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Rebate Scam
Posted by Rob410 on 12/14/2013
One of the motivations for purchasing over $20k worth of Jenn-Air appliances was a rebate to reimburse installation charges. I filled out the rebate form, provided proof of purchase, serial #s, and made absolutely sure I included the separate invoice for installation. I later received an automatically generated post card from Jenn-Air stating that my submission is invalid because it didn't include a receipt for installation charges. I called them to straighten the situation out and the customer service agent literally just kept repeating over and over and over that I need to submit the receipt.

To make matters worse, I have 2 weeks to get it to them (via mail) and have it processed prior to rebate deadline. During the 2 week time frame we have weather, Christmas and New Years to deal with. What a scam. No wonder Jenn-Air has fallen out of favor in recent decades. Why run a marketing campaign to lure customers and then piss them off?
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Appliances Are Pure Garbage With No Customer Service
Posted by Docroan on 10/29/2013
All three failed within the first year. The cooktop with downdraft is so poorly designed that if used smoke fills the room. The dishwasher buzzes when running and the microwave oven completely shut down.
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Jenn Air Is Horrible! Terrible Customer Support
Posted by Onemartiniup on 08/16/2013
BENTON, WASHINGTON -- My Jenn Air dishwasher model # JB3200AWSS was purchase in Aug 7, 2012 from Seattle Home Appliance in Seattle Washington. Seattle Home Appliance contact info is : 18811 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011, (425) 485-0552. Electric touchpad and control panel has been replaced 3 times in a twelve month period, and a the drain pump was replaced. I called Jenn Air right before my one year warranty was to expire to express serious concern about the state of this extremely unreliable dishwasher and they gave me an extended two year warranty. No less than two weeks after they granted the extended warranty, the control panel touch pad went out again. The last time the machine was to be repaired, I asked for the dishwasher to be replaced. I believe the machine is a lemon and according to Jenn Air, they are only willing to continue repairing the machine and not replace it, per my new 2 year warranty. With the amount of time the dishwasher was out of commission in the last twelve months, I have calculated that I have spent about one month hand washing dishes while I wait for parts and service. I am furious that no one at Jenn Air will resolve this mess and replace my lemon dishwasher! This machine has been consistently faulty since we purchased it. I think four repairs in a twelve month period in unacceptable and I have asked in no uncertain terms for a replacement, and my request has been denied.

Here are the repairs made by Seattle Home Appliance: Again, machine was purchased Aug 7, 2012.

Touch pad replacement (part #W10208764), CNTRL-ELEC + CORECHARGE10 (part #W10285178)

Pump Drain Replacement (part #W10158351)

Touch Pad replacement (part #W10208764)

Touch Pad Replacement (part #W10208764)
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Favorable Experience With Jenn-Air Electric Range
Posted by Dpnelsonl2001 on 08/12/2013
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I recognize that unhappy customers are most likely to post reviews/comments so I thought I´d provide a little positive feedback. Our Jenn-Air electric range purchased about 15 years ago (maybe before the troublesome electronic control unit mentioned by others) has been a faithful and trouble-free appliance since then. In our locale, we have frequent brownouts and blackouts and the stove has weathered them without a problem. Also, we don´t have local Jenn-Air technical support (we are in Ecuador). We were seriously looking at buying more Jenn-Air products but, I have to admit, I am now looking at other brands, too.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-08-12:
On My3Cent's it seems the majority of complaints ON ALL APPLIANCES have been on those purchased in recent years. Many members have expressed they will keep what they have even though it doesn't match the other new appliances purchased. As long as parts are available they will just pay to have it repaired as necessary. Thanks for your review.
Posted by shirley on 2014-02-05:
I have had three jenn-air ranges. The first two were like you said good but the third one is not so great. The computer controls ruined the name. I never have the right temp. I know when it is set it either stops working or loses the temp. The food sets there so you check it to find it has dropped 50 to 60 degrees.
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5 Jenn Air Appliances for Kitchen Remodel, Big Mistake!
Posted by Nickmaner on 07/19/2013
When we remodeled our kitchen in June/July 2012 we chose to have all Jenn Air appliances because we thought they were quality. Big mistake, I would never use them again or recommend them. We bought them thru our local "Quality Maytag Dealer" and the company was Ok although there were delays in getting the range and refrigerator from Jenn Air but that wasn't their fault. Eventually all four appliances (dishwasher, gas range, French door refrigerator and range hood/back splash) were finally installed. Then the problems started!!

Within a couple months our top of the line dishwasher started to leak big time! The local dealer replaced a "loose connection" but then it leaked even worse. So they replaced the "entire pump" (it seems there was some 'design flaw'. That fixed it for a couple months and then everything stopped working and they had to replace the "entire electronic unit"! So, less than a year after it was installed, we have a 're-built' unit that was out of service for more than 3 weeks and took 5 visits to repair.

Now the refrigerator is acting up. It started leaking water because the plastic tray that holds water when it defrosts was broken! It was replaced (after 2 visits) and then a persistent noise was occurring every time the compressor when which on that was tracked to another broken plastic part . We're now awaiting that part and of course another, 4th visit to install it.

We had to have them return to adjust the flame on the gas range, which by the way is the 4 burner with the "griddle" which is really bad and totally useless. Doesn't heat hot enough to really make it effective. An awful mistake on our part buying this particular model. The only appliance that is working well is the range hood which is very good. However, we're holding our breath for when it goes out.

BOTTOM LINE, it appears Jenn Air has been living off its reputation for some time and it's kitchen appliances are definitely first rate, dependable and quality products. We would NEVER buy them again.
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Don't Waste Your Money
Posted by Pjdive on 07/12/2013
We were sold an extended warranty by Jenn-Air on July 2nd. Apparently their high end applicances only last about seven years. (I guess I should have kept the original oven that was in the house for 20+ years...only problem was that it didn't look "pretty" enough for me. Guess I screwed up big time!)

Tech came to house on July 3rd to look at oven and said he would need to order parts and would be back the following Monday to fix oven. Never heard from them. We called (Monday, July 8th) and they said they were waiting on warrany company to approve repairs. Never heard back.

Called repair company this morning (Friday, July 12th). We were told that the warranty company, Federal Warranty Service Corporation, was supposed to have called us back Monday afternoon.

Finally got Federal Warrany Company on the phone. Apparently they just dropped us with NO notification. Their warranty states they will notify a customer if the warranty will be voided. This never happened.

I understand companies are in it for the almighty dollar. But why sell someone a warranty for $314 dollars and then leave them hanging and expect us to continually call back and spend our time on hold trying to figure out what is going on.
The estimate to fix the oven was $824. So this comapny was going to be out $510 on our warranty. I understand warranties are a gamble on BOTH ends. We may buy a warranty and never use it, or a repair may be more than the cost of the warranty. If our repair had been $100, they would have pocketed money; I would not have gotten a refund. Yet since they were going to be out-of-pocket a little they drop us with no notice. Unacceptable!

Jenn-Air and Federal Warrany Company are a JOKE.

Don't buy Jenn-Air and don't buy their extended warranty they offer through Federal Warranty Service Corporation. You will be wasting your time and money.
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Posted by CU on 2013-07-12:
Did you buy it July 2 of THIS year?

Have you contacted Jennair?
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Jenn Air 30 " Wall Oven Lemon From Day One
Posted by Eesamp on 12/17/2012
EDINA, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a Jenn Air double oven from Warner Stellian in Edina. The first delivery folks brought a Kitchenaid instead of Jenn Air I ordered. I refused delivery and waited for Jenn Air...obviously a mistake. Ovens were installed in February 2012 and needed replacement motor for fan in August of 2012. It is now December of 2012 and am waiting for repair people to arrive, most likely another fan motor as the noise is the same. Also, neither upper nor lower ovens bake to temp indicated and appear to not hold temp at reliable level.

A big Lemon for both Jenn Air and Warner Stellian.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-18:
I've got a considerable amount of appliance background. With respect, I like the Jenn-Air line of products. They produce a wonderful line of cooking appliances.

Was your purchase a 25 series double oven (2527 or 2530)? My question stems from what the exact nature of the fan is that you're referring to. These specific units don't include the convection feature found on other models. Without such a feature, or if using an oven but not activating this feature, it is common for the cavity to not be even or consistent in it's baking temperatures. This is precisely why convection was invented.

To determine if the temperature is correct, you can easily purchase a thermometer which is designed to gauge oven temperatures. Just preheat and place the thermometer in place. Although not perfect, a non-convection oven should still be somewhat reasonably within range. Make sure the thermometer is placed directly in the center of the oven's cavity.

Best of luck and let us know how things turn out.
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Jenn-Air Junk
Posted by Mrmac on 06/08/2012
A six year old 30 inch double wall oven by Jenn-Air no longer stays within a reasonable temperature range and they call it normal. Set the oven to 400 degrees and watch it go to 480 and all of a sudden drop to 350 then zoom up to 450 then drop to 325 and Jenn-Air says a 20% plus or minus is within spec's. We have replaced the control panel, no change.

As an aerospace engineer I find that totally unreasonable that an oven can’t be controlled any better than that. If I designed anything for an aircraft or spacecraft to be 20% plus or minus we would have aircraft falling out of the sky all the time.
I would strongly suggest you think twice about buying any Jenn-Air product if that is the way they design their products.
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Posted by Marseneau91 on 10/08/2011
Well, GOOD thing I came to this site. Was going to purchase all new appliances thru Jenn-air. NOT NOW thanks everyone for your honesty dealing with Jenn-air. Know wonder why the store I was going to purchase my new items from say "Jenn-air gives and additional one year warranty. It NEEDS it.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-08:
Interesting review. If your decision to not purchase Jenn-Air was based upon negative reviews, may I ask what brand you have selected. I'd like to find the brand that doesn't have negative reviews on here.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-09:
I guess all brands should go back to square one and start producing quality merchandise again. That way there will be no need for expensive and often useless extended warranties and all the inconvenience and aggravation that goes along with them.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-09:
You bring up a good point Venice09. When purchasing major merchandise, such as appliances, the wise consumer should consider the warranty coverage being given and also offered on the item. Shopping around can achieve a guarantee that is neither expensive or useless, protecting the owner should the product fail.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-09:
By your own admission, a reliable brand doesn't exist, and consumers are forced to shop around for an elusive warranty. Since I am a wise and educated consumer, I know enough not to waste my time setting myself up for disappointment, deception and an expensive mistake.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-09:
Excellent insight AYS! You obviously know your stuff. Good review as well. +1
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Bad product
Posted by Semloh on 09/12/2011
The knobs they use are inferior, cheap, and have a chronic flaw causing them to break. I have replaced the exhaust fan knob 5 times in 18 months.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-12:
Cheap knobs seem to be a common problem, probably because it's a quick way to make money. Since knobs are necessary to operate an appliance, you can either pay the outrageous price to replace them or just buy a new appliance. You lose either way while the company is laughing all the way to the bank.
Posted by WP2008 on 2011-09-13:
Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Jenn-Air. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance. If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Jenn-Air) or Twitter (JennAirUSA). Or contact us directly via e-mail JennAir_Digital@jennair.com please include your user name and what site we contacted you on for our records.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-15:
Take the time to make sure the knobs your replacing them with are either metal or reinforced metal. You'd be surprised that many knobs will cross fit to other units. Take the knob you're trying to replace to a local appliance store and compare. When you find one that fits and is designed stronger, just order it.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-16:
Why should the OP have to do all that? Shouldn't appliances come with reliable knobs that at least last the short life of the appliance?
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