side or just "didn't look good". They pile 12-13 assignments to do and expect you to do them all literally in 40 minutes and there are no other drivers in town and the area manager calls you and yells at you about your times being bad and your poor attitude. Why did it take you an hour and 20 minutes in rush hour, bottle neck traffic on the busiest section of freeway in town to get to this call? They expect you to work "backed up" 8-10 calls in a concentrated area when there are no other drivers and then expect you to drop everything and go 26 miles in the opposite direction to take care of a call. AGAIN I WAS THE ONLY DRIVER IN TOWN. As an independent contractor, I am able to accept leads as I see fit and take what I want and decline what I want. and to quote an area supervisor, "YOU'VE ALREADY TURNED DOWN 3 CALLS AND IF YOU TURN DOWN ANYMORE YOU WON'T BE GETTING ANYMORE AT ALL!" It was said the proper customer service he said I don't care and stop (insert expletive here) calling me" After telling the lead driver he would answer his phone at any hour to help HIS drivers. B.S!! According to the supervisors and managers you are to accept a call, ask the other drivers if they can accept the call and pass it off to them. That is an impossible task when there is only one driver in town. They expect you to drive 46 miles out of town and get there is 40 minutes when you are at least 72 miles away from the call and over an hour away from it. They don't understand that you are driving to polar opposite sides of town the area supervisor wants what he wants and he wants it now and then after yelling at you expects you to kiss his butt as if he were the greatest. He runs hot and cold and expects you to be bi-polar with him. As for getting paid I think its inconvenient to ask drivers to go to Kinko's and pay over $150 to fax in their invoices just to get paid when the main offices has the calls in the office in the hands of the auditors. If you don't fax in they threaten not to pay you. they told us to fax in any day we want just don't go over 7 days. Then when we did fax in they told us not to be faxing on Thursday Fridays or Saturdays. so I faxed in Mondays. they quickly text-ed us and told us not to fax on Mondays either. Only fax on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They claim 7 days to pay you and then the pay comes in 9-11 days. The lead driver in charge started treating another driver unkindly after the driver refused to let said manager borrow one of his cars because the managers truck broke. after the driver went out of his way to pick him up and drive him home. he had a very nasty ugly attitude and said, You have vehicles at your disposal! and If you're not going to use them I will!!" The driver said no and it went down hill from there for the poor driver. The second they get what they want from you and run your car & your spirit into the ground they get rid of you for one reason or another. They are lame and I pity the fools who replace me. the dispatchers called a driver up to tell him , "I know its not your shift and I know your probably sleeping but I'm told you're very reliable so I'm going to call the customer and tell them you're coming Thanks and bye now." And if you don't get up and do it the dispatchers call and complain about you- and you are penalized by not being given work for a couple of days and the supervisor calls you and berates you to death. he says how dare you not go to this call when we need you. they want you to work all night and all day and it gets frustrating to not get sleep for 3 and 4 days and only bathe 2 times in a week because every time you sit down or close your eyes they call you and threaten you and say you will be fired if you don't get up and help because there aren't anymore drivers. You're it get up. They made another lady (who was ultimately fired because she had Cancer) miss her chemo appointment and they didn't care. She worked with her husband as a team and They kept her husband working because there were no other drivers. He didn't want to get fired because then there would be no more money for her treatment. He was ultimately penalized for being the only driver in town. How backwards is that. hes running the city alone and they re going to dump poop on him. He was running the city all by himself and they had the nerve to chastise him after they signed his wife's death warrant (this driver is the husband of the driver who had the cancer) They are nasty nasty people. The owner ultimately doesn't care that the supervisor in Louisiana is running the company this way. They think I am a dumb Mexican man-I'm not. I pretend to be who they think I am so they will leave me alone. Well this dumb Mexican man has started working for the competition and now I'm well respected, well paid and well rested for my work. To deny a Cancer patient treatment is an unconscionable thing to do and I have sat down with the Cancer lady and shes a doll. Everyone that meets her loves her. There was a flattering comment about her on the Jack Rabbit FaceBook page and they removed it. They want people to think shes a villain. Shed really nice. And surprisingly enough she doesn't hold it against them. Id be a mother sucker to work with after them making me miss a chemo appointment. Jack rabbit also lets the customers lie about the drivers and they don't fight for the drivers at all. They're snakes in the grass. You know what? Snakes won't even hang out with them they're too slimy. YOU CANNOT RUN A CITY IN TEXAS FROM LOUISIANA, KENTUCKY, MAINE, OR SOUTH CAROLINA. YOU MUST BE PROFESSIONAL AND HIRE ENOUGH DRIVERS TO HANDLE THE SHIFTS AND THE WORKLOAD AND NOT BLAME ONE SINGLE PERSON WHEN THE JOB CANNOT GET DONE OR HE BLOWS A HEAD GASKET ON HIS CAR WORKING AS A FAITHFUL WORKER FOR YOU. YOU MUST HIRE DISPATCHERS FOR THAT CITY TO WORK THAT CITY OR DRIVERS ARE GOING TO WEAR THEMSELVES THIN AND WEAR THEMSELVES OUR AND END UP BITTER. YOU RUN AUSTIN FROM AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO FROM SAN ANTONIO AND HOUSTON FROM HOUSTON. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, OR YOU CANNOT DO IT THEN DON'T RUN IN THAT PARTICULAR CITY.
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Alain on 06/13/2011:
The key legal point here is that you are an independent contractor and you can walk away from them. With some of the poor reviews (yours included) I've seen about Jack Rabbit, I have to wonder why anyone would work with them. If they are doing something illegal (or you suspect it), you can contact your state's attorney generals office. In Texas that would be via http://www.oag.state.tx.us or PO Box 12548, Austin, Tx 78711-2548--800-252-8011--e-mail: Greg.Abbot@oag.state.tx.us
trmn8r on 06/13/2011:
Good luck in your new job. This one sounds like it would be very difficult to do for any length of time, and a bit like a dysfunctional family.

When you think about it, the name of the company isn't incompatible with the way they expected you to work.
validity roadside LLC on 06/28/2011:
I'm out here in lake charles LA and I worked for jack ass services now I'm a vendor started in late March....work is slow but I get work because lil do you know jack ass services has contracts with asurion and cross country I found out by a lil birdie. But anyway I'm knowing the you know what is going to hit the fan for this company. so ima wait it out and as soon as asurion loose that AT&T partnership the tide will shift for other clubs to compete. because thousands of people is upset with AT
jimmy wright on 07/06/2011:
I am so glad that I am not the only person Jack Rabbit Services has screwed over. I worked for them for a few months and they did not pay me what they said that they would if you guys need someone to help with this please call me 8709531695 thank you guys
breakinchamp on 01/10/2012:
amen brother!!!!! something must be done about this before they screw over anymore people! one thing I plan to do is get a hold of Allstate, Geico, asurion, who ever I can and as high up as I can and let them know that the only reason this company has good ratings (if they even do) is because the people like you and me and all the others that put so much into the job because we love dealing with the people and we expect the things they say they will do for us to go in effect. all I'm saying is the company would be nothing without the people the screw over plain and simple
David on 03/27/2013:
I also worked for this company for almost 2 years I ran 24/7 for a year and half every time I had a problem I was left out to dry. I worked for them for a year before I got a complaint and the first thing they do is take money out my check and jump down my throat. u trust me to run a area callwise but don't trust me when I say I didn't do it. I am so glad I don't work here anymore. Rock Hill SC
and my boss was in greensboro North Carolina
William Koller on 03/30/2014:
I am only on my third week and already having issues. What gives with this company?
William Koller on 03/30/2014:
I am truly wondering how many drivers this company has taken advantage of. It is almost like they will use all of the drivers resources to cover calls and then have a reason why not to pay. Or cut you off in you miss ETAs.
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Over worked, under paid, and not paid on time
Posted by on
I would like to warn consumers not to use this company!!! As past employee of 6 months I would like to state some FACTS!!! To begin with dispatchers are located threw out numerous states and dispatch calls that are not within the same state they are located in. Therefore it caused many mix ups and hardships causing customers to wait extended periods of time and calls were not met within the ETA (estimated time of arrival. Example: Dispatch would send a call to us field techs, the call would be in Richmond, KY and the call would actually be in Richmond, VA. They also gave me the run around on my pay check and would not pay me on time. Also, would deduct money from my check because they said they could not Google map runs that were located on interstate exits, and only get base pay and continued to lose money. Had numerous disputes with management, not returning my calls, no number to reach the so called payroll department. Try to reach management and never could reach them and would always get voice mail& it would be full could not contact a person when needed with any issues. It would take several days if I was lucky to have someone in management to contact me with any issue that I might have been having, such as: receiving my paycheck after invoices had been faxed so I could get paid, the longest duration to receive paycheck was 3 weeks and then they would deduct funds from my check prior to discussing it with me and I was always wrong and did not get paid. They are great on the phone, but do not follow through with anything they say. They are not registered with the BBB to file complaints. They have great talk, but can't follow through with what they say they say..example being on time. I felt sorry for a lot of the customer that I serviced because I could not arrive on time due to the errors from the dispatchers. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE USING THE SERVICE FROM THIS COMPANY..THEY ARE CONTRACTED THROUGH GEICO, ALLSTATE, ASSURANCE, NSD, SIGNATURE, VERIZON WIRELESS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE, AT&T, SPRINT, SELECT DEALERSHIPS..SAD TO SAY, BUT YOU AS A CUSTOMER SHOULD ASK BEFORE SERVICE ARE RENDERED WHICH COMPANY IS COMING TO ASSIST YOU!!! MUCH MORE TO POST BUT NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!
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Skye on 09/09/2011:
Whenever a company does not pay you, or you have other problems with your paycheck, you should contact your state department of labor.

As for them not being registered with the BBB, that's not an issue, because the BBB is not on the consumer's side. Complaints can be made against them through your state department of consumer affairs.

Slimjim on 09/09/2011:
Skye's right, you don't have to be a member with the BBB to handle complaints. If the BBB has no record of them, that's actually a good sign. The BBB usually becomes aware of a company when either a consumer inquires about them, or more often, files a complaint-which will come regardless of membership status or if company was previously on file.
Old Timer on 09/09/2011:
The BBB called us and said we had a complaint and to clear it up we would have to join the BBB. They could or would not producs any complaint. I advised them I would have our attorney call them back and resolve any issues. Never heard from them again and to this day when you look up our company there has never been a complaint filed.

The BBB has become a cash machine out to sign up as many companies as they can, anyway they can.
Skye on 09/09/2011:
Exactly Slim and OT. No record with the BBB can be considered a good thing. With the BBB, it's all about the membership money with them. I've been against them for a long time, because they offer a very FALSE sense of security to the consumer.

There is a very good read in August Reader's Digest about the BBB. Very good information and they say exactly what we've been saying all along. The BBB is not the consumer's friend.

I hope the op returns so he can find out where he can start to resolve his paycheck issues at least.
Old Timer on 09/09/2011:
Thanks for the tip Skye, I found this:

Long considered an impartial arbiter of who’s scamming whom (and who’s not), the Better Business Bureau—a “federated association” of locally run bureaus—has been facing questions lately about its very mission. Among them:

• Can anyone pay dues ($300 and up) and become a highly rated member? The ABC news program 20/20 reported late last year that a group of disaffected Los Angeles business owners and a man who started an anti-BBB blog called bbbroundup.com banded together and paid dues for fake companies in a “sting” of the BBB. They named one Hamas, after the pro-Palestinian organization classified as a terrorist group by the U.S. government. The BBB gave Hamas a rating of A- within 12 hours of processing the group’s credit card, according to the blogger, a former CBS newsman known by the pseudonym Jimmie Rivers. Daniel Steiner, a trade practice analyst in the BBB’s Los Angeles area office, says the applicant pronounced the group “HAY-mas,” not “ha-MAS,” throwing off staffers trying to check out what they were told was “a youth counseling organization.” Adds Steiner, “It was a campaign to discredit us, and we were duped.” Interviewed by walletpop.com’s Consumer Ally, Rivers described the organization’s accreditation process as a “boiler room,” where, according to former employees, representatives are expected to fill quotas and earn commissions of up to 40 percent. Today, Susan Kearney of the national BBB says, the CEO of that bureau has left, “and the sales process is uniform now.”

• If a business doesn’t pay dues, does it get a lower grade? That’s what bbbroundup.com claims, pointing out that Starbucks in Seattle was slapped with a BBB grade of F. (It is not a member of the BBB.) Disneyland, another nonmember, also received an F. After bloggers questioned both grades, they were eventually changed to a B and an A+, respectively. (Steiner says Disneyland had “a lot of unanswered complaints,” which lowered its grade temporarily until the park changed its procedures. The Seattle BBB bureau says Starbucks raised its grade last August by answering complaints at the corporate instead of store level.) The Nevada-based business Incorp Services, Inc., went so far as to sue its local chapter of the BBB, claiming it had been graded poorly after refusing to pay the accreditation fee. The suit has since been settled, says Kearney, and Incorp Services has been accredited.

• Do customers have to pay the BBB to have complaints resolved? David Segal wrote recently in the New York Times about PC Drivers Headquarters, a software seller in Austin, Texas, which had over 312 complaints filed against it with the BBB. Nevertheless, the agency gave the seller an A+ rating. The BBB says that 312 complaints are not too many, because the company is categorized as a giant business. The BBB’s policy is to offer mediation services to customers whose complaints can’t be resolved through talk, e-mail, and reason. But the Austin area’s BBB charges $70 for those services—more than one dissatisfied customer was trying to recoup.
LA on 03/01/2013:
If you have a choice please request that Jack Rabbit USA is not your roadside assistance agency. I had a flat tire. I had a spare and a jack but due to stripped lug nuts was unable to change it myself. Lady on phone told me I had to pay up front (when I did not even know what quality service I would receive)and that the amount I paid would cover a NEW tire and the dismount, mount, etc. The tech was 30 min. past his ETA (it happens, yet I was not notified) also first thing he asks is for my spare. They did not bring the tire I paid for. He also complained that he was not even supposed to be working that day. He also made it very clear that my 2 small children were bothering him. He left his R-rated music blasting, answered none of my questions and was very unprofessional. When I called back they said they never promised me a tire and called me a liar. So now, I'm out 112$ b/c they refused to refund me. BEWARE.
Michael on 09/17/2013:
For those who have advised this person to contact the labor board to receive his monies owed you are grossly misinformed I ran into this a few years back when a Company refused to give me my final paycheck, claimed that I owed them for a class that was never taken and when I demanded to see an invoice showing that they had even paid for the class I never received it... unless you have actually been in the situation keep your advice to yourself because it's worthless.
Jonny on 09/26/2013:
Everyone is right. BBB is a membership fee extorting mafia themselves. They are not on the consumer's side nor really on the business side either. They just take money for providing mediocre service to business that continue to pay their extortions.
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Will no pay employees
Posted by on
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- As an employee of Jackrabbit services, I have been employed for over 8 months. I continued to have issued receiving my pay, as there was always an issue. I could not get my pay on time. There was always a change in the Management team, or the payroll department, or some other excuse. No area supervisor, can not or does not know a number for the payroll department. You always have to go through a 3rd person to get anything done. After finally haveing enough, I have waited for over 11 days, for a check that is paid weekly. I simply don't know what to do. They are not lised with the BBB, so you would think that someone would step up to the plate and take companies like this to the matt. So, if there is anyone else who has had an issue, please, post. As if I had their money, they would have me in court by now.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 04/30/2010:
If you are an employee and not an independent contractor, they would be in hot water. Call your labor board and file a grievance, and start looking for employment elsewhere.
YunkaG on 04/30/2010:
Do what SlimJim says, the Labor boards take a very dim view of a company not paying employees.
Jump Start on 06/05/2010:
I was dumb enough to work for them also and the same happened to me I am still waiting for almost $500.00 they owe me. They were dumb enough to send me the list of their clients and I will be contacting them to let them know how Jack Rabbit Services LLC does business. I Goole map the address on check from Louisville KY and it was a Staples store
NICKLE529 on 06/15/2010:
rOADSIDEKING on 07/26/2010:
jktshff1 on 07/26/2010:
Quick search brought up "Contract Driver Local contractors needed for jump start, fuel delivery , tire changes, etc. Must have own vehicle".
These are independent contractors and would work under a different set of "rules". Depts that might be interested US Dept of Labor, IRS, Social Security and workman's compensation office.
delbert88 on 03/24/2011:
I worked for this company for three months and I'm still waiting for about 900 dollars also. do not use or work for this company they are a bunch of sry people
jimmy on 07/02/2011:
Start a union and this will not happen agane !!!!!!!!!!!!!
breakinchamp on 01/07/2012:
I to worked for this company for about a year! after 4 or 5 months I faxed in for a little over $700 and they told me they did not receive to re fax. No problem, so I re fax then about a week later they tell me they lost the paperwork to re fax. A gen not that big of a deal (I was a little mad at this point) anyway life moves on so I re faxed only for them to tell me there was a damage clam for 800 and that's why they wear holding my money .........and they wanted to set up payments of $85 a week. to my surprise they did not count the $700 they already took for that damage clam! I had been paid a few times while I was waiting for them to come up with some proof they had paid me and so they did an odd-it. it showed in the past for months I made little less than for grand! No way not when every week I was faxing in for about $700. So I continue to work for them (keeping on my guard up) 24/7 only to not get help with a check or what ever they could do for me because they would get mad about one call missed. I ran the whole Richmond market by my self because they pushed away my help then expected me to handle it all my self and I did but the second they could take advantaged THEY DID!!! I see this happening to other friends I was working with when I left and Michale Hughes is the only exception I have to me not liking this company one bit. Oh and that 700 never showed up so they took money I busted my but to make ......for them and me and wrote it off like nothing. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT JACK RABBIT SERVICES!
swiftunlock99 on 01/12/2012:
WHAT R UALL TALKING ABOUT! I starting working with jack rabbit after all the construction work was gone....spent 18 years and then there were no houses to build. been with jack rabbit for all about 9 months. BEST JOB I EVER HAD! I don't make as much money but I do work for a super nice guy who I would call my friend and I talk lots. I get paid every week on a wedesday and the check keeps getting bigger cause my customers call in and say nice stuff about the service I give. I had one problem with $ and it was fixed that day.
breakinchamp on 01/13/2012:
Its because the payroll department is not like it should be some drivers get paid when they are expecting to and most that I have dealt with (even in other markets) have the same problem! So I'm wondering why so many people are running into the same problem!? Faxing in your paperwork is pretty flaky they often loose it or they don't get it and its not all there fault but using fax machine for any thing as often as the drivers have to can lead to many of the problems drivers are having. Their needs to be a more updated way to do this.

let me know what you think swiftunlock99 I would like the chance to see who you are working with directly.

alv4way on 04/26/2012:
I am with swiftunlock on this one. My check comes the same day every week and I fax the same day every week. I live in my car with my radio jammin, driving around helping stranded people. the job and the money are great. people who have a bad time with stuff post more on this place then the happy people. quit whining and complianing and go get a job. leave the driving to me.
FATBOI on 07/31/2013:
Great job... I've been working with the company for almost a year and love it.. I've traveled the country working. No issues with pay. And I have a nice manager.. Some people can GFY.. Just my 3cents
michael on 01/08/2014:
Going on six years contracting with jack rabbit, if I wasn't getting paid do you think I would still be contracting with them? The disgruntled people making these accusations are the independent contractors who have gone out to a customers vehicle and destroyed it and expect not to be liable for it or who have not turned in there paperwork correctly after several attempts. Some people blame everything on everybody else but themselves when they cannot follow simple directions. This job is cake! And I'm still enjoying it six years later and how many jobs after that long can you say you still enjoy? Not many. This job is not for everyone though you actually have to want to work.
Todd on 01/31/2014:
Well said Michael , I've been here almost 2 years what problem there have been with payroll are no more problems than any other company. As a indepdent contractor this is a good place to be, but their not going to pay for your mistakes if your unhappy move on , I get tired of the whining .
roadking on 02/04/2014:
Work for jack rabbit for a few months, it was not hard work at all. the problem with jack rabbit is getting paid on time. There is always the excuse of didn't get the fax. How can you continue to work when they don't pay you. good job if you need spare money, not a good company if you are trying to make a living. very unorganized company with poor management. Move on if you are looking to work with them.
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Jack Rabbit Services Very Slow About Paying Employees
Posted by on
KENTUCKY -- I read the other reviews about this company and they are all true I worked for this company for about three months and had to wait about a month to get my check. I finally just stopped running calls for them they lose your invoices they blame the postal service they want you to pay extra for overnight mail but your check doesn't get to you like its supposed to if your check doesn't come they will send you a moneygram but you have to pay for that too. When you do get a check you have to use it all to run calls to get another check they are supposed to pay you mileage but you send in 10 miles they will pay you for 7 and say your GPS is wrong.

Well you've been warned. Don't work for these people.
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Alain on 10/28/2010:
Contact The Kentucky Labor Board (http://www.labor.ky.gov -- you can click on 'employee complaint form' on the right hand side) at 502-564-3070 or call the National Labor Relations Board (http://www.nlrb.gov) at 866-667-6572.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2010:
Labor board won't do any good. These are "contract" ie independent people, unlike employees.
keplinger on 06/27/2011:
the same goes for rescue rangers,they do not pay you for any mileage and have to wait 3 weeks and the don't pay whaT THEY SAY,ITS MORE LIKE 250 per week and not 500-700 a week
breakinchamp on 01/10/2012:
The only reason this company gets a good name is because the employes work their buts off just to get poor service by the company you would think they would at least try to help the people that bend over backwards for them. No all you get is a team of market managers that are very unorganized! This company does not deserve even a one out of five stars just for thees reasons listed above.
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Jack Rabbit Is a Great Place
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I been a contractor for Jack Rabbit Services LLC for 6 months and then some. My car is my office, I help people everyday, and I make good money. If people out there don't like Jack Rabbit, then I have to wonder if they are lazy or what. I work hard and have a good attitude and don't have problems. JRS pays me to help people. That's awesome!!!! I also really like the Facebook for drivers.
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Alain on 04/28/2012:
Looking at previous reviews, Jack Rabbit doesn't work for some people, but that doesn't mean they're lazy. Jack Rabbit works well for you and it's nice you took the time to say so.
A Customer on 08/03/2012:
I am a customer of Jack Rabbit and my opinion is that they are very unprofessional. I had lock-out service through my insurance company and the technician broke my door handle. He gave me a card and told me to contact damage claims and they will take care of it. I have been calling damage claims since 7/28/12, leaving a message (which is the only option) and NOBODY HAS CALLED ME BACK YET!!!! When I call the service number, I'm told the damage claims number is the regional, district and only number I can call.
Nicole on 06/20/2013:
Wait until they have you work 18 hours X 7 days
a week. They are based in NY, My husbands car broke then they decided to pay him.
Call me If you think they are a good place to work, Nikki 978-427-0440
David Sanchez on 01/26/2014:
If you have a claim you can call Robin in claims and tell her about it and how you have been trying to get a hold of them and left multiple messages and STILL haven't heard back from anybody. Robin's number is 919-714-9248
Todd on 01/31/2014:
Nicole you may the the wrong jack rabbit there are 2 different company's called hack rabbit , we are based out Louisville Kentucky
Sonya on 07/10/2014:
This post is BS! My boyfriend worked for JR for 11/11-02/14 and this company takes advantage of their drivers. As other people posted, they want you to fax on time in order for the supervisor to get his percentage pay off his drivers, yet when it comes to the drivers getting paid it takes forever to get a check. Someone posted that fees are also taken out of Western Union or Moneygram payments, and if you pay extra for expedited check then you still wait. Texts all through the night, yet if you miss a call then your name is taken off the board and then you don't get calls. Favoritism, as most of the people that work are related. Can't get in touch with payroll as someone previously posted, or you are given the run-around from management. Empty promises. I may not have been a driver, but watching how dedicated my boyfriend was because he felt bad about the customers and went above and beyond I felt his pain. I asked him to quit long before he finally did, and it was the best decision. If you believe this company is so great, then a lawsuit wouldn't have been filed stating that this company unfairly kept overtime wages from its roadside technicians!!!!! (Too much to type as this post could go on and on)
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Just a Question
Posted by on
I am thinking about going to work for this company and just wanted some advice. Is this company a good place to work. I need work bad and they said the pay was great. I just am wondering about all the tools they say I need to buy? Can I get by with just the starter tools they loan me for my deposit?
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Sophia Marie on 04/21/2011:
From what I can tell this is an independent contractor (1099) job for which you must use your own vehicle and be on call 24/7. The posting I saw said a hard worker can expect to make between $500 & $800 per week. This tells me that you will make a maximum of $500 per week MINUS State & Federal taxes which you will be responsible to pay. I know jobs can be difficult to find but this doesn't sound like a favorable opportunity to me.
Wes on 06/19/2011:
To be honest, delivering pizza isn't bad pay at all. With the minimum wage in-store and different wage-out of store, plus tips/compensation per run, if you work 35-40 hours a week you'll make 500$. If you got a decent mileage vehicle, you'd only be filling up once per week.
breakinchamp on 01/10/2012:
pleas do not go with this company unless its temporary and even if you do just keep in mind they will try to over work you. just go in with a strong mentality and let them know what your going to do trust me if they need you they won't argue. oh and keep your paperwork in order as if you needed to go to Cort with it. I have seen them not pay people that have family's with kids and get away with it
alv4way on 04/26/2012:
I don't know sophia but I have been sent 1099 for 4 different jobs in my life. the great thing about driving for this company is that you just track everything and then deduct when tax time comes. including miles you drive and everything. and you get tips too. I make a lot of money and am much happier then when I went to an office every day.
jktshff1 on 04/26/2012:
Easier to find a better job when ya got one.
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