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Buyer Beware
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SINGAPORE -- Here's one from the "Sounds too good to be true" files. Got this link from a Toronto area all sports radio show, detailing how you can get game ready jerseys and other sports merchandise for a mere fraction of the retail costs. Decided to take a chance and ordered approx $190 USD consisting of 5 jerseys. (note: had to order over $180 to receive FREE shipping) Here's the scam, they only ship out 2 items and as you have to sign for delivery you have technically received the product only it's considered "different quality as ordered" by Paypal and/or your Credit card company and you have no recourse to get your money back. All contact with this overseas company was met with a "too bad, soooo sad" we shipped it out go after the local mail, it's not our problem. Here is the company "WWW. JERSEY. SHOES. COM" that are out of Singapore, web site looks legit.

Recommendation: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. You have been warned.
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momsey on 07/12/2010:
Thanks for the warning.

Why would you "take a chance" with $190?

I think being able to get free shipping from Singapore would be the first red flag.
saj80 on 07/12/2010:
If the product you received is different than advertised, you have full recourse via a dispute with your credit card company, regardless of whether or not you signed for delivery.
Anonymous on 07/12/2010:
Why buy NBA jerseys from Singapore? How about supporting the American economy?
Harry on 03/16/2012:
bought over 10 jersey's from the website and 5 pairs of shoes. 3 different orders, all with great customer service and delivered within 7 business days. Sophie was helpful and always returned my emails. Jersey-shoes is great!
Jersey man on 04/28/2012:
Have used them many times and have had no issues. Over 3,000 in orders and everyone on time. Included were jerseys, boots and purses.
Level on 07/15/2012:
likely what happened was 2/4 jerseys you ordered were out of stock. what you need to do is email their company email and tell them they charged you for 4 and they will refund 2. it happened to me too.
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