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JetBlue, I'm Breaking Up With You
By -

Wow. I used to love JetBlue. I have recommended it to hundreds of people, since I've been flying JetBlue since 2 weeks after it went into business. But after tonight's two hours on the phone on hold and then finally with a very nice but ineffectual representative, I will be reevaluating my family's travel choices, and closing our JetBlue American Express cards. I will also open a formal complaint with American Express.

I called today (2/5/10) to redeem my remaining Old TrueBlue Award for a date five (5) months from today. I was told that there were no award seats available on the day I required, and that the closest days that had available seats on them were 4 days earlier or 4 days later! This, despite the fact that the vast majority of seats on the flight have not been booked!

It is obvious that JetBlue has drastically reduced the amount of seats it makes available for Old Awards, and thus the thousands of dollars I have spent, and that my wife (who has remaining Old Awards and Points) has spent, were spent in vain. The awards we were earning have now become useless. I feel so betrayed by JetBlue, and I am extremely disappointed that this company that I had so much respect for has shown that, despite my loyal and constant patronage for ten years, they have treated me and my family unfairly.

The only thing I could do was to book a return flight using the Old Award, but the issue remains as to how my wife and I will GET to Chicago for the charity fundraiser we are attending (and that we help to organize, recommending to dozens of others which airline to fly to get there -- we will certainly be reevaluating those recommendations). It will be impossible to reach the number of New Points required to earn a reward under the new system and it is unreasonable for us to have to, in effect, re-earn the awards that we already earned.

It is patently unfair and disingenuous for JetBlue to have changed the number of seats available on each flight so drastically while we still have awards that were earned with the reasonable expectation that if we tried to redeem them (5 months in advance! -- and on a weekday!) there would be award seats available, especially when the flight is currently mostly empty.

I requested to speak to a supervisor, and I was told that "everyone at this level is a supervisor", and that no one had the power to make award seats available on any flight. Surely this is not the case - the company is making the decision to severely limit award seats, despite the fact that their customers have been operating under the agreement that their loyal patronage and use of the JetBlue American Express card would result in a reasonable expectation of a return on that investment. I will now advise everyone I know and do business with that something has gone terribly wrong at this company, and it is to be avoided.

JetBlue True Blue Lack of Service Team!
By -

I have never written a negative review before so here goes! I have never been so disappointed with a company in my life. I fly 8 months out of the year and all over the globe. I participate in numerous rewards programs and have more free flights and hotel stays than I care to think about. I often lose them because they expire before I can use them.

This is the case with JetBlue. I have 4 free flights under their "old" TrueBlue rewards program. I decided it would be fun to take the family to Florida for a week and so I went online to book my flights. Much to my disappointment I discovered that JetBlue has transitioned to a new reservations system and that I could no longer book my rewards flights online. I had to call to make the reservation.

No problem I thought and so I called. I was told that there was "higher than normal" call volume and that my call would be answered as soon as possible. I waited 45 minutes the first time, 1 hour the second time, 2 hours the third time and I am currently on hold at 3 hours and 20 minutes. I have been disconnected 4 times and possibly hung up on after finally getting through yesterday. I would have given up long ago if the rewards weren't expiring shortly! I decided to email them and this is cut and pasted from their response!

"Thank you for contacting JetBlue Airways regarding your TrueBlue account. JetBlue has just completed transitioning to a new reservation system and as a result, the TrueBlue help desk is currently receiving a high volume of email and can no longer accept them at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note: Old TrueBlue points that appear in your online account summary can not be booked through To book Award travel using these old points, please call us at 1-800-JETBLUE. We value you as a JetBlue customer and apologize for any inconvenience caused from the temporary limitations we are experiencing."

BS! They aren't even accepting emails at this point! This sounds like a potential class action lawsuit to me! Virgin America here I come!

Customer Service
By -

On Sunday August 16, 2009 my wife and I were scheduled to fly out of Washington Dulles International Airport to attend a Conference in Long Beach leaving at 0740 arriving 0952. We had arrived at the airport and were in line at 0705 after having to wait for a shuttle for a half hour. As my wife waited in line I waited in another line to get our boarding pass. When I went to print it out I received a message saying “OOPS there is a problem please see a ticket agent” this was now 0710. As we waited to be seen by the ticket agent a ** was walking in and out of the line asking if anyone was going to Orlando or Boston and never mentioning Long Beach.

Once we arrived at the counter we were greeted by a ** who immediately had an attitude asking why we did not come to the counter. We explained to her that we were in line at 0705 which she instantly stated that we were not and that she had closed the flight to Long Beach early because she thought everyone was on board. She then asked ** if she had been asking if anyone was going to Long Beach which she replied “yes.” This is an outright lie.

As mentioned above she never mentioned Long Beach. Ms. ** then stated that we were not going to be able to get on the 0740 flight and that she would put us on standby for the 6:16 P.M. flight. Ms. ** further advised that we would have to be at the airport by 2:00 P.M. because it is a busy airport and there will be a lot of international travelers trying to get through security. Throughout our ordeal with Ms ** remained rude and demeanor was condescending.

At 1:30 we arrived back at the airport and spoke with a ** who advised that Ms. ** had never put us in the system. When then asked to speak to the station manager. Mr. ** advised that the manager does not work on weekends. After explaining the circumstances Mr. ** was able to put us on the standby list as passengers 1 and 2. Mr. ** further advised that there was no need for us to show up 4 hours ahead of time and that the lines are not bad on Sunday. He further explained that Ms ** usually has an attitude with customers along with **.

After receiving our standby passes we were able to go right through security within a matter of minutes. After waiting around the airport for 4 ½ hours ** began calling the standby list by pasting my wife and mine names. When questioned about she had an attitude and told us to wait at which time we pointed at the screen documenting that we were in the system as passengers 1 and 2 she subsequently let us board.

This was our first encounter ever flying JetBlue and going out of Dulles. The airline had been recommended for the conference as the preferred carrier. With the incompetence of Ms. ** and ** we ended up missing our flight as well as missed some prepaid events.

On Monday August 16, 2009 I complete an online complaint form and as of today's date August 24, 2009 I have not been contacted. When I contacted JetBlue via phone I was advised that they could not take a complaint over the phone and that I would have to fill out a form online. Dealing with an airline this is the worst encounter I have ever received. I have written two letters one that was certified. To date JetBlue fails to respond to any correspondence. JetBlue has the worst customer service around.

Lose Your Bags and Treat You Like a Criminal
By -

I will be brief. My trip to NY on JetBlue took a turn for the worse when JetBlue lost the luggage that had my families wedding clothes. As you could imagine this was frustrating and inconvenient. However most upsetting was their response, which was to immediately act as if either a) the bag would show up soon so there was nothing they could do or b) we had stolen the bag and were trying to scam them.

Over time, it became clear the bag wasn't showing up. They shifted almost entirely to option B, acting as if we were running a scam. As they told me many times, they have to protect their bottom line, and even though they "misplaced our bag" (going on 2 months) how do they know I (the person whose luggage was lost) is not doing this as some sort of diabolical racket.

After requiring an itemized list of goods in the bag they said they would take 45 days to respond with their decision about what to do. When that response finally came their offer was to refund approximately 35% of the value of the goods that were in the luggage. Their rational was 10% depreciation per year for every item I could find a receipt for, plus 20% off the top for any item I could not find a receipt for. In addition, any item that was priced over $100 for which I could not provide a receipt they would "depreciate" 100%! I asked, "is that a fancy way of saying you refuse to refund for such items."

Apparently it was. Although they lost my luggage while I was using their service, since I didn't save my receipt from 2004 for an item their policy is to reject reimbursement. Does anybody save receipts for that long? You can just see the number crunchers figuring out how much money they can save by denying reimbursement for such items and then making a policy to rationalize it. And from what I have seen in reviews of JetBlue, it is probably a lot of money they are saving as it sure seems like they frequently lose bags.

This has been a frustrating and insulting experience, a far cry from the customer friendly image JetBlue attempts to portray. I would suggest caution when having anything to do with them. Like many HMOs they are clearly interested in devising policies that protect their bottom line, even when they screw-up, with little concern for the well being (or continued patronage) of their customers. That is a concerning trait for an airline to exhibit. Good luck in any future contact you may have with them, I hope it is better than my experience.

Very Poor Customer Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was scheduled to depart Orlando, FL for Colombia, Colombia at 5 pm on May 6, 2009. The car I was traveling to the airport in was involved in an accident which caused me to get to the check in counter 30 minutes before The plane was supposed to depart. At the time I got in line there were 3 other passenger in the International Flights line also traveling to Colombia.

When I got in line a lady (a supervisor) said that the man in front of me was to be the last passenger to be checked in to the flight and that the flight was closed. I tried to explain the reason for my tardiness but she just said "Sorry!" I stayed in line and when the man in front of me was called in to the counter to be checked in, another customer service representative also called me to check me in. When the "supervisor" saw this she told the agent to not take me because the other person ahead of me was to be the last one (we were the last 2 passenger in line).

The agent that called me basically told her that I still could make my flight along with the other gentleman but she flat out said no and told him to put me on stand by for the next day's flight (there is only one flight a day from Orlando to Colombia). I told her that I would have to spend the next 24 hours in the airport if she did not allow me to board my flight as I had no place to stay in Orlando. And if I could not get on the next day's flight, that meant another 24 hours in the airport and who knew how many days I could spend trying to get on a stand by flight.

She couldn't care less; it was not her problem. The agent that was going to check me in apologized and felt terrible as he knew that I could have made my flight if the supervisor had not stopped him from checking me in. But it does not end here! I then asked the supervisor for her name so I could log a complaint and she just gave me her first name: **. I asked for her last name but she refused to give it to me and said she was the only ** in the Orlando operation.

I then asked another customer service representative for the name of the head honcho in the Orlando airport as I wanted to complain to him or her about being left stranded at the airport by **'s arbitrary decision. She said she could not help me and it was obvious to me that the customer service reps here in Orlando cover each other's behinds instead of doing is right by the paying customers. Needless to say, this is my last flight on JetBlue. And I don't think I will be singing the praises of this airline any time soon!

Why Bags Are Missing
By -

NYC, NEW YORK -- I worked at JetBlue JFK for two years and I can tell you that I won't even travel on the airline myself unless I can carry on my bags. The public view of the company doesn't not reflect the reality. The Pilots are highly professional and the mechanics sure know what the heck they are doing. But as far as baggage and customer service is concerned, there is much to be desired.

Bags get lost on connecting flights for several reasons and I will list them here for you. On connecting flights the bags are removed from the aircraft. In theory transfer bags should be loaded separately from destination (JFK) bags, but that isn't the case about 20% of the time. So what what happens, the bags are loaded with JFK bags and next thing you know they're on the carousel for JFK instead of being staged for the connecting flight.

If the plane is running late you can pretty much kiss your bag goodbye. It will be left at the ramp in which the plane arrived until a supervisor or someone who gives a hoot observes the bags out of place and notifies a manager.

Another thing that is important to note, a lot of the employees don't really care about your bags (not all I have observed many highly professional baggage handlers who are keen on making sure bags are not left on the ground). If the bag is properly handled, then it it sent to a staging area where transfer bags are supposed to be picked up for the flight, but again the concept is great on paper but you got to have people who care about their job.

So what happens here, about 30 minutes before a flight is to leave someone has to come over and ask for bags for their flight. If they don't the transfer agent has to contact the lead for the flight to pick up the bags. If communication breaks down the guess what the bags are still on the ground about 2 minutes before the flight leaves then what happens. The manager states to get the flight out without the transfer bags. And bada bing, the bags don't make the flight.

What you do have is a don't care attitude among the employees because they know their supervisors never have their back in any matter. I worked the transfer area and when I was there, we had improved the departments performance over 95% (mind you rain, snow sleet did not matter this was a 100% outdoor operation). However, because JetBlue is known for not taking care of the ramp staff (a bit racists maybe), a lot of staff just don't care about your bags period.

I can only talk about my shift which was PM and nights, I can't say much about day shift but on those days that I did work on day shift, I have observed guys sleeping in the baggage cart on top of the bags that had to make a flight. I have seen bags that were on a belt loader that needed to go to another gate. But when a person tries to do the right thing he/she gets shot down. Now they have a new terminal and hopefully things are better but we will see with time. Oh well happy jetting.

JetBlue Refunded Only When Contacted by Attorney/Small Claims
By -

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- JetBlue refunded ONLY AFTER served with court papers. On July 2008, I bought a JetBlue Airways package for two costing $610.00 online. The package included flight + hotel for 4 days and 3 nights from Burbank Airport to Las Vegas. We arrived 1 hour early and were told that the flight was cancelled due to bad weather at JFK. The flight was cancelled even though there were four JetBlue planes on the Burbank Tarmac because they were using the plane from JFK to Burbank to continue onto Las Vegas.

They could not accommodate us with another flight and we opted to have all monies returned to my credit card. The receptionist only returned the flight portion and told me to call JetBlue Airways at 1-800-538-2583 for the hotel portion. Since we did not arrange for transportation home, we had to take two buses and walked home the rest of the way which took us three hours.

The JetBlue representatives at the 1-800-538-2583 were rude and robotic. There are reasons why women are put to handle customers' complaints because they are supposed to act mindless. I spoke to three different women and they all said the hotel portion was forfeited and we should be grateful that JetBlue even refunded our flight portion. I was livid that JetBlue was keeping my money when I did not even get to stay at the hotel.

I wrote to Mr. Barger, CEO, at the corporate office in New York. I did not get a response but a hotel refund for only one night was credited to me. My question is if they could refund one night, then why didn't they refund the full hotel portion. It took them four months to give me a full refund and only when I consulted an attorney and filed a small claims against them in November. The attorney contacted JetBlue with a written letter to pay the balance owed to me in 14 days.

For a big corporation like JetBlue, they try to rip customers off. Since I did not hear from them, I filed small claims in December. For those of you who don't know how to serve Corporations such as JetBlue, go to then click California Business Search on the left hand corner -- then next to Corporation type JetBlue Airways. Then click on JetBlue Airways (in blue) and you will see this:

JetBlue AIRWAYS CORPORATION. Number: **. Date Filed: 7/17/2000. Status: active. Jurisdiction: DELAWARE. Address: 19 Old Kings Hwy South Darien, Ct 06820. Agent for Service of Process: National Registered Agents, Inc. 2875 Michelle Dr Ste 100 Irvine, Ca 92606.

This is how you serve them with court papers. When they got served, they contacted my attorney to say that they credited all the monies back to my credit card. Since they did not make payments within the 14 days time frame, I took action to sue. JetBlue had four months to do the right thing but chose to ignore people like us.

Since I had already filed the court papers, I told my attorney to let JetBlue know that I would still go to court to have my case heard. However, JetBlue didn't want a judgment against them so they agreed to refund my court fees because it would cost them more to send their representative to court. In the end, I did not sue them for any compensation, only for money I spent and rightfully deserved!! If I can get my money back, you can too.

No Refund For Cancellation
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- On 17 December 2008 our party of six Australians (3 couples) were traveling with Lux Coach Lines Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It had to turn back because highway blocked by snow. After advises from your company we could be accommodated on your Flight 282, Dept. time 13.21 if we arrived in time or on Flight 286 Dept. time 15.50.

Lux delivered us to Long Beach Airport at 11.30. AM & for $507 cash I purchased six tickets for Flight 282. This flight was cancelled, no reason given but no plane sighted & we were given tickets for Flight 286 same loading area. We were advised Flight cancelled due to snow at Las Vegas Airport, but later Flight could still go but had to move to another loading area. As we lined up to go through security again we were advised flight also cancelled. We then returned to your Airport desk to change tickets for December 18th 2008. We were advised we were on Flight 286 & told if we came before 11.00 A.M. we could be on Standby/Wait Listed for earlier Flight 282.

On 18th December 2008 we were at Airport 10,30 A.M. & after luggage checked in, we were advised we were on Standby/Wait Listed for both Flights 282 & 286 & told advises we received the previous day were incorrect as both Flights were sold out & other passengers from 17th December were also on Standby/Wait Listed & we could not be guaranteed on getting on either Flight.

Offer of JETBLUE credit was declined as no used to us. We were then advised cancellation fees would apply (it was JETBLUE that cancelled Flight 282 Dec. 17th) & were offered $417 for our of $507 & being stuffed around over two days. I accepted the offer so we could get on with our trip but then advised we could not receive cash even though I paid cash & cash was available, it could not be credited to my Visa Credit Card but I would have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a cheque to be sent to Australia. This will cost me $35 in Bank fees to negotiate if & when received & I will not have use of funds until cheque is cleared if your company is still operating.

The only positive to come out of contact with your company is the effort your employee ** made to resolve the situation on 18th Dec. & retrieved our luggage. She was understanding & patient. COMPARE JetBlue TO LUX COACH LINE SERVICE, LUX feeder vehicle picked us up at 6.45 A.M. & delivered us to Anaheim Depot at 8.30 A.M. At 9 A.M. we left for Las Vegas & were turned back at 10. A.M.

They provided us with alternatives which included offer from your Company. They provided these option: (1) Travel with Lux the next day; (2) Would drive us to Long Beach Airport, we could take up your offer which they did at 11.30 a.m; (3) They provided full refund for fares paid; (4) They provided drinks & snacks for passengers.

It may have been unprofitable for them but I am sure they will receive benefits in due course for the manner in which they dealt with situation promptly & decisively. JETBLUE cancelled Flight 282 on 17th Dec (no reason given) took us nowhere, gave us nothing, stuffed us around over 2 days & charged us for this privilege (Cancellation Fee). Refused to refund our money but did give a promise to send us a cheque in 6-8 weeks.

JetBlue - Luggage NIGHTMARE!
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I have always been a big fan of JetBlue. When traveling for my company it's well known that my first choice is always JetBlue. That all changed last Sunday when I actually had a crisis occur, one other than a change of seats or change in reservation. One that actually required you to backup your claim of superb customer service. My luggage was lost. Not one piece but two. This is where the nightmare began.

I was returning from Boston where I had been for nearly a month. I went to my home office and stayed on for the holidays. I was traveling with a month's worth of clothes, coats, jackets, watches, pants, gifts, family photo's etc. I flew out of Boston on flight number 1007 Boston to JFK 10:40-11:49, after a four hour layover I connected with flight 215 JFK to Long Beach 3:59-7:32.

When I landed my luggage was missing. I was given a number to call at Long Beach to check on the status that no one ever answered. I then spoke with JetBlue at close to midnight and was told that MY LUGGAGE HAD BEEN FOUND. I was told that the courier would deliver it within 5-6 hours. I mentioned that I had been traveling all day and that I was exhausted. I was afraid that perhaps I might fall off to sleep and miss them completely. I was informed that if I did so I would be responsible for my luggage. With no choice, I lay on my couch in a daze waiting for the courier that never came.

I called JetBlue in the early morning and was told that they'd made a mistake and my luggage was never found. WHAT??? What could that be all about? "We have your luggage and now we don't." Not only did they lose my luggage but BOTH pieces. My garment bag had a grey tag attached with my business card inside. You still have no idea where my luggage is located. What are the tags for that you attach when a customer checks in? They have bar codes… for what purpose if you cannot track baggage? Are they just for show?

JetBlue has no excuse for losing luggage, especially two pieces. One had my business card attached. In comparison to airlines like Delta, American, and US Air, JetBlue covers a fraction of their territory. Most of your destinations are in the US with a major hub - JFK. It's a new experiment and it's NOT working.

I was a loyal JetBlue customer but feel that the courtesy was not returned. For all the PR you do regarding customer service and the TrueBlue experience you fail miserably when called upon to actually handle a problem. A few questions still remain - Why was I told my luggage was found? Who was it that told me such and WHY? Where is my luggage? Any help would be appreciated.

Luggage Problem
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Rating: 5/51

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I've always enjoyed flying with JetBlue & I would recommend my family & friends to use them! However, recently I had a problem re: my luggage. I flew from Long Beach to JFK (Aug 28th) & returned to Long Beach (Sept 24th). I did not unpack until the following day.

I had placed a pair of DKNY JEANS sandals in the front compartment of my luggage; had not worn them yet. The Left sandal on its side; instep & heel area were broken off. The Left sandal, its toe & instep area were broken off. To receive that much damage to my sandals, my luggage must have been thrown really hard & crushed under something? I was so disappointed, I truly loved flying JetBlue!

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