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J.B. Robinson Jewelers
14600 Lakeside Circle, Unit 1230 Lakeside Mall
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
00-800-9001-0044 (ph)
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Always a Good Experience
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Rating: 5/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I have done business with them for several years and have had great experiences. The staff is wonderful at the store at the century 3 mall in Pittsburgh, especially **. My rings are beautiful and I've never had an issue with the gold or diamonds :)

Warranty Issues
By -

I bought a ring Nov 2009. I had it cleaned and inspected every 6 months or so per the warranty instructions. However, the last time that I had it done, 8-13-2011, the employee, **, did NOT record the cleaning in the computer or give me documentation.(Everything was alright when he checked it out). As a result, when my diamond fell out 9-13-11, the warranty was voided because this employee did not document it or give me a receipt. As a result of this, I am complaining to everyone I know NOT TO SHOP AT JB ROBINSONS. He had my info pulled up, but couldn't type it in? I suspect this was done intentionally to void the warranty.

Total Experience was unprofessional, to say the least.
By -

UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- December 2010 I dropped my ring off in the Uniontown, Pa JBR store to have it resized. After waiting three weeks, I received a call from them explaining that a diamond had fallen out and it would be sent out again for repairs. In February 2011 I moved to Morgantown Wv (still no word about my ring). Finally, near the end of March, I call the Uniontown store to check the status of my ring. The associate (**) explains to me that they have no record of me ever dropping off a ring at any of there store. She said the receipt I had was basically useless and SHE PRETTY MUCH CALLED TO "A PERSON TRYING TO STEAL A RING."

Several calls later her story remained the same - her rudeness and unprofessionalism and name calling remained the same. She told me she checked everywhere, even calling corporate office with no records. Finally I drove in, and same story, same woman. I HAD TO CALL THE STATE POLICE TO FILE A POLICE REPORT. Then "suddenly she found the ring".. she called corporate office and found out my ring had been shipped to the Morgantown JBR. Kind of fishy, huh?!

I travel an hour back to pick up my ring, and I kid you not, 20 after I'm home I notice a diamond is missing from my ring, yet again. NEVER, EVER AGAIN WILL I TRUST JBR JEWELERS, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. I'm hoping tomorrow I can get my diamond replaced without a problem.. I'm not letting this ring out of my sight... and when it's done, I'm taking it to another company to be checked to make sure no diamonds were replaced with fakes.

Faulty Jewelry
By -

This is the worst jewelry store ever and I will NEVER purchase anything from there again. I bought a watch from them that was apparently scratched when I purchased it. When I tried to return it they said they wouldn't take it back because of the scratches it had, that it had been "worn." They are running a scam because the watch remained in the box from the day it left the store until the day it went back. I advise people to NEVER purchase anything from here and if you do you better check the jewelry VERY carefully.

When I talked to corporate the response was "We talked to the manager and he said it was worn so we have to go by his statement since he's the manager. " and she kept stating that the policy did not allow them to accept a worn watch. If they can't accept returns of worn watches (even though the one I purchased was never worn) they should not let people try them on.

Terrible Customer Service, Rude managers
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ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My son bought a ring from them for his girlfriend, the diamond was damaged, so she took it up to have it fixed. The ticket was put in her name. My son went to pick up the ring when it was finished and they told him he can't have it cause the ticket is in her name. Yet, he paid for the ring and they have proof of it. The manager was very rude and laughed in my son's face telling him tough crap. I will be telling everyone I know about this, he will tell everyone, and so on and so on.

Word of mouth is the fastest way to get bad news around. No one I know will ever buy from them again. I've already told my co-workers and the one said they looked at rings there two weeks ago and were planning on purchasing their wedding rings there, but will now go elsewhere because they don't want to buy from a company with such a bad reputation and bad customer service. I see now why they have so many bad reviews.

I Understand Marking Up The Price But Get Real
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My sister purchased two 14k gold wedding rings and they tried to charge her $1100.00 each. She found the original paperwork which sold the rings at $699.00 each. When she questioned them about the pricing they told her that the rings were more now because the price of gold has gone up and the original pricing was from the year 2000. This is of course a load of crap since even at today's gold pricing the rings are barely worth the $699 price even with the mark up. I would tell everyone to stay away from their stores and PLEASE comparative shop before even considering them.

BTW... when I called and spoke to the assistant manager and basically told her the pricing was so inflated it was ridiculous she said "Well it is always the person's choice whether or not they want to buy the rings." Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.

They've Ruined My Wedding Ring
By -

TAYLOR, MICHIGAN -- In May 2008 I took my wedding ring to JBRobinson Jewelers to have the shank repaired as it had broken. The ring sat in the shop for 2 weeks. They said it would be back in 10 days. After I inquired they said, "Oh, no one called you? They cannot repair it, you have to have the shank replaced for $90." Okay, fine I said. So another 2 weeks went by and the ring was sent back with a beautiful new shank on it. BUT it was a size 3! I wear a 5 3/4! So they sent it back and they mangled it. They just stretched it out.

We sent it back for fixing. They fixed it, got the size right. The person who had taken it from a 3 to a 5 3/4 heated it up and just pulled on it and the entire ring was disfigured. I wore it for a month and then noticed that a diamond fell out of the shank because of the poor repair they had done. So I took it back in tears as this is my wedding ring and it will never be the same ring blessed at my wedding. They said they wanted their best guy on it but he was out of town and I had to wait a week. Then, I called back and they said (after the first week) that the guy was at their corporate office and wouldn't be back for another week.

Now we are into week 3, I called this past Friday, they said they would check on it and call me back. Never did. I called today, and someone will get back to me later today. This is my wedding ring and they screwed it up and no one seems to care! I'm waiting to hear if the guy at the shop will recast the entire ring as it is too disfigured to repair. HELP!

Botched Repair
By -

WESTLAND, MICHIGAN -- On January 12, I presented my Wittnauer TTC for repair. I was told I would get an estimate in 10 days. After two weeks I called to check the status of my estimate and was told they would call in a couple of days. After the third week had gone by I called again and was told someone would return my call that day. I waited three hours and paid the store a visit. Needless to say I was steamed and upon my entry I demanded to get the name and location of the repair facility. They notified mall security instead. I calmed down and let them do a song and dance about allowing them to resolve the issue.

This was a Sunday so they asked me to wait to hear from them no later than Tuesday. The following Friday I received a call from them saying the watch was ready and the repair was $170. I went in to retrieve my item and immediately noticed that the sweeping second hand was missing. I asked the manager what happened. He smiled, took my watch, moved the crown (to actuate the hands) and handed it back to me. I was getting heated again, but gave in to restraint and asked him for the detailed invoice that described the repair. He gave me a white piece of paper with "$170.00" written on it and began to ring it up. I sent their customer service an email early this morning and I await the bull to follow.

I wish I would've read about them before my ordeal. Please share my pain and boycott this chain. If they follow up and rectify this situation I will repost. Judging from their rating I doubt that you will see anything positive from me or anyone else.

Diamond Inspections
By -

OHIO -- The treatment that we received from Mary the manager at a JB Robinson's OH is nothing short of unacceptable and a disgrace to the company. We went in for our bi-annual exam for my diamond warranty, and in my ring registry there were various sheets with the records of my other visits (needed for my warranty). When they returned the newly stamped registry, the papers that had been inside were gone. We asked them to return them and they said that they didn't have them (and they sort of laughed about it). I called the JB Robinson's headquarters to find out if I needed that stamped record to maintain my warranty, and they said it is best to have it, and not to listen if stores say that I don't. I called this Mary and said to contact me if she found them. She called and said that she did and that she would mail them. I gave her the address. I waited 2-3 weeks, and nothing came. I called her back, and she said that she had the wrong address. I gave her the new address, and then didn't hear anything for 3 more weeks. I called again and she said that she forgot to send it. I even sent her a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE so that she couldn't mess it up. I waited a few more weeks and when we called, she said that she lost them. (Was she going to bother calling me to tell me that?) She said that there was nothing that she could do...very flippant about it. My husband got stern with her for the first time since this ordeal began, and after MUCH complaining, she agreed to make us a printout and mail it to us. It has been weeks since that and we still have nothing. This has been going on for more than 3 months. THis Mary is absolutely unprofessional, and seems very immature. She will not call us to update us on the situation, and she lies and makes excuses, hoping that we will go away. Maintaining my warranty is VERY important to me, and at this point, this is about more than just the registry history. It is about her unprofessional behavior. When you make as expensive of a purchase as a diamond, you expect perfect treatment. I will not ever go to JB Robinson's again because I don't want to deal with a place that tolerates this type of customer treatment.


SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. I have done business with J.B. Robinson for over 25 years. Today I took a ring in that I bought 5 years ago. During that five years, about a month after I got the ring...so called JB Exclusive Ring. I had to get a BRAND NEW RING of the same gender. After a couple of years, I had to have the shank checked and fixed. During those years I had this service called ESP Lifetime.

In February of this year...I took my rings in for a check. Now on my fingers I have all JB.Robinson Rings. After having the rings checked. A lady signed a piece of paper as I handed her my packet. Not thinking any thing about it, and thought she did OK with signing my papers. Today I take another ring in to be fixed, as I lost a diamond, which is really tiny diamond...and they REFUSED to fix my ring for free, because the one paper was not signed. At the time I told the manager that I was in Feb 2001, had the rings cleaned and checked, and at that time also had one ring fixed. Today they refused me of any free service because of one page was not sign. I argued with the manager, and she said since it the ESP lifetime was not signed, therefore I could not get free service. Now all this is over a little tiny diamond. I have always bought jewelry from J.B. Robinson Jewelers, but the way I was treated today. NO WAY.

Just want to alert other women out there getting these ESP lifetime, and if you do not go into the store every six months, to have your ring check, plus it gets you into there store to buy buy buy...BUT if your papers are not signed correctly, then you loose. YOU pay for a service, and I know I was in the right, and it was my word against there's and no proof of writing which I thought the sales lady did sign the papers correctly, she didn't. So now I am stuck with a ring that I will take somewhere else. In the future I will never buy an ESP Lifetime. I paid $149.00 for a lifetime ESP, and look what I got zilch. This is so totally unfair. What ever happened to the Customer is right.

After 25 years with JB.Robinson Jewelers....I am heading somewhere else and no more Lifetime warranties, as this company just wants your money, and did not believe the customer. What a rip off. Pat

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