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Always a Good Experience
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I have done business with them for several years and have had great experiences. The staff is wonderful at the store at the century 3 mall in Pittsburgh, especially Barbara. My rings are beautiful and I've never had an issue with the gold or diamonds :)
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Months to repair
Posted by on
Bought the ring 1st of November in 2010 and now one week ago in Feb. of 2011 it is repaired. I was in and out of the store for months on the same issue of diamonds falling out. Never again will I go back and I even wrote a letter to all the big wigs and no response. My experience was just terrible and will never go back.
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Ytropious on 02/27/2011:
Hubs got my ring from Kay (which is also part of sterling jewelers) and they do free inspections. You can bring your ring in any time and have them check for a loose stone. Hubs bought the lifetime warranty on it which mandates we bring it in every 6 months for an inspection, and if a stone gets lost they replace it for free. Not a bad deal really.
Skye on 02/27/2011:
Did you ask them why it had taken so long, and what was their reason?
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Terrible Customer Service, Rude managers
Posted by on
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My son bought a ring from them for his girlfriend, the diamond was damaged, so she took it up to have it fixed. The ticket was put in her name. My son went to pick up the ring when it was finished and they told him he can't have it cause the ticket is in her name. Yet, he paid for the ring and they have proof of it. The manager was very rude and laughed in my sons face telling him tough crap. I will be telling everyone I know about this, he will tell everyone, and so on and so on. Word of mouth is the fastest way to get bad news around. No one I know will ever buy from them again. I've already told my co-workers and the one said they looked at rings there two weeks ago and were planning on purchasing their wedding rings there, but will now go elsewhere because they don't want to buy from a company with such a bad reputation and bad customer service. I see now why they have so many bad reviews.
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FlShopper on 03/23/2010:
It's unfortunate that the manager was rude, but I think giving the item only to the person whose name is on the ticket is a fair policy.
Also, since she's the one who wears it, she would be the best person to judge that the ring was fixed to her satisfaction. She should've gone to pick it up.
PepperElf on 03/23/2010:
very good point

I've had the same thing when getting computer repairs

the shop wouldn't let me have my computer back without the receipt
the only reason I got it back was because I found one of the original paperwork items for it proving that it was indeed mine (serial number etc).

is there a reason why she can't go and pick it up?
I mean it's not like they just chucked it in the trash after sending your son away
momsey on 03/23/2010:
If the manager was rude, that is completely unacceptable. Did the manager really say "tough crap" or was that your son's inference?

However, if I dropped a diamond ring off to be fixed, I would expect the jewelry store not to release it to anyone but me. Imagine if your son and his girlfriend had broken up since he bought her the ring, and this was his chance to get it back and the jewelry store released it to him just because he paid for it?

It doesn't matter if he paid for it, he gave it to his girlfriend, and it's her property.
Ytropious on 03/23/2010:
How was the diamond damaged? Are you sure it didn't come with an inclusion in it? It's nature, not damage. My diamond has an inclusion in it. It's a matter of safety, name's have to match. They just want to make sure valuables like that are given to the right people.
Venice09 on 03/23/2010:
If your son had the ticket, I think he should have been able to pick it up. Having the ticket in his possession is an indication that he had permission to pick up the ring. The store could have tried to call his girlfriend to confirm instead of just refusing to give him the ring. Sometimes a little common sense and consideration go a long way.
gldc on 07/02/2010:
I have the same or similar experience; the JB Robinson District manager says well; just don't shop here anymore without apologizing. Then she said; ghetto customer like you our company do not need your business. I do not know what to says; but pray for them as I am not going to scoop my level to them. If the District manager of JB Robinson in St. Charles Towne Mall Waldorf Maryland is rude and nasty what do you expect in her employees. I just learned not to shop with them anymore. I've been shopping for them for over 20 years never again. I was scammed. Please educate your self first before buying just an eye oppener. People or bad people exist. all it matter to then is sale. No more customer service value or respect. The Sterling District Manager in JBR; Shaws, Kays and Jared are the same so your not getting nowhere. This is the nastiest and rudest District manager I've ever encountered.
KaysMonster on 09/22/2010:
Actually it's by law that they can't give it to him, it doesn't matter if he bought it. That's just a fact. If you sent out your diamond ring and say you were married and while it was out your husband divorced you, went ot he store and took your ring because he had paid for it, I'm sure you wouldn't be too happy then either. I'm sure they were just doing their job, so it makes sense.
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I Understand Marking Up The Price But Get Real
Posted by on
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My sister purchased two 14k gold wedding rings and they tried to charge her $1100.00 each. She found the original paperwork which sold the rings at $699.00 each. When she questioned them about the pricing they told her that the rings were more now because the price of gold has gone up and the original pricing was from the year 2000. This is of course a load of crap since even at today's gold pricing the rings are barely worth the $699 price even with the mark up. I would tell everyone to stay away from their stores and PLEASE comparative shop before even considering them.

BTW...when I called and spoke to the assistant manager and basically told her the pricing was so inflated it was ridiculous she said "Well it is always the persons choice whether or not they want to buy the rings." Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.
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Anonymous on 01/04/2009:
The price of pure gold in 2000 was about $272/troy oz. Notice that's for pure gold not 14k. These days the price for pure hovers around $850/troy oz. You could have been more tactful in dealing with them or simply walked away. There are plenty of other places to buy rings.
lnewport on 01/04/2009:
I agree with PassingBy. And the assistant manager was right. No one is forcing you to buy the ring.
Graphix on 01/04/2009:
You are right and we did return the rings. I trade pm's and I am quite aware of the value. My sister however is not and the purpose of the complaint was to inform other people who may not be aware. Maybe my post will keep someone else from being gouged out of their money. Sorry if you have a problem with me informing people about their inflated prices PassingBy.
Anonymous on 01/04/2009:
The rings were $1,100 today, but the original cost in 2000 was $699 - Where did your sister find this original paperwork? Regardless, an increase of $400 over 8 years is pretty good, all things considered. And, I think you will find the same inflated prices at most stores; this is surely not unique to J.B. Robinson.
Graphix on 01/04/2009:
financially - she preordered the rings 2 weeks ago and the sales paperwork said $699 each. She went to pick them up yesterday and they told her it was $1100 each. She took her original paperwork back in and they told her they would discount one of the rings to the $699 price but the other would have to be at $1100. She found the same style rings at another jeweler for $499 each so it worked out OK but point is they should have at least honored the pricing they gave her.
Anonymous on 01/04/2009:
Thanks for clarifying, Graphix. In that case, your sister should have got the rings for $699, if that was the price stated in the sales paperwork. I completely agree that the store should have honoured the price in the pre-order paperwork. This sort of thing is more than price inflation - sounds like some deceptive pricing.
Anonymous on 01/05/2009:
Now that you have clarified the incident your complaint makes sense. At first it appeared you complained about the price from years ago to now. A report ought to be made with the local attorney general. Unless the sales order contained wording that allowed them to raise the price after the fact what they have done is illegal.
yoke on 01/05/2009:
When she pre-ordered the rings did she leave a deposit?
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Diamond Inspections
Posted by on
OHIO -- The treatment that we received from Mary the manager at a JB Robinson's OH is nothing short of unacceptable and a disgrace to the company. We went in for our bi-annual exam for my diamond warranty, and in my ring registry there were various sheets with the records of my other visits (needed for my warranty). When they returned the newly stamped registry, the papers that had been inside were gone. We asked them to return them and they said that they didn't have them (and they sort of laughed about it). I called the JB Robinson's headquarters to find out if I needed that stamped record to maintain my warranty, and they said it is best to have it, and not to listen if stores say that I don't. I called this Mary and said to contact me if she found them. She called and said that she did and that she would mail them. I gave her the address. I waited 2-3 weeks, and nothing came. I called her back, and she said that she had the wrong address. I gave her the new address, and then didn't hear anything for 3 more weeks. I called again and she said that she forgot to send it. I even sent her a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE so that she couldn't mess it up. I waited a few more weeks and when we called, she said that she lost them. (Was she going to bother calling me to tell me that?) She said that there was nothing that she could do...very flippant about it. My husband got stern with her for the first time since this ordeal began, and after MUCH complaining, she agreed to make us a printout and mail it to us. It has been weeks since that and we still have nothing. This has been going on for more than 3 months. THis Mary is absolutely unprofessional, and seems very immature. She will not call us to update us on the situation, and she lies and makes excuses, hoping that we will go away. Maintaining my warranty is VERY important to me, and at this point, this is about more than just the registry history. It is about her unprofessional behavior. When you make as expensive of a purchase as a diamond, you expect perfect treatment. I will not ever go to JB Robinson's again because I don't want to deal with a place that tolerates this type of customer treatment.
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Anonymous on 08/13/2004:
You shouldn't have left the store without the papers or at least copies of them if you were that worried.
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Posted on
SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. I have done business with J.B. Robinson for over 25 years. Today I took a ring in that I bought 5 years ago. During that five years, about a month after I got the ring...so called JB Exclusive Ring. I had to get a BRAND NEW RING of the same gender. After a couple of years, I had to have the shank checked and fixed. During those years I had this service called ESP Lifetime.

In February of this year...I took my rings in for a check. Now on my fingers I have all JB.Robinson Rings. After having the rings checked. A lady signed a piece of paper as I handed her my packet. Not thinking any thing about it, and thought she did OK with signing my papers. Today I take another ring in to be fixed, as I lost a diamond, which is really tiny diamond...and they REFUSED to fix my ring for free, because the one paper was not signed. At the time I told the manager that I was in Feb 2001, had the rings cleaned and checked, and at that time also had one ring fixed. Today they refused me of any free service because of one page was not sign. I argued with the manager, and she said since it the ESP lifetime was not signed, therefore I could not get free service. Now all this is over a little tiny diamond. I have always bought jewelry from J.B. Robinson Jewelers, but the way I was treated today. NO WAY.

Just want to alert other women out there getting these ESP lifetime, and if you do not go into the store every six months, to have your ring check, plus it gets you into there store to buy buy buy...BUT if your papers are not signed correctly, then you loose. YOU pay for a service, and I know I was in the right, and it was my word against there's and no proof of writing which I thought the sales lady did sign the papers correctly, she didn't. So now I am stuck with a ring that I will take somewhere else. In the future I will never buy an ESP Lifetime. I paid $149.00 for a lifetime ESP, and look what I got zilch. This is so totally unfair. What ever happened to the Customer is right.

After 25 years with JB.Robinson Jewelers....I am heading somewhere else and no more Lifetime warranties, as this company just wants your money, and did not believe the customer. What a rip off. Pat
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miromaneks on 03/23/2004:
My husband and I had the same problem with JBR. The form didn't get signed and them they voided it. We even went back and had a lot of work done on my ring (new diamond) and they wouldn't reactivate it. For how much money we spend, I think my diamond quality sucks.
diamontologist on 08/22/2006:
I happen to work for JBR, and I just wanted to let you know where everybody posting to this is wrong. The ESP and the diamond bond inspections are two completely different things. There is no inspection required for the ESP at all. Everything is explained in the store at the time of purchase, but most people choose not to listen or just to ignore what we say. We say it for a reason, but nobody pays attention when we tell them what inspections they need to keep warranties valid, as evidenced by the confusion seen here. Also, in regards to diamond quality, the less money you spend, the lower quality diamond you get, plain and simple. Most people have unrealistic expectations as far as the diamonds they want versus the money they want to spend. Unless you are willing to part with thousands of dollars, you probably will not get the kind of diamond you want. So please, do us all a favor: pay attention, and stop complaining.
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Diamond Ring Purchase
Posted by on
I recently purchased a diamond ring from JB Robinson Jewelers, and I am very pleased with the purchase, and the service was Great!!! I purchased jewelry before, and I am very picky when it comes to fine jewelry, but J. B. Robinson Jewelers came through for me.
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madconsumer on 03/13/2009:
this is a great review. just proves there is still customer service.

very helpful.
Alain on 03/13/2009:
Nice to see a good review. Will file away for use.
Anonymous on 03/13/2009:
Agree 100% with both comments above. Where are these guys located?
Anonymous on 03/13/2009:
Agree 100% with both comments above.
Ponie on 03/13/2009:
I like the music in their commercials. Haven't made a purchase from them--yet.
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