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Rip Off Warranty, Damaged Merchandise, Expensive Delivery
Posted by Rhammond2k on 07/10/2010
DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- This store is a ripoff! Was told the Guardian Shield would protect against any damages to the furniture and we paid the store to deliver the furniture. We noticed damage to the sofa and ottoman a couple of weeks after delivery because the pillows were covering the damage. They refused to repair the damage or replace the damaged sections because they said it happened during delivery (they delivered it!) and we were supposed to report it within 2 days. Huh??!! We have reported it to Better Business Bureau and our 20,000 Twitter Followers will be hearing about it too! Go somewhere else for furniture.

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Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-10:
20,000 twitter followers...okay...
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-10:
I don't completely doubt it, but I do doubt all 20k give a crap.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-11:
Hmmm, 20,000? Wait a second, is this actually Lindsey Lohan? Can I get an autographed photo before you enter the slammer?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
What kind of damage? Guardian Shield sounds like something that would protect against stains. You seem to be talking about a different type of damage. Having to report damage within two days of delivery is not unreasonable. You should have inspected the furniture thoroughly as soon as you received it.
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Absolute Garbage
Posted by Ehay on 06/04/2010
PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Less than 2 years ago, I purchased 2 leather loveseats fro Jennifer Convertibles in Portsmouth, NH. Upon delivery, the leather on one of them was bubbly and peeling. It took 6 weeks to get their repair technician out to look at them. He said they would replace the leather
covers. One of the loveseats was a twin sleeper, this was the one that was peeling. The cusions on this piece are removeable. The other one had attached cushions. It took 8 weeks to get the replacements and they sent the ones that were on the non removable piece. It then took another 8 weeks for the right ones to come in. In the meantime the sleeper sofa started to sag in the middle. This issue required a separate service call and the tech put a board in the front to reinforce the frame that could not support the sleeper. This furniture is very poorly constructed and I question if the leather is even real. I have never seen real leather bubble like this. The same cushions are bubbling again approximately 1 year later and the frame is sagging again. Do not waste your money on this furniture.
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No Response, No Concern.... JUST A SHOW ROOM RIP OFF!!
Posted by NO RESPONSE on 05/14/2010

so this Jennifer 'Brand' is just a SHOW ROOM ...

ALL for SHOW and EXTRA CHARGES and DELAYS for item(s) to be in your ROOM !!! I have NEVER went to PURCHASE furniture and as the end result had to wait 6-8 WEEKS to enjoy/use !!! I'm GLAD I DIDN'T TRASH MY SOFA thinking that I can BUY & ENJOY - same day / or even at the most a week later!!! MIND YOU I researched online & called the 'showroom' in regards to the item that I saw advertised on TV.

If it weren't for the price and ''small'' size of the leather sectional that I've been searching for and apparently I am STILL WAITING on delivery for; and the FACT THAT I CAN NOT GET A FULL REFUND; and not to mention that NO ONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE has RESPONDED TO MY EMAIL of concern that no where on the website does it stipulate LENGTHY DELAYS or an EXTRA CHARGE of $200 for DELIVERY; nor how THE ADVERTISED TELEVISION ITEMS ARE ON 'EXTRA' BACK ORDER - I WOULD GET MY "BLEEPING" required partial payment of $400 CASH back !!!


i WILL WARN EVERYONE not to waste TIME & MONEY with this business!! I did not know that I couldn't get a REFUND until I read the back of my receipt - the SHOWROOM representative never stated NO REFUND nor is it printed on the front of the receipt!!

They don't offer any type of incentive for the LENGTHY DELAYS; back orders... NOTHING!!! they don't even RESPOND TO THEIR flipping EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!

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Posted by Alain on 2010-05-14:
You might try this to get in touch with them: Jennifer Converibles, Inc. 419 Crossways Park Drive Woodbury, NY 11797 ph# (general)516-496-1900. Chairman & CEO: Harley Greenfield, Executive Vice President: Edward Seidner.
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Don't Waste Your Money
Posted by Christa1017 on 04/01/2010
I paid for my furniture on Feb 10, 2010. I had to wait a month to pick it up because the delivery charge was an additional $200.00. When me and my husband went to pick up our furniture at the warehouse they brought it out the men would not help me & my husband load it! They laugh when I dropped the box, they were horrible. Thankful other customers helped us load it. My coffee table & end tables were missing, Now they tell me it will be in N. Carolina April 22 WTF! Refund, there horrible go some where else- Were in Florida.

The sales person were not even calling me about when I'd get my furniture. Also my couch is not even all that

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The Worst Customer Service - EVER
Posted by Ginalyn61 on 02/26/2010
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Words cannot describe how bad the experience I am having with Jennifer Convertibles is. I ordered a couch two weeks ago to be delivered on March 6th (four weeks for delivery is already bad enough). Yesterday I received a call saying that a boat got lost at sea or something and they don't have my couch and don't know when they will, but it will be at least another 4-6 weeks. After talking with managers and customer service specialists, all of which had an attitude, I asked to cancel. They told me I would be refunded within 7-10 days and I went out and bought another couch. Now today they call and say they are keeping 30% of my money even though they are the ones that cancelled the contract with me! I can't get any help and am now out several hundreds of dollars for nothing but an empty living room and a horrible experience. I will be suing for my money back.
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Poor Delivery / Bad Workmanship, Material....My Sofas Are Sagging
Posted by Loora on 02/26/2010
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- When my sofas were delivered, the one of the delivery guys just let go of the sofa, I told him that wood at bottom got chipped, and thank goodness my tile did not broke. He said just to paint it and left! I had service done once because the material was ripping from the back, he said I have to keep sofas away from the wall and luckily fixed it. Now they are ripping from the middle cushions and sagging. I called the store and no answer.

I regret buying from them. I thought I was buying quality sofas. I feel ripped off, I paid $1800 plus extended warranty.
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Thanks to all the writers for their reviews!
Posted by Jcinie on 02/10/2010
After reading several bad reviews from Jennifer Convertibles, Inc., I have decided not to even consider walking through their doors or buying anything with their label on it. Why should I spend my money on crappy merchandise from a company who treats honest customers like dirt, during one of the worst economies we've ever had. I'd be better off buying used furniture for less on Craigslist. I will be checking out Living Spaces, IKEA, and Big Lots. Thanks everyone, for all your reviews and saving me the hassle of dealing with a company that we all know will be out of business very soon.
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Don't waste your money on Jennifer Convertible products
Posted by Wire2000 on 02/01/2010
WOODBURY, NEW YORK -- In June of 2009 we received delivery of our new couch and love seat. My girlfriend bought one of their earlier models and was very pleased with it.

Less than one month later the chair's foot rest mechanism broke and we could not bring the couch back to its full upright position. We had to wait 4 weeks for a new part and 1 week for installation. Within a month and a half the same thing happened. A week later the same repairman returned and said he was not surprised. He stated the company was having problems with the foot rest mechanism, something about being made cheaper in China. We were told again 4 weeks for the new part.

At any rate it is now February 1, 2010. I still do not have the part. When I asked for someone in management to get back to me, all I received was an unsigned email stating the part will be in within 2 weeks. They didn't even spell my name right. I have tried contacting their (Regional Manager). He or she never returns my calls.

This couch has a 1 year warranty. What is going to happen after that????

I have never dealt with such a sub standard organization, and I can't believe they get away with selling junk. Their customer service is a joke. I would never purchase another of their products and will endeavor to discourage anyone I can to not buy from them as well.

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City Line Ave. Jennifer Convertables
Posted by * on 01/26/2010
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Jennifer Convertibles on City Line Ave on Friday the 22nd of January, the doors were locked and there wasn't a sign in the window saying they will be back, (I was there at 7pm) although the sigh in the window said hours of operation were 10am-9pm, so I left. I went back on the 23rd(the next day)and at 10:45am the doors were still locked, although there were two people in the back of the store talking. After trying to get their attention for about 5 minutes, a lady finally opened the door. I asked her what time they closed the previous night, she said 9pm. I told her that I was there at 7pm, and the doors were locked and there wasn't a note, her and the guy that was in there just looked at each other and smiled, and she said she didn't know what happened. I left, obviously they didn't need my business. I went to Moorestown NJ Tracey helped me out a lot.

Not only did I buy furniture, but my sister went there and brought furniture, and now my mom is going there. Thanks Tracey. I will not go back to City Line Ave, since they obviously made their quota for the year.
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Heaven Help You If Your Furniture Is Damaged!!!!
Posted by Laddie on 12/16/2009
WOODBURY, NEW YORK -- I purchased a sofa and chair in September/09. I picked it up at the warehouse and once home, unpacked the chair for assembly. One of the legs would not screw into the base. I called the store of purchase and they told me I could not exchange the chair because I did not assemble it at the warehouse. Company policy states that once it leaves the warehouse, they are no longer responsible, therefore I was stuck with it. I explained it was a manufacturer's defect, but was told it was my repsonsiblity to find the problem at the warehouse. I called the 800 customer service number and was told the same thing, however they would send a "technician" to assess and repair the chair. I said I wanted a new chair, not a refurbished new chair. Was refused and agreed to a "technician". No call. Called back in two weeks, again promised a "technician". No call. Reversed charges on my credit card and started sending certified letters demanding they pick up their property. They did actually respond to the letters, but refused to pick up the furniture per their policy and again forced the "technician". A "technician" finally called but he said he could not bring a new chair and would only be there to repair the damage. I cancelled pending my next contact with Jennifer Convertibles. By this time I told them I would be complying with California law and would dispose of the property if they did not come and get it. Again they refused and my husband agreed one last time to allow a "techinician" to come. The "technician" never called. I sent my final letter to Jennifer Convertibles and told them that I had been storing their furniture longer than the law prescribed and that it would be auctioned off, with the proceeds less seller fees returned to them. They said the warehouse would call regarding a pick up, however that has not happened and I suppose I will be gong through the inconvenience of having it auctioned off. So buyers beware!! There is no recourse for you once you buy the funiture. Per their contract, you cannot exchange or get a refund on the furniture. You buy, you own. And unless you don't mind the inconvenience and headache of dealing with a company who bullies their customers, go right ahead. I've spent months dealing with them and they will still receive proceeds for their furniture if they don't pick it up and I have wasted all this time. And I still end up with no furniture. Please be diligent if you are considering buying from this company. Please search the Web regarding consumer complaints. My complaint is not unusual at all. And it's the tip of the Jennifer Convertibles complaint iceberg. I also filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs since I gave Jennifer Convertibles every opportunity to resolve the problem and they were uncooperative.
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Posted by goduke on 2009-12-16:
Wow. That's intense. Thanks for letting us know about that little "wrinkle" in the rules.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
Auction it off between yourself and your husband with a highest bid of $2. Keep $1 as a seller's fee, and send them a money order for $1.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-12-16:
I would guess that the assembly is not covered because assembly can tear up the threads into which the legs screw. When I was a kid, my mother bought a bicycle for me and put the pedals on, not realizing there are left hand threads on the left pedal. While I was standing up riding it, the pedal pulled out, the crank went up my pants leg, and I rapidly curved to the left where I met the ground.

Every furniture leg I have seen either screws into a flat metal plate on the bottom of the furniture, or into a metal, threaded insert. These should be easy to replace, Home Depot may even have the parts, and the technician or company certainly does. That hardly constitutes a refurbished chair.
Posted by laddie on 2009-12-23:
UPDATE: After my last letter threatening to sell the furniture at auction, Jennifer Convertibles called and agreed to take back the furniture, which was a welcome relief. I was thrilled to finally have a successful conclusion to the mess. They did come and pick up the furniture, however I have since received a notice from my credit card company that they reinstated the Jennifer Convertibles charges. So now Jennifer Convertibles has my money and the furniture! So my next step is getting Jennifer Convertibles to reverse the charges or I will be going to Small Claims Court. At least that part is easy, as no judge will allow them to keep the property and the money.
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