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Worst Couch Ever!
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MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Jackson CatNapper couch in March '09 from Mealey's Furniture in Moorestown, NJ. We had problems with the middle cushion and it felt like you're sitting on plywood and sank in real low. They repaired the couch within the one year warranty, but now there's a rip in the cushion and the frame behind the middle cushion is broken, most likely because of the repair, and it still feels like you're sitting on plywood. We don't have young children and did not abuse the furniture. Now the reclining motors are digging into my new carpet and Jackson CatNapper and Mealey's told me I'm out of warranty and there's nothing they can do. They suggested I put plastic under the motors, which is absurd. I suggested they should design it without the motor laying on the floor. I also asked them if it says in my warranty that I should notify them of what type of rugs I should put in my house. There is nothing mentioned in the warranty about the type of floor the couch should sit on. They are both hiding behind this "1 year warranty" and after that is up, there's no help to the consumer for their manufacturing defects. Now this couch, that is a little over a year old, is a piece of crap. I'm afraid it's going to do more damage to my brand new rugs, so now we can't use the recliner. I will be throwing this couch in the trash and will not recommend Jackson CatNapper or Mealey's Furniture to anyone because they don't stand behind their product, and have no integrity. I am still waiting for a call back from the manager at Mealeys and Jackson Catnapper, it's been 5 days now.
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