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Never Contacted Me. Updated August 1, resolving in 30 days

HUNTLEY, ILLINOIS -- I moved several years ago and due to a recent credit report found out Penney's did not keep my current information up to date in their billing section. They did not change my address or keep a current record of my phone number. Because of this they supposedly billed me for items I purchased a year ago, but I never received a bill since they failed to update my records. This bill went to collections but NO ONE has the decency to tell me what items I purchased and what store I purchased them from. I spoke to the guy at litigations and he was quite sensible.

I also spoke to JC PENNEY and was told they no longer have records on me so they couldn't possibly tell me what my purchase was. I spoke to AIS and they also said they were unable to tell me the items I purchased. I was given at least 4 to 5 other phone numbers to call to get answers to my questions. Most of the people I spoke with were pleasant but Tamara ** at AIS was rude and actually hung up on me when I told her my biggest problem was paying for a purchase I (supposedly made) and not being reminded of what it was from a year ago.

I asked her "Would you remember what you bought one year ago, when you have bought numerous items from this store over the years?" It especially bothers me that I was a past employee of Penney's with very good standing. How is it that I have paid for items by check and other means with my address appearing on there within the past year but yet their computers don't have a current update? How do they continue to send me sale fliers and catalogs but their systems did not have my current address, etc. I am very disappointed with Penney's and will pass the word about what has transpired.

The bill has been paid and I still don't know what I paid for, I would appreciate knowing and getting an apology from JC PENNEY. I hope this has been cleared on my credit record!!! Humans are a species of constant error! I had a check off list of all my contacts to inform of an address change before we moved. Was the error due to a computer glitch, data entry entered error or did I somehow miss that one company? Regardless they have had numerous opportunity by recent purchases to come across my current address and phone number. The refusal to remind me of what my (supposed) purchase is totally uncalled for.

I take pride in getting my bills paid and show a strong history of this. I would not take the time or bother to let the public know about this unless I felt it would be of benefit to those who care about such things as I do. I realize there are many people that are without conscience and don't feel that they have to pay for their purchases but thank God I am not one of them. Currently thieves are becoming craftier at their profession. As a consumer we have the right to know what we are paying for regardless of the company who is the informant. In this case the collection agency should be able to provide that information.

I still believe an apology should be initiated and I have the RIGHT to know what I paid for. For the third time on my credit report an alert has been sent to me showing the same unpaid bill from Penney's. The only change on the information posted is 3 different June dates. I spoke to Litigations and asked why they continue to post this since the bill has been paid. Litigations said the payment will not show for up to 90 days and this would be on my credit record for 7 years, what kind of doo doo is this?

I also told them I want a receipt of my payment. Litigations mentioned as far as having some proof of what my purchase was from a year ago I have to write the credit company who posted the alerts. All this for the (supposed) purchase of item(s) totaling under $100. I wrote the credit company and I have written Penney's and consumer care. The credit companies response was I must write them back with valid id's ensuring them that I am who in fact I say I am or no such luck to find out what my item(s) is that I just paid for. (Explain to me please why anyone else would be interested in clearing my credit.)

My unrest will continue until someone answers my question about "What was I billed for and what location did I purchase it from." Anyone have any suggestions how I can get some results? I spoke to the Vice President of Operations, Jason ** and this issue is near being resolved. It will take 30 days to adjust my credit rating back to good standing. I will also be reimbursed for the extra charges that were applied to the bill. The error took place when the item I ordered went to the current address and the bill went to an old address. I understand Penney's is in the planning for querying addresses so this type of error does not continue.

I spoke to Jason last week and he was uncertain how long it would take to clear this matter up with my credit companies but by Wednesday he had the final answer. I appreciate everything Jason has done for me and this is the type of man you want working for you, one who is good for his word.

The Barstool Bungle
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MAPLE GROVE, MINNESOTA -- My Grandfather was generous enough to give my husband and me our choice of bars tools from the JC Penney's catalog as a gift. We made our choice and they were ordered on 4/23/07. It is now 6/18/07 and I STILL have not received my bar stools! The first time they came in (5/5/07) the oak wood was coming off of the metal part of the stool. Since then they have been ordered 5 times and each time they've come in with a CHERRY finish...not oak! Each time JC Penney tells me they will have the stools "hand picked" from the warehouse to ensure the right finish and each time they come back wrong!

I then asked to have them shipped to a store closer to my home so I wouldn't have to drive 45 minutes one way to discover another mistake and was told that would cost my grandfather an additional $100.00 for a delivery fee! I couldn't believe it! After some discussion I got them to send the order to the store near my home. By now it's 5/30/07. I was told the stools would be "Hand picked" (Heard that before) and sent to the store near my home and they would be in on 6/6/07.

I called on 6/6/07 and was on hold for 7 minutes (I timed it) I was told there was a delay because they were being "hand picked" from the warehouse and they wouldn't arrive until the following week. I called again on 6/13/07 and was on hold for 5 minutes (I timed it). I was told they didn't make the truck and they would be in on 6/15/07. I called on 6/15/07 sat on hold for 10 minutes and spoke with the same individual I spoke with on 6/13 and he told me the stools had never been ordered. (Even though my grandfather's credit card had been charged). I asked him how could that be when he told me 2 days before that they didn't make the delivery truck.

How could something that has "never been ordered" be assigned to be on a delivery truck (But not make it on to the truck)? He could not give me ANY explanation for not having my product when he told me just 2 days before that they would arrive the day we were speaking. He also could not tell me how something that has been charged to my grandfather's credit card "never got ordered". He then did something that REALLY upset me. He started laughing and said "I really can't believe this." I asked him to please excuse me if I failed to see the humor in this situation. His laughter was very short lived. I then demanded to speak with a Manager.

I explained the entire scenario to the manager and she was very sympathetic and said she was going to look into it and get back to me with some answers. Well, here it is 6/18/07 and I had to call JC Penney AGAIN because no one called me back. The manager told me the same thing she had told me from last week and has yet to explain to me how employees of JC Penney can LIE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and never be held accountable for it!

My grandfather's credit card has seen more activity with these bar stools than it has the ENTIRE time he's had the card! This is the LAST time I EVER do my shopping with JC Penney and I plan on telling every person I come in contact with what kind of substandard customer service and incompetence is being conducted within their company.

Slogan Consumer Items
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Rating: 1/51

ANY, NEVADA -- The slogan does not make any sense. "When it fits you feel it"??? The same thing could be said of purchases made in any store. I am particularly displeased that they discontinued so many items which were reliable with regard to size, color, etc., i.e.. Cabin Creek jeans for women. I think JCP has done a disservice to its customers. They now have inferior merchandise and nonexistent customer service. Too bad. That was a good company for so many years. I'm sure Mr. James Cash Penney must be appalled at the direction his company has taken.

Decision Time
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FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA -- I decided to go with another vendor and after paying $2500 - $3000 per window, I thought maybe I could do better with JCP (price wise). After reading the horror stories, my gal seems to have it together. She comes out to my house, discusses the window treatments/fabric I want, orders the material and sews them herself! 6 weeks later she installs them. I haven't had any problems with her. I think I will be sticking with her. You get what you pay for!

Cabin Creek Shoes Discontinued
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KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have RA. The ONLY shoe I can wear to church is the flat Cabin Creek shoes. I drove thirty miles yesterday to buy a new pair of shoes. I found out they discontinued Cabin Creek. I am sooooooo mad. Can't find another store close by that sells them. I just had three shots in my back and one in my hip so I can walk. So, WHERE can I find this shoe? The internet states J.C.Penny has them and they DON'T. Now that is my complaint. I will never buy anything else J.C Penny. Thanks.

Discontinuing Cabin Creek Women's Oxford Blouses
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Rating: 3/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Why would JC Penney discontinue a brand that so many people love and have become used to buying year after year? I have bought Cabin Creek Oxford 60/40 shirts from JCP for more than 20 years. They are the best. How could JCP discontinue this line?

Discontinuing Cabin Creek Clothing
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Rating: 2/51

I am very upset that JC Penney is discontinuing the Cabin Creek clothing. I, like many other women I am sure, love their blouses. I think this happened before and they received so many complaints, they brought the line back. Not all women are young, there are more women my age... 62... that enjoy wearing their blouses... not all of us can wear the clingy, blouson type clothes that are on the market nowadays. Now I have to search both online and in person stores that carry clothes for us "younger" women... I think JC Penney will realize the loss, and it will be their loss.

Late Fee problem
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FLORIDA -- So much for JC Penney "Fair and Square. No games. No gimmicks." They're playing a game of un-owed extra fees with me! I have my payments for this JC Penney account sent directly from my bank before the due date. It is released before the due date but GE Capital Retail Bank fails to credit me until it has passed the due date.

The first time, payment was due the 14th of April, It was released by my bank on the 13th but GE Capital Bank did not credit it until the 15th. The excuse was that the bank was closed during the weekend... if that is so, why was it credited on Sunday, April 15th? They did remove the $25 late payment fee with the suggestion that I send it in a few days before the payment date. So, in May, the payment was due on the 14th of May. THIS time the payment was released on the 11th of May.

You would think a bank-to-bank transaction would get thereby the 14th? 4 days later? Guess again! This time they credited it on May 15th... this time, a $35 late fee! and it took from the 11th to the 15th... 5 days to get there! BANK TRANSFER! After a few phone calls, with their agreement that they would look into it, I discovered in the contract agreement that I MUST contact them in writing. So I sent details as well as bank transfer records so they could see for themselves. I received their formulaic reply today... they can do nothing for me. And, it was suggested, that I might "read the cardholder agreement as well as the late payment warning section on my statement".

Well, I HAVE read them and it says absolutely nothing about how long JC Penney is entitled to withhold a payment from being paid in order to make an "in time payment" appear late. Believe me, if it was late, I'd pay the fee... but it wasn't late on my part! I know it seems like small change... $35... but I'm just a nobody in a huge rabble of nobody's that are probably being treated like this.

I will be sending copies of my information to every JC Penney executive I can find the name for (whether or not they are directly involved with the credit department). I thought the architects of JC Penney Fair and Square would like to know the contempt with which GE Capital Bank is treating their customers and why I am disgusted. Work with a bank that will keep your customers not drive them away!

Humiliated by Manager
By -

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN -- Today I went to my local JCPenney store. I had started liking them a lot lately because they have cute clothes at reasonable prices. I even opened a JCP card. I bought two pairs of jeans a week ago. I tried them on at the store, and they felt fine. I took them home and took off the tags. I kept all the tags and my receipt just in case. I have a hard time with jeans, and am not sure how they will work until I wear them. I wore one pair for a day. I noticed they stretched out a lot during the day, and became baggy. I held on to them until I was able to return them. I tried on the other pair to see if this was a fluke, but the other pair did the same thing.

I took the items to the cashier to return them. A short, middle aged, blonde woman came to help me. We were proceeding with the return, and I thought it was fine as I had the tags and receipt. Then she felt up the jeans and looked at them very closely. "These have been worn," she said. I said, "Yes I did wear them, and they did not work out." She said "Well we can't take these back, they've been worn. They are junk now. Used jeans. We can't resell them to someone else." I explained I had my receipt, the tags, I only wore them once. She said "it doesn't matter, if there was a manufacturer's error, then we could take them back, but no, we can't take back used jeans."

I took the items and started to walk away from the counter, when the woman called out to me in a snotty tone "Maybe you should have tried them on first at the store and been more careful with them." I turned and said to her "I did try them on and I was sorry". I felt horrible, and very sad. I had no idea that their return policy was that strict. I am going to go to Kohl's now for clothing because they have a much better return policy. I will no longer give JC Penney my business.

J.C. Penney Should Take Itself Out of the Furniture Business
By -

CALIFORNIA -- On August 8, 2010, my husband and I went to J.C. Penney to look for a recliner. We found one we liked, and bought it. The salesman was very friendly. Then the nightmare began. It was delivered on time, but we thought it was the wrong chair - it was incredibly uncomfortable, unlike the one in the store, and the footrest wouldn't function properly. Also, the manufacturer on the tag was not the same as the chair on the floor. I called customer service and they said we could do a "reselect", meaning exchange the chair for the correct one. I contacted the manufacturer from the tag on the chair we received and discovered the company was being liquidated.

I went back to the store to find out if we got the chair we ordered. It looked the same, but when I told the salesman (a different person) about this not being the same manufacturer, he said it probably was, as companies make furniture for Penney's, and then Penney's gives it a different name. He said that since this particular manufacturer was going out of business, it's possible that another company or companies are making the chair now, and it may not be exactly the same - different materials, slightly different pattern. (We were not told any of this at the time of purchase.)

I told him how unhappy we are with the chair, and he said we could exchange it. I told him there really wasn't anything else we liked. Then he said "Penney's wants its customers to be satisfied, so if you want to just return it, you can." We thought about it, and decided that's what we wanted to do. When I called customer service, they said "All sales are final". I explained that was not what we were told. After some argument, we were told we could exchange the chair but not return it. I told the customer service representative what the salesman said about returning. She called him directly and he denied that (CYA).

I called him and he said "I never said that. I told you to call customer service." When I called him on his lie, he said "That's your opinion." So now we are either stuck with one crappy chair or another. I'm contacting the corporate office and we will never shop Penney's again for anything. I've had a credit card there for over 20 years and am canceling it. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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