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Abusive Commercial
By -

I contacted JG Wentworth 12/17/2010, requesting to talk to someone in their complaint department. A person identifying himself as Tim said I could voice my complaint t him.

I addressed their commercial with people screaming out their window about how they want their money now.

Tim the became extremely condescending stating that commercial had made them millions of dollars.
I asked to speak to a Supervisor or be transferred to a complaint department.
He raised his voice and asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was laid off.
He laughed and suggested I start writing commercials.

I again asked to speak to someone else about the abusive commercials. I was tired of hitting the mute bottom every-time the commercial aired.
He told me I could change the channel and hung up on me.

I was trying to watch FOX News.
FOX this is one of your sponsors?

Horrible advertisement
By -

You people have the most annoying advertisement and its very crude for grown up people to be yelling out of windows about not getting their money I mean get real people I for one an offend by these ads and have to mute my TV and leave the room ....Come on either get a better way of advertising or think about getting a new ad company cause the one that you have is really BAD !!!!!

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