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Illegitimate Collection Agency Doing Illegal Tactics
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
The illegitimate collection agency bought my wife's debt for pennies a dollar which she actually only owed about 100 dollars back in 2004 or 2005. This was the last time she went delinquent on not paying around 100 dollars from Capital One. I am not here to talk on why she didn't pay at that time, but rather to talk about that company.

J. C. Christensen & Associates "bought" the debt for pennies a dollar and is trying to make my wife pay 1,445 dollars. There is no way she will pay 1,445 dollars - maybe 200 to 300 dollars including interests at the most, but NOT 1445 dollars!

The collection agency offered a settlement of one time lump pay of 800 dollars or four payments of 250 dollars. They threatened my wife with lawsuit if she does not pay within a week. They used offensive language and do not care if my wife is on Social Security disability.

After researching on J. C. Christensen & Associates, I had found out that it has brought up many old debts way past SOL and scaring people with threats. They were fined many times in past.

So I decided to write the Censor and Desist letter to J. C. Christensen to cease in communicating with us or I will report their actions to: Federal Trade Commission and the state Attorney General. I sent them a certified mail which they got that letter last Wednesday.

I do not believe that we owed 1445 dollars just because they bought pennies for dollar (if Capital One deals with us directly, fine, but not 1445, but around 200 to 300 dollars at max). Also, my wife is on Social Security Disability and do not have any assets. Oregon SOL is six years and it has been over six years since she was delinquent. In additionally, she should be able to get that removed from her credit report very soon since it is almost 7 years.

I just wanted the public to be aware of this illegitimate collection agency that should not be in the business. My friend who was contacted by other collection agency said that it was very friendly and reasonable.

Thanks, THartmann9374
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/05/2012:
A very helpful review! I'm glad to hear that you've involved both the Federal and State authorities. It takes a while, but upon occasion these companies do get legal action that results in fines or even shutting them down.
Credit Basher on 08/05/2012:
Don't admit to them that you owe the debt, or discuss payment arrangements. Your story should be that you don't owe the debt because the SOL has expired.
DebtorBasher on 08/05/2012:
Also...it is against the FDCPA for them to threaten with a lawsuit if they do not have any intention on filing a lawsuit...they can not use that as a scare tactic and is considered 'misleading'.

Hopefully, when you sent them the C&D letter, you sent it registered with return receipt so you will have proof of when they were officially notified and keep records of any communication attempts they make after they got the notice. KEEP RECORDS of everything!
THartmann9374 on 08/05/2012:
My wife do not owe any debts to J.C. Christensen because it bought her debt for pennies. That is a theft! If they want money back, repay back on pennies that it bought, hehe.
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