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Beware: Jettis International Connected To Much Credit/Debit Card Fraud!
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MARION, NORTH CAROLINA -- Jettis International (a 3rd party company to provide customer service and credit card/check processing for subscription and shopping cart websites)is being connected with many fraud claims. Researching the internet I found report after report of individuals finding credit/debit charges on statements, in which they did not authorize. My husband and myself are also victims. Examples of the vendors are:,, with a variety of 866 telephones numbers listed. All these .com addresses lead to Jettis. In our case, it was my husband's check card number that was used. His card was not lost, still in his wallet, and he does not use our home computer, therefore he does not use his card for online purchases. He uses a computer at work but it is a government office and every internet connection is monitored. He has not used the card for any purchase there as well.

By Google, I found that YAHECS is a porn site. Many other victims were also charged for porn sites by other .com domains, yet not all Jettis connected websites are pron related. The other two were Swedish travel like sites. I wasted no time to contact my bank and file a dispute and they informed me that the transactions were being made in Spain. We have no idea how his number was obtained but I also read that with 3rd parties, such as Jettis, that websites are sharing credit info.

Our check card numbers are not being stored on our computer and since my husband doesn't use his to purchase online, it wouldn't be possible for the info to be stolen from my computer.

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MrBeanRocks25 on 09/06/2008:
I, too, had a problem with Jettis International! I had to submit a fraudulent charge form to my bank. It was for $39.95 on When I researched it, it led me to Jettis. I'm not surprised to hear that someone else was defrauded in this scheme. I don't know how the hell they got my information in the first place. I am always very careful with my sensitive information. As a result of this, I had to cancel my card and get a new one. Very irritating! I'd like to know how they keep getting information.
MrBeanRocks25 on 09/06/2008:
Actually the website is My old complaint is here:
Chris87 on 09/14/2008:
I have charges on my back account as well. Same exact charges on my account too. Hope someone gets strung up for this. :\
MrBeanRocks25 on 09/14/2008:
Me too! I can't believe nothing has been done yet. If you google their name, there's complaints everywhere!
keefy on 11/17/2008:
I found the same on my credit card bill, I have never bought or subscribed to these sites nor disclosed my credit card but found I have been billed by two different companies.
Firstly by I was billed $1 then on the same day $4.87
secoundly by on the 1/11/08 for $39.73.
Also strangely also attempted to charge the same amount of $39.73 on the same date as but credit card company refused payment as I had exceeded the limit on my credit card.
But that didn't stop trying twice on the same day
My credit card has now been cancelled and a dispute is now in place.
Just wonder how these companies obtained my credit card details.
After doing a search I have found that both of these companies are affiliated to Jettis International a credit card checking company also being investigated
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Fraudulent Billing
Posted by on
I want to warn everyone about this unauthorized billing activity that could occur on your check or credit card. I checked my account tonight and noticed that the remaining balance did not seem correct. I was right. I noticed a charge that I did NOT authorize. Apparently, it was an online charge at I went to this website and noticed they were part of Jettis International. I googled them and discovered they were an online payment method used for internet pornography websites! I do not view pornography, nor do I buy it, so I don't understand how this $39.95 charge got on my card other than my information was stolen and used. I immediately called my cardholder's service number and notified them of the situation and had my card cancelled and reported the charge.

Apparently, this has happened to others. Through more research, I discovered that they charge people even though they don't use their website. I tried contacting a 1-800 number that I found on a website, but I got no answer. Beware! If you find this charge, notify your bank immediately!! Maybe with enough complaints, the Jettis people will be shut down.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/17/2008:
Jettis is most likely not to blame because as you already figured out someone else gained access to your card numbers. You did correctly by canceling your card.
User726 on 01/20/2008:
I'm guessing someone installed spyware on my computer and gained my information that way. I've since installed an anti-spyware software. I know they only gained my card information since I've had the card on my person at all times.
MIC-NET on 07/31/2009:
Jettis International is not an honorable company. My business uses the domain & we do NOT have any arrangements for credit card payments as of today (7-31-2009) & have never received credit cards as a form of payment since inception in 1996.

When people call this company about a charge on their bill, they inform them to contact my business. When I call Jettis to stop this, they say they are responsible for canceling the account & hang up on me.

If you are receiving a charge from Jettis International, contact your credit card company IMMEDIATELY & put the charge in dispute. This will most likely get your money back. This will also stop future charges from being charged from this company.

Jesse McCormick
Owner MIC
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