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Late Fee problem
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- So much for JC Penney "Fair and Square. No games. No gimmicks." They're playing a game of un-owed extra fees with me! I have my payments for this JC Penney account sent directly from my bank before the due date. It is released before the due date but GE Capital Retail Bank fails to credit me until it has passed the due date.

The first time, payment was due the 14th of April, It was released by my bank on the 13th but GE Capital Bank did not credit it until the 15th. The excuse was that the bank was closed during the weekend... if that is so, why was it credited on Sunday, April 15th? They did remove the $25 late payment fee with the suggestion that I send it in a few days before the payment date. So, in May, the payment was due on the 14th of May. THIS time the payment was released on the 11th of May.

You would think a bank-to-bank transaction would get thereby the 14th? 4 days later? Guess again! This time they credited it on May 15th... this time, a $35 late fee! and it took from the 11th to the 15th... 5 days to get there! BANK TRANSFER! After a few phone calls, with their agreement that they would look into it, I discovered in the contract agreement that I MUST contact them in writing. So I sent details as well as bank transfer records so they could see for themselves. I received their formulaic reply today... they can do nothing for me. And, it was suggested, that I might "read the cardholder agreement as well as the late payment warning section on my statement".

Well, I HAVE read them and it says absolutely nothing about how long JC Penney is entitled to withhold a payment from being paid in order to make an "in time payment" appear late. Believe me, if it was late, I'd pay the fee... but it wasn't late on my part! I know it seems like small change... $35... but I'm just a nobody in a huge rabble of nobody's that are probably being treated like this.

I will be sending copies of my information to every JC Penney executive I can find the name for (whether or not they are directly involved with the credit department). I thought the architects of JC Penney Fair and Square would like to know the contempt with which GE Capital Bank is treating their customers and why I am disgusted. Work with a bank that will keep your customers not drive them away!

Discontinuing Cabin Creek Clothing
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Rating: 2/51

I am very upset that JC Penney is discontinuing the Cabin Creek clothing. I, like many other women I am sure, love their blouses. I think this happened before and they received so many complaints, they brought the line back. Not all women are young, there are more women my age... 62... that enjoy wearing their blouses... not all of us can wear the clingy, blouson type clothes that are on the market nowadays. Now I have to search both online and in person stores that carry clothes for us "younger" women... I think JC Penney will realize the loss, and it will be their loss.

Humiliated by Manager
By -

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN -- Today I went to my local JCPenney store. I had started liking them a lot lately because they have cute clothes at reasonable prices. I even opened a JCP card. I bought two pairs of jeans a week ago. I tried them on at the store, and they felt fine. I took them home and took off the tags. I kept all the tags and my receipt just in case. I have a hard time with jeans, and am not sure how they will work until I wear them. I wore one pair for a day. I noticed they stretched out a lot during the day, and became baggy. I held on to them until I was able to return them. I tried on the other pair to see if this was a fluke, but the other pair did the same thing.

I took the items to the cashier to return them. A short, middle aged, blonde woman came to help me. We were proceeding with the return, and I thought it was fine as I had the tags and receipt. Then she felt up the jeans and looked at them very closely. "These have been worn," she said. I said, "Yes I did wear them, and they did not work out." She said "Well we can't take these back, they've been worn. They are junk now. Used jeans. We can't resell them to someone else." I explained I had my receipt, the tags, I only wore them once. She said "it doesn't matter, if there was a manufacturer's error, then we could take them back, but no, we can't take back used jeans."

I took the items and started to walk away from the counter, when the woman called out to me in a snotty tone "Maybe you should have tried them on first at the store and been more careful with them." I turned and said to her "I did try them on and I was sorry". I felt horrible, and very sad. I had no idea that their return policy was that strict. I am going to go to Kohl's now for clothing because they have a much better return policy. I will no longer give JC Penney my business.

J.C. Penney Should Take Itself Out of the Furniture Business
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CALIFORNIA -- On August 8, 2010, my husband and I went to J.C. Penney to look for a recliner. We found one we liked, and bought it. The salesman was very friendly. Then the nightmare began. It was delivered on time, but we thought it was the wrong chair - it was incredibly uncomfortable, unlike the one in the store, and the footrest wouldn't function properly. Also, the manufacturer on the tag was not the same as the chair on the floor. I called customer service and they said we could do a "reselect", meaning exchange the chair for the correct one. I contacted the manufacturer from the tag on the chair we received and discovered the company was being liquidated.

I went back to the store to find out if we got the chair we ordered. It looked the same, but when I told the salesman (a different person) about this not being the same manufacturer, he said it probably was, as companies make furniture for Penney's, and then Penney's gives it a different name. He said that since this particular manufacturer was going out of business, it's possible that another company or companies are making the chair now, and it may not be exactly the same - different materials, slightly different pattern. (We were not told any of this at the time of purchase.)

I told him how unhappy we are with the chair, and he said we could exchange it. I told him there really wasn't anything else we liked. Then he said "Penney's wants its customers to be satisfied, so if you want to just return it, you can." We thought about it, and decided that's what we wanted to do. When I called customer service, they said "All sales are final". I explained that was not what we were told. After some argument, we were told we could exchange the chair but not return it. I told the customer service representative what the salesman said about returning. She called him directly and he denied that (CYA).

I called him and he said "I never said that. I told you to call customer service." When I called him on his lie, he said "That's your opinion." So now we are either stuck with one crappy chair or another. I'm contacting the corporate office and we will never shop Penney's again for anything. I've had a credit card there for over 20 years and am canceling it. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Discrimination, Association Discrimination, Racism At JC Penney's
By -

There are some extremely serious unethical, illegal (if discrimination is really illegal) and immoral situations at JC Penney's in Alabaster, AL. It is virtually impossible to fight them for if you do, you are targeted (all management will band together) and they will find any excuse to fire you. Or they will make your life so miserable, you quit.

From the first month I worked there I was told to watch blacks and Mexicans as they were almost all thieves. Mexicans were "dirty". Black employees were targeted and I was told by the supervisor in catalog one particular black employee was a thief and was stealing, and only kept her job because she was black. I was told to "keep an eye on her". I was told another black employee was lazy and got her job back, after being fired, only because she was black.

The Mexican workers are treated the same and the same things, and much more is said about them. A gay man was told he would not be promoted because he was gay. Then he was fired for doing something he was told to do, and something many other employees have done. The store manager was having sex with an employee there (both married) and the whole store (almost) was aware of this. She got tons of extra hours (when everyone else's hours were cut), broke all company "rules and regulations" yet kept her job even after he was fired for other things.

The other male supervisor there says he's not worried about being caught (he fools around with his employees) because he makes sure he doesn't do anything on camera. He made a point of telling a female employee, after she tried to protest his sexual suggestions towards her, that the employees who had sex with their supervisors are the ones who kept their jobs and that no one would take anything she said seriously as they were all against her.

JCP has a no-retaliation and anti-discrimination policy they stress all the time, but it is a total sham. If you complain or protest, your complaint letters "disappear", your life at work becomes miserable, your hours change, rumors are spread about you by supervisors, every transaction you do is scrutinized, new job "tasks" appear and your character is slammed.

They make sure they do nothing that can be interpreted as clear racism but it is everywhere. If they feel some employee may recognize it and complain, they set out on a fierce campaign to get rid of that employee one way or another. It is unbelievable this exists there and no one can do anything to change it.

Lousy, No Common Sense Promise
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I went to JC Penney today to replace the battery of my watch. Prior to going to the store, I asked what is the best day and time to go. I called yesterday, Friday, and I was told that tomorrow (meaning today, Saturday, July 20th, 2013) I can come after lunch. I did exactly that. At first, the sales lady said she cannot take care of me because her keys to the store were not working, and asked me to come back in 30 mins. When I came back, I was told that they do not change batteries on weekends because it is so busy. I don't know what is their definition of busy because there is no line in the jewelry department.

Anyway, I was told I can leave my but they do NOT want to give me a receipt. The sales lady and the manager said that there's plenty of cameras in the store, that should be enough proof. I spent almost two hours pleading with them to change my watch battery since it doesn't really take that long. IF they CHANGED THE BATTERY during all the discussions we had, they could have probably changed 5 watches! My mother, my brother, my niece and my husband were just silently watching nearby.

I dropped the clothes that I was about to buy, my mom dumped the set of pearls that she was about to buy, my husband returned his shirt, and my brother did not even bother looking at the cuisine art mixer that he wants for his birthday. All in all, they probably lost at least $800.00 sale that day. We went to Dillards across the hall, they have great items with reasonable price, and most of all, excellent customer service! Bye bye JC Penney, you can sink with your lousy staff.

Paula Dean
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Rating: 1/51

I recently rediscovered J.C. Penney Company, and I was so happy because I found the prices reasonable and the clothes (especially) up to date! Well, I will not be going to J.C. Penney again. You dropped Paula Deen by responding to frivolous, silly Media hype. Can you tell me that you have Never said a single thing in your life that was offensive to somebody? Are you so pious and righteous that you have never done something or said something that you regretted?

You ruined a nice person's life, respect, dignity, and let it be known to the whole world that nobody is allowed a mistake. She didn't commit and Axe murder, she simply said something years ago that she regrets and would not ever do now. Don't we learn from mistakes? Mistakes help us learn. Gosh, Michael Vick broke laws and abused living creatures abominably. This was something that deserved punishment.

Paula Deen said something years ago that would never have been hurtful to anyone had the media not crucified her. I hear the word "cracker" referring to my race more often than I ever hear any other word on the street, and do you think I give it one moment's time and allow it to make me a victim? No! Stupid is as stupid does and says. I don't let name calling turn me into a lifetime victim. Why should I ruin and degrade my life for the sake of stupidity (name calling)?

You have now told everyone in the world that this kind of pressure and silly politically correct ideology is allowed and OK. You have now shown that you will bend down and be intimidated by stupid people. Awesome. As I said. I will not be going to your stores again. I do have a choice (at least at the moment), and I will not contribute in any way to silly, stupid thinking and actions.

JCP May Have Gotten a "Brand Make-Over" but It's Still JUNK in My Opinion!
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Rating: 1/51

EDINA, MINNESOTA -- Below is the email I sent to JCP 2 weeks ago (requesting a response). I received a one line email stating they'd forward it on to the JC Penney Edina store "to deal with," but I heard nothing further. What an absolutely CRAPPY company! Junk doesn't begin to describe my opinion of JCP!

"I will make this short, because I'm off to China in the morning, and I'm not big on writing reviews. This morning I received an email from an Asian client asking me to buy him three pairs of Levi 517 black jeans (40W x 30L), and bring them to him when I see him this weekend (a small meaningless purchase to me – but important for him).

Thinking this would be a five minute process, I googled the jeans, and found that JPC sells them. I then called your Southdale store, and Betty WAS HORRIBLE! I sat on the phone for 25 MINUTES (I called back twice – first time I was on hold for 10 minutes, second call was 15 minutes)! Then, a woman named ** answered, and was able to tell me they didn't have that size in stock within a minute. I shop primarily at Nordstrom's and Nieman's, and I will absolutely never shop at JC Penney – ever.

I manage the service and operations business for a large multinational, in Asia – and let me be very clear that it's precisely these sorts of poor customer experiences that plaque an organization. I will make sure to use this specific example when talking with my clients in the future (about “what not to do”), and will make sure to blog about this specific experience the first opportunity I get. JCP – you really blew it this time – my advice, fire **, from Southdale (Edina, MN) before she alienates future potential JCP shoppers."

Incompetent Personnel
By -

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO -- December 30, I went to JCPenney to order a necklace in the jewellery department, and no one there knew how to do it. They told me someone would be in tomorrow who knew how to take my order. Next day, the transaction was done. December 21, they called and said my order was in. December 22, I went to pick it up. At the store, it took about 5 minutes before one of the women came to help me, as she was talking to one of the other female employees. It appeared to me as if both of them were just ignoring me, even though they both saw me waiting at the counter.

One finally came to the counter, and asked if she could help me. I told her I came to pick up a necklace. I gave her my name, and she went to look for it, without finding it in the drawer. When she couldn't find it, she called someone else to look for it. When that person couldn't find it, she went and asked someone else, whom I believed was the store manager, and she went and looked for it and found it. To my surprise, she brought it in an old crumpled up plastic bag, and handed it to the other girl.

The girl with the bag proceeded to rip the bag up. After that she showed me the necklace which did not actually live up to my expectations. Doesn't the company that contracts with JCPenney to do this work inspect their product before sending it to the store? After that, they acted as if the receipt that was given to me at the time of the order, which was paid for in advance was not legitimate. They proceeded to look it up on the store computer and could not find it.

Watching them I got the impression that they didn't know what they were doing. They finally let me take it after I signed a UPS piece of brown paper? The whole thing took about 30 minutes. I've never encountered such untrained and incompetent personnel. They acted like they didn't care. Well, that's my story. Ho Hum. The name of the store manager is Cindy.

Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

I bought two leather rocker recliners from the JCPenney Home Store in West Des Moines, Iowa. I asked specifically about the durability of the furniture, as I was not familiar with the manufacturer. The salesman assured my wife and I of the quality. We bought them, along with the extended service plan, to fix any problems that may happen in the future. Less than 8 months later, we noticed all four arms were coming apart at the seams. After placing a call to the service, they sent a tech out to look, who informed us that specific problem was not covered under our warranty, and was unrepairable.

After numerous calls to JCPenney customer service, and one argument with a manager, who told me that it was normal wear and tear that furniture does that (I'm sorry, but normal wear and tear does not mean furniture starts to fall apart before it is even 8 months old!) they finally agreed to send another tech out to look. The second tech took one look and told us it was definitely a manufacturer defect and should be fixed or replaced, and he would turn in the report to JCPenney right away.

Over the next two weeks I called practically everyday to JCPenney customer service, asking on the status of the report. Every time I called, the person on the other line told me they hadn't received any report from the tech. Each time I asked to talk to a supervisor, I was put on hold for 5-7 minutes, only to be told the supervisor was in a meeting or couldn't talk, but would call me back in 24 hours. I never received a callback. Finally, I called Furniture Pro Solutions, the company JCPenney uses for their techs, who told me they e-mailed the report, along with photos "some time ago".

Calling once more to the JCPenney customer service line, I was told, yet again, they didn't have a report filed. I continued to tell them that I spoke with the tech, who told me they sent the report in some time ago. After a short pause, the customer service representative told me they would check into it, and someone would get back to me soon. I asked again to speak to a supervisor, and after waiting on hold for 5 minutes or so, was told ALL the supervisors were in a meeting, and NOT ONE of them could speak to me right now. So much for the customer comes first!

As of this posting, the issue is still ongoing. I have not heard anything back from JCPenney. I will never buy anything from JCPenney again, and I hope that after reading this experience, you will think twice about purchasing from this company as well.

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