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Do Not Buy A Car From Here!!!
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GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!! I bought a car from this location almost 2 years ago and I've had nothing but problems. Ever since I got the car I have had mechanical problems most of all that were not covered in the limited warranty. I had my car in their service area and was told it was several different things when finally I took it to a more reputable shop and there was something completely different that was wrong. I've had problems with the car turning off while driving in the rain which is incredibly dangerous, it took them 3 times seeing the car before they think they know what is wrong. I still have yet been able to fix it. On top of it all I have been called several times telling me I am breaching my contract because I don't have car insurance and they put a "flag" on my car to be able to be picked up. Not only have I had car insurance the WHOLE time they are incredibly rude when I call and tell them that this is a mistake on their part.

All in all I would NEVER buy from them again nor would I suggest anyone to buy from them EVER. I'm stuck with a crappy car, high payment and bad customer service....not worth it!
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GenuineNerd on 04/01/2011:
J.D. Byrider is a ripoff joint. They sell used-up cars for almost the price of a new car, once you add in the exorbitant interest rates. And a lot of these cars come from auctions, rather than being local trade-ins. A lot of these cars have issues as well. Their bait is to finance you if you have bad credit. But many reputable dealers can get you financed, on a better car, with a lower interest rate. Too many people have been ripped off by J.D. Byrider.
Skye on 04/01/2011:
Have you looked into your states lemon laws?
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JD Byrider Sucks
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Rating: 1/51
ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- I am so sick of these bastards! For those who think that they can judge others without knowing the full stories of people's personal situations, please be advised that you can promptly go to straight to hell. You truly have to walk in someone else's shoes before you can totally understand what they're going through. I absolutely hate people who sit on their high horses thinking that they know every little detail about someone else's situation. JD Byrider is a slimy car business that rips poor people off. They know it and so does everyone else. Anyone who supports this company is a piece of [snip]and should be ashamed of yourself for saying anything positive about what it represents. Yeah people knew about their interest rate and signed the contract, blah, blah, blah, just like JD knows that they are taking risks giving people cars who have horrible credit so I don't want to hear any bull about folks being dumb enough to do business with them in the first place. Listen, everyone goes through hard times from time to time, it happens. And yeah putting money aside for a rainy is ideal...IF you have it of course. JD takes advantage of people who had no choice but to come to them for help and its a shame that this business is allowed by law to trap people into disgusting contracts that they know is deceitful. These lowlifes will get what's coming to them, make no mistake about that.
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Shaun on 01/29/2014:
You definitely don't sound too happy, but It's difficult to understand without any details.

You are right that many people fall on hard times. I sure wish you the best in getting through any difficulties you're dealing with.
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FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Do not purchase a vehicle from JD Byrider you will regret it. I understand the concept of paying more because of your credit being poor, but they take it too far. Upon purchase of the current vehicle I said I would not buy If I am upside down more than 3,000 on the car, ever!!. It was not acceptable and could not happen. I was promised that I would never be and that in a year I would owe less than the car was worth or close to the value, this would make me capable of trading it in for another one. The only reason I went with them is because of this understanding, I had other options. I trusted them and had more than one person at JD Byrider tell me this was accurate, so it was not just based on the salesman, it was also the finance company and manager.

I have had the car a year and a half, it is valued at $1500.00. I tried to trade it in yesterday and they had my balance per my last receipt as 7900.00 and that is ridiculous. It has me upside 6400.00. To make the situation worse, I was approved for the new vehicle and when it came time for the payoff they actually increased the payoff to 8500.00 more than I owe. That caused the new finance company to back out.

They will report to the credit agencies but so do TOTE THE NOTE LOTS, the note holding lots actually sell cars closer to there values and will work with a finance companies for payoff. JD Byrider is a scam, they will overcharge and ruin your chances at getting ahead. It is not worth it. They are liars and thieves. The car I found out later was only worth 5K upon purchase but they charged me 12K. Do not trust them, go to a tote the note lot, I can't stress that enough. If you wreck one of their cars you will still owe the remaining balance due to the extreme difference in value vs your note. You will still have a car payment and no car, if you try to get out from under the car they will increase the pay off and you will not be able to get another car for less than 5K down. It IS NOT WORTH IT.

The experience has been horrible, please stay far away from JD Byrider.. It will only ruin you, not help. The reality of the situation is I can't get to work without a car, and I can't afford two payments so my credit will be ruined If I wreck the vehicle and have a repossession attached, due to needed another vehicle and affordability. In the end your credit will suffer not improve like they state.

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Look elsewhere for a car
Posted by on
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Let me first say the JD Byrider Dealership I dealt with was a privately owned dealership who simply purchased the right to use the company name.

Also, this is a dealership set up to sell a car to anyone with bad credit. No one will be turned down if you have the right down payment. They will try to work with you and get it financed. Mind you, you have to have insurance already before you buy a car from them. Sound stupid? I know. How can you get insurance on a car you don't even know your getting yet? But anyway, that's the way they did it.

Several things wrong with this particular dealership. 1) It had problems with overheating to which we had it back to them twice for them to repair it (same part) and it still didn't resolve the problem. We sat there on one visit on our wedding anniversary for 3 hours waiting for our car to be finished. When my husband inquired about it, he discovered that it was taking so long because the mechanics did not know how to use the diagnosing equipment for the car. I swear they just hire anyone. These mechanics were totally incompetent. When we finally took it to an auto shop on our own, we discovered a sensor needed to be replaced and that it would cost $1800 for a new one. 2) The passenger side view mirror did not work from the day we bought it. There said they would put in a order to Ford Agency for a new mirror. At the time, we were moving south (18 hrs away) and went in to see if our mirror had arrived. They never even ordered it and we were moving in a week. So then they said we would have to wait 2 weeks for the part to come in. All this time they were RIGHT NEXT TO A FORD DEALERSHIP. What a bunch of morons!!!! They couldn't go next door to get my part. It was literally a walk across the parking lot. When it finally came, they ordered the wrong mirror. I had an automatic mirror and they ordered a manual. There was no time to make a switch so I was stuck with a manual. After the mirror was installed, my car would become soaked inside the door and floor boards every time it rained. I went to a JD ByRider in Georgia to get it looked at and they could not work on my vehicle because I bought my car from and independent dealer with the same name, which is how I found out it wasn't company owned. So, I got screwed there.

Here comes the real issue. A year after we moved to Georgia, my husband was assigned to a military base in Kansas. When we got there, I had the car registered in Kansas. (later I found out I didn't have to do that b/c the military uses "home of record" and I could renew online with Georgia). Anyway, this cause a major upheaval and the eventual loss of my car. When I registered my car in KS, I was asked for my title. I did not have one, PA does not permit the owner to have a title until the vehicle is paid off. KS required the title with the owner at ALL TIMES regardless of loan status. So KS filed with PA to obtain the original loan. JD Byrider and State of Pennsylvania absolutely refused. I had JAG involved as well. No amount of legal assistance would get anyone to budge. So in the end, JD Byrider stated they wanted the car returned to them. This process took 6 months before they finally came and got the car. So after all that time and money, I was out of a vehicle in Fort No Man's Land, Kansas. Get this! A month later I was contacted by the company that towed my vehicle stated it was still sitting in South Dakota waiting to be taken back to Pennsylvania. I had to sign a form giving up rights to the car so it wasn't mine anymore. Why where they calling me? Wasn't my responsibility anymore.

Long story short....I will never buy a car from them ever. I don't care how good the deal is, it truly isn't a good deal. They also tried to say that it was illegal for me to leave the stated with "their" car b/c my loan wasn't completely paid. What a bunch of bullcrap!! Not only were they wrong, but a clause in my car loan stated I was allowed to for certain purposes and the example they gave was "MILITARY". They told me it didn't apply in my case. Well, they signed it and so did I. As far as I'm concerned and any attorney will tell you that was legally binding.

NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a car from JD Byrider in Allentown, Pennsylvania. RUN FAR FAR AWAY AS QUICK AS YOU CAN.
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User Replies:
firengine103 on 07/23/2007:
I've never heard of getting your title before the loan was paid.
Anonymous on 07/23/2007:
I third that!
Anonymous on 07/23/2007:
I've never heard of not getting your title when you bought a car. The note holder merely puts a lien on the title and provides a lien release when the loan is paid off.

Once again the commentators of my3cents prove to be a great source of misinformation.
Anonymous on 07/23/2007:
I can tell you with certainty that in Massachusetts, you do NOT get a title when you finance a car. In fact, the title only exists electronically until the bank releases the lien, then the RMV creates a title documents and mails it out.
Sunny71 on 07/23/2007:
The state of Kansas requires a car owner to carry a vehicle title AT ALL TIMES. I had to purchase a vehicle in Kansas when JD Byrider took my back. I was given the title to the vehicle and took it to the DMV to register the car. DMV returned the title to me and I kept with my registration paperwork in my glove box. I had to show registration and title when I registered the car on base. I said the same thing you are all saying, but this is what I experienced.
Anonymous on 07/23/2007:
Ken I stand corrected. You're right, PA, the title is sent to the lender. Go figure. In Oklahoma the title is sent to the buyer with the lien holder entered on it. You learn something new everyday.
Sunny71 on 07/23/2007:
I had never received a title for any car that I purchased so when we moved to Kansas, oh what a battle it was. The car I bought in Kansas, I was making payments on. I was shocked to receive the title.
Ponie on 07/23/2007:
Sunny71, a bit of hard-earned advice: Never, ever, EVER keep vehicle ownership paperwork in the glove box. (Registration, proof of ins., title, etc.) Keep it on your person and if permitting another to drive your car, hand over the paperwork to them. Found this out the hard way. My car was stolen from our so-called 'guarded' parking structure at work. Registration and proof of ins. was in glove box. My cousin drove out to the office to pick me up to make a police report. (Try getting the police to come out to take a stolen car report.) Got to the precinct and the first thing the fellow asked for was my proof of ownership. What? It was in the car--the car was stolen. We had to drive home, pick up my title and we worked from there.

Since that day, the only thing in my glove box is my owner's manual. Very convenient for thieves, if stopped for some reason, to have proof of ownership with them.
Sunny71 on 07/24/2007:
I kept it in there b/c I needed it while we were going back and forth on the base. I had to show it each time we returned through the gate. My glove box had a lock on it and the key was always with me. That was the only time and vehicle I had ever done that with. I have been through 4 vehicles in the past 1 1/2 yrs. Otherwise, the only thing that I stored in my glove box was my owners manual and any receipts for oil changes, PM checks, etc...Oh and tissues, lol. But thanks for sharing your advice. Sorry you had to go through all of that. I hope it was resolved in your favor.
firengine103 on 07/24/2007:
Are we confusing title and registration?
Ponie on 07/24/2007:
firengine, I don't think she is. Look at her first response after posting the letter where she says what Kansas requires. Had she not so plainly stated it, I'd have questioned it too. I guess requirements are not the same in all states. In MI they require only registration and proof of insurance.

Yeah, Sunny. It was finally resolved 30 days after the theft when my insurance company declared it totaled. They gave me BBV on a car that was in pristine condition, less than 40 thou miles, and a convertible. Of course, they had no way of knowing how I took care of 'my baby.' Got back at them, though. They allowed $15/day for a rental. I used a friend's second car for transportation at no charge but had my cousin 'present' me with a bill for $450 which I sent them. When she got the check, she endorsed it and gave it to me.

Your tissues comment made me LOL. I could have used some that night. From the time I discovered the theft (at about 6:15p when leaving the office), it was almost nine hours later (3:00a) before I got home. Three of those hours were spent riding around in a jitney with one of the so-called security guards, driving up and down ramps, because I 'may have forgotten where I parked my car.' I wanted to leave after we had driven through the seven stories of the structure where I parked, but he insisted we use the bridge to go to the adjoining structure also. Idiot kept saying since I claim my car was stolen while parked in their structure, he had to 'make sure' I just didn't misplace it.

BTW, my glove box was always locked, too. The button to pop the trunk was in there and I didn't want someone to have even easier access to my stuff in the trunk in case I ever forgot to lock the doors. Hey--I even had my *keys* with me but I guess some thieves don't need keys when they want to get a car.
Sunny71 on 07/24/2007:
No we are not confusing title and registration
Sunny71 on 07/24/2007:
Well that's a hellish situation. Glad that's over, however sounds like a bittersweet ending. Amazing how you are easily doubted when you make a legitimate claim such as you did. What a moron! He surely needed better PR skills and maybe a little compassion wouldn't have hurt either. 3 hours to search a 7 tier deck? Just how big was this deck? Sounds like he was either a real slow guy or perhaps and accomplice keeping you occupied. Aren't they supposed to hear and see all? That's their job. I'll bet your car was targeted since it was in a parking garage. Not too often you see a thief scoping out a parking garage looking for the next big hit, especially if it's monitored. I hope you have pictures if your current car. AT least then if history repeats itself you'll have visual proof of it's overall condition. BBV? what a laugh!!! Sorry you got robbed twice. :(
John clark on 04/25/2014:
Jd byrider Dundalk Maryland, yeah same here I paid 11,500 for a 2000 dollar car with flood damage that they said was perfect condition 30 seconds after having it it broke down they had it for 2weeks I stool had to pay for it than I got it back it did the same thing I paid 380.22 a month 14 months later I owed 9898 dollars I went to trade it to buy a brand new 2013 Honda insight the pay out was 10,100 lol really thank God my credit was good cause screw jd and now I own a reliable way better car for the same price with a 6.9 interest rate NEVER GO THERE take a bus ride a bike cause if you are 1 day late they will call everybody and they well take your car and you will still have to pay for it or they will sue you they are Cruddy as Cruddy can be with all these bad reviews they will be shut down in no time =)
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