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Jenn Air Is Horrible! Terrible Customer Support
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON, WASHINGTON -- My Jenn Air dishwasher model # JB3200AWSS was purchase in Aug 7, 2012 from Seattle Home Appliance in Seattle Washington. Seattle Home Appliance contact info is : 18811 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011, (425) 485-0552. Electric touchpad and control panel has been replaced 3 times in a twelve month period, and a the drain pump was replaced. I called Jenn Air right before my one year warranty was to expire to express serious concern about the state of this extremely unreliable dishwasher and they gave me an extended two year warranty. No less than two weeks after they granted the extended warranty, the control panel touch pad went out again. The last time the machine was to be repaired, I asked for the dishwasher to be replaced. I believe the machine is a lemon and according to Jenn Air, they are only willing to continue repairing the machine and not replace it, per my new 2 year warranty. With the amount of time the dishwasher was out of commission in the last twelve months, I have calculated that I have spent about one month hand washing dishes while I wait for parts and service. I am furious that no one at Jenn Air will resolve this mess and replace my lemon dishwasher! This machine has been consistently faulty since we purchased it. I think four repairs in a twelve month period in unacceptable and I have asked in no uncertain terms for a replacement, and my request has been denied.

Here are the repairs made by Seattle Home Appliance: Again, machine was purchased Aug 7, 2012.

Touch pad replacement (part #W10208764), CNTRL-ELEC + CORECHARGE10 (part #W10285178)

Pump Drain Replacement (part #W10158351)

Touch Pad replacement (part #W10208764)

Touch Pad Replacement (part #W10208764)

Favorable Experience With Jenn-Air Electric Range
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Rating: 4/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I recognize that unhappy customers are most likely to post reviews/comments so I thought I´d provide a little positive feedback. Our Jenn-Air electric range purchased about 15 years ago (maybe before the troublesome electronic control unit mentioned by others) has been a faithful and trouble-free appliance since then. In our locale, we have frequent brownouts and blackouts and the stove has weathered them without a problem. Also, we don´t have local Jenn-Air technical support (we are in Ecuador). We were seriously looking at buying more Jenn-Air products but, I have to admit, I am now looking at other brands, too.

Jenn Air 30 " Wall Oven Lemon From Day One
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EDINA, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a Jenn Air double oven from Warner Stellian in Edina. The first delivery folks brought a Kitchenaid instead of Jenn Air I ordered. I refused delivery and waited for Jenn Air...obviously a mistake. Ovens were installed in February 2012 and needed replacement motor for fan in August of 2012. It is now December of 2012 and am waiting for repair people to arrive, most likely another fan motor as the noise is the same. Also, neither upper nor lower ovens bake to temp indicated and appear to not hold temp at reliable level.

A big Lemon for both Jenn Air and Warner Stellian.

Jenn Air does not stand behind their products
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I purchased a Jenn Air Refrigerator back in 2005 for almost $3,000. Recently I have had issues with it and was told that I need to have a whole new compressor replaced that would cost $1,000. When contacting Jenn Air customer Service, I was told that it only has a 5 year Warranty and that "It is what it is". When spending this much money on a refrigerator in order to finally be able to afford your dream kitchen and only have the refrigerator last 6 years, it is completely unacceptable!!! Who do you people think you are!!!! This is not how to keep a customer happy. Refrigerators should last 10 to 12 years.......not six years!!!!!

The refrigerator is not worth the $5,000 price tag
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I bought this built in refrigerator when I built my house in 2005. It wasn't working properly from day one. The freezer leaked, the refrigerator goes into freeze mode or it won't stay at 32 degrees F. I have had every part replaced and it is on the brink again. I have all of the service tickets and this refrigerator has been worked on at least 10 times. I would not buy this unit or brand again and want to give other consumers warning. The company recommends A&E Factory service but the techs say this refrigerator is too complicated to work on. I also have had them tell me that it is a poor design. I am waiting for a tech now to fix it again. I have had to throw my food away multiple times. The amazing thing is I bought a $1,000 Whirlpool 10 years ago and it never needed any work done. Although the Jenn Air is a nice looking refrigerator from the outside its mechanical make-up on the inside is less than desirable. More expensive is not better. Stay away from this high end Jenn Air's. They are not worth the time and money.

Jenn-Air Dishwasher (JDB1100AWS) Has Control Panel Design Issues
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a JDB1100AWS (Jenn-Air Dishwasher) for $799.99 (on-sale) in 2007. It is a nice unit and one of the higher-end units, so I expect quality. ON 12/2/2009 I had to pay to replace control panel and cpu (cost $165 - labor only). ON 6/17/2010 I had to pay to replace control panel and cpu (cost $165-labor only). ON 4/6/2011 I just paid again to replace control panel and cpu (cost $165 - labor only).

Within a short period of time, I have paid $495 in repairs to a unit that is not even 5 years old. I have replaced the same two parts THREE times in that period. THERE HAS TO BE A DEFECT of some sort.

Is this Maytag/Jenn-Air/Whirlpool quality?
Is the non-customer care response I got regarding this repair adequate?

I am no crazed consumer looking for free stuff, just a middle class family trying to not get hosed by the response & bureaucracy of a faceless corporation that is not ackowledging a LEMON.

Jenn Air Junk (a real lemon)
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Junk, junk, junk. I've already registered one complaint about this Jenn Air oven/stove, just 11 months ago, in March of 2010. Now, yesterday, the EXACT SAME THING broke again. This is the electronic push pad control for the oven. This has now broken 3 times in 5 years, and I have also had to have service calls on 2 other things breaking. FIVE MAJOR REPAIRS IN LESS THAN 5 YEARS ON A NEW RANGE! The most recent repair, OF THE EXACT SAME DEFECTIVE PIECE, in March of 2010, isn't under warranty because warranty is only for 90 days. It's expensive, over $300. I tried contacting Jenn Air the last time this broke, and basically they blew me off. They have no interest whatever in fixing their shoddy stuff. So, basically, I have the choice of a $350 repair AGAIN, or throwing out a range that isn't even 5 years old.

My Jenn Air refrigerator has reduced me to tears
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553 BENSEN RD., BENSEN HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I am beside myself with grief - literally. This appliance has had me walking on egg shells for 5 years. It was a $6100 purchase and has already been through approximately $5000 in repairs. I don't own an extra refrigerator, so food spoilage, trips back and forth to the neighbors' refridgerators and amount spent on dry ice is insane. My control boards have been replaced twice. The damper assembly, drain pan, door gasket and fan motor have all been replaced. Of course, each repair involves a minimum of two trips to my house by each repairman. I live in FEAR of this appliance breaking down. I walk by it and absolutely hate it with a passion. Incredibly, I've called Jenn Air and they have no record of my calls/complaints because they all go to the warranty company and not Jenn Air. Jenn Air pays the bills for the repairs but they don't know the history! Wouldn't they want to keep tabs on which products are breaking down? I am going to try to have it declared a lemon this week - I will let everyone know how it goes and how responsive Jenn Air is to my compliants. I want a new refrigerator! - One with proven reviews by consumers! I have been so insanely patient but my patience has run out. I am like a bomb ready to explode. If you are out there, and considering a Jenn Air built in refrigerator - DON'T. Of course it went out again this afternoon - No surprise - which is why I am writing this versus enjoying my beutiful family.

Do not ever buy a Jenn-Air product
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- In Feb. of 2009 we bought 4 Jenn-Air appliances for our new house. All of them have needed service since the first day they were installed. However, the microwave and refrigerator have had so many repair calls for the same problem that Jenn-Air extend the warranty for an extra year for free. It is now May 0f 2010 and the refrigerator and the microwave still are not working properly, in fact I am now being told that the appliances meet manufacturers specifications and it is my fault that the food in the fridge keeps freezing and that I do not know how to close the microwave oven so that it does not turn on by itself when I close the door.
I have filed complaints with the CPSC and the Alabama State Attorney General's Office. If necessary we will take the matter to court.

Do not but Jenn-Air. When they cannot fix the problem they tell the consumer that it is their fault. I was told not to put food on the top shelve of the refrigerator where the vent is, because that will freeze it, however, the food in the crispers, bins and lower shelves are freezing also. They have replaced the motherboard twice, the thermister once, made numerous adjustments and the fridge still freezes my food.

The micrwave has had the door adjusted, the switches replaced and the housing replaced. The convection feature burned the inside of the micrwave nearly starting a fire in the microwave, the stainless interior glowing red hot. And the plastic latches on the door have broken at the same time.

Jenn_Air products are health and safety hazards and need to be recalled from the market.

Useless Burners
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MAINE -- I purchased the Jenn-Air downdraft gas range because of the location of the range in my kitchen and also because I was eager to finally have a duel fuel range. I am so disappointed with the gas cooktop on the range and would never recommend this appliance to anyone who loves cooking! I purchased the 2 additional burners to replace the grill as I needed the 2 additional burners more than the grill. You cannot adjust the burners on the left side where the grill was. They are virtually useless! Why wasn't I informed that these burners would not be able to be turned down below a medium level which is too hot to cook on. It is fine to start food, but once the food reaches the boiling point, you cannot adjust the burner low enough to prevent the boiling. I have talked to numerous people about this issue with no success as this is the way the burners work.

Now I am stuck with a range I am VERY disappointed with and am wishing I had my all electric range back!

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