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Posted by on 07/05/2001
SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. I have done business with J.B. Robinson for over 25 years. Today I took a ring in that I bought 5 years ago. During that five years, about a month after I got the ring...so called JB Exclusive Ring. I had to get a BRAND NEW RING of the same gender. After a couple of years, I had to have the shank checked and fixed. During those years I had this service called ESP Lifetime.

In February of this year...I took my rings in for a check. Now on my fingers I have all JB.Robinson Rings. After having the rings checked. A lady signed a piece of paper as I handed her my packet. Not thinking any thing about it, and thought she did ok with signing my papers. Today I take another ring in to be fixed, as I lost a diamond, which is really tiny diamond...and they REFUSED to fix my ring for free, because the one paper was not signed. At the time I told the manager that I was in Feb 2001, had the rings cleaned and checked, and at that time also had one ring fixed. Today they refused me of any free service because of one page was not sign. I argued with the manager, and she said since it the ESP lifetime was not signed, therefore I could not get free service. Now all this is over a little tiny diamond. I have always bought jewelry from J.B. Robinson Jewelers, but the way I was treated today. NO WAY.

Just want to alert other women out there getting these ESP lifetime, and if you do not go into the store every six months, to have your ring check, plus it gets you into there store to buy buy buy...BUT if your papers are not signed correctly, then you loose. YOU pay for a service, and I know I was in the right, and it was my word against there's and no proof of writing which I thought the sales lady did sign the papers correctly, she didn't. So now I am stuck with a ring that I will take somewhere else. In the future I will never buy an ESP Lifetime. I paid $149.00 for a lifetime ESP, and look what I got zilch. This is so totally unfair. What ever happened to the Customer is right.

After 25 years with JB.Robinson Jewelers....I am heading somewhere else and no more Life time warranties, as this company just wants your money, and did not believe the customer. What a rip off. Pat
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Posted by miromaneks on 2004-03-23:
My husband and I had the same problem with JBR. The form didn't get signed and them they voided it. We even went back and had a lot of work done on my ring (new diamond) and they wouldn't reactivate it. For how much money we spend, I think my diamond quality sucks.
Posted by diamontologist on 2006-08-22:
I happen to work for JBR, and I just wanted to let you know where everybody posting to this is wrong. The ESP and the diamond bond inspections are two completely different things. There is no inspection required for the ESP at all. Everything is explained in the store at the time of purchase, but most people choose not to listen or just to ignore what we say. We say it for a reason, but nobody pays attention when we tell them what inspections they need to keep warranties valid, as evidenced by the confusion seen here. Also, in regards to diamond quality, the less money you spend, the lower quality diamond you get, plain and simple. Most people have unrealistic expectations as far as the diamonds they want versus the money they want to spend. Unless you are willing to part with thousands of dollars, you probably will not get the kind of diamond you want. So please, do us all a favor: pay attention, and stop complaining.
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Diamond Inspections
Posted by Diadey on 08/13/2004
OHIO -- The treatment that we received from Mary the manager at a JB Robinson's OH is nothing short of unacceptable and a disgrace to the company. We went in for our bi-annual exam for my diamond warranty, and in my ring registry there were various sheets with the records of my other visits (needed for my warranty). When they returned the newly stamped registry, the papers that had been inside were gone. We asked them to return them and they said that they didn't have them (and they sort of laughed about it). I called the JB Robinson's headquarters to find out if I needed that stamped record to maintain my warranty, and they said it is best to have it, and not to listen if stores say that I don't. I called this Mary and said to contact me if she found them. She called and said that she did and that she would mail them. I gave her the address. I waited 2-3 weeks, and nothing came. I called her back, and she said that she had the wrong address. I gave her the new address, and then didn't hear anything for 3 more weeks. I called again and she said that she forgot to send it. I even sent her a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE so that she couldn't mess it up. I waited a few more weeks and when we called, she said that she lost them. (Was she going to bother calling me to tell me that?) She said that there was nothing that she could do...very flippant about it. My husband got stern with her for the first time since this ordeal began, and after MUCH complaining, she agreed to make us a printout and mail it to us. It has been weeks since that and we still have nothing. This has been going on for more than 3 months. THis Mary is absolutely unprofessional, and seems very immature. She will not call us to update us on the situation, and she lies and makes excuses, hoping that we will go away. Maintaining my warranty is VERY important to me, and at this point, this is about more than just the registry history. It is about her unprofessional behavior. When you make as expensive of a purchase as a diamond, you expect perfect treatment. I will not ever go to JB Robinson's again because I don't want to deal with a place that tolerates this type of customer treatment.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-13:
You shouldn't have left the store without the papers or at least copies of them if you were that worried.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by William130 on 01/03/2011
OHIO -- If you are planning on purchasing from JRB or if you have already don so, such as myself, please consider this. My following experience, described below, show that JRB do not stand behind their product.

My wife, picked out her engagement ring from JBR. I admit I wasn't too enthusiastic about doing business with them but I was open minded, and furthermore I was stuck! They presented a slick sale pitch to me that the Extended Service Plan was included in the stated price. What they should have said was, "the Extended Service Plans (ESP) is additional, optional, and included in the bottom line price that I am telling you". I found this to be deceiving and borderline unethical. And I wound up returning to the store with my itemized receipt to get my money back for the ESP. Couldn't they have just been upfront and sold me on the benefits of the ESP rather than try to deceive me.

Furthermore, they boast that the diamond mountings are covered by a replacement guarantee as long as I have the ring inspected every so often. Sounds reasonable, right? Wrong! What they don't tell you is that if they notice or CLAIM to notice a loose stone, you must pay them for the repair in order to continue the replacement guarantee. Why wouldn't they just fix it and be glad that my diligence prevented then from having to replace the stone? And, if you chose not to pay for the so called needed repair, they will make notation on your account. How is that a guarantee? The only thing they guarantee is that if I pay them to keep the stoned set, they will never have to replace my stone!

Upon finding a loose stone on my wife's ring, I stated my discontent with this cleaver little loop hole in their plan. I then, very respectfully, stated that I was going to take the ring to an independent jeweler for the repair. My motivation to go to an independent jeweler included the price of service, turn around time, quality of service, and the proximity to my home. If those benefits didn't pan out, I would have certainly returned to JBR. Upon hearing that I was going to shop around the sales associate became enraged. She even hesitated to give me the rings back! I plan on returning to JBR after I get my repair to have my ring reinspected to continue the replacement guarantee. I can't wait to hear what they say about that!

Lastly, within one year, the plating on my wife ring is wearing off. It needs replated. Weather, this is normal or not is not the concern. My concern is that this should not be acceptable for any ring that is $1000+. Like I just said, I am aware that this will happen, but it should not be acceptable to a consumer. Consumers demand quality!

My advice to any consumer would be to avoid JBR. They clearly do not stand behind their product. I believe that good customer service will generate future business by virtue, it should not be designed as a ploy to lasso good customers into more charges.
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J.B. Robinson jewelers BATE & SWITCH on DIAMONDS
Posted by Luvyourpets10 on 09/28/2010
WALDORF, MARYLAND -- To all those who have been victimized by JBR I hope my info helps, I feel your pain. Try to not let the anger and suspicion get you because then you are still allowing this store to victimize and control you just do your best to use the laws already in place and document the heck out of EVERYTHING and remember GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL, I promise. I don't have time to commiserate further so anybodys' angry words will stay with them not me but I did want to help others that may go through the same thing get them help with the numbers below. I had the law behind me so no matter what is said on here JBR HQ had to work with us or they knew we could and would take legal action.

JBR CHARGED US FOR THE MORE EXPENSIVE DIAMONDS BUT GAVE US THE MUCH LOWER QUALITY, MUCH CHEAPER DIAMONDS WORTH OVER A $1,000+ but once threatened with the states attorney down in La Plata, MD they quickly tried to work with us. I should have followed through so others on here didn't go through what we had.

JBR is owned by Sterling Corp in Ohio 330-668-5756/ 330-665-7907
Bill is or was at least a few months back the head/master jeweler out of Tysons Corner or White Marsh 410-931-5380
You can contact the FTC.gov or State's Attorney of your state or even Ohio's state or Attorney General or BBB but these last 2 can't really enforce much like the states attorney can.

I will share the basic story there are too many details. We purchased several pieces of jewelry there at the Waldorf, MD mall location. These pieces were designed on paper only and comparison ring we should them that we wanted was tiny, for a woman. What we received was very poor quality jewelry the womens rings were huge like a mans ring (Nico the jewelry maker at the time apparently for the whole east coast must be blind and or lazy because his work was extremely sloppy, so sloppy that when I returned a few weeks later to try to get the jewelry repaired JBR tried to say these brand new pieces were really ANTIQUES and my woman's ring was really a mans ring, till they saw the receipts and matching photos of the rings). One salesperson tried to help us out by talking to Maryland's headquarters because she too could see how horrible our jewelry really was till her job was threatened. We documented everything, who we spoke with dates, times and what they said JUST LIKE THEY DO and through much tenacity we found the STERLING CORPORATIONS though their customer service reps lie and deceive an angry sorry bunch I finally got a their SUPERVISOR. They saw I followed through wasn't nasty in return and was not bluffing and ready to go to the police (I had been ripped off and to the states attorney; every state has one different than the attorney general which I could wipe my ass with; they were no help).So SEVERAL YEARS later that JBR tried to force me to sign a paper that I wouldn't sue them and tried to make us repay for our ring but we didn't. Again the Sterling Corp had to get involved and they did or I did what I said I would I stood out front of their store and politely told every single customer my whole story. HQ forced the Waldorf JBR rep to give us our ring without signing. I still wish I had at least let the state attorney know their dubious dealings so others don't got through the same so if my info helps another then great.
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Posted by drugdoc121 on 2010-09-28:
"I stood out front of their store and politely told every single customer how my story. I didn't have to sign we got our ring and some other things from the store ". This smells of blackmail...
Posted by Solumina on 2010-09-29:
I have no idea what the letter was about. All I get is that you were unhappy with the ring you got. Kind of sounds like you are mad about it being a men's ring but I would assume that you would have seen the ring before you paid for it.
Posted by luvyourpets10 on 2010-10-03:
"Any comment that is considered inappropriate, user harassment, mean, insulting, passive aggressive or disrespectful will result in a strike. If you receive three strikes your account is banned." I see you didn't read your the guidelines or your own emailS to me. What a shame it sounds like you are trying to be passive aggressive (your nasty comments about men not seeing a ring that was designed on paper), insulting (both emails), disrespectful (the anger in your emails) AND harassing (both emails). WOW not sure why all the anger toward me voicing how I was victimized by JB Robinson...MAYBE you work for that store. Do you? You asked if I ever saw the ring they haven't made yet, you answered your own question. How do you see a ring that hasn't been made yet? I think you work for JBR. Boy 2 emails to me I take that as harassment. You must be so angry that one email didn't make your point, I guess with the first one not making much sense you had to email another? Boy anger is not good for your body so yours must be a mess.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-10-03:
I am not a fan of chain jewelry stores. They all seem to churn out the same mass produced stuff.

You mentioned you bought several pieces and were not happy with the quality--why not return them immediately rather than keep them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-03:
I was wondering that too, Raven. Unless maybe it was custom jewelry they had to pay for in advance. But, I wouldn't have accepted it if it wasn't exactly what I had ordered.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-10-03:
OH!! I didnt think of that, singsing.....I bet it was custom made. I wouldnt have accepted it either.
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Poor Craftsmanship and Care
Posted by Lauren_alloway_08 on 07/01/2013
ZANESVILLE, OHIO -- My fiancé ordered my ring from JB Robinson on May 11, 2013 and they told him that since it was a custom designed ring that it would take a few weeks to get it made and in the way that he wanted. He picked it up May 25, 2013 and ended up surprising me with the proposal on June 1, 2013 with our friends present. I had my ring for 4 days and took it in to JB Robinson to get it sized because it was slightly big. Since I was sending it away to get sized I decided that I would like it engraved with our initials in cursive. I watched the sales associate write the note and they sent it away. Two weeks later my ring comes back to the store and they call me to let me know it is ready to pick up. When I go in to get my ring, the engraving is in bold block letters (not cursive as requested) and there is yellow on my white gold band. Simply unacceptable; so we send it back. They have my ring for another week and call me again on June 25, 2013 to let me know that my ring is in once again. I look at the ring and you cannot even read the initials that I requested be engraved into my band. They are on top of each other. At this point I am upset and crying in the middle of the store because they have not only messed up my ring for the 2nd time, it needs to be sent out AGAIN. I picked out a new font for the initials and told them that the numbers were good and not to change them. The manager was able to push back our first payment at my request because we did not wish to make a payment on a ring that I didn’t even get to wear the first few weeks of our engagement. We still get to pay the extra interest. I get my ring back June 28, 2013 and they have changed my numbers, and there is a dent in my band from where they have engraved my band.

At this point I have called it quits on getting any of my work done at JB Robinson. I took my ring and I have since gone to another jewelry store capable of doing work in their store. I had planned on buying our wedding bands at JB Robinson also, but have since changed my mind because of the poor craftsmanship and not so careful handling of my very expensive ring ($7100.00).

I could not be any more disappointed in my experience and do not plan on ever going back to purchase jewelry from this store. Would not recommend to anyone.
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Always a Good Experience
Posted by Lennonclock on 05/06/2013
My husband and I have done business with them for several years and have had great experiences. The staff is wonderful at the store at the century 3 mall in Pittsburgh, especially Barbara. My rings are beautiful and I've never had an issue with the gold or diamonds :)
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Posted by Smilie2772 on 09/20/2012
JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- Don't waste your time with this store. My husband purchased my wedding and engagement rings from JBR and had no complaints at the time. However you must have them inspected every 6 months to keep up the warranty, if you don't the warranty is voided. We have been married 3 years so had them in maybe 6-7 times. Twice now I've had to have them sent out to repair cracked diamonds in the bands...how cheap are these diamonds, no one else I know has had to have small diamonds repaired in their rings.

With this second repair I have been waiting 3 months and still have no ring. I was told the rings were in so I went to pick them up and 1 out of 3 rings were in. I was then informed that my other two rings were sent to the home office repair shop and they were sorry I wasn't informed of that. 2 weeks after picking up the ring I got a call letting me know that is what was taking so long. I was told it would be 6-8 weeks before they were in. It's been 11 weeks and no one calls to update me. I've called multiple times to find out the status and the repair shop is either closed or says they're still working on getting the diamonds. I'm not sure what's taking so long it's a jewelery repair shop, this is their job!

I was told they should be ready in the next 2 weeks, but I won't hold my breath as the 6-8 week deadline came and went a long time ago. The worst part for me is I did not have my rings for my anniversary, pictures with my pregnant belly, and more than likely won't have them for the birth of my child and the pictures following the birth : ( I'd rather have a ring with a cracked diamond that's too small to notice than no ring at all, but I don't get a say in the matter.
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Poor Customer Service and Repairs
Posted by Moberg.katie on 08/06/2012
FLINT, MICHIGAN -- I purchased our wedding jewelery from JB Robinson Jewelers in the Genessee Valley Center . I was told to bring my engagement ring and enhancers in two weeks prior the my wedding date to have sent in to be sized and soldered. I am only a few days from my wedding now and still don't have my ring after three weeks. Each time I have been told a date that my wedding bands will be in I have gotten the run around from the manager Gerry. One of the times I called to try to get an answer what was going on with my rings I was told to calm down they will take care of it I have plenty of time. I finally was told last week my ring was in to pick up...later than Gerry told me of course. When my finance and I went to pick it up on of the enhancers had a large gap in between in and the engagement ring and was crooked. I AM NOT PUTTING ON MY WEDDING BANDS AT MY WEDDING WHICH I TAKE AS A SYMBOL OF LOVE AND COMMITMENT TO JUST HAVE TO TURN AROUND AND TAKE IT OFF AGAIN TO GET SENT BACK TO BE FIXED FOR ANOTHER UNDISCLOSED AMOUNT OF TIME! This experience has been completely unacceptable to my fiance and I and everyone else I have told and will keep telling more of this. As of today I still don't have my wedding set! VERY UNHAPPY ALL AROUND WITH THIS SERVICE!
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Posted by Stevenber21 on 06/07/2012
AURORA, ILLINOIS -- JBRobinson has the WORST customer service of any company I have ever dealt with! The customer is NOT their first priority, their commission is! BE WARNED!

Here is my story: I bought an engagement ring in November 2011 from JBR Fox Valley, Aurora, IL. I proposed in January 2012. My fiancé wasn't happy with the ring so we took it back to JBR to pick a new setting and change the prongs because she didn't like the ones on the ring. The ring came back in the new setting; however, the setting/diamond was now crooked, there were gaps on the sides of the diamond, and the prongs were different sizes. So, we took the ring back AGAIN to get a diamond that was slightly larger in the table to cover the gaps, have the setting/diamond straightened, and have the prongs resized and consistent. The ring came back and now the diamond that was put in the ring was crookedly cut and they put the original prongs back on the ring that my fiancé specifically said she didn't want in the beginning. We took this botched up ring home hoping to just live with it since we were so sick of not being heard. Some time had passed and my fiancé just thought she would get a wedding band and just wear that (sadly enough). Well, the whole process started again. We ordered the band but wanted it shaved down to match the engagement ring. It came back unshaved. It doesn't even remotely match the engagement ring and we were told that was the only band that goes with that ring (which we found it was not – there are a few to choose from). So, we left again feeling defeated and very unhappy.

After numerous attempted phone calls to the store, and then calls not being returned, and visits to the store; we decided to just call JBR customer service to see what could be done, and hopefully just return everything. Customer service told us we had to go to a store, any store, to have the ring inspected and that they could help us. We went to the Joliet, IL location since we were sick of the lack of service and botched up repairs through the Fox Valley location. The assistant manager at Joliet, IL called corporate while we were there and corporate investigated our purchase and repair history. Part of the investigation is them calling the store of which the ring was purchased. Apparently, the assistant manager at Fox Valley is married to the manager at Joliet. The assistant manager at Fox Valley told her husband at Joliet not to return or exchange our ring and so he did not. In fact, he wasn't even on site that night but he called the Joliet store and specifically told the assistant manager to who was researching for us, not to exchange or return our purchase! WHAT?!

All we would have liked at this point in time was to not be treated like criminals and for JBR to compromise and at least let us return the wedding band; especially with the pattern of returns, visits and frustrations we’ve had with them! I really hope corporate JBR is aware of the shadiness that is happening amongst their stores! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Social media sites…here we come!

Don’t let this happen to you! Go to Zale to buy your diamonds!
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Never go back
Posted by Eislemike on 01/11/2012
VIRGINIA BEACH -- My Fiance purchased a citizen watch at JBR for my Christmas present. Before I realized it isn't worth it to me to have a watch(I have a cell phone). I decided to comparison shop. I found it for $200 cheaper at multiple reputable sources online. When I went to return it 14 days after she purchased it. The sales lady would not accept it back until I got on the phone with Customer service and threatened to go to every review site I could find and write about my experience. She then reluctantly took it back per their 30 day full refund policy. Even if they were not way over priced there is no way I would go back to them or their affiliates.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2012-01-11:
What was the reason for not accepting the return?
Posted by onlooker on 2012-01-11:
If you read through comments regarding on-line sales, and delivery for Christmas, even the reputable companies had trouble. I think your Fiance/e went the safe and secure and reliable repair warranty route that cost 200US$ more - S/he took it on the chin to get you a good watch and have it in hand for Christmas. After Christmas you wanted to return it fine.
Why were they denying the return - opened, used, reset, band sizing, special discounted price??
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