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Poor Delivery / Bad Workmanship, Material....My Sofas Are Sagging
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- When my sofas were delivered, one of the delivery guys just let go of the sofa, I told him that wood at bottom got chipped, and thank goodness my tile did not broke. He said just to paint it and left! I had service done once because the material was ripping from the back, he said I have to keep sofas away from the wall and luckily fixed it. Now they are ripping from the middle cushions and sagging. I called the store and no answer.

I regret buying from them. I thought I was buying quality sofas. I feel ripped off, I paid $1800 plus extended warranty.

Thanks to all the writers for their reviews!
By -

After reading several bad reviews from Jennifer Convertibles, Inc., I have decided not to even consider walking through their doors or buying anything with their label on it. Why should I spend my money on crappy merchandise from a company who treats honest customers like dirt, during one of the worst economies we've ever had. I'd be better off buying used furniture for less on Craigslist. I will be checking out Living Spaces, IKEA, and Big Lots. Thanks everyone, for all your reviews and saving me the hassle of dealing with a company that we all know will be out of business very soon.

Don't waste your money on Jennifer Convertible products
By -

WOODBURY, NEW YORK -- In June of 2009 we received delivery of our new couch and love seat. My girlfriend bought one of their earlier models and was very pleased with it.

Less than one month later the chair's foot rest mechanism broke and we could not bring the couch back to its full upright position. We had to wait 4 weeks for a new part and 1 week for installation. Within a month and a half the same thing happened. A week later the same repairman returned and said he was not surprised. He stated the company was having problems with the foot rest mechanism, something about being made cheaper in China. We were told again 4 weeks for the new part.

At any rate it is now February 1, 2010. I still do not have the part. When I asked for someone in management to get back to me, all I received was an unsigned email stating the part will be in within 2 weeks. They didn't even spell my name right. I have tried contacting their (Regional Manager). He or she never returns my calls.

This couch has a 1 year warranty. What is going to happen after that????

I have never dealt with such a sub standard organization, and I can't believe they get away with selling junk. Their customer service is a joke. I would never purchase another of their products and will endeavor to discourage anyone I can to not buy from them as well.

City Line Ave. Jennifer Convertibles
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Jennifer Convertibles on City Line Ave on Friday the 22nd of January, the doors were locked and there wasn't a sign in the window saying they will be back, (I was there at 7pm) although the sigh in the window said hours of operation were 10am-9pm, so I left. I went back on the 23rd(the next day)and at 10:45am the doors were still locked, although there were two people in the back of the store talking. After trying to get their attention for about 5 minutes, a lady finally opened the door. I asked her what time they closed the previous night, she said 9pm. I told her that I was there at 7pm, and the doors were locked and there wasn't a note, her and the guy that was in there just looked at each other and smiled, and she said she didn't know what happened. I left, obviously they didn't need my business. I went to Moorestown NJ Tracey helped me out a lot.

Not only did I buy furniture, but my sister went there and brought furniture, and now my mom is going there. Thanks Tracey. I will not go back to City Line Ave, since they obviously made their quota for the year.

Delivery/Customer Service
By -

We purchased a reclining sofa with a chaise.

Summary of Issues:

1) They scheduled a delivery. I took off from work only to receive a phone call an hour before and finding out that the couch did not fit on the truck and will get delivered another time.

2) When the couch was finally delivered, the recliner came BROKEN. They sent a technician who came without any tools! He asked me if he could use my wire hanger to fix the sofa. Unbelievable!

3) One of the toss pillows was never delivered.

I will never shop at this store again. I regret ever stepping my foot in there.

Jennifer Convertibles Staten Island
By -

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Do NOT shop at the Jennifer Convertibles on Staten Island NY. The salesman there lies about almost everything. He says the delivery is $200 for a single sofa, when in fact the company charges $100 for delivery, then $100 for an optional 5-year protection plan. The salesman SAYS that the plan is required, and if you don't want it, he says delivery is $200, then it increases his commission, you don't get the protection plan that he charges you for WITHOUT TELLING YOU that he's doing it! He screw the customer for the $10 that he makes off the protection plan sale, and you're out an extra $100 and have no protection on your sofa. He's a piece of $h17.

Wish I had never bought from them
By -

We purchased a living room set, the delivery charge was very high. When the set was delivered the chair had a tear and one end table was damaged. The delivery team were rude and it is my opinion that they caused the damages when unpacking the furniture. It took 3 weeks to have the end table replaced and 6 weeks for the "components" to repair the chair were received. Dealing with their customer service was a nightmare. Finally the name of the District Manager and a phone number were given. Calling the number was fruitless as his voice mail was full. His message gave his e-mail address, which came back as undeliverable. There is also in fine print that they are not responsible to remove the packaging from your premise. I strongly advise that anyone contemplating purchasing furniture from Jennifer Convertibles not to do it.

Leather is Poor Qulity
By -

I purchased this leather sofa bed at fair to great price several years ago but I am disappointed to find the finish is bubbling up, and separating from the leather hide at this point in the product's life. Leather is supposed to have a longer life than traditional furniture. I expect normal wear at the corners but this is happening on corners and on all of the visible seating surfaces. When the bubbled finish breaks the finish flakes off leaving 1-2 inch areas of raw hide that is much lighter than the finish. I initially called Jennifer (800-371-6111) to get a warranty repair and they said they could not do anything for us.

I called again today and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they will send a repair person out to fix it (but I am not sure if there will be a charge). It could be that the excessive bad reviews they have been getting has caused them to change their policy. Great policy change Jennifer I appreciate your companies' integrity.

By -

Wow where can I begin, This company is a joke. They have the WORST Delivery Service and Sales representatives I have ever seen. My couches were delivered late with rude delivery men that didn't know how to do their job and didn't want to fit the couches in the elevator, because the couches they said "didn't fit" but they didn't even try to fit them they just assumed without trying. I asked them to try to see instead of just assuming they said it's too late and they have other deliveries to make and took the couches without my approval. That's when I called their customer service and complained their people said that the delivery people said I refused the couches, I was angry about the whole thing demanded my money back they gave me a headache and I didn't give up I complained to everyone in that store and gave them hell. I did in fact receive all my money back including my delivery which they wanted to keep. Stay far away from this place, and don't listen to them when they say oh delivery problems that was fixed.

What the @#$!
By -

MARYLAND -- Where can you go and get a brand new sofabed for under 300$... YOU CAN'T. About all of these people complaining about how their sofabeds are broken YOU PAID 300$ FOR IT! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Delivery charges-yes they are high, but when you calculate it into the price of the furniture it is still less than their competitors.

People! you have to be home on your deliveries!!! It makes sense right?? Their delivery company does not give courtesy calls before they deliver you know that walking out of there. If you hear someone knocking on your door ANSWER IT! If you hear your phone ringing and are expecting a delivery ANSWER IT!!

If you ordered a pizza and someone called your phone and knocked on your door, the pizza man wouldn't wait 5 minutes for you to get to the door. They leave.

Some of these people have unrealistic expectations!!

The people that work in these showrooms rely on their jobs to provide for their families. It is not their fault that you have received faulty merchandise. They personally didn't handpick your furniture in the warehouse and put it on the truck and say " hey look who we are screwing over". Stuff happens its life. In the big scheme of things it is just flippin furniture!!!!!!!!!

Also, about the upholsteryshield call the showroom!!!! Do not call the 1800# ! The showroom should be able to assist you. Where else do places offer a LIFETIME cleaning plan! NO WHERE!

Get a grip people! Their prices are low that's why they are still in business! How many furniture stores do you know are shutting down! I know of at lease three around here! They must be doing something right!

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