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French Doors For Patios
Posted by on
We purchased a patio door made by Jeld Wen under the Reliabuilt label. The contractor tried to install it but it would not close because the hinges on the doors were not aligned. Lowes sent out another door made by them and it had the same issue. We are waiting to see if the latest door is correct. When I called Jeld Wen I was told that it was not them but obviously was the contractor installing the door. I was told to leave the unsecureable door in until Lowes sent them warranty paperwork and they sent someone out. I told them their quality control was poor and someone had a machine with a poorly setup jig. I also did not want snow in my kitchen and high heating bills while I waited on them to come out!!! She was sorry I felt that way but it was the only way to resolve the issue. I politely hung up!

Jeld Wen has a poor product and extremely poor customer service and relations.
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cherpep on 2008-11-07:
After 2 doors with problems, it is entirely reasonable to suspect that the problem lies with the contractor. I don't know what else you expected them to do.
madconsumer on 2008-11-08:
is this the same complaint as before? same person?

what state do you live in?
NewsMuse on 2010-02-20:
We purchased a Reliabuilt steel entry door from our local Lowes (VA). Since we live in an "older" home (1977 and brick), special order required, of course, and you MUST use the Lowes contractor or the Reliabuilt warranty is void, of course. We were lucky to have an awesome, patient contractor. We purchased this door as well as a new storm door (another brand, once again special order)in early 09/2009 (prior to Labor Day). The storm door arrived in less than three weeks.

Jeld Wen gave us a 6-week delivery of the entry door. It finally arrived at the end of 11/2009 and was installed promptly. (However, both doors showed up on our M/C bill at the end of September.) The contractors were awesome; however a 3-4 hour installation ended up taking nearly 7 hours and no fault of the contractor(s) doing the work. It was the door -- just little things not matching up. The contractor had measured twice so this was NOT their fault. Lowes kept calling after the 3-hour point to check up on the progress. After the third call, I told them they had not even stopped to eat, drink, or rest. Further, they were not to call me one more time about these contractors who were trying their best to make Lowes look good.

We ended up having two price decreases since the door was so late, and the contractor even cut the price for our trouble. The total cost was still nearly $2,000. I do not fault Lowes nor the contractor. The fault lies completely in the hands of Jeld Wen, a mid-grad product at best.

I just found this site today and joined immediately as we are in the process of purchasing a smaller residence and let a family live in this home. I'm sure I will be using this site as my go-to before any major purchases from now on. Jeld Wen has been crossed off my list.
Eric Brueckner on 2014-01-27:
I had the same issue with their french doors with sidelights I installed them perfectly level and plumb. the doors pinch at the bottom and top. I still don't know how to fix it.
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Poor Quality, Over Priced
Posted by on
ENCINITAS, CALIFORNIA -- In January 2008, we purchased a custom sized double door, wood interior with aluminum clad exterior. We bought and had it installed through Home Depot. We ordered the interior wood removable grid. The door had to be custom made to replace the old door, which meant no returning the product and spending quite a bit more.

The door arrived and was installed. The removable wood grid did not arrive. As soon as the door was installed, it would not lock. Four weeks later, when the wood grid finally arrived, the door was adjusted so that the lock would bolt.

The grid was cheap balsa wood held in place by several clear, cheap thumb tacks. The tacks stuck out so were completely visible and truly ridiculous. I was amazed that such an expensive product would be so tacky looking.

We had to stain the wood of the interior ourselves and 3 months later, the locks would not work again. An installer came and repaired the door so that it would lock again. However, 2 months after that, the door will not lock once again. I have been waiting 3 weeks for a response from the company to come and fix it the 3rd time.

I do not recommend this company, especially for the price.
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User Replies:

madconsumer on 2008-10-29:
sounds like te original install was not done properly. if a door shifts it means either the foundation is moving, or the door frame is not secured. weather also can make wood swell and thus create a door that won't work properly.

if you ordered a non stained door, then yes you are the one who stains it.

the grids are made of softer cheap wood such as balsam.
Slimjim on 2008-10-29:
While this is probably legit, I hope the Team takes a moment to check the IP here with all that Castle Windows spamming going on simultaneously.
Casey 288818 on 2011-12-24:
We alson paid 5,000.00 for 2 patio doors...... They are so badly warped that the top of both doors sticks out from the top about 1/8 inch, while the bottom of the doors sink in about an 1/8 inch...needless to say they leak far worse than our old doors...fighting Jeldwin rep right now----will update,but know now that I will NEVER deal with this company again.........
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Buyers Beware: Stay Away From Jeldwen Products!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
The windows are nice – the customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered! If you buy from them, you better hope there’s never a problem with the order. Purchased custom order windows and patio door for full house remodel. Three windows developed stress cracks, 4th window (a slider) had rollers on the top instead of the bottom and was inoperable. Processed the claim in November, 2013 and still dealing with it. The technician came out twice, took measurements of the actual windows and submitted to the company. Apparently Jeldwen doesn't compare the order to the shipment before they ship. The packing list has a line for the inspector’s signature, but there's no signature. At this point we've received 13 replacements in various shipments. 3 windows were correct, still missing one. The other 10 went into the dumpster (Jeldwen doesn't want them back). The patio door order was cancelled by 'someone' at Jeldwen and had to be reordered. Discovered this when following up on it's scheduled ship date...Turn around ended up 3 times longer than guess-timated. Almost every communication was initiated by us. Requests for details such as date of estimated turn around, estimated ship date, tracking info on shipments have been met with "I assume", "I don't know", "I can't tell you", "call back". And if you put a little pressure on trying to get the info, the CSR gets really nasty. For instance, the response to a request for clarification was "didn't I just tell you ...." In a very condescending, "you're an idiot" manner. So rude I actually said "excuse me?" and was given the same nasty response.

At that point I reminded her that I'm her customer. I've never before experienced this level of rudeness and incompetence. So far I have a 6 page log with dates, times, quotes from these conversations. I forwarded it to their corporate offices. Wish I could forward it to any and everyone considering a Jeldwen product. The last tech that came out said he gets great customer service…. I’m guessing it’s because he has an ongoing relationship with them. But if you’re a customer… yeah. Good luck with that! My advice? STAY AWAY FROM Jeldwen.
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Very Happy with Warranty Coverage
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
CALIFORNIA -- I bought a 7 year old home that had Jeld-Wen vinyl windows already installed. We were experiencing what I was told is Insulated Glass Unit Failure. There were 5 windows that had this problem, one of them being VERY large. I decided to contact Jeld-Wen's Customer Service Dept via e-mail to see if there was any warranty coverage on this. After reading many consumer complaints online, I didn't expect anything.

However, to my surprise, I was contacted shortly after my inquiry and they sent someone out to look at all my windows. Even though the inspector made it sound like the windows would be replaced, I still was doubtful. A couple weeks later I received another call to schedule the technician to come out. I didn't even bother to ask what they would be doing, I was just pleased that they kept things going.

They replaced my failing windows and serviced every other window in the house and 2 garages (I have a LOT of windows). Latches were adjusted and glides were made to slide easier. I can't express how pleased I am. That is what Customer Service is all about!
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User Replies:

Alain on 2012-07-01:
It's good to see they stood behind their product for you.
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Masonite French Doors
Posted by on
I purchased Masonite french doors from Home Depot approximately 2 years ago and the glass just exploded. I have called Home depot and Jeld-Wen and they tell me there is no warranty. Let me get this straight; the doors either do not last or they do? The salesman from Jeld-Wen I spoke with told me, WELL if you had the door for 2 years you've gotten use out of it! Really? So, the doors are made to last for 2 years? He said, No, 50 years! Okay then, why would the glass explode in 2 years? He was sarcastic and rude. Now I have to pay to remove the door, replace it and re-install it plus the original cost.

Approximately, $1800.00. Great! If it hadn't exploded, I may be more agreeable, but an exploding window, seems like a manufacturing issue to me!
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User Replies:

windowgirl on 2011-09-03:
spontanious breakage is covered for the 1st year. There is no way for a manufacturer to know if your door was hit by an outside source. If a knick was caused from the manufacturing it would expand within the first year. Not 2 years later. Name a car company that would cover your windshield. Get real!!!!
MasoniteDoors on 2011-09-06:
Hi Chrisk210. Perhaps we could help you with your door. Is there a email or number that one of our customer service reps could contact you at?
Ryan F. on 2012-03-31:
I was washing dishes this morning and heard a loud POP. My wife and child were in the back room, the dog was with them. I went over to the dining room to inspect the noise and noticed a panel on our french door (JEL-1-002 01-M) had spontaneously exploded??? Really? The doors lead out to a glassed in Florida room and no one was out there, no way a bird could have hit the door, nothing. It just decided to explode. This model has the blinds in the glass and it happened on the stationary door that rarely gets opened. So, after 2 years as well this same thing has happened to me! I have yet to contact customer support because its early but I sure hope they send me a replacement insert at no charge. Our house is on the market and this couldn't have happened at a worse time! Safety for our child is our main concern and the door being broken isn't exactly safe.
Chris on 2012-11-11:
We ad our Jeld-wen door for less than a year. I was outside, and my wife was inside. Nothing struck the glass, but the outside glass broke without impact. Jeld-Wyn said this was an act of God and would not replace or repair. We got a major run around. They said it was due to being a hot day (90deg). They assured me their doors were able to handle normal variations in temperature, but would not back their product. The Anderson replacement has been superior in every way.
BILL KINNEY on 2014-02-05:
ANYONE considering purchasing Jeld Wen products that contain glass or wood BEWARE!!
These reports of glass shattering and wood rotting are spot on and you could live a long time regretting your purchase as I do. $53,000 worth of windows and doors ALL had to be replaced(by warranty) only to have the same issues again five years later...they did not renew the warranty when the replacements were installed!! So her I am with $53,000 worth of rotting windows that I can't even operate because the mechanisms fall out of the rotten wood..........BEWARE!!!!
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Jeld Wen Patio Doors = Garbage
Posted by on
I purchased Jeld Wen fiberglass patio doors in January of 2010, because they were advertised as hurricane proof (high DP rating). All three doors arrived about four weeks later. Upon opening the crate, the center door assembly was damaged. Bad packing?? Jeld Wen sent me another door assembly about four weeks later. Meanwhile, I have to cover the big hole in my house with plastic. Did I mention that this is in the winter? Two of the doors that originally arrived were similar, while one was different in appearance and construction. I spent about two weeks with the Area Rep trying to figure out why one was different when they were all ordered at the same time. Well, we finally got everything installed just in time for spring, what a time frame(sic).

Now, a year latter, everything is failing. The doors are leaking around the glass, The one assembly was so badly warped, even Jeld Wen couldn't deny. Now the warranty people are denying that there is any manufacturing defect and are wanting to replace with same item. With 100% failure, I am not too excited with replacement with same product. They have graciously (sic) offered to give me vinyl patio doors at 50% off. My cost to install!! I guess the one customer, does not honor warranty, door, was right. If you buy their product, you will have to pay to completely replace them.

The saga continues...... I guess I have to pay for complete replacement. My confidence in their product is zero. My floor in my bedroom is constantly wet when it rains. All I have gotten is run around and bad attitude. Should have gone with Milgard!
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Mis-aligned door hinges
Posted by on
I purchased a Jeld-Wen exterior door at Home-Depot in the fall of 2010. After my brother and I installed it (He is a liscensed contractor), we found that the door did not seal completely or squarely with all four edges. In fact, the bottom was off 1/4" at one end and tapered to flush at the other. The entire face of the door was also off about 1/4" at one corner. We had ensured that the entire door was put in level from all angles. The following day, we went to Home-Depot and told them about the issue. They offered to replace it if we brought it in, but we would have to bring in the entire pre-hung door that we just installed. Talk about a hassle. We then looked at the rest of the Jeld-Wen doors at the store that would have met our needs, and saw the same flaw in all of them that we had uncovered the night before. The hinge placement was off. If you measured from the center holes of the screws at both the door and the frame, they drifted toward one edge as you went down the door by the same amount, about 1/8" on both the door and frame. We showed the clerk and he said he would notify "someone". I don't know if that ever occurred. Finally, we went back home and re-drilled the hinges and the door fit fantastic. This is definitely a manufacturing error that could easily have been fixed with the right checks at the factory. I wonder how many other people had the same problem, since all six doors we looked at at Home-Depot had the same issue.
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Don't Buy Jeld-Wen
Posted by on
Ordered 4 doors for a remodel project in November. Frames are made of composite wood, not hardwood and screws stripped out in frames upon installation. Right hand doors not beveled on the correct side to close properly as determined by finish carpenter with 35 years experience. Called warranty and waited 3 weeks for a service tech to come out who confirmed doors were not correct and waited 3 more weeks for new slabs. Jeld-Wen stated they confirmed with their factory that the replacement doors were beveled correctly. Replacement slabs arrived, still not correct. Told by Customer Service the warranty was now void as they were installed bv my contractor and they have no way of knowing what he did to the doors. They closed out my claim via e-mail. Got Home Depot involved and Jeld-Wen told Home Depot they don't bevel their interior doors. I pursued with Home Depot due to Jeld-Wens inconsistencies in story.

Finally had a manager from Jeld-Wen call who couldn't explain the "RUN AROUND" and offered me a refund. Ordered doors in November, this is March. Will get new slabs from someone else. Save yourself the headache DON'T BUY JELD-WEn."
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Problems with jeld wen french doors
Posted by on
We special ordered a set of Jeld Wen French doors from Home Depot in early July 2010. They arrived when promised but we noticed the ball catch at the top of one door was misaligned and therefore had split the wood. We did not accept the door and Home Depot ordered a new one without question. Again the door arrived in about 10 days but it had the exact same problem. Both times we had asked the store to double check the doors before calling us to deliver them but they evidently did not check them very well since the defect is obvious. We have been waiting for our 3rd order now for over 3 weeks. I have given the benefit of the doubt to Jeld Wen up to this point but if the next set arrives damaged I will get a refund and look elsewhere. I don't know if anyone else has had problems with this manufacturer.
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User Replies:

Alain on 2010-08-28:
If the next one arrives with the same defect it certainly indicates, at the very least, that they had a bad production run at the factory and that you want a different brand of door.
homer d poe on 2013-01-28:
one of the problems is what Home Depot does for its inspections hd has to inspect the door wile the driver is at the dock as well as removing all packing to do the inspection which leaves the doors exposed on the dock until the installer picks door up so hd is at more risk of damaging the door by doing the inspection because it becomes hd's problem then not jeldwens as a hd imp. I hate Jeld-Wen product but I need to put food on my table too :( about 70% of there product at the hd is junk an I wouldn't put it in my home take a look at Feather River Doors a bit higher cost but much better door and seems to hold up better with the info I see on returns and complaints here.
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Worlds Worst Windows
Posted by on
BEDFORD, INDIANA -- NEW Jeld Wen Windows were installed in our new custom built home in August 2005; we have been trying to get JELD-WEN to honor their warranty ever since! (3 Years) These are the worst products on the market.

During construction JELD-WEN could not repair they own product! I will be happy to provide photos to anyone who wants them!
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User Replies:

Soaring Consumer on 2009-01-09:
You can email the photos to the administrator of this website and he will add them to your review.
Jim on 2012-01-18:
So, what's the issue?
al watkins on 2012-12-27:
I am happy with my new window's. But am very unhappy with trying to get the sticker glue off them. Why do they have to use glue that's impossible to remove.
DebtorBasher on 2012-12-27:
Watkins...the best thing to use for getting stickers or glue from glass is 'Goo Gone' or, if you don't want to buy anything, try vinegar and newspaper.
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