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Excellent service!!
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My family and I received excellent service from JAL. They were courteous, helpful, and friendly. The flight attendants kept our drinks refilled during the 16 hour flight to Beijing, and always with a smile.

On the flight home, I had a very ill infant who required oxygen. The representative for JAL, Hong Kong, gave superior help to me and my family. He confirmed the we had oxygen available the entire time, and arranged for a quiet room in Tokyo for my daughter; we had a 3 hour layover. They provided an escort for both HKI and Tokyo Int'l, to take us directly to the gates.

The airplanes were clean, even after such long flights. The temperature in-flight was comfortable, and the choice of entertainment was great. The food was tasty, also.

I wish all airlines provided this level of service and comfort!!
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leet60 on 09/02/2010:
This does not surprise me. Japan, as a society, still has a very strong work ethic. Most when hired by a company are virtually guaranteed employment for their working lifetime as long as they perform in their position. The Japanese take their choice of career very seriously, and work very hard to meet the expectations of their employer. Overall they are a very respectful and polite society.

I am glad to hear you enjoyed your flight ane hope you have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country as a tourist one day.
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Japan Airline Stiffed Me
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OSAKA -- When I booked a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, China with a stopover at Osaka, my travel agent said that Japan Airline would provide a free night hotel during the return because the connection requires me to stay overnight.

Due to business reason, I had to delay my return trip from a Monday to Thursday. When I arrived at Guangzhou airport ready to take the return trip to LA, I was told by Japan Airline that I had to pay $150 extra in order to take the flight. The reason being that my second leg, from Osaka to LA, will be a Friday at a weekend rate, even though I started my journey on a Thursday. I was not happy but I had to pay anyway.

When I arrived at Osaka airport, expected to be shuttled to a hotel, Japan Airline sprung another surprise and said that they cannot provide me with the hotel room as promised because I had changed my reservation, even though my flights were identical. This time I refuse to pay and wound up staying overnight at the airport.

I think Japan Airline found ways to overcharge me and underdelivered their promise. I am very disappointed at JAL especially when I had such a pleasant stay in Japan earlier. I am writing this at 3am in Osaka airport because I cannot sleep in the airport lounge and I am very upset at JAL who caused this situation. I will never fly JAL again and I will never recommend JAL to anyone I know.
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Paul Pickle 6969 on 04/01/2004:
It is interesting how you demand that the airline keep their end of the bargain when you did not bother keeping yours! Next time, how about keeping your original, scheduled itinerary in order to get all of the perks that came with the itinerary that you purchased!
sarahnkrystal on 04/05/2004:
I'm sure if you had not changed your scheduled date, they would have kept up with their end of the bargain, maybe they had no room in a hotel for a last minute straggler.
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delayed flights
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TOYKO -- bad arrangement
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Anonymous on 10/08/2002:
bad review
Anonymous on 10/09/2002:
Ummmm, yeah.
Anonymous on 10/10/2002:
I can see you problem, not much to say you have. very interesting complain...................
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