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Bring back Cabin Creek Pants
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HAMPSHIRE, ILLINOIS -- Just went to JC Penney to purchase Cabin Creek pants which I have worn for years - none found - said they are discontinued. The entire store was a disappointment. Nothing like the middle class family store it used to be - extremely disappointed that I can't find these Cabin Creek pants anywhere. PLEASE bring them back!!!! The new CEO has run this prized company into the ground and should be fired immediately!!! Hire someone who knows what families and working women want. Will never go into Penney's again to shop unless they bring back the Cabin Creek brand of pants. Nothing in there interests me - gaudy colors and styles, etc.... looks like they are trying to complete with Macy's or Carson's and have failed miserably!

Why would you get rid of one of the most popular selling brands of all time for Penny's?
Bottom line - bring Cabin Creek back, or go under with your poor management.
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KSb on 07/16/2013:
I totally agree. Cabin Creek twill pants are the only slacks I wear for work. I am short and have always appreciated being able to get the WP sizing for shorter women. I no longer shop at JCPenney, which used to be the main store I shopped at for clothes. Since they have discontinued Cabin Creek, I simply don't even go there anymore. The last few times I was there, the merchandise seemed exceptionally tacky and cheap. Very disappointed--I was a lifelong Penney's fan and have worn Cabin Creek twill pants for over 30 years. PLEASE bring them back.
Terry on 07/29/2013:
I, too, am very disappointed that Penney's no longer carries Cabin Creek pants for women. They are all I have been wearing for many years, ever since I discovered them at the store. They are very durable and wash well, and they look as though they will survive another l00 washes. Please, Penney's, restock them, please. I will truly be grateful.
LAA on 08/01/2013:
I am very disappointed and frustrated by not getting Cabin Creek and other brands JC Penney used to carry. I am forced to find somewhere else to shop. Shame on you JCPenney.
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Fired at JCP!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- I've worked for Jcp for months, almost close to a year. Good sales specialist, got 1-2 icaps weekly, kind to customers, hard worker, (depends who I work with I usually do most of the work..registers, put clothes back, straighten, SPACING the racks!, fitting rooms, etc. while my coworkers just stood there and talk crap about every customer and the managers, ESP the coworkers). I asked off for a family emergency sat-mon because my grandpa is EXTREMELY ill. And they DECLINED it. I didn't show up to work because it was a family EMERGENCY. And they KNEW about it!! I come home from out of town and find out they fired me. And found other people to cover my shifts. Just like that. I couldn't call in because in my culture it's very disrespectful towards my family using technology like phones, cameras, iPods, laptops, etc. because it was spending as much time w/ my grandpa before he passes away. Jcp store #2062, WORST place to work. I HAVE job experience and get paid $7.25 while my friends who go to school with me, in the same grade get $7.75-8 with NO job experience and do absolutely NOTHING at work.

In my interview they told me I'd get 7.75 as well, I said something to them and they said they'd change it but I guess they never listened! The managers there ALWAYS sided with the ones who work there the longest, which is ironic, because there the ones who talk crap about them and are lazy. Me, being pregnant and a full time high school student they expect me to work everyday, 4-5.5 hours and usually 8 hours each day on the weekends. And they expect me to close by myself. Meaning straighten clothes, keep an eye on registers, put carts of clothes away with my nausea and dizziness.

Good prices on clothes but the Worst place to work ever!
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User Replies:
leet60 on 03/13/2013:
I can empathize with your situation and am sorry your relative is ill. I hope that there is a speedy recovery in the future.

You made reference to being a high school student, so it is obviously early in your working career. While many employers are "family oriented" you will find most retail companies are not. Their chief interest is maximum profit at the lowest cost. Retailers, and almost every other employer in this nation have a "no call - no show" policy. For most unexcused absences of 3 consecutive days are considered job abandonment and generally result in termination of employment.

clutzycook on 03/13/2013:
I'm sorry your grandpa was ill, but not calling in for work or at least finding someone to cover your shift would be grounds for termination no matter where you worked. Not sure what the discrepancy in pay was about. Jobs can be completely arbitrary when it comes to paying people and hiring and firing them. Such is life in a work-at-will state.

Just think of it this way, JCP is probably not going to last much longer so you're just ahead of the pack.
yoke on 03/13/2013:
The OP did everything needed to let JCP know they could not be in due to a family emergency. It is obvious the family had to go out of town and did not want to leave a teenager home alone. Shame on JCP for not working with this teen to get the time off.
BobSF on 03/13/2013:
The OP took off work for the family emergency without permission. This is grounds for firing in most companies. I do agree, JCP should have tried to work with the employee.
JAKFK on 03/13/2013:
The OP asked for time off and was refused, but took the time off anyway. Not much to argue here from a business standpoint. We could go on for days having moral and ethical discussions, but from a business standpoint, it's pretty cut and dry.
yoke on 03/13/2013:
Yes, the OP took off work without permission, but JCP was well aware of the situation and it is a shame that they would not work with the family. IMO the OP did nothing wrong, the call was made that the OP could not make it in. Would JCP have told someone who was sick they had to come in?
clutzycook on 03/13/2013:
Yoke, she had asked for the time off beforehand but was refused. She then took off anyway and because she did not call them to let them know of this, it was probably assumed that she would be there for her scheduled shift, so as far as the store was concerned this would have been a no call/no show
Chaparrita on 03/13/2013:
My brother was in a bad car wreck last July and I took 2 days off work. I got written up and nearly fired for doing that (I don't work at JCP). Some companies don't view family emergencies as a reason to miss work. Now I did work for another company once that let me take time off when my grandma was really sick. Different rules for different companies. Nice to know JCP doesn't value their employees all that much
yoke on 03/13/2013:
clutzycook, I agree with what you are saying, but JCP was well aware of her needing the time off to be with her family out of the area in an emergency and someone at the store decided to be a jerk and say no. I wonder who she spoke with when telling them of the family emergency? As a parent I would be in talking to the GM of the store and tell them what had happened, but also explaining to my child you are not going to work in a place that does not value their employees. It is appalling that JCP would expect the parents to leave a minor home alone for an entire weekend.
Susan on 03/13/2013:
Who at JCP did you inform that you needed the time off for a family emergency? Was it a floor supervisor, department manager or HR? This type of request should have gone to HR and you should have had documentation that it was approved before taking the time off. Unfortunately this situation is considered job abandonment and the termination is justified. This has nothing to do with whether or not you are a good employee or if JCP values their employees. Rules are rules.
Anna Molly on 03/14/2013:
Best reply, Susan.

Jeff on 03/14/2013:
Welcome to Corporate America, kid! Where these places only care about one thing. Making the most profits and paying the least amount of money. Whoever wouldn't let you have time off is obviously another beurocratic jerk who only cares about themself. I'm sure if THEY had a family emergency and needed off, they would have gotten it no questions asked.
JCP Employee on 07/24/2013:
Being a service specialist as well, I can definitely relate to this. I've been with jcp for right at a year, and they aren't good to work with your schedule. I had high school graduation practices and the final commencement ceremony, and it took four different time off requests and finding associates who don't get many hours to cover for me before I could get off work. IDK how other stores are, but my schedule gets changed every day. One night I checked and wasn't supposed to go in until 2:15 on Saturday, so I stayed out late on Friday b/c I knew I could sleep in. I got a call at 9:30 asking why I didn't show up. Logged on, my schedule got changed over night! This happens all the time. I hate inconsistency. I never can make plans. I'm looking for employment elsewhere. Its a job, but definitely not the place I want to be long term. I'd love to get a job as a teacher aide or somewhere you have set hours that never change and you know how long you'll be at work and it won't change.
D on 01/09/2014:
Agree with Jeff - corporate America is bottom line based and family, employees, etc. mean absolutely nothing in this society - or this world. New employees are thick on the ground so why should these companies care. It's sad, but the way it is. Especially in retail! Hope you found a better job and best of luck.
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Bring Back Cabin Creek Pants
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PLANTATION, FLORIDA -- I am so disappointed in the changes JC Penney has made to my beloved store. I have been a regular shopper at JC Penney for 30+ years and I just can't believe they discontinued my Cabin Creek pants. For the first time I didn't go there for any Christmas shopping. I used to buy all my gifts and all of my family's clothing and home goods. The store was so busy before the changes were made, now it's empty.

Please bring back the Cabin Creek brand and the coupons and all the old stuff we loved about JC Penney, before you file chapter 11.
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anonymous on 02/18/2013:
I agree, JC Penney has discontinued MANY favorite brands such as St Johns Bay. These brand were strong brands for the company and I can't believe they do not understand who their customer base is and what brands are the money makers for them. This company is moving toward extinction if they don't hire people who understand marketing.
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Why Have You Stopped Selling Women's Size Clothing and Cabin Creek Jeans
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LEWISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to JC Penney's around Christmas to get some new Cabin Creek Jeans only to find out they do not carry them anymore. I could not believe my ears. These are the only jeans I have bought for years. So I looked around the store to see about corduroy pants and I could not find any Women's. The clerk showed me the only rack of Women's clothing which was about 10 items. I don't know what they are thinking. I am not the only large sized woman and I know a lot of people that bought Cabin Creek jeans. I have not been back and probably won't until I learn that they have brought back Women's sizes and CABIN CREEK JEANS!!!
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YBeverly on 01/24/2013:
I know what you mean. I went to Penney's looking for nice women's size clothing and they had next to nothing! I was surprised and extremely disappointed. Guess Dress Barn and Catherine's gets all my business now.
Susan on 01/24/2013:
I was reading on CNN that JCP is one of the biggest business flops of 2012 - - and I totally agree that their new marketing model stinks. I wear an 8 tall and counted on St. John's Bay for years for quality clothing at a decent price. Now all they have is cheap clothing for 20 year olds.
Elaine on 01/26/2013:
I, too, have usually ordered Cabin Creek (last brand I got) twill slacks size women's petite for many years. I had not ordered in a while but now want to buy but they don't carry. I am so disappointed. Will have to look elsewhere. So sad to read that WPs and women's not available.
Joy on 05/02/2013:
I want JCP to bring back their St. John's Bay Bi-Stretch Pants in ULTRA TALLS!I am 6 feet tall and these were all I wore! They had GREAT reviews!
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What the Heck Happened to My Store???
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- For 50 years I've been a regular Penney's shopper. Penneys was always a place you could depend on for the "basics": pillows, sheets, blankets, sweats and coats for winter, baby clothing, kids clothing, etc. It was always reliable. I tried to do some Christmas shopping there. I couldn't find anything...and what was worse, neither could the sales people! The store is a mishmash of someone's dream, but it is no longer Penneys. I shopped elsewhere. I won't go back...don't have the time or the patience. The $100. Penney's gift card in my purse will have to find another home. I'm through.
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User Replies:
wjk898 on 01/05/2013:
Penneys is next to go under. They can no longer sell stuff of at least mid-priced quality because such goods are no longer available. Translation: goods for sale in the US are now by and large, third world quality and only garner "dollar store" prices. You should be used to that by now. Penney's has never operated on that model. Penneys used to aim at offering "better" stuff at prices lower than stores like Macy's ...but can no longer even find stuff like that anymore. Too bad.
Susan on 01/05/2013:
I used to purchase the majority of my clothing from JCP because they carried quality clothing at reasonable (not rock bottom) prices - - and in the size I wear (8 Tall). No more. Their clothing is poor quality and their in-store inventory is extremely low. When you ask about an item they tell you to order on line and after you select all your items and go to check out the system tells you the items are out-of-stock. I agree that their future in the present model will most likely be very short.
trmn8r on 01/05/2013:
I hate to chime in on this matter, because I am (I hope) an investor in JCP. When I team up my recent experience there with what I am reading, I am a little concerned.

Like Susan, I used to buy some tall clothing there - undershirts and sometimes shirts. Also jeans, which they still have a good stock of in 36" inseam. Actually, I still do buy my tall undershirts there, if they still carry them. I'm checking into checking out of my preferred stock...
ok4now on 01/06/2013:
Substitute the name Penney's for Sears, what happened? Both were once well trusted retailers who treated the customer right. Sadly they have both failed and are one step away from bankruptcy.
guest on 02/18/2013:
No one in this company seems to recognize who their bread and butter is in terms of customers.
A disaster in the making
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Why you are not selling cabin creek blouses and jeans
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ASHLAND, KENTUCKY -- I went to order some cabin creek shirts and jeans and to my surprise jc penny's is not going to sell that brand any more. I would like to know why? These are the best oxford blouses and jeans put out. This crap they sell now, silky, big flowers is so ugly I wouldn't put it on a dog. Why get rid of the clothes people like? It was bad enough when they got rid of the catologs and starting sending out these little books, that has some of the wildest looking clothes in them.

We are all not young and we don't like these wild colors. Who is doing the marketing for jcpennys now. You have lost a lot of customers by stopping the big catolog. A lot of people do not have a computer and can't find things in store. Shame on you pennys for going for the younger shopper
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User Replies:
Susan on 11/25/2012:
JCP has not only discontinued Cabin Creek they also appear to be doing away with St. John's Bay. What little they do have is of very poor quality. JCP used to be my "go to" store for work clothes but no longer. They have lost the entire over 50 demographic. I do understand, however, why they no longer have catalogs because they are too expensive to produce and distribute and also with on-line ordering they don't have to maintain the same high staffing levels.
Who needs JCP? Not me! on 11/25/2012:
I agree, getting rid of America's favorite brands is going to hurt JCPenney or as it is now called JCP. The shiny photo stock ads they now have must cost a fortune to print and mail. The specialty catalogs were much cheaper to produce and friendlier to use.

It is the middle-aged demographic that JCP threw out into the cold... and along with us our money.

I'm the one who shops for the whole family, and I wouldn't go back now if they begged.

trmn8r on 11/25/2012:
Discontinuing the catalogs made sense to me. It must have been incredibly expensive to create and distribute them. I'm over 50, and have used the catalogs in the past. I admit that shopping online is not as much fun and I'm not as comfortable with it.

JCP is going through some changes. I hope they are successful, as I am invested with them.
Aunt Elizabeth... on 11/25/2012:
The specialty catalogs were just another form of advertisement. They came out with one for Big and Tall men and also twice a year with fall/winter and a spring/summer Cabin Creek and other JCPenney store brands. They were targeted customers that had bought those products before. Much better than this stuff that is mailed today on photo stock, 8X10 glossy of nothing but junk, pages and pages of it.

The new JCP clothing that is coming out is disposable clothing, stuff that will be worn maybe 5 or six times, seriously look at the colors how long are skinny fluorescent jeans going to be in style? The fabric on most of this stuff is so thin it won't go through the wash more than once or twice.

I think these CEO's are watching reality TV, they think kids have money to buy whatever they want.
wjk898 on 11/26/2012:
Ever hear of a place called Malaysia? That's Penneys new source for clothing. Don't fret it though. Rumor has it they'll be padlocked after the first of the year. They're finding out bigtime that you can't sell that kind of junk at mid market prices.
lovedcabincreek on 01/25/2013:
I agree with all of the comments. I no longer shop at JCP for clothing, as I found Cabin Creek to be high quality, true to size, washed well, and wore well. I adored Cabin Creek skirts, and owned quite a few.
JCP should turn back to their old business model, and should bring back Cabin Creek clothing. I wore those dippy fluorescent colors in the 1980s, and will never wear them again. I prefer classic clothing that I can wear for both work and Church.
westiemom on 07/15/2013:
I used to buy Cabin Creek oxford style blouses from JCP on line- I had many of them, and was extremely disappointed when I learned they are no longer selling them. I emailed, called and was told the decision was made to stop selling the brand. WHY? They were long lasting, good quality, comfortable, easy care and fit my needs perfectly. Two friends of mine who also owned several of these blouses felt the same way. Every now and then I do a search to see if someone is selling them but no luck. It infuriates me the customer is not being listened to. I no longer will shop at Penneys- can't find what I want there anymore.
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What Is Going on With JC Penney in General?
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
As for jcpenney in general, I have had a Jcp credit card for as long as I can remember – back to somewhere in the 70s. jcpenney has always been my “go to” store for anything I wanted: clothing, shoes, housewares, baby gifts, jewelry…….absolutely EVERYTHING. This new change of format is blatantly aimed at a younger customer base. It doesn’t even try to appeal to us older folks – the ones that have kept JC Penney (the original name) in business for the past 30 or 40 years. Shame on you for throwing us out in the cold! Your displays, the clothing choices, even your TV ads are totally foreign to the over 40 crowd. I don’t like it and am seriously considering cancelling my jcpenney account. It seems to be of very little use anymore. Your merchandise quality is plummeting and all seems to be made somewhere other than the USA. That is disgusting. I loved the sales and the coupons. I don’t like special days for discounted merchandise. I may not be able to make it in town to shop on those days.
Kohls is beating the pants off of you.
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User Replies:
Bill on 09/28/2012:
I think JCP is on the doorstep of bankruptcy.
I went in this morning for briefs. There is hardly any stock on the shelves. They did not have any size 36 mens briefs. Most of the sizes were missing.
In the past these items have always been plentiful.
It did not look good in the store.
trmn8r on 09/28/2012:
There have been some large changes at JCP, that are bound to affect long-time customers such as yourself. I sure hope they aren't at death's door, as Bill suggests, as I am an investor. I did, however, also have a similar experience in the briefs department on my last visit - some items were out or near out of stock. Maybe they are predicting a switch to boxers :)
Nibbs on 09/29/2012:
You're absolutely right about the customer base OP. "Young" people don't make it past the makeup counter at JCP, and most wouldn't be caught dead shopping there.
Yumm, cookies! on 09/29/2012:
Have you tried the website? 99.9% of everything is out of stock. They are not going to be able to restock before Christmas, there is just too much to be done before then. Both in the store and on the website.
Laissezfaire on 09/29/2012:
So much for their marketing strategy. Turning their customer base off with the elimination of sales and coupons coupled with their promotion of homosexuality in their ads was a really bad move for the company. They grossly miscalculated their existing customers and took a blind shot in the dark at attracting a different demographic. Fail.
Autumn on 09/29/2012:
I was always a loyal Penney's shopper. What has turned me away from Penney's is it isn't Penney's anymore. It looks to me like the Anna's Linens of the the department stores now. I also feel that they don't want the over 40 crowd to shop there anymore.

For decades Penney's was my favorite store for clothing, bedding, lamps, curtains, etc., until they changed. Even the bigger Penney's stores that used to carry so much more carry so much less than they used to. It's so sad to see how cheap their bedding has become, as it used to be such good quality. I used to gladly pay for that quality but if I want the quality they have now, I'll just shop at Target.

Where the bigger Penney's store I used to shop at had a huge housewares department, it's been mostly taken over by teen boy clothing and they have just this tiny housewares department left.

I may be over 40, but I do have children in their teens and their twenties. My children don't shop at Penney's. They refuse to shop there for clothing or anything else. They shop at Forever 21 and clothing stores aimed just at them like it. When I see the high gloss white, super modern mannequins at Penney's wearing the neon color jeans lined up in a row, it is so obvious that they want the younger crowd. I would have to say that they're trying to go for the Forever 21 crowd. I know that my children will never accept Penney's as the happening place to go for their clothing.

I used to spend thousand of dollars each year in Penney's. Not only for myself and my husband, but also for my mother as well. It's so obvious that Penney's doesn't want the over 40 crowds business. I won't be missing this new Penney's. I am sad that the Penney's that I knew and loved is gone now. It was the Penney's who wanted my business. I'll shop at another department store who still wants the over 40 crowds business.
BFENDA on 10/18/2012:
I totally agree with all the above. It's as though another chapter of my life is submitted to history now with Penney's new "attitude." It makes me very sad to think that such a wonderful store has chosen another direction especially when it was founded on Christian principles and thus made its tremendous success. I also have been a long-time customer and have spent hundreds of dollars over the years. When I went in the store a few days ago, I almost cried to see the drastic change in the style of clothing which is apparently aimed at the much younger generation.

I hate to say goodbye, but I feel I must with deep regret.
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Very Disappointed in Penney's
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I am VERY disppointed that J. C. Penny has discontinued the Cabin Creek line of clothing.....I am a Senior (78)..active.. and I loved the pull-on casual pants/jeans and blouses. I do not like the styles for younger women at my age and am very upset that they have discontinued the Cabin Creek Line. I loved the reasonable prices as compared to Alfred Dunner which is much more expensive and great for more "upscale" wear. BUT..I lived in the casual jeans and blouses from Cabin Creek. I do NOT appreciate spending $45.-%55. for a pair of jeans which is what Alfred Dunner costs.!!
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User Replies:
BigAl on 09/22/2012:
This should be an Alfred Dunner complaint.
copper_works_ on 09/23/2012:
It is madding isn't it?! They also are doing away with St John's Bay. I have no idea what they are thinking by doing that. I haven't bought anything at JCPenney in months.
Marilyn on 09/24/2012:
Ditto on the Cabin Creek, especially the pull-on jeans. I hardly ever shop with them anymore. Can't find things that are reasonable and suit my lifestyle, I'm 74 and mostly wear casual clothes.
Patty on 09/24/2012:
I am also frustrated that cabin creek has been discontinued. I am a tall senior and the offered tall sizes, dinner does not. Shame on you jc penny!
betsy on 11/10/2012:
Penneys has gone down hill since going to 40% off everyday sales. Used to shop there a lot but not anymore. Cabin Creek was one of my favorites, but it seems retailors can't leave anything alone that people like
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JCP may have gotten a "brand make-over" but it's still JUNK in my opinion!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EDINA, MINNESOTA -- Below is the email I sent to JCP 2 weeks ago (requesting a response). I received a one line email stating they'd forward it on to the JC Penney Edina store "to deal with," but I heard nothing further. What an absolutely CRAPPY company! Junk doesn't begin to describe my opinion of JCP!

"I will make this short, because I’m off to China in the morning, and I’m not big on writing reviews. This morning I received an email from an Asian client asking me to buy him three pairs of Levi 517 black jeans (40W x 30L), and bring them to him when I see him this weekend (a small meaningless purchase to me – but important for him). Thinking this would be a five minute process, I Googled the jeans, and found that JPC sells them. I then called your Southdale store, and Betty WAS HORRIBLE! I sat on the phone for 25 MINUTES (I called back twice – first time I was on hold for 10 minutes, second call was 15 minutes)! Then, a woman named Toni answered, and was able to tell me they didn’t have that size in stock within a minute. I shop primarily at Nordstrom’s and Niemen’s, and I will absolutely never shop at JC Penny – ever. I manage the service and operations business for a large multinational, in Asia – and let me be very clear that it’s precisely these sorts of poor customer experiences that plaque an organization. I will make sure to use this specific example when talking with my clients in the future (about “what not to do”), and will make sure to blog about this specific experience the first opportunity I get. JCP – you really blew it this time – my advice, fire Betty, from Southdale (Edina, MN) before she alienates future potential JCP shoppers."
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User Replies:
TLSmith on 05/31/2012:
40W X 30L That's huge & short. I guess they don't make them that big in China?
trmn8r on 05/31/2012:
I buy my Levis at JCP, and it is a rare size. It's a pain in the neck to go through all of them to find my size. For what it is worth, I stood for 10 minutes one time while someone routed around in the stock area trying to find me a pair of jeans...

My guess is that 40W x 30L is not a popular size, and you would be lucky to find one pair in a store.

Since Sears stopped stocking as many less popular sizes, I shop exclusively at JCP for my Levis now. I'm sorry you had a subpar experience.
clutzycook on 05/31/2012:
I was just going to say that that must be a hard to find size over there.
china-lover on 05/31/2012:
No. They don't have large or what we consider large sizes there. I at 5'9 and about 140 could not fit their XXXX sizes.
Buddy01 on 05/31/2012:
@myirian and trmn8r. You can go into a Sears store and order 40 x 30 and have shipped to your home for free shipping. I checked the website and they do carry that size.
jktshff1 on 05/31/2012:
Recon the csr was waiting on a customer in the store or actually looking through the stock for the size?
onlooker on 05/31/2012:
The reason they are being purchased in the US is size. It is a BIG thing to accommodate a customer on personal things.
Was Betty busting her butt looking for them - and couldn't tell you no, because you hung up? Did Toni just pass the message along. Maybe you got blown off, maybe you got great service, but did not understand it to appreciate it.
And if I had been making my big shop of the year and the CSR was taking care of your call before my 400$ order was rung up...I'd have walked away.
Service can have bad moments, or excellent moments that you did not see.
Tam on 11/07/2013:
Onlooker makes a very, very valid point.
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No More Cabin Creek Clothing
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
HARRISON, ARKANSAS -- Hated to see JCPenneys no longer carrying Cabin Creek. I believe this will hurt them a lot. And no more catalogs, what happened? Such a great store going in wrong direction. I will shop else where, hope another store carries cabin creek brand. So sad.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/18/2012:
They studied the catalog situation, and realized that they weren't worth publishing anymore. As I recall it happened in at least two steps. First they stopped mailing them, and then recently stopped publishing them (I believe).

Many people shop online these days. Personally I liked using the catalogs, but as the years passed I used them less and less until the last few I didn't open at all.

As for Cabin Creek, there have been similar complaints. Maybe if enough people complain they may bring it back. But consider this may be another case of declining or insufficient demand.

JCP is going through a major change in eliminating sales, and it is interesting you didn't mention it. As a stockholder, I hope they are making the right moves to make the company more successful in the future. No pain, no gain, they say.
Bring back Cabin Creek! on 05/18/2012:

JC Penney needs to wake up and figure out who is their demographic. It is an older demographic than the store is trying to portray.

All the younger shoppers have their specialty stores that line the malls. Kids only have so much money and it is not going to be spent at either JC Penney or Sears. Both those stores need to get back to the basics. With Penney's it is brands like Cabin Creek. I wear that brand but now I haven't set foot in a Penney's for months.
Julia on 05/20/2012:
I have been ordering Cabin Creek blouses for years. They have always fit perfectly first time. Living overseas I have always ordered through the online catalog for pick up during the one or two weeks I am home in the States.
35 years ago when I was stationed in Korea, Pennys was the must reliable place to shop for my clothing and my than new-born as the sizes ran true. My daughter was a JC Penny kid to paraphrase Toy R' Us.

Now, having been in the Middle East for 14 years, I have come to really rely even more on JC Penny for my yearly clothing shopping, ordering 10-15 blouses (Cabin Creek), a dozen pants and other clothing items.
Pennys MUST be OUT of their MIND to discontinue Cabin Creek, as it has consistently been the most reliable brand of clothing. Makes me consider closing my 30 year charge account.
Sandy on 07/16/2012:
I have loved the Cabin Creek twill pants, especially since I was able to get them in Tall size. I am so disappointed in Penney's for discontinuing the brand. They are now geared too much toward the youth group.
tisha on 07/16/2012:
I too have been purchasing the cabin creek shirts along with several other women that I work with. Finding a shirt that fits well the first time is almost impossible. I would probably never go to or would have gone to jc penny if it weren't me going to order this shirt. UNHAPPY
Judy on 08/27/2012:
Please bring back the Cabin Creek camp shirts. My daughters and I have purchased every color you had. Why would you get rid of such a good product? Please bring the brand back. Older people need clothes too. You seem to be focusing only on young buyers. What would JC Penney say? No reason for my family to shop at Penneys now.
MJ on 08/29/2012:
I too have purchased Cabin Creek shirts and pants for years! I really need some new ones and can't find them now. Does any other store carry Cabin Creek? I will no longer shop at JC Penny's.
Sandy on 08/30/2012:
Please bring back cabin creek blouses,they always washed an ironed so nice, have not shopped Jcp since they discontinued this brand PLEASE BRING BACK a fantastic product for elderly women
Ann on 09/27/2012:
I have for many years bought Cabin Creek blouses. Please bring them back. Imam an older woman and many stores do not carry clothes appropriate for my age group.
Tuneful on 10/11/2012:
Amen to the above. I have bought Cabin Creek since I was in my 20s, back in the 80s. And not because I was, or am, an "old fogey": I wanted classic American style, pretty (not garish) colors, natural cotton fabric (sometimes in a blend to make it easy-care---no one wants to iron more than they have to regardless of age), styles that I could wear all day comfortably in my busy life, a length option in pants, a reasonable price, and excellent quality. I am very upset that JCP has discontinued CC and if SJB goes too I really will have no reason to go there again. I am particularly disappointed about the CC twill pants. I have a CC denim jacket, classic style, hip length, that has been going for 10 years and I love it.
Anne on 10/12/2012:
I can no longer fnd Cabin Creek shirts. They always fit perfectly, they laundered wonderful, I never had to iron them. I don't like to think that I won't be able to purchase them anymore. Bring back Cabin Creek!
Jan on 10/18/2012:
I couldn't believe Penney's isn't carrying Cabin Creek clothing anymore. Who's bright idea was that? They're losing a lot of business from me and my friends unless they bring them back. Who manufactures them? I'd gladly order from them.
Shirley on 11/09/2012:
I like the cabin creek shirts and have been buying them for many years! Please bring back the cabin creek brand for the older generation!
Sheila in Indiana on 11/10/2012:
Keep telling them BRING THEM BACK....but I now go to Kmart and buy chic pants. Kohls has a brand too that's something on the elastic waist jean pants for women. Also try Sears....but send a message JCPenney needs to listen to their customers not some idiot that's now the ceo.
Geri on 12/01/2012:
I relied on the Cabin Creek Brand at JCP. Every season I added to or refreshed my wardrobe with cabin creek pants.I'm petite anad I could get petite short which were a wonderful fit.Hope they bring this brand back.
Helen on 01/10/2013:
Have been buying Cabin Creek Oxford shirts for years and am very disappointed to see JCP has discontinued them. That was my reason for shopping JCP Would also buy other things when shopping for Cabin Creek. No longer have any reason to shop JCP
Linda on 04/08/2013:
Haven't bought anything from Penney's since they discontinued Cabin Creek
Cinny on 04/15/2013:
I am so depressed that you don't have the Cabin Creek Shirts, etc... just was at a baby shower today.. and was talking to someone else that is disappointed too... and she isn't the only person I know.. I do know many that won't be going to JCPenney anymore.. I have been buying them for more than 20 years... I sure hope that you bring them back soon. Cuz I won't be going to JCPenney's until you do...
Barb on 04/20/2013:
I also hope JCP brings back cabin creek clothing. Have not shopped for clothing at JCP since new CEO ruined my favorite store.
Peggy from Northern Michigan on 05/02/2013:
My Cabin Creek Shirts are wearing out, I would buy a dozen if I could only find them. I purchased all of my clothing from JCP, but they have discontinued all of my favorites, including underwear. :(
lois on 05/08/2013:
I have looked nearly a year to find another store handling cabin creek brand of clothing. Am so disappointed in JCP for dropping that line ! 1
Janice on 05/25/2013:
I hope that JC Penny's brings back the Cabin Creek Line of clothes, at least the Camp Shirts. They are the nices shirts, and I agree with all the comments above. You need to come back down to earth and carry some more of the clothing you used to, I have not purchased anything since you went fashion!!

Thank you and hurry and bring back the Cabin Creek Camp Shirts or tell us where to purchase them..
gloria on 07/14/2013:
I too loved these shirts. What's the matter with JC Pennys These shirts were comfortable and washed up nicely.I always ordered seven or eight at a time after I found out about them from my mother in law. She also ordered these all the time and really loved them as well.
Lettie on 07/25/2013:
I, too, have been searching for cabin creek shirts. I am prepared to buy as many as I can find n my size..18w!!, I have only been able to find one on eBay. It fits perfectly?
Please, anyone out there who can, start selling them . There is a real need for them. No special research teams or programs are necessary...just read these comments!!!!
Kris on 07/29/2013:
I have been purchasing Cabin Creek Worry Free Long Skirts for as long as I can remember. I have several different colors. They hold up well AND fit perfectly. I am ashamed of the decision makers at JC Penney for discontinuing such an excellent brand. Will not shop again at JC Penney!!! Hope your new strategy works for you, it doesn't for me!
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