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Not Even Worth Ten Cents!
Posted by on
I do have several cameras, but I wanted to get a little digital camera...nothing expensive, just something to use for posting pics on Ebay that uses a memory stick for easier uploading.

I came across a Jazz JDC64 Multi Mode Digital Camera which also gives you the ability to taking some video. As I mentioned, it is just a cheap little camera on sale for $50.00. So, I thought that was all I needed for Ebay purposes. And I thought it may be nice for a young child's first digital camera, if I was happy with it.

When I got it home, I started to read the instructions (Because I've never used one with memory sticks or video before)...I started on Page one of the instructions, you know the usual parts Identification, installing batteries and all that boring stuff.

I got to the batter installation and was floored by the way these instructions were written. Yes, they were written in English...but if I just told you HOW it was written, you wouldn't believe me! So...I had to scan a page of the instruction book so you can see for yourself!

You will notice the lack of and the misuse of periods and commas. Misuse of words and even missing words!

Are there any proofreaders in these companies anymore? That's as far as I went with it. Once I read the page that I've posted here, there was no way I was going any further. I packaged up the camera and returned it to the store.

When I returned the camera, I told the woman that I DID open it. She asked what was wrong with it and I told her. I told her the instructions are in English but written so poorly, you can't even understand them. She laughed and said, "Maybe it was made in China". I told her it looks like they were written in Chinese. She refunded my money with no problem and said she had two other people return the same camera because the pictures were all blurred.

Yes, they say you get what you pay for...but for fifty bucks, I didn't even get fifty cents worth!
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
I have a copy of the instructions that will be added to this review...please come back and view them...you HAVE to see it to believe it!
MRM on 09/16/2007:
I've have never heard of Jazz brand name. You get what you paid for. I thought you knew that already!
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
But I didn't' get my fifty bucks worth...that's the problem...LOL.
MRM on 09/16/2007:
Just spending $20 more will get you a HP 5.0 megapixel camera at City Circuit. I got one last month and it is great to own!
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
Thanks MRM...I'll check it out today. I appreciate your input!
MRM on 09/16/2007:
Anytime Debtorbasher. It does everything you have listed in your review including shooting videos and clear-cut instructions!
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
Great...I have a Gift Card from Circuit City that I have to use up anyway..so, I will check it out today........OH LIDDY! Hand it over dear!
Hugh_Jorgen on 09/16/2007:
Here's a web site that collects these types of strange translations - you might have a submission for them...

DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
I'm still waiting for Admin to attach the scan of the instructions.
MRM on 09/16/2007:
I hope the instructions has not been photoshopped!
old fart on 09/16/2007:
There should be a law that all instructions included with products like these be written and printed in the US.
At least some small part of our trade deficit would be erased!
Nohandle on 09/16/2007:
Good review DB. I don't recall you stating where you purchased it but at least you received a refund. I know of someone who purchased her first cell phone. Nothing fancy, just one of those where the invididual buys the phone and a top up card (prepay) and was ready. The instruction manual was clearly written, but the icons shown to familiarize a new user with the phone were nothing but a blur. She obviously had no problem finding someone to show her how to use it, but in your case not even being able to read the manual is something else. Why even include it?
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
I can make out what they MEANT when I read the instructions...it was kind of like reading reviews on here from certain members...it was just so poorly written that I just got frustrated with the idea that they are making money for something that obviously didn't have much thought put into it. Even if I didn't return it because of the instructions, I am sure it would have been returned for the poor quality of the pictures,which I didn't even get to, but like the woman said....two others were returned because of the poor picture quality. I actually laughed while reading the instructions...a second grader could have had better sentence structure.
Anonymous on 09/16/2007:
I had one like MRM was talking about and it still works great. It's good you got your money back and maybe you will get a good one this time. Good luck and good review.
DigitalCommando on 09/16/2007:
I is sorry for you problem. We as manufacturer take pride not to be made customer unhappy. The insructions is most helpful for you reading pleasure. Please do not be putted the camera into the oven to be roasted as it may emitted the poisonous and evil smell!...... DB, don't laugh, this was an actual item that I received. I wonder if they put these funny things in there to soften the anger of a bad product purchase.
old fart on 09/16/2007:
I purchased a set of Chinese made binoculars once that had the instructions, "do not fall nor give impact"
I've been ever so careful since....
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
Ponie on 09/16/2007:
Quite some time ago I picked up a couple of plastic stacker shelves. Was quite surprised that the instructions consisted of pictures only. The bigger surprise was they showed improper assembly! Thank goodness it was just a case of shoving the four legs into four molded holes on the shelf.

DigitalCommando, doesn't Jay Leno occasionally show those screwy labels and instructions? Maybe you should consider submitting this to him.
Anonymous on 09/16/2007:
Thanks DB, we were considering one of these for our daughter. I think we will skip it! :P
Anonymous on 09/16/2007:
We as American's do not understand how the Chinese think or do business. In their minds it all made sense to them. Just read today that the EU may ban all Chinese products as soon as October due to health and safety risks. American toy makers are raising toy prices 10% to cover all their losses, so we as consumers will pay for the mess as usual. And China has appointed a new anti poison czar: Meet Wu Yi. The 68-year old Vice Premier, the highest ranking woman in the Communist Party, has been tasked with one mission: toss the Chinese Poison Train back into the rapidly industrializing nation's toy-chest.
jktshff1 on 09/16/2007:
great review, this could be used as an example of how to write up a complaint.
Starlord on 09/16/2007:
These companies in China write the instrusctions, then tanslate them straight into English. this is done by Chinese who have never had any real teaching in the English language. Sometimes it can be really hilarious when an English speaker reads this unintentionally hilarious verbal mishmosh.
DebtorBasher on 09/16/2007:
I still have to laugh when I read this...I'm glad the scan finally came through!
DebtorBasher on 09/18/2007:
I told ya it was worth waiting for the instructions to upload on this review...It speaks for itself...no one would believe me if I just typed it myself...and I wouldn't want to be looked at as the dummy with all the errors. Once in every 10 years or so, I make my own...LOL!
mdh7341 on 09/18/2007:
DB, did you even try the camera? It's pretty straightforward. Just insert the memory card, then the batteries. The instructions for a lot of these "cheaper" electronics are usually translated from Chinese to simple English (probably using Google Translator!) I'm sure the camera would have worked just fine if you tried it. For kids, these are usually great too.
DebtorBasher on 09/19/2007:
Mdh7341, No, I didn't try it. I feel if they want my Amerian Dollar they should at least learn the American Language to use in their instruction booklet. When I returned it, the woman at the store told me they had others returned because the pictures were very poor quality and they were all blurred.
mdh7341 on 09/21/2007:
It was probably a VGA camera, which is what most cell phones use. They aren't for professional photos, usually something for kids to play with.
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