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JC Penny's no longer loyal to brands and long time customers
Posted by Aciegroo69 on 10/09/2011
For years I've purchased Cabin Creek Tall Pants from J. C. Penny's. They fit well and the materials are very nice. I've recommended these pants to many throughout the country during my business travels. I logged on to the web site yesterday to purchase more Cabin Creek pants and was surprised to see that the selection is poor. I believe they might be discontinuing a very good brand, reasonably priced. This is a loss to loyal customers and in particular, tall customers.

J. C. Penny quit carrying narrow shoes quite a while back. It would appear I no longer have a reason to shop at J. C. Penny's.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is obviously not a concern of the retail business any longer.
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-10-10:
J.C penny's does this. I used to love jnco, would always buy their hoodies from them but they discontinued them, i haven't set foot in a jc penny in a long time.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-10-10:
You are correct, customer loyalty is not a concern of theirs. Like all big companies, only the dollar is their concern.

The goal is to provide as little as possible to make as much as possible. That's the general look of customer service these days.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-10:
Being a tall person with narrow feet, I can most certainly empathize with you. When you find a retailer that carries hard-to-find sizes it is such a relief and you come to rely exclusively on them.

JCP used to have a "Big and Tall" catalog, which most certainly has been eliminated with their other catalogs. I bought my undershirts there in tall, and I used to shop Bean for narrow shoes, but over the years the selection of shoes in width N was dwindled. I hope the next time I go to JCP they still have those shirts.

You can't wear underwear in public though. I hope you find a replacement.

It is possible that your sizes, like mine, are out on the 3 to 5% part of the distribution curve, meaning there isn't a lot of demand. I understand the company's position.
Posted by UNHAPPY JCPENNEYS SHOPPER on 2012-01-26:
I totally agree with you. These CABIN CREEK PANTS are the best pants ever! I buy them for my 100% disabled daughter who cannot zip zippers or button closure snaps. They also fit well over her leg braces and are comfortable to sit in and don't get caught in her wheel chair. I have purchased these pants exclusively for the past 25 years. I have purchased HUNDREDS of pairs! I have tried JCPenneys' Alfred Dunner, which seems to be what Penneys wants to dump on us now, to replace our CABIN CREEK pants with. However, Alfred Dunner pants are inconsistent both in size and quality of material and workmanship. Alfred Dunner cannot compare to these Cabin Creek twill or denim pants and shorts. I will NEVER purchase a pair of Alfred Dunner pull-up pants for my daughter instead of CABIN CREEK!!! PENNEYS have you lost your minds and your BUSINESS SENSE????? PENNEYS is DREAMING!!! If all your customers are screaming for these pants and the CABIN CREEK brand, then please bring them back. I guess JC Penneys just wants to go out of business like some of its predecessors. And see if I care! These Cabin Creek pants are the very last and ONLY THING that would drag me into a JCPenneys store where there is no customer service and a high stress purchasing environment. Regarding narrow shoes...I too wear narrow shoes. I don't care if Penneys carries them or not because JCPenneys only ever carried CHEAP shoes. WIth a narrow foot we are all used to higher qulaity shoes. I like Arthur Beren in San francisco www.berenshoes.com. They carry narrows through AAAA sizes. Or zappos carries some narrows. www.zappos.com. Furthermore, I also consider the elimination of this CABIN CREEK WOMENS/MISSES TWILL AND DENIM PANTS to be an attack on people with disabilities everywhere. PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES NEED CLOTHES TOO!!! Not everyone can do up a zipper or buttons. People who use wheelchairs and have various other disabilities REQUIRE PULL-ON PANTS. And WHY do they even need to have one million different pairs of pants in the same other styles with zippers and buttons? They just end up clearancing them out at the end of the season because NOBODY WANTS THEM!!!! PENNEYS if you are reading this column then PLEASE BRING BACK OUR CABIN CREEK PULL-UP ELASTIC WAIST PANTS. WE WANT THEM AND WE NEED THEM FOREVER AND EVER FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. DO NOT DISCONTINUE CABIN CREEK!!!!! ESPECIALLY THESE PULL-ON PANTS. THESE WERE THE ONLY PANTS ON EARTH THAT I COULD EVER FIND FOR MY DAUGHTER. I always know that these CABIN CREEK PULL-ON PANTS WITH ELASTIC WAIST fit PERFECTLY and I could order them online without a worry of size. They can dress up or dress down. They always look great. They wear fantastically. I throw them in the washer and dryer and they come out perfectly every time. You can wear them to church or wear to the park. they are very versatile and very FABULOUS PANTS. I predict that if JCPenneys cancels these it will be the store's demise. There are a lot of us out here who will ONLY buy the Cabin Creek pull-on pants.
Posted by TJ on 2012-03-29:
Maybe we should all mail/send back our JcPenny Cards until they start listening to the Customers!
Posted by Phyllis on 2012-08-18:
The Cabin Creek twill pants were the only thing bringing me into a JC Penney store these days. Overall the prices went up while the quality went down. Do not like the Worthington brand at all. Guess I'll do my shopping elsewhere.
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Unethical Return Policy
Posted by K-ro on 01/07/2007
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I recently purchased 2 men’s dress shirts and a necklace and earrings at a JCPenney’s store. I had to return the jewelry 3 days later because it did not work with my outfit (receipt and credit card used to purchase the item in hand; items still securely attached to their tags).

When I went in to the store to do this, I found that I had to walk all the way to the back of the store. Apparently, JCPenney can be very gracious when it takes my money, but not when an item has to be returned. Kohl’s has this same consumer-unfriendly policy, which is why I rarely shop at Kohl’s.

But then imagine my shock when I was asked for my driver’s license so that it could be scanned! Record my driver’s license information to return an item? Are they out of your minds?! What’s next – fingerprinting?! Maybe they need my social security number and federal tax return too? Needless to say, I refused this request, though the employees dutifully (but unsuccessfully) tried to strong-arm me to comply.

I don’t know who in executive management is responsible for this atrocious policy decision, but I am so appalled by it, I felt I had to express my opinion.

In this day and age of identify theft, and Corporate America completely unwilling to take the steps necessary to protect people’s private information from being hacked, JCPenney decides to start collecting their customer's personal information. What this policy decision aptly demonstrates is how completely out of touch JCPenney management is with the American public (i.e., your customers).

There is a JCPenney right across the street from where I work, very convenient for errands during and after work, but be assured that this unethical and consumer-hostile policy decision has resulted in this consumer deciding never to darken JCPenney’s doors again.

With policies like this (and decision-making like this), I suspect JCPenney’s vaunted “turnaround” may get cut a little short. Higher staff turnover is also a likely result, as it was clear to me that employees found this policy as unconscionable as I did.

A side question - if someone has to return something purchased online, will JCPenney provide a scan machine for home use?

I sent letters to JCPenney executives. I got letters stating what policy is - ah, if I didn't know what the return policy was, what was I writing to them about? What a waste of paper that was.
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Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-01-08:
Most stores require personal info (such as name, address, phone) for returns, most of which is on your license. Unfortunately, scammers are breeding like flies these days and it doesn't surprise me that some stores are being extra careful. Your reaction to this is just a tad over-the-top.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-08:
Usually stores only require your license if you DON'T have a receipt.

They use systems that track returns w/o a receipt by your license number. The information on it, like your address, has nothing to do with it. I have used the machines during the time I worked retail. The license number is enough to track you.

The OP states that she has the receipt so I don't think they should have asked for her license at all. I have never been asked for additional information, or a license, when I returned something WITH a receipt.
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-01-08:
Yea, you went way over the top here. It's really not that big of a deal... If they asked your social security number or something else that is really personal, I'd understand your concern. Companies are tracking returns more and more, deal with it. To argue about it being an issue of privacy, you are severely misinformed. You'd be suprised how much a company can find out about you by simply paying by check or cc. Wal-Mart has over 500 terabytes of information on customers.

To answer you question about online returns, they pretty much obtain the same information when you initially order as when your drivers license is scanned in store. When you return they track the order number which has all the info in it already.
Posted by SherryH on 2007-01-08:
I can see no good reason they would need your license if you had the receipt. I mean, why do they care WHO brought it back as long as it came from their store, its undamaged and re-sellable. I think we've got Big Brother at work here. What do people who don't have a driver's license do in this case?
The location of the return desk complaint is silly, though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
Of all the things I've seen on m3c JayD's ' have to remember that most people lie' is the most telling...such a warped view, explains a lot.. gotta agree with SherryH...nothing more to add.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-01-08:
On the bright side, perhaps this will curb some of the return policy abuse out there. Retailers made it too easy for people to take advantage of the system. This poster buys jewelry and returns it because it "didn't work" with a given outfit. In another posting, she admits to buying two pairs of tennis shoes knowing full well she would be returning one - this in lieu of bringing her kid to the store and buying the right size pair to begin with. A co-worker of mine admitted to ordering three bed-in-a-bag combos from JCPenney so she could view them in her home and decide which one to keep and which two to return. I seldom have any problems with returns, but then again, I seldom return things.
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-08:
Imagine, having to walk all the way to the "BACK" of the store........
Posted by KateKate on 2007-01-08:
SteinMart has the same policy so they don't get my business anymore either. I purchased an item with cash and returned it, all tags intact, with the receipt. When I asked why they needed to know who I was in order to return the cash I had given them, the manager said it was because the store had trouble keeping track of where its cash had gone. So I told her that was her problem (or SteinMart's rather) and not mine and, besides, I was in the witness protection program. I said it with a straight face and the poor thing didn't know what to say except that it was policy that I tell her who I was. Took a LONG battle but I got my $12 back and they still don't know who I am. I don't think you are over the top at all.
Posted by bill on 2007-01-08:
So you rarely shop at Kohl's because their return department is at the back of the store? That seems kinda silly.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-01-08:
Considering the fact that you can look up most anyone's name, address, and phone on the internet, I don't what the big deal is in giving out that info for a refund. Refusing to give so much as your name makes you seem kinda suspicious, too.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
I must agree with SherryH!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-01-08:
I have never seen anyone complain that they actually had to walk to the return desk. To make up for it, you should park your car right in front of the front door and put your flashers on. That should even the distance out for you (BTW I;m kidding about that -- that part of the complaint is utterly ridiculous!!)
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-01-08:
I don't think you were over the top AT ALL. If a customer has the receipt and proper credit card for a return and all tags are attached then that's proof it was a valid purchase. No license should be requested as further verification of anything. In Illinois you send in a copy of your state ID or drivers' license to obtain a replacement social security card. So to say that these stores scanning your license is no big deal is silly.
Posted by chocbuddha on 2007-06-16:
With a annual Shrinkage cost of $31 billion dollars, this extra "inconvenience" that you had to have your driver's license scanned, help keep the cost of your items down. When a return is made no matter with reciept or not they must keep as much information with the transaction as possible to help prevent shrinkage, it can occur in all forms and believe it or not that extra "inconvenience" is more to protect you than it is JCPenney.

(This is the part where you need to stop complaining and start thanking JCP for its "inconvenience")

When you do a return and recieve your cash through any digital means (credit card) all of your information is already there. When you return an item for cash they record your information at that time so now they know who purchased it (unless you used cash) and who returned it. Lets use our imaginations and think back to the day you bought your jewelery. On your way to your vehicle you notice that your shoe has become untied, you stop place your bag on the ground and tie your shoe, concentrating so hard on which bunny goes into what hole (or however you tie your shoe) you absent mindedly leave your bag lying there on the ground. You get in your car and go home. Jack Sly noticed you leave your bag behind, scoops it up and then a few days later goes in for a return. Now Your information at purchase, and his information at return does not match, so when you come crying to customer service that you lost your bag they are one step further in finding a solution for your problem.

The world is a dishonest place, so ill repeat whatever another poster said... people lie.
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Deception of Service - Lack of Integrity
Posted by M on 03/17/2006
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- On January 25, 2006, my husband and myself purchased two sofa's from J.C.Penny. We specifically asked the salesman if we paid for the delivery that the men would move our old sofas into another room since my husband is handicapped. We were assured that this would be done. However, when the sofas were delivered they adamantly refused to move our old sofas into the next room.

I immediately called JC Penny's customer service and explained my situation and was told that the delivery people were not obligated to move the sofas and I should read my contract no matter what the salesman told me.

My husband and myself did move the furniture. However, my husband is now suffering for it and is in great pain.

I did read the contract and it only stated The delivery team may not remove furniture from your premises. This is not what I wanted. Another room is still within my premises and the salesman said it would be done.

I would not have purchased the furniture if this were the case because of my husband’s condition. I would not have wanted to inflict more pain on him. The delivery was the reason we purchased from J.C. Penny's. I thought it was a reputable store and cared about its customers.

Even when I called customer service back they were very cold and informed me to call the salesman who sold us the furniture. When I called the store to talk to the salesman, they told me to call customer service. Ping - Pong should be JC Penny's new name.
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-17:
Should have got it in writing.. no agreement on the contract to move the old sofa = no deal and you walk out. Hope your husband gets better soon.
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Customer (NO)Service
Posted by Debra_Sparling on 02/09/2004
ILLINOIS -- We purchased blinds for our entire house in September. When they finally were delivered in DECEMBER, half of them were wrong. The saleswoman who sold them to us has been rude, unprofessional, and of no help to us. We made a complaint to her boss, who has done NOTHING. They have not even offered an apology for all the inconvenience they have caused us.

We cancelled the rest of our order, but we are so frustrated that it is so difficult to go to the next person up the corporate ladder to complain to. I had not noticed until this experience that at JC Penny, there is no easy way to find out where to complain or who to complain to beyond the customer service person who is probably paid minium wage and could care less, and the people you are complaining about.

Apparently, not providing their customers with any decent service when they run into problems comes from the top of the corporation down. JC Penny is a faceless company. On their website, they list no information at all regarding their corporate headquarters, or where one can go to rectify situations that they find unacceptable.

I will never buy this type of product from Penny's again, nor would I ever recommend them to someone else.

I should add (apparently) that these were Hunter Douglas custom made blinds....not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination! So the addage "You get what you pay for" seems untrue when it comes to Penny's.
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-09:
Pennys's service has declined since stores like Marshall Fields, Target, and Carson Pierrie's have blown them out of the water. They're losing name recognition (This generation coming up won't know what J.C. Penny's is), and they're struggling. That's the kind of service you get from a company in that position. I would go with Home Depot, or even a smaller chain like, 3-Day-blinds. You get what you pay for.
Posted by amdr696 on 2004-03-13:
I read this and thought the same thing, but I searched the web and found the corporate address:
6501 Legacy Drive Box 10001 Dallas, TX 75301. I thought you might like it, as well as others. As an associate, I can assure you that management pays about as much attention to us as they do you. They won't give us the district office address, let alone corporate. The next time you would like an address for a store, ask for it and if they don't give it to you, call the better business bureau. Maybe then someone will actually do something about our problem.
Posted by squirley on 2004-05-25:
Posted by zeake22 on 2004-07-06:
As a Department Manager at a JCPenney store (who by the way is paid a very good salary...not minimum wage) I can hopefully address your issue. Not necessarily as a rule, but commonly, we do not provide our associates with District/Home office phone numbers. We are usually able to remedy the problem at the store level. If I, as a department manager, cannot help I am always forthcoming with the store managers name and number and the district managers name and number, and any home office contacts that might be useful.
Posted by squat22 on 2012-01-01:
Being an associate at JcP has been quite challenging. They don't care about us anymore than they care about you. Scheduling is a nightmare, no one gets the same schedule twice, and its really hard to live a regular life with a schedule all over the map. What the customer doesn't see and doesn't realize, is that if the associates(sales people) are unhappy, we're going to make you unhappy. The brown stuff trickles down from the top. Remember, a company or anything for that matter, is only as good as its leaders. Who, by the way MAKE A LOT MORE MONEY than they should.
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Very Disappointed in Penney's
Posted by Dickandalyce on 09/22/2012
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I am VERY disppointed that J. C. Penny has discontinued the Cabin Creek line of clothing.....I am a Senior (78)..active.. and I loved the pull-on casual pants/jeans and blouses. I do not like the styles for younger women at my age and am very upset that they have discontinued the Cabin Creek Line. I loved the reasonable prices as compared to Alfred Dunner which is much more expensive and great for more "upscale" wear. BUT..I lived in the casual jeans and blouses from Cabin Creek. I do NOT appreciate spending $45.-%55. for a pair of jeans which is what Alfred Dunner costs.!!
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-22:
This should be an Alfred Dunner complaint.
Posted by copper_works_ on 2012-09-23:
It is madding isn't it?! They also are doing away with St John's Bay. I have no idea what they are thinking by doing that. I haven't bought anything at JCPenney in months.
Posted by Marilyn on 2012-09-24:
Ditto on the Cabin Creek, especially the pull-on jeans. I hardly ever shop with them anymore. Can't find things that are reasonable and suit my lifestyle, I'm 74 and mostly wear casual clothes.
Posted by Patty on 2012-09-24:
I am also frustrated that cabin creek has been discontinued. I am a tall senior and the offered tall sizes, dinner does not. Shame on you jc penny!
Posted by betsy on 2012-11-10:
Penneys has gone down hill since going to 40% off everyday sales. Use to shop there a lot but not anymore. Cabin Creek was one of my favorites, but it seems retailors can't leave anything alone that people like
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Late Fee problem
Posted by Dadams48 on 06/25/2012
FLORIDA -- So much for JC Penney "Fair and Square. no games. no gimmics." They're playing a game of un-owed extra fees with me!
I have my payments for this JC Penney account sent directly from my bank before the due date. It is released before the due date but GE Capital Retail Bank fails to credit me until it has passed the due date. The first time, payment was due the 14th of April, It was released by my bank on the 13th but GE Capital Bank did not credit it until the 15th. The excuse was that the bank was closed during the weekend...if that is so, why was it credited on Sunday, April 15th? They did remove the $25 late payment fee with the suggestion thst I send it in a few days before the payment date. So, in May, the payment was due on the 14th of May. THIS time the payment was released on the 11th of May. You would think a bank-to-bank transaction would get there by the 14th? 4 days later? Guess gain! This time they credited it on May 15th...this time, a $35 late fee! and it took from the 11th to the 15th ...5 days to get there! BANK TRANSFER! After a few phone calls, with their agreement that they would look into it, I discovered in the contract agreement that I MUST contact them in writing. So I sent details as well as bank transfer records so they could see for themselves. I received their formulaic reply today...they can do nothing for me. And, it was suggested, that I might "read the cardholder agreement as well as the late payment warning section on my statement" Well, I HAVE read them and it says absolutely nothing about how long JC Penney is entitled to withhold a payment from being paid in order to make an "in time payment" appear late. Believe me, if it was late, I'd pay the fee...but it wasn't late on my part! I know it seems like small change...$35...but I'm just a nobody in a huge rabble of nobodys that are probably being treated like this. I will be sending copies of my information to every JC Penney executive I can find the name for (whether or not they are directly involved with the credit department) I thought the architects of JC Penney Fair and Square would like to know the contempt with which GE Capital Bank is treating their customers and why I am disgusted. Work with a bank that will keep your customers not drive them away!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-25:
I'm not sure I understand why this is happening, but clearly the issue is the payment is being made near the due date and *one* solution is to queue payment a few days earlier.

With my Chase CC payment, I *pull* the payment using the Chase website to schedule and pay my bill. It ALWAYS is *credited* to my account *on* the due date, though they actually take the payment from my checking account on that date or up to two days *after*.

If you find out exactly why this is happening, I am confident a small adjustment in what you are doing can prevent it from happening again. Banks will take fees they feel they are entitled to - the trick is to not fall into the trap of entitling them.
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Discrimination, Association Discrimination, Racism At JCPenney's
Posted by Copito on 10/22/2009
There are some extremely serious unethical, illegal (if discrimination is really illegal) and immoral situations at JC Penney's in Alabaster, Al. It is virtually impossible to fight them for if you do, you are targeted (all management will band together) and they will find any excuse to fire you. Or they will make your life so miserable you quit. From the first month I worked there I was told to watch blacks and Mexicans as they were almost all thieves (Mexicans were "dirty". Black employees were targeted and I was told by the supervisor in catalog one particular black employee was a thief and was stealing, and only kept her job because she was black. I was told to "keep an eye on her". I was told another black employee was lazy, and got her job back, after being fired, only because she was black. The Mexican workers are treated the same and the same things, and much more is said about them. A gay man was told he would not be promoted because he was gay. Then he was fired for doing something he was told to do, and something many other employees have done. The store manager was having sex with an employee there (both married) and the whole store (almost) was aware of this. She got tons of extra hours (when everyone else's hours were cut) broke all company "rules and regulations"yet kept her job even after he was fired for other things.

The other male supervisor there says he's not worried about being caught (he fools around with his employees)because he makes sure he doesn't do anything on camera. He made a point of telling a female employee, after she tried to protest his sexual suggestions towards her, that the employees who had sex with their supervisors are the ones who kept their jobs and that no one would take anything she said seriously as they were all against her. JCP has a no retaliation and anti-discrimination policy they stress all the time, but, it is a total sham. If you complain or protest, your complaint letters "disappear",your life at work becomes miserable, your hours change, rumors are spread about you by supervisors, every transaction you do is scrutinized, new job "tasks"appear and your character is slammed.

They make sure they do nothing that can be interpreted as clear racism but it is everywhere. If they feel some employee may recognize it and complain, they set out on a fierce campaign to get rid of that employee one way or another. It is unbelievable this exists there and no one can do anything to change it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-22:
If this was true it would have lawsuit writtn all over it.
The because he was "G" quip would be grounds for one by itself.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-22:
Talk to HR about it if it's really as big a problem as you make it out to be. End of story.
Posted by clutzycook on 2009-10-22:
If it's as bad as you say it is, talk to HR. There should be a chain of command that you need to follow to lodge a complaint. If you get to the top of that chain with no resolution, file a complaint with your state's department of labor and/or the EEOC. Make sure you have accurate documentation, witnesses, whatever you need to prove your point.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-10-22:
Forget the company at this point, if this is true, you need to contact your state's labor board. Firing someone because they are gay is against the law, discriminating employees due to race is against the law. Make sure you have accurate documentation including, dates, times, locations (where you were in the store when it occurred) and names.
Posted by Kittyclaw on 2009-10-22:
If they were that racist and againts gay people then why did they hire them to begin with? There's no minorty quota big companies have to make...but this is Illegal and if it is true it needs to be reported to HR.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-22:
Kitty, I find your whole premise flawed and what good would it do to tell HR? JMO
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-10-22:
Let's see here Copito. You are presently employed at a JC Penney location that not only practices racial discrimination but sexual discrimination/harassment as well. Have you contacted the JC Penney corporate office as to your findings at the Alabaster, AL location?
Posted by copito on 2009-10-23:
Of course, I went to management. Nothing was done. I, though, experienced such a severe degree of retaliation and harassment that I quit. The man they hired they did not know initially was gay. As far as hiring African Americans, I do feel they hire, keeping in mind, a presentation of a "diverse and equal" workplace. I gave up trying to do anything. HR protects and polices themselves. They worry about what could be proven in a suit rather than what is right and ethical. Thank you all, though, for trying to help.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-13:
Thank you for this post but I bet all department stores have people making these kind of remarks or thinking them. The point is that they do hire all races and probably for economic reasons as well. Blacks and mexicans are customers and their dollars = anyone else's $$.As far as the sex going on, it is going on everywhere else too. The workplace breeds that close proximity and there was less infidelity when women did not work, years ago.
But the part that should not be surprising is that they will all just cover up stuff and never do anything but make the whistle blower be uncomfortable. You expect perfect people, well no work place has them.
If you are personally harassed, that is something else. But bad mouthing people and gossip is a bad human trait that probably should be addressed by teh religion as HR just wants a company to run a businsess.
Posted by retaliation confirmed on 2013-07-07:
Yes, this activity happens, and gossip doesn't help. They will and do frame you, so keep to facts, document/keep records, file your personal complaint only, and do your job professionally. They will band together to log any and every true/false report against you, make you miserable, and pressure you to quit.
I was told, "This is a company decision, and this is how it is going to be...".
I was physically and verbally attacked by an associate. She cursed me out for fifteen minutes with the supervisor standing six feet away and in front of customers. Other leaders were on the other side of the wall laughing (I saw them when leaving to clock out.)
Upon reporting to the proper chain of command, I was threatened by three managers that if I reported the incident, I would be fired. The supervisor said no one else saw or heard it. I asked for the video camera to be reviewed. Every evidence of her attack disappeared. She is now over the department where I have to work with her bullying and threatening me daily. They have set this employee up with a huge raise and a management title. She is aggressively rude and a bully. She uses intimidation and has verbally declared for months that she will have my job and eventually the supervisor's job.
The manager/leader she was intimate with was sent to a high paying management position in another store.
Their method of retaliation:
My supervisor framed me for projects and fabricated issues that she was in authority over but never followed through to completion at her level of authority.
Organized, boxed, labeled mto/rtv merchandise waiting on final pkg slips were dumped and mixed up after I had spent long hours straightening them. Other associate's lazy habits of dumping it where ever they threw it was blamed on me as if I had thrown them all over...she even toured it with a manager saying I didn't know what I was doing....when I had in reality, organized, boxed, and labeled everything clearly. Another associate would go and mix it up right after I had organized all of the projects. I would wait for weeks to get a label from her to send these out, then be blamed that the deadline was being missed. She would say leave it there and I will retry to send it....only to come back with management and blame me for everything being dumped all over. She continually covers and praises her favored associates...and they were the ones messing it up on purpose. Any error they made was covered up.
The pressure is intense right now as they are trying to force me to quit. I have requested a transfer to a store ten minutes away from my home instead of an hour, but they will not because of my top sales performance. They even denied that I had requested the transfer.
I have to guard my every move and word. It is no longer a pleasure working there. Extreme monitoring, intimidation, mockery, and bullying are my daily routine now. I have never done anything to deserve this treatment. I have to train new managers everything so they can replace me when they learn the department. I should have quit when the entire department quit instead of holding it together with excellent sales, dedication, and commitment to its' success. Every task has been stripped from me handling and given to the new girl but sales. So she got what she declared, threatened, and intimidated me with by brown nosing management, sleeping with a young manager, and having management cover her abusive behavior.
My advice:
Just leave the job if you can find other employment opportunities.
This is intimidation and retaliation at its best.
Conform to this abuse or leave.
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JCP Makes WalMart Look Good
Posted by R837 on 09/15/2009
In recent years, JCP comes off as the worst company I have had to deal with as regards returns. I bought a futon. It was half as think as advertised. I couldn't return it myself, due to size, I notified them of this and was blown off. It still sits in my garage and I have contested the charge. It is as if they don't even consider the customer as worthy of a response. Products are poor. Customer service doesn't even appear on the tracking screen.

If you like junk and being treated poorly, these are the folks with whom to do business...
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-15:
Did they deliver it originally? Do you have a friend or relative with a truck that could help you return it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
So they will let you return it, provided you get it to them? Do you have a deadline to be mindful of?
Posted by dan gordon on 2009-09-15:
did you want them to come get it and returned for no cost? They don't own the delivery trucks, so they paid someone to deliver it. Its only logical they pay them to pick it up. Your comments don't make a lot of sense. I don't know what 'half as think as advertised?" You didn't see this befoehand? I'm sure they would take it back but you should pay for the service
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
So they will let you return it, provided you get it to them? Do you have a deadline to be mindful of?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
They didn't deliver it to you what makes you think they will pick it up?
Posted by laklisa on 2009-09-15:
Unfortunately you may be stuck with it. I went on their website and found this interesting little tidbit on their customer service page:

"When purchasing or ordering from one of our stores, we encourage you to take measurements, match colors, and test the furniture for comfort and style prior to purchase. Furniture purchases from JCPenney stores, once delivered and accepted, are final."
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-09-15:
Do you really think WalMart would come pick it up? I don't think so!
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-15:
If something was delivered to me and I had a problem with it, I wouldn't even consider calling the store to have them come get it. I mean think about that, it doesn't make a lick of sense. Once it's on your possession, it's yours to bring back. I'm sure they held up their end of the delivery contract, they transported it from the store to you, nothing about from you to them.
Posted by Ghost of former member on 2009-09-19:
What makes you think they would come pick it up from you if you want your money back? If you want to return it, then you pack it up, grab your receipt (yes, this is required for returns), and bring it to the store yourself.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-20:
if you contest the charges on your card... you may be liable for theft or fraud charges
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Mental Harassment By LOSS Prevention
Posted by Amaan on 06/21/2009
ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA -- On June 19,2009 me and my sister were shopping at JC Penny, Arcadia CA. We first went to the clothing department and then to the fragrance where I smelled 1 perfume and I grabbed the other 2. The perfumes were right in my hand. Me and my sister then went to the fitting room to try on clothes and left the clothes in the fitting room and brought one pant and the perfumes outside. The perfumes were right in my hand, clearly visible to everyone. I took the perfumes back to the fragrance department and kept them on top of the gift box sets of perfumes. Me and my sister then left those pants right there as we planned not to buy it as we barely came shopping from Nordstroms and we decided to walk out of the door.

The moment my sister stepped outside the door, I was next but I still had the door opened as there was a lady behind me so that she could walk out as well and when that lady takes out a badge from her pocket and shows it to me and tells me "LOSS PREVENTION", "YOU BOTH NEED TO STEP INSIDE THE STORE". she meant me and my sister. we both stepped inside and she told us to follow her and we did. On our way, I asked her politely wat is this regarding but she said she can not tell me at this time. she then asked me if I have my id on me? my purse was all opened and I just touched my purse because I wanted to see if I have my Drivers license here or in the car and the same moment, she tells me "hey don't touch your purse". my sister then said something to me in our own language and she told us " you can not talk". I really felt very embaraced as in front of all the other customers and associates, she was telling us all that and people were watching us how we were taken in the store.

It was that lady ( Michelle Loss Prevention's Senior Manager)who stopped us, 1 another associate (Christina) and another Loss Prevention aSSOCIATE (Anna Ruiz) taking both of us in there room. when we entered their room, which was a small room by the dock, the lady ( Michelle) took our cell phones, my car keys from us and asked us to keep our purses on the table. both of us did whatever she said and the other lady Anna Ruiz asked both of us to be seated at the desks nearby, on 2 oppositte corners in an insulting way like- come on, one needs to be seated here and the other one in that corner. Trust me I was never treated like that in my life ever. The lady Michelle then told us that she is going to be searching our purses and she did. She then asked us if we have something on us that belongs to Pennies. we both said no. she then left the room and had another Associate (Christina) watch me and my sister. it was really boring and my phone at the first was ringing, but I was not allowed to answer that call. Then I got up and there was a dark black coloured glass in front of me and I was looking in there and fixing my hair when that associate CHristina told me I need to sit down right now. Oh my god I was like as if I had created a murder plan and they found out and thats why they are treating me like that. On top me and my sister were wearing dresses that had no pockets even so there was no point that we had something on ourselves. Well then I asked Anna Ruiz, the other Loss Prevention associate If you could please tell me what is this regarding? she was so rude and tells me " you need to wait and when she(Michelle) comes back, she is going to talk to you".
I stood quiet because at this point I didn't even know why I was there for. well then Michelle the mangaer came and asked me "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE OTHER BOX OF PERFUME THAT YOU HAD?".

I told her where I put both the perfumes, on top of the perfume gift set right on the corner table one on top of the other, both of them together and I also offered her that I could even go with her and show it to her. she said she went and looked and it wasn't there but she will go and look exactly where I told her. she left the room and went and looked and then came back after good 10-15 minutes and telling me they found it and we could go. I asked her where did she find it and she told me it was not there where I had told her because the ASSOCIATE working in that department had put it away where it belonged. I was like oh my god, you guys should have asked me at first that this is the case and I would have told you and you would not have wasted my 45 minutes and I wouldn't have faced that insult. she said that is the policy. I asked her what kind of a policy to stop and bring anyone in there and start harassing and once proved the customer is innocent, just say to leave and thats it. I asked her why did she think I had the perfume on me? she then started telling me she knows when I smelled the first perfume and after that grabbed 2 perfumes.

So this shows there focus was totally on me. I asked her if she saw me grabbing the perfumes then why did she not see me putting the perfumes away and that also in the perfume department and not anywhere else and also right in front of the camera. that means she had seen but she just wanted to harass me and she told me she was not the one watching the cameras, it was someone else. I said I am not concerned with who it was but you guys were focusing on me so how could you do that. How could you stop me for no reason? that lady Michelle did not apologize even once and when I asked her I need to talk to the store manager and she said she is not in yet but when I insisted she asked some another manager Rebecca to come in and I spoke to her and she went and talked to the store manager over there and gave me her number and when I asked I was given the District Loss Prevention manager's number. Rebecca the supervisor or the manager apologized from me but the loss prevention ladies did not even apologize for once. she was just telling me that is the procedure? she also told me at the end that because I don't have the perfumes, that is why they didn't call the cops and didn't get me arrested and I am not handcuffed. How did her thing make sense at this time of letting me know about all this when know everyone knows I am innocent. i told her that the associates who had seen me walking with them to her office, imagine what are they thinking about me when almost all of them know me. she told me that "this is not what our associates think ? well think why would they even think that? " I asked her ok then what do you think they were thinking that you are taking me with you because we are going to a party tonight and we are going to talk about it or you are going to offer me a job and thats why you took me in with you with 2 more associates accompaning us. I then told her that I have worked at Macys before and trust me they are not like that. never in the history I have ever heard or that I know that ever caught any innocent. Michelle quick to turn back and say "how do you know, this is the policy and Macys does that as well. I am so in love with Macys that I told her not to say like that about Macys as Macys has a name and fame and they are known for it" at that time she started laughing and proved if I was an idiot telling her all that.

In a way they were not at all courteous, I felt very insulted. but I am taking this matter very seriously. This ordeal could have been handled with more dignity and respect. She could have easily asked me at the first if not outside then may be when we entered her room, that we accuse you of stealing the perfume, where is that?' I have not been able to sleep even after taking sleeping pills. this thing is haunting me, really killing me. how would I get over all this? such great insult.

Is this really JC Penny's policy of harassing customers? why was I considered a thief only because I had the perfumes in my hand and I walked in the store with those and kept them back where they belonged? how would I get over that thing? who would tell all the customers that passed by and the associates who were there that I was innocent because by the time I got out of the store, it was closed. no one was there. LOSS PREVENTION ASSOCIATES not even courteous enough to apologize.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-21:
You need to take a little responsibility here. It's not wise to carry small non clothing items in a fitting room. I could see where that would set off some security alarms.
That being said, I would have in no way followed them without them explaining where we were going and why they wanted me to comply.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-06-21:
I worked retail for years, and our policy was that our Loss Prevention could only stop someone if they actually SAW them take/conceal the merchandise, and also kept the person in view until they walked out the door. If there was any break in that chain, we risked being sue for false arrest.

I would write their corporate office about this, and also file a complaint with the BBB.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
Good advice jktshff1.

Maggie, the BBB is not your friend.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-21:
I also suggest filing a police report, as this is false imprisonment.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-06-21:
Skye, it still doesn't hurt to have a complaint on file at the BBB.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
Hi Maggie,

Do you know how the BBB operates?? They are not for the people. Companies pay to advertise and get a BBB rating. As long as the BBB gets paid, no matter what complaints are made against a company, they will be swept under the rug.

Believe me, insider information at its best.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-06-21:
People, please listen to Skye on this BBB issue. They are NOT for the consumer. That is only a guise to fool people into trusting their credibility. As with any other for-profit business they will follow the money. A good rating can easily be bought.

Filing a report with them cannot hurt. But it probably won't help much if the company buys out the bad ones.
Posted by MRM on 2009-06-21:
I did not know how the BBB operates. Thanks for the heads up!
Posted by Ben There on 2009-06-21:
BBB = Buy Better Branding
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-21:
I'm still going to put some faith in BBB when a consumer has a complaint and has few options. They will notify the business that there IS a complaint and they can't just blow it off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
You said yourself (in very looooong running sentences with no punctuation that made it hard to read) that you put the PERFUME back where it belonged, but not the PANTS. You said you left the one pair of pants laying THERE...Where is there? I think you set this in motion by taking non clothing items in the dressing room area.

That said, you could have left anytime, and you did not have to give up your cell phone or allow a purse search. You allowed this abuse. You should have held onto your belongings and demanded either an explanation or left.

Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-21:
there was no false imprisonment here. they were accused of theft, they were detained, proved innocent, and allowed to leave. all under 1 hour. i am sure jc pennies would like a police report too.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
Hi ya Boki,

The BBB and Rippedoff Report.com, both are in bed together, and have many complaints against them. I found this site through Ripped off report, people were promoting it there, while complaining about the BBB and Ripped off Report. My cousin works for the BBB, and gives me the insider information. Plus, nobody leaves working for BBB, until they die, lol. It's a cushy job.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-21:
Skye, that is so disappointing.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
I know Boki. I used to hold the BBB in high regards. Not anymore.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-06-21:
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the issue but I assure you if someone from security request I follow them back to a room I would follow like a little puppy. NEVER would it occur to me to demand my rights nor anything else. I'd just wonder why in the world I was called back and would comply with whatever they asked. Perhaps because this sort of thing has never happened to me or perhaps because I make darn certain I don't cause any employee to question my behaviour.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
Hey C20, I think I found your girlfriends bra in one of the dressing rooms. I went to try on some bra's and someone left a bra, and empty box of a new bra.

Just kidding about your girlfriend, but I did find an old bra and new box, someone took the new bra, and left the old one. I guess they figured it was an even trade in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
Right Nohandle!! I in no way would follow loss prevention back into a room where I had no control. If they feel the need to stop I would walk to the nearest register and call the police using my cell phone and wait for them to arrive. They want to stop me from using my cell phone? Let them try. It would be the biggest mistake they ever made.
Posted by MRM on 2009-06-21:
I see, I see, there will be hell to pay, right John!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
It's highly possible you did Skye, but please don't mention it to my wife.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-21:
Nohandle, I'd do the same thing. Is it possible to refuse to go back into an "interrogation room"? Somebody clue me in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
If someone in a retail store touches me? Dang right! >:-) If I havent laid a hand on them they'd best not lay one on me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
Sure it is Boki, you can actually refuse to go back into the store. They can place you under citizens arrest but by then you would be on the phone to the police anyway.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
Mums the word C20 :)
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-21:
That's extremely helpful to know.. I know they have to stop people outside the store if they suspect shoplifting, but I didn't know "the suspect" could refuse to go back in with them.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
I don't understand how anyone would even attempt to steal anything these days with all the cameras. OP, I'm am not implying thats what you were up to.

I've never stolen anything in my life. My parents would of just made me bring it back, pure humiliation. I just am a big chicken. Besides at my age, being arrested is nothing I want on my resume!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
Loss prevention has gone into hyperdrive and to a certain extent I understand why. Like Maggie who wrote above, when I worked retail no customer was to be stopped unless we witnessed them concealing an item. There was no, well we thought we saw them conceal it. You had to know which aisle they were on, what the item was, and where they concealed it. If you lost visual contact with them at any time, they were not to be stopped.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-21:
Thanks Skye! lol
Posted by Amaan on 2009-06-21:
Thank you guys. it was really very helpful. I will for sure go to the police today and make a complaint. Hopefully they dont say its late and will also get in touch with their Corporate Office
Posted by Carmen.Liz on 2009-09-28:
You need to relax. It was a mistake. You're thinking too much into it. And the sleeping pill thing... I actually have insomnia. You need to lay down and close your eyes as soon as you take the pills or they won't work. And by all means DO NOT MIX THEM! If you haven't yet, try Ambien. It's the only one that works for me.
Posted by skipshrink on 2010-02-07:
JCP LP policy says that the 'officer' making the arrest should have apologized and that the officer will be fired for a "bad stop".
This said, nothing will happen unless you complain.
secondly you do have grounds to sue and Penneys will pay out before it gets to far ....

I know this because it happen to me .....

Posted by Skye on 2010-02-07:
Not everything is a lawsuit or a big windfall bonanza.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-02-07:
Am I the only one who saw in the OP that they did not intend to buy anything? If you did not intend to buy anything, then your actions were very suspicious, not to mention the fact that if you did not intend to buy anything, then you are not a customer. IMHO, you were screwing with the LPAs, purposely giving them the impression you were shoplifting. I once had a couple of smart-aleckey teen girls do the same thing in a store where I was working as an LPA. When the mother of one of them arrived, the girls broke down and admitted they were just trying to get an LPA fired.
Posted by LP Dude on 2011-08-11:
I've been working loss prevention for over 7 years. I take my job seriously and it really irriates me to see bad LPS making stupid decicions. You, and anyone else who has been wrongfully stopped and deatined should definately seek legeal representation. I've been told at multiple retailers when someone who was detained for no reason, is automaticly offerd $50,000 settelemtns. We are told we make million dollar decisions. I hate theives, but I hate bad LPs more. Donn't let retailers do this to you. Call a lawyer. Your going to get paid :) oh and btw, I have first hand knowldege of this retailer. If you did or do bring a lawsuit, everyone involved will loose there job, and honestly, they should. And on behalf of the thounsands of us that do our job right and take it seriuously, I'm sorry ou had to go thru that.
Posted by JustSaying on 2011-12-08:
So let me see if I got this right.After you've already shopped, you went into another store right before closing,picked out a bunch of clothes,a pair of pants you PLANNED on not buying, and perfumes then went into a fitting room.Hmmm,Why would you take perfumes into the fittingroom along with merchandise you PLANNED on not buying?Also, why did you leave everything in the fittingroom EXCEPT the pants you PLANNED on not buying? Were the perfumes really in "plain sight" or were the pants you PLANNED on not buying perhaps get in the way? You never mentioned you were told that you were arrested. You could've left at anytime,right? So why didn't you? Unless you had more than not buying those pants in your PLAN before you walked into that store. Just saying.
Posted by JustSaying on 2011-12-09:
LP Dude,you worked LP for 7 years?Maybe you should read the post from the LP point of view.Let me know if you see the flaws.
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StarStarStarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Posted by Ejtv on 04/15/2013
WOODBURY, MINNESOTA -- Now that you have a new CEO perhaps you will take customers opinions into account. I have read numerous reviews regarding the absence of Cabin Creek products in your store. I have read that only 10% of people unhappy with a store will take the trouble to file a complaint; they simply vote with their feet and shop elsewhere. Judging by the number of complaints online, reintroducing Cabin Creek to your inventory would be good for your bottom line.
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Posted by ticia232 on 2013-04-16:
Well, since the new CEO is the ex-CEO, I would think that he would bring back the old tried and true selling items and mix them with the new things to try and make a happy medium because he was ousted for only hanging onto the old and not wanting any change.
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-04-16:
Apparently Cabin Creek clothing is owned by the JC Penney Company. That being the case they probably just stopped having the line manufactured as a part of cost cutting measures and if it is resurrected it will likely be inferior to what it used to be.
Posted by Susan on 2013-04-16:
I think the former JCP brands we loved for years (Cabin Creek, St. John's Bay, etc.) are most likely gone forever. I fear Tezrien is right - even if they bring them back they will take the cheap stuff they are selling today and slap the old labels on them. Sad . . . .
Posted by shirley on 2013-08-23:
I have shopped for my drapes and sheets at jcp for over 40 years and three weeks ago I went to the store to try find some new bed spreads and to my surprise all the nice bedding you use to carry had disappeared and now you have what I would call trash. Also along that lines just this week I went into jcp to get some new drapes for the bedroom I am trying to change and guess what nothing, all the wonderful drapes you had are now gone. Why on earth did you let this go this far no wonder you lost millions.
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