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Don't Buy Jeld-Wen
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Ordered 4 doors for a remodel project in November. Frames are made of composite wood, not hardwood and screws stripped out in frames upon installation. Right hand doors not beveled on the correct side to close properly as determined by finish carpenter with 35 years experience. Called warranty and waited 3 weeks for a service tech to come out who confirmed doors were not correct and waited 3 more weeks for new slabs. Jeld-Wen stated they confirmed with their factory that the replacement doors were beveled correctly. Replacement slabs arrived, still not correct. Told by Customer Service the warranty was now void as they were installed bv my contractor and they have no way of knowing what he did to the doors. They closed out my claim via e-mail. Got Home Depot involved and Jeld-Wen told Home Depot they don't bevel their interior doors. I pursued with Home Depot due to Jeld-Wens inconsistencies in story.

Finally had a manager from Jeld-Wen call who couldn't explain the "RUN AROUND" and offered me a refund. Ordered doors in November, this is March. Will get new slabs from someone else. Save yourself the headache DON'T BUY JELD-WEn."
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Problems with jeld wen french doors
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We special ordered a set of Jeld Wen French doors from Home Depot in early July 2010. They arrived when promised but we noticed the ball catch at the top of one door was misaligned and therefore had split the wood. We did not accept the door and Home Depot ordered a new one without question. Again the door arrived in about 10 days but it had the exact same problem. Both times we had asked the store to double check the doors before calling us to deliver them but they evidently did not check them very well since the defect is obvious. We have been waiting for our 3rd order now for over 3 weeks. I have given the benefit of the doubt to Jeld Wen up to this point but if the next set arrives damaged I will get a refund and look elsewhere. I don't know if anyone else has had problems with this manufacturer.
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/28/2010:
If the next one arrives with the same defect it certainly indicates, at the very least, that they had a bad production run at the factory and that you want a different brand of door.
homer d poe on 01/28/2013:
one of the problems is what Home Depot does for its inspections hd has to inspect the door wile the driver is at the dock as well as removing all packing to do the inspection which leaves the doors exposed on the dock until the installer picks door up so hd is at more risk of damaging the door by doing the inspection because it becomes hd's problem then not jeldwens as a hd imp. I hate Jeld-Wen product but I need to put food on my table too :( about 70% of there product at the hd is junk an I wouldn't put it in my home take a look at Feather River Doors a bit higher cost but much better door and seems to hold up better with the info I see on returns and complaints here.
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Worlds Worst Windows
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BEDFORD, INDIANA -- NEW Jeld Wen Windows were installed in our new custom built home in August 2005; we have been trying to get JELD-WEN to honor their warranty ever since! (3 Years) These are the worst products on the market.

During construction JELD-WEN could not repair they own product! I will be happy to provide photos to anyone who wants them!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 01/09/2009:
You can email the photos to the administrator of this website and he will add them to your review.
Jim on 01/18/2012:
So, what's the issue?
al watkins on 12/27/2012:
I am happy with my new window's. But am very unhappy with trying to get the sticker glue off them. Why do they have to use glue that's impossible to remove.
DebtorBasher on 12/27/2012:
Watkins...the best thing to use for getting stickers or glue from glass is 'Goo Gone' or, if you don't want to buy anything, try vinegar and newspaper.
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Mis-leading packaging, poor quality
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I purchased two (2) Jeld-Wen 24”, six panel (3 per door), bi-fold doors from Home Depot.

The Jeld-Wen doors I purchased were not only poorly made and inferior in quality by every measure, they were misleading in that the interior side of the doors were not paneled or sculpted in any way. They were nothing more than a blank piece of composite wood.

Next came the simple instructions which the packaging claimed were inside. These were nothing more than some printing on the outside of the bag of parts. Step 1 said to “insert” the top and bottom pivots into the pre-drilled holes. However, they did not fit. I expected them to be snug and require tapping to seat them. The first two at the top of the door went fine. When I tapped the bottom pivot in, the entire bottom of the door collapsed between the thin composite sides of the hollow door. I could not get the pivot out with removing the entire bottom portion of the door which was not difficult as it had only been glued in and poorly at that. That’s when I realized the bottom of the door which holds the pivot and carries almost the entire weight of the door was not wood at all but only compressed hardboard. I managed to remove the pivot but now had to drill the hole so it would fit. I also had to re-glue the bottom of the door in place and re-enforce it with screws so it would hold the door

I had to pre-drill the holes on the second door so all the pivots would fit properly.

Next came the knobs. I drilled the holes in the hollow door for the knob only to find the screws did not fit in the knobs. I had to drill open the knob for the screws to fit.

In the end the Jeld-Wen bi-fold doors are only slightly better than a cardboard cover. With misleading packaging, panels only on one side (a fact which is completely omitted from all written material for the doors both on the inside and the outside of the box) poorly designed, poorly constructed, poorly packaged with parts that don’t fit, Jeld-Wen is the worst door product I have ever had the misfortune of purchasing.
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User Replies:
Sugartoo1 on 11/03/2008:
I too have the same complaint. I came online to find a place to write to the people who make these things and came across your review.

We had bought other regular six panel doors and panels on all sides. When my husband opened the packaging and found the flush second side he was beside himself at the deceptive packaging.

I would bet that there are not just you and us who have been deceived by the setup of this packaging. I am looking to write to the head of their company.
JohnnyRafes on 11/18/2008:
I've used their products for years. I've used both the bifold and regular doors and found them to be very satisfactory. Overpriced ? Are you kidding ? These are the least expensive product on the market. High quality similair doors cost 5 times as much. What were you expecting ? I know...high quality for lose price ? When these doors are painted they look like much more expensive products. Not moulded on both sides ? of course not. U got to buy real wood doors to get both side finished. !!!
windowmanmt on 12/02/2008:
"Matching back" Bi-Fold doors are rare in the industry if you get a paint grade product. Think about how many times you are going to be inside your closet with the doors closed and notice that they do not have panels on the back. They do this so it is less expensive to produce and they are able to sell it to you at a reasonable price.
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Can't Find the Required Product Information to Purchase Their Products
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DURANGO, COLORADO -- As a housing contractor I need to find standard window sizes and pricing to complete a specific design look, and price a job. I went to Home Depot to get the required information but the sales clerk at the millwork desk could not give me any dimensional information on window sizes that I could take with me to complete an order based on standard windows that the company offers. When I asked the sales clerk why there was no available catalog with standard window sizes and associated model numbers he told me that that was a frustrating problem for them too and suggested that I look them up on line. I just spent 2 hours trying to get that information and found myself frustrated and still could not find the information I needed to use their windows. I went back to HD, picked up a catalog for Anderson Windows and found all the standard window sizes I needed to complete the job.

What a waste of time and effort trying to buy Jeld-Wen windows!
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Shecky on 05/21/2008:
Welcome to the future - where everything is made to order therefore every item is custom made and so called standard sizes are no longer necessary. If your in California and want to save money on vinyl windows, entry doors and skylights from such manufacturers as Milgard, Jeld-Wen, Velux, and many others. And, yes, if you need advice on what constitutes standard sizes we can help you there as well. Visit us at and allow us to save you money.
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Customer Service Sucks!
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Rating: 2/51
OHIO -- Working on an 1850 farmhouse that we needed to remodel the kitchen. Because of the age of the home, many of the replacement door/windows are not a standard size and needed to be custom ordered. We went to Home Depot (first mistake) and found a French patio door that looked like it would work. HD had a sale on custom Jeld Wen doors so we took the bait. Ordered the door in the size we needed. Door arrived as scheduled.

We test fit the door and found the size was correct and looked to be well made. After it was installed, we immediately noticed that when placing the lock in the door, the holes drilled were not in the correct position and too close to the edge leaving a small gap visible on the edge of the lock. We tried to adjust be it was all the way over. Next we noticed the center part between the door was cut about an inch short leaving a gap. Also the weatherstrip was damaged.

I immediately called and told them of the problem. Even took numerous pictures to show them. They made arrangements to fix it, which took almost 1 month.

The repair guy shows up and immediately tells me that the lock can be fixed. Not what I wanted. He takes out the part to fix between the doors and was sent a standard 80" part. Remember we had a custom sized door.
Why would Jeld Wen not have the specs from the order number when we placed the order?? What a joke!

I now have to wait another few weeks to have it repaired! Will not use them ever again!
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Defective Door Under Warranty Not Replaced
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Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- DO NOT DEAL WITH JELD-WEN - THEY WILL NOT HONOR YOUR WARRANTY. We purchased 2 sets of Jeld-Wen French patio doors for our home through the Lowes on Baseline in Tempe, AZ. The doors are about three years old. A couple of months ago I noticed some swelling and blistering around the edges and it looked like some of the caulking around the window area of one of the doors was splitting.

The doors are under warranty so I went to Lowes and they told me to contact Jeld-Wen. The customer service representative told me to send pictures, which I did. I first suggested they have someone come out and look at the door, but she said the pictures would be good enough. We sent in 10 pictures, including the "good" doors for comparison. The door in question was protected by a porch and had a roof on it. It was not exposed to the weather. After numerous phone calls (I remember five or six) and numerous emails back and forth she told us for a $75 charge we could have someone view the door.

It is going on the third month and I do not have my door. I have never received such horrific customer service in my life. She told us that it was a weather issue that warped the door (humidity). We live in the desert! As of the date of this writing I am suing them because we were so poorly treated. They were deceitful and their products are cheap. Do not waste your money.
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Jeld-Wen Sliders Work Well
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Rating: 4/51
DAYTON, OHIO -- I waited over a year to post this about my experience with JELD-WEN sliding glass doors with the blind insert. They arrived and were stored in my garage unit we installed them. Actually I tested the blind function in my garage. One of the units the blind function would not release from the top and that it would not provide a means to keep sun out of close them like you would any other blind.

We contacted JELD-WEN and they sent a technician over to repair the windows as the tolerance was too tight.

We installed the sliders and they have been performing just fine since then. These sliders replaced Stanley French doors and the JELD-WEN are not as energy efficient as the Stanley doors were but that was expected. I would rate these sliders a solid 8-8.5 out of 10.

I am an engineer and had to replace my rusting Stanley French doors after just a few years of use. They stood behind their product as has JELD-WEN.

The JELD-WEN are vinyl and don't have super high U-factor and SHGC but are satisfactory for our use and I like them much better than the French doors.
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Poor Customer Service and Quality Control
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Rating: 1/51
I'm sorry I didn't read the reviews on this site before buying my Jeld-Wen replacement French door. I order a custom door for a 2 x 6 framed wall. I waited 17 days for the door. The drip tray that arrived with the door was labelled "6". It was designed for a 2 x 4 framed wall (4.5 inch total tray width - 3.5 inch stud, 0.5 for sheathing and 0.5 for drywall). I returned it to the store (Lowe's) and had to wait two weeks for a replacement to be shipped. The replacement arrived - and it was the same 4.5 inch tray. Lowes finally got the company on the phone, and was informed that the required 6 and 9/16ths inch tray would take another 14 days to be shipped. I'm thoroughly disgusted.
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Incompetence and Blaming Others. Not Taking Responsibility for Errors
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Rating: 1/51
NEW JERSEY -- Doors ordered late summer not installed until mid November, had to reorder 1. Damaged door sent to store 2. Wrong size sent. Now in March noticed peeling discussed problem with Lowes and we sent pix to company. Rep from company called and said did not look bad and we could fix would send paint. When I refused, he kept blaming store and installer. Finally said would send paint to Lowes. Well sent me paint and did not contact Lowes. At this time Lowes is trying to solve the situation. I should have researched this company as have learned this is the pattern of dealing with customer issues, In addition paint sent was in a bottle size of nail polish. What could this repair????
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