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Horrible Service, Crap/croken Cars, Refusal to Fix, Etc Etc Etc
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Rating: 1/51

SLC, UTAH -- I've been asked several times to submit a review on JD Byrider's performance and my experiences, so here goes. Literally from the moment I walked in the door, zero effort was made to make my experience enjoyable in any way, in fact it seemed quite the opposite. I was told right up front by Marcus that I'd be out in an hour, it took 4 1/2. He would talk for a minute or two, then disappear for 20 min. At first he was quite friendly and upbeat, but in short order it seemed like I was the least important thing in his world, even a little irritated with me for some reason.

There were several things wrong with the car, the AC and display were the most obvious and they said they'd fix it and that I had 60 days to bring it back into the shop and get it fixed. I work a lot and their shop isn't open but from 9-6, but if you don't have your car in there by 430, they won't work on you as they are now cleaning up. So, really, 9-430. I work during those hours, so it was hard for me to get in.

I brought the car in before the 60 day mark and Marcus tried denying me, blatantly lying to my face, saying that he "wouldn't give his own brother 60 days", and the copy of the contract that he kept didn't have the revision on it. My bad for not demanding they change the contract, but I didn't catch it. It'd been almost 5 hours, which I'm sure is why they do that, so they can slip little clever cons like this past you. Most dealerships do this though.

7 days later, a coolant connector broke and the car started overheating. I pulled over, called TC (one of the managers with CNAC, JD Byrider's "bank") he came and picked me up and had a tow truck come pick up my car. It was then fixed by the time I got off work Monday. This was awesome. I am quite happy with the service in this instance.

One week later (not making this up) the radiator springs a leak and drains in between drives. Ok, not a huge deal, I just gotta keep coolant in it. A radiator isn't covered under warranty but as it was only two weeks in (and I kinda threw a mini fit over this, not freaking out but I was a little assertive in expressing my displeasure after the first response I got basically telling me, "Tough **, not covered under warranty, sorry TC") TC and Tom agreed to change it free of charge. phew.

The AC... I brought it in within the first couple days to have it fixed, which when I got it back the AC was blowing cold air. Then it went completely out again within 2 months. I brought it into another mechanic (which btw, gave me a whole laundry list of other ** wrong with the car which Tom, the manager of the service department, proceeded to systematically dispute and/or just tell me that it wasn't part of the warranty because it wasn't safety related basically) and told me that my AC wasn't leaking, even going so far as to show me something under the front passenger tire and basically saying, "See? that's your ac and there's no leak."

Now I know that freon isn't going to leave residue but I know very little about cars, I'm no mechanic (which, btw, I should've brought it into one but I didn't have spare cash to put up for a run-down of the vehicle. I've since found a place that will inspect new cars for free, they're awesome! Big Priority Auto), but I didn't want to argue with him. A few weeks ago, surprise surprise, AC's starting to go out. I brought it back in to get my center console display installed, which they had to order and took some time but that went great, and I told Tom about it. He took a thermometer to my ac and tested it, it was blowing like 50* air or something, at that moment inside his shop.

Now a few weeks later the AC is almost completely gone again and I really don't want to have to go and argue with Tom again about why he should just do his job and fix the damned AC instead of recharging a leaking and failed AC unit every 6-8 weeks like was stipulated, in writing, before I bought the car. That's not fixing anything, that's putting a band-aid on the problem and spewing CFC's into the environment (you know, the stuff that ate the FREAKING OZONE LAYER!). REALLY not happy with that.

Then there was my tire and CV axle... I started hearing some clicking a few weeks ago when I turned, so I figured it was CV axle. It got progressively worse fairly quickly, so I got it into the shop within about a week and a half of it starting (I was sure a CV wasn't going to be covered under warranty, but it was thank God). Apparently on top of the CV the wheel was about to come off. It had shorn some of the bolts off the hub and the hub needed to be replaced.

I have not once touched the lug nuts on any of the tires, I haven't even removed the hub caps. Now, it's not impossible someone, somewhere loosened some of my lug nuts for some reason. I don't think that happened. I think whoever last changed the tire was in a hurry or got distracted or something and forgot a couple lugs or didn't tighten down enough, or something. I don't know. I'm not a mechanic and it doesn't really matter.

I brought it in and within like 4 hours I had it back, running great. Completely paid for by them (the CV was under warranty but the bolts and hub weren't) and this decision was come to jointly by TC and Tom. I'm not happy that this happened obviously but it got fixed quickly and painlessly.

One last problem, the vacuum hose on my car is in two pieces. It had electrical tape wrapping it, keeping the vacuum, but that failed (obviously) so I had to wrap it with duct tape as I couldn't afford the $90 hose. When I showed this to Tom he wasn't surprised at all and actually complimented me on my duct-tape wrap job. Said that's exactly what he does (though apparently he uses electrical tape so you can't see it on the black hose). I'll leave opinion out of this. All of this happened, exactly as I tell it. I've not embellished anything. For the most part, I'm not happy with JD Byrider but it's been a mixed bag.

Deceptive Clunker Salesmen
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Rating: 1/51

AKRON, OHIO -- This dealership is very deceptive. I purchased a car on a Saturday night from the dealership. The very next Friday the car is broken and in for service. After talking to several of the people I lost faith in the company as I could tell they were lying. I have audio recordings with stories changing and outright lies. They do not do anything but detail these cars using way to much polish inside the car. I found parts for the car in the glovebox within an hour of leaving the dealership. Today is Thursday. As of today I have yet to hear from them this week. Tomorrow makes 1 full week I haven't had the car. Which will be longer then how long I had the car.

I was told they go over their cars with a fine tooth comb and that they do everything they can to get people into a reliable car... I was sold on reliable transportation to and from work. Something I didn't receive. $1000 my downpayment could have gotten me a car off CL that would make it to and from work for longer than this car did. Shoot 1000 would get me a ride to and from work 6 days a week for 2months+. Again more than this car. I asked if they could switch me into a car of equal value... no we can't do that.

This was a lie, this place is staffed by morally corrupt individuals. They will lie to you, and tell you anything you want to hear for you to purchase a vehicle from them. They claim no one else will finance you, and all this program **. Then you find out that 512 credit score while not great is enough to get you financed just about anywhere. I paid my downpayment in good faith, I have to pay more Saturday even though I haven't really gotten to use the car.

JD Byrider did not sell me a car in good faith, when the car is finally returned assuming there is no more BS which I'm sure there will be I'll be taking it to 2 different mechanics I know who I trust as JDB doesn't have my trust on anything. I was sold the car at 9 pm at night after I was in the dealership for almost 4.5 hours and they made me sign that they gave me the opportunity to take it to a mechanic which what mechanic is opened that time of night on a Saturday. I certainly should have gone elsewhere, hindsight is 20/20. But dealerships like this should be shut down for ripping off honest hard working people.

Totally 100% Screwed Over. Never Buy From Here Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I went in and got a car from a sales person. The sales guys were great. Oh boy I didn't realize what I was going to get myself into. So it takes 5 hours to do all this stuff. They had me sign a bunch of paperwork hurriedly and it was really confusing, as I am a young inexperienced guy. I later found out how much I got screwed when I realized what exactly 24.5% APR was.

I've never been late except for 1 day one week then one day on another. They will call your work and everyone you know to hunt you down. They also increased my payments by almost $130 a month because I was 'late'. So now I will barely be able to afford it. They make money by screwing you over. The finance company they use preys on poor people and they are very rude.

Pro tip: DO NOT USE A CAR TO INCREASE CREDIT! They will tell you it's the best way but it's not! Get a secure credit card (I recommend $200 deposit) and spend about $60 a month on gas. Responsible credit card utilization makes up over 30% of your credit scores, don't listen to JD Byrider, they don't care about your credit or anything about you. It's all about the bottom line with them.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- COCKY, RUDE!!! Old cars price above actual value!!! CNAC Dept. full of arrogant women who talk to you really crazy! Hang up on you and don't say, "Thank you" or anything! I guess they act like this because they are underpaid, broke and miserable. They need to know not everyone that gets a car from them is broke! I figure if you don't like your job you can quit but to keep customers treat them better! Or get a better education so you can get a better job and not take it out on your customer! Bums!

By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Do not purchase a vehicle from JD Byrider you will regret it. I understand the concept of paying more because of your credit being poor, but they take it too far. Upon purchase of the current vehicle I said I would not buy If I am upside down more than 3,000 on the car, ever!! It was not acceptable and could not happen. I was promised that I would never be and that in a year I would owe less than the car was worth or close to the value, this would make me capable of trading it in for another one. The only reason I went with them is because of this understanding, I had other options.

I trusted them and had more than one person at JD Byrider tell me this was accurate, so it was not just based on the salesman, it was also the finance company and manager. I have had the car a year and a half, it is valued at $1500.00. I tried to trade it in yesterday and they had my balance per my last receipt as 7900.00 and that is ridiculous. It has me upside 6400.00. To make the situation worse, I was approved for the new vehicle and when it came time for the payoff they actually increased the payoff to 8500.00 more than I owe. That caused the new finance company to back out.

They will report to the credit agencies but so do TOTE THE NOTE LOTS, the note holding lots actually sell cars closer to their values and will work with a finance companies for payoff. JD Byrider is a scam, they will overcharge and ruin your chances at getting ahead. It is not worth it. They are liars and thieves. The car I found out later was only worth 5K upon purchase but they charged me 12K.

Do not trust them, go to a tote the note lot, I can't stress that enough. If you wreck one of their cars you will still owe the remaining balance due to the extreme difference in value vs your note. You will still have a car payment and no car, if you try to get out from under the car they will increase the pay off and you will not be able to get another car for less than 5K down. It IS NOT WORTH IT.

The experience has been horrible, please stay far away from JD Byrider.. It will only ruin you, not help. The reality of the situation is I can't get to work without a car, and I can't afford two payments so my credit will be ruined If I wreck the vehicle and have a repossession attached, due to needed another vehicle and affordability. In the end your credit will suffer not improve like they state.

JD Byrider Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- I am so sick of these bastards! For those who think that they can judge others without knowing the full stories of people's personal situations, please be advised that you can promptly go to straight to hell. You truly have to walk in someone else's shoes before you can totally understand what they're going through. I absolutely hate people who sit on their high horses thinking that they know every little detail about someone else's situation. JD Byrider is a slimy car business that rips poor people off. They know it and so does everyone else. Anyone who supports this company is a piece of ** and should be ashamed of yourself for saying anything positive about what it represents.

Yeah people knew about their interest rate and signed the contract, blah, blah, blah, just like JD knows that they are taking risks giving people cars who have horrible credit so I don't want to hear any bull about folks being dumb enough to do business with them in the first place. Listen, everyone goes through hard times from time to time, it happens. And yeah putting money aside for a rainy is ideal... IF you have it of course.

JD takes advantage of people who had no choice but to come to them for help and it's a shame that this business is allowed by law to trap people into disgusting contracts that they know is deceitful. These lowlifes will get what's coming to them, make no mistake about that.

Do Not Buy A Car From Here!!!
By -

GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!! I bought a car from this location almost 2 years ago and I've had nothing but problems. Ever since I got the car I have had mechanical problems most of all that were not covered in the limited warranty. I had my car in their service area and was told it was several different things when finally I took it to a more reputable shop and there was something completely different that was wrong. I've had problems with the car turning off while driving in the rain which is incredibly dangerous, it took them 3 times seeing the car before they think they know what is wrong. I still have yet been able to fix it.

On top of it all I have been called several times telling me I am breaching my contract because I don't have car insurance and they put a "flag" on my car to be able to be picked up. Not only have I had car insurance the WHOLE time they are incredibly rude when I call and tell them that this is a mistake on their part. All in all I would NEVER buy from them again nor would I suggest anyone to buy from them EVER. I'm stuck with a crappy car, high payment and bad customer service.... not worth it!

Look elsewhere for a car
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Let me first say the JD Byrider Dealership I dealt with was a privately owned dealership who simply purchased the right to use the company name. Also, this is a dealership set up to sell a car to anyone with bad credit. No one will be turned down if you have the right down payment. They will try to work with you and get it financed. Mind you, you have to have insurance already before you buy a car from them. Sound stupid? I know. How can you get insurance on a car you don't even know you're getting yet? But anyway, that's the way they did it.

Several things wrong with this particular dealership. 1) It had problems with overheating to which we had it back to them twice for them to repair it (same part) and it still didn't resolve the problem. We sat there on one visit on our wedding anniversary for 3 hours waiting for our car to be finished. When my husband inquired about it, he discovered that it was taking so long because the mechanics did not know how to use the diagnosing equipment for the car. I swear they just hire anyone. These mechanics were totally incompetent. When we finally took it to an auto shop on our own, we discovered a sensor needed to be replaced and that it would cost $1800 for a new one.

2) The passenger side view mirror did not work from the day we bought it. There said they would put in a order to Ford Agency for a new mirror. At the time, we were moving south (18 hrs away) and went in to see if our mirror had arrived. They never even ordered it and we were moving in a week. So then they said we would have to wait 2 weeks for the part to come in. All this time they were RIGHT NEXT TO A FORD DEALERSHIP. What a bunch of morons!!!! They couldn't go next door to get my part. It was literally a walk across the parking lot. When it finally came, they ordered the wrong mirror. I had an automatic mirror and they ordered a manual.

There was no time to make a switch so I was stuck with a manual. After the mirror was installed, my car would become soaked inside the door and floor boards every time it rained. I went to a JD ByRider in Georgia to get it looked at and they could not work on my vehicle because I bought my car from and independent dealer with the same name, which is how I found out it wasn't company owned. So, I got screwed there.

Here comes the real issue. A year after we moved to Georgia, my husband was assigned to a military base in Kansas. When we got there, I had the car registered in Kansas. (Later I found out I didn't have to do that b/c the military uses "home of record" and I could renew online with Georgia). Anyway, this cause a major upheaval and the eventual loss of my car. When I registered my car in KS, I was asked for my title. I did not have one, PA does not permit the owner to have a title until the vehicle is paid off. KS required the title with the owner at ALL TIMES regardless of loan status.

So KS filed with PA to obtain the original loan. JD Byrider and State of Pennsylvania absolutely refused. I had JAG involved as well. No amount of legal assistance would get anyone to budge. So in the end, JD Byrider stated they wanted the car returned to them. This process took 6 months before they finally came and got the car. So after all that time and money, I was out of a vehicle in Fort No Man's Land, Kansas.

Get this! A month later I was contacted by the company that towed my vehicle stated it was still sitting in South Dakota waiting to be taken back to Pennsylvania. I had to sign a form giving up rights to the car so it wasn't mine anymore. Why where they calling me? Wasn't my responsibility anymore.

Long story short.... I will never buy a car from them ever. I don't care how good the deal is, it truly isn't a good deal. They also tried to say that it was illegal for me to leave the stated with "their" car b/c my loan wasn't completely paid. What a bunch of **!! Not only were they wrong, but a clause in my car loan stated I was allowed to for certain purposes and the example they gave was "MILITARY". They told me it didn't apply in my case. Well, they signed it and so did I. As far as I'm concerned and any attorney will tell you that was legally binding.

NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a car from JD Byrider in Allentown, Pennsylvania. RUN FAR FAR AWAY AS QUICK AS YOU CAN.

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