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Rip Off at Jay Lee's Honda
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GLADSTONE, OREGON -- Short version. I bought a 2001 Cadillac Seville in mid-November 2008, $9995, traded in my 1997 Seville SLS on it. 2001 Caddy wouldn't pass DEQ, threw 3 codes, of course someone had deleted the codes to sell the car, wonder who? Brought it back the next day, also the passenger seat motor was inoperative, as well as the parking brake release and the rear defroster. I was assured that all would be fixed, 3 weeks later after being ignored for 2 weeks I was told come and get it it's done. To my surprise nothing had been done except for the codes being deleted. 4 weeks later after being ignored and many e-mails sent, I am asked if I would buy the caddy if the torque converter is repaired, $2700. Imagine my surprise, nobody knew and BTW, I still have not driven the car 1 full day, yet. I explained the whole thing to the service writer who had called. Now, it was all going to be fixed, YEAH! On 1/10/09, I go to pick up my car, finally, looks good, had to fight to get a new Trip Permit, as the tags were expired in May of 2008. The codes were gone and I was HAPPY, finally. The next morning while going to show a friend my new car, the codes showed up again. We got a scan tool and surprise there were the original codes again. I took the car back on 1/14/09. After an hour I was told that he, the service writer, didn't think he could fix it and did I want him to see if he could get me out of the car deal. I said yes, stupidly thinking that he meant eliminating the 2001 Cadillac deal. WHOA, that's not how it's done, I'm told by the NEW selling team, we can put you into a new car. I should have forced them to fix my original car, after 3 hours I ended up with a 2008 Civic, paying full sticker, getting hosed on the 2001 Seville, not worth what I paid for it, trading in my 2004 paid off Tiburon. So here I sit getting e-mails from my friends at Jaylee's Honda, driving a car that I never wanted, making payments. You see my original plan was to sell my Tiburon and pay off the Caddy.
Yep, I got brutally screwed at JayLee's and now you know, also. Don't get me wrong that Civic is a nice little car, but...

So this was the sales story, then at 15K miles, in for an oil change, they take out the air filter and the cabin air filter to show me that they are dirty, I agree to have them replaced, notice they took them out on their own, My bill was $120, the oil change was free, the labor for replacing the two filter was 57.75. If I had them replace the old ones it would have been $0, since they took them out on their own. Am I nuts or does that seem like a lot of money to put in the new filters instead of the old ones. So I called the dealership to complain and was told that the service writer was out, that usually happens at Jay Lee's, I was told that the Service Manager would call me back, well it's been a week now and no call. Big Surprise.

Do yourself and you and your family and friends a favor, DON't LET THEM GO TO JAY LEE'S HONDA, they will be ripped off.
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Very Dishonest Dealership!
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GLADSTONE, OREGON -- I purchased a 2007 Honda civic, however, I was not given any option to keep my car but encouraged to trade in my car to purchase the new car and the finance manager was very dishonest.

After I purchased the Honda I called after one business day to let them know I wanted to keep my original car and still purchase the Honda with only requesting a loan for that purchase of that car since I was not getting a fair deal with my trade in, however, the dealer's finance manager told me that he had already sold my trade in to a wholesaler without an approval of my car loan or the title to my car, which, at a later time I was told by the attorney generals office they are not allowed to sale my car without the title to it or an approval to my car loan and I should have 3 business days to change my mind on my trade in.

I lost 6,000 with -$4,000 negative equity and a $2,000 cash down payment!

I also called to complain to the sales manager of the store and he was very rude and unprofessional on the phone and the only comment he made was that I could bring in the new car and trade it in for a used car to lower the payments or if I did not make my payment within 10 bus. days of the loan he would repo my new car and I would have no car and two car loans!!

I do feel they took advantage of me, and would not recommend there dealership to any other customer. Honda is a good product, but be careful were you purchase there cars on what dealership your going to, to get a fair deal.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/05/2007:
You probably need a lawyer. What you should have done was walked into the dealer with a written notice that you were exercising your three day right of recision. At that point, their only choice would have been to get your car back, or pay you the difference.
Anonymous on 08/06/2007:
They are lying to you. They cannot see something that they do not own (without the title).
Do not believe a word they said and call DMV, they can lose their dealer’s license for this.
And trade-in is always worst deal that private sales.
And yes, they definitely took advantage of you.
poppapia on 08/06/2007:
Ken, the three day right of recission is a federal policy on sales that either take place at your residence, or involve financing or refinancing of your residence, nothing else. The three day return policy may be a state policy, but I have never heard of a state that had this regulation. My guess is the poster is confusing the three day with the federal regulation, which does not apply in this case.
runaway on 08/06/2007:
The OP ALWAYS had the option of keeping their other car; a dealer cannot force you to trade in, and I really doubt they would refuse to sell a car for lack of a trade in, unless the OP's financial situation was such that they could not be approved without getting rid of the other car note.
mommytotwo143 on 09/16/2011:
I'm pretty sure they did sell your car without the title illegaly. Last month I traded in my van for a newer one and they never paid off the trade-in. They have no title and they still sold it. I am now worried that there is no title for the new van I purchased from them as I still haven't received registration or plates and tabs. Do not buy from Jay Lee's Honda of Sumner!!!!!
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