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Took them to small claims court and still giving me the run around!
Posted by on
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- In July of 2010 I took my car to Jiffy Lube in Spokane, and had to have my car towed from their garage because they ruined it. Long story short I was promised they would pay to fix it then didn't follow through. I was told they would pay the remainder on my loan then I would buy a new car. and the check never showed up. I took them to small claims court and the manager of the location that ruined my car showed up to defend them. First off I feel horrible because the poor manager had no clue what had happened, he was not working there when it happened and had no idea about anything, so the company he works for sent him in blindly, poor guy. The judge ruled in my favor. Since the court date 6 weeks ago I have called the store at least once a week to figure out when I was going to get payment from them. The first couple of calls they said they had 30 days to appeal so they were still deciding. On day 31 I called the court house and found they did not appeal so I called the store back and asked what their next steps were going to be. The manager I spoke to was really rude on the phone and directed me to corporate because that is where the check would be coming from.

Called the head office and they had no idea I even sued the, ( somebody has really bad communication skills). They had no paperwork at all pertaining to our case, The lady at the front desk said she would call me back, never received a call. I called again yesterday and they " were still looking into it" and would call me back. Still waiting on the phone call. So please don't waste your time, energy or money and stay away from Jiffy Lube!!!
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madconsumer on 03/05/2011:
how did they ruin your vehicle?
leet60 on 03/06/2011:
Don't let them play games with you. Your next steps should be:

1. Arrange for an examination of assets, which forces the other party to disclose his or her income and other assets. This can usually be done through the court.

2. Obtain a Writ of Execution (sometimes called Writ of Attachment or Writ of Garnishment) from the court in order to start the collection process. Simply take the document sent by the court that grants your judgment to the county clerk's office and fill out the proper form for your state.

3. Head to the sheriff's or marshal's office with your writ and ask for a seizure of assets form. You must know as many details as possible about the assets you wish to be seized. For bank accounts, you only need to know which bank the debtor uses.

azRider on 03/06/2011:
follow leet60's advice, that is the next step for you. don't let them snowball you.
Starlord on 03/06/2011:
Whenyou go to the sheriff's office, ask for their Civil Division to do a 'till tap.' This is where they send a deputy to the business location and seize monies from the registers until your judgment has been satisfied.
clutzycook on 03/06/2011:
Wow. Took Hubby's car there last week at his request. I didn't like the look of the people or how rude the guy running the front desk was. I'll be darned if I'll ever take my car there!
MRM on 03/06/2011:
Clutzy, they look like they just got out of jail.
jktshff1 on 03/06/2011:
Thanks for putting a specific location, that is very helpful, seeing as how they are franchised. I use a Jiffy Lube for oil changes, been using them for a long time and not had any problems, but then I change oil every month to month 1/2. (yes I put that many miles on my car)
Nohandle on 03/06/2011:
I Echo Mad's question. What happened to your vehicle while it was there? I don't recall you mentioning why it had to be towed.

JKT, I put few miles on a vehicle but still have the oil changed on a regular basis. I don't deal with checking the mileage. Perhaps a waste of money but I do it anyway.
getoverit on 03/06/2011:
leet has the right idea but I'm quite sure the details of gaining an attachment or garnishment vary from state-to-state. We got a small claims court judgment in or favor once and received very detailed information in terms of what we had to do before going back into court to ask for the garnishment. A big part of it was making reasonable efforts to collect first. It sounds like you've been doing that.

Good luck.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HIGHLANDS RANCH, COLORADO -- On July 10th used a $19.95 oil change special coupon and I had my oil changed in 2006 Honda Pilot by Jiffy Lube 862 which is owned by the Enitor Group, LLC. Prior to service I did not have an oil leak. In the course of service I was notified that my brake reservoir lid was not on tight. They said I could have air in the lines and made me concerened that I could have a problem. Since I had the brakes done recently (by Brakes Plus) I thanked them and said I would take it back to them,.

Ironically what the Jiffy Lube service person failed to tell me was that there was a problem with the oil plug. After they finished the work I was still not made aware of a problem;. The pink service invoice they provided me did not have any notes in the service comments area what so ever!. The next morning when I went out to my car, I had a 3ft oil leak in my drive way". I called the store and spoke with an assistant manager named Nick.

I took my SUV back down and Nick then told me the oil plug was stripped and blamed it on the previous service center. Then he showed me their work order neatly printed out with notes in the Service comments that the "Drain Plug Stripped PTS". Then I showed them my copy. Mine had the information pushed up all the way into the service checklist section which I didn't see.

So to recap-they never mentioned the plug problem and tried to hide the fact in the invoice notes. Pretty clever I'd say. Nick offered to try to tighten the bolt but it still leaked. Since the manager was not there I would have to come back on Friday

So first thing Friday I went in to see the manager Nate. I asked why I had not been made aware of this before they finished the work. All the service centers I've discussed with this said their policy would have been to stop. Secondly they all also said that the likely hood of it not leaking sooner was highly unlikely. The fact that the previous oil change was completed 9 months and 5000 miles earlier leads you to think so. He apologized for not making me aware of it but refused to accept any blame or provide any retribution.

I then took the car up to Brakes Plus and tried to have the pan retapped for $80 but unfortunately it still leads. So now I have to have the pan replaced. I've had three bids so far ranging from $700 - $1000.

So my $19.95 oil change is now going to cost me................ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?!?
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User Replies:
John Nicholson on 07/16/2013:
This is not atypical. Realize the quality of worker at these places and when in a hurry and/or not paying attention, it is not hard to strip an oil pan plug. I always change my own oil and I am very careful about wiping the plug dry and inserting it very slowly in order to feel how it is going in and catching the threads properly. A trick I use is to start screwing the plug into the pan and then while still quite loose, wiggling it a few times to make sure the treads have caught properly and that it is not going in incorrectly. Works every time. Best to stay away from these fast oil change, break shops, etc. Find a local repair shop and patronize him. Franchises have little to no accountability. Your local guy does.
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Insiders Secrets About Jiffy Lube
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ANYTOWN, TEXAS -- Employee training is done by a company trainer with little actual automotive maintenance or repair experience. The employees themselves have to figure it out on the fly while using your vehicle as a learning experience. Store sales are done on a "DOB" (Dollar Over Base) basis. The base is for example the basic $34.99 oil change. The dollar over part is determined by corporate, for example $30. The ticket average is then determined to be $34.99 + $30, or $65. At the end of the day if 100 cars roll through, there better be $6500 in sales in the till. This is why the employees push the extras so hard. If they don't push sales, & there is always unnecessary items being pushed, they won't have a job.

The ideal situation is getting $61 out of the customer & not breaking anything while doing it. With the training provided, & the skill of the average employee, this is not possible. So what happens when something is damaged? They are taught to try & hide the damage, & then blame it on someone or something else when they return. This usually involves blaming the customer for something when it was out of Jiffy Lube's sight. Stripped oil pan plugs are always the other place's fault they took it to if there is no customer history, or infrequent customer history. If something major is broken, making the vehicle inoperable, they will tell you not to take it anywhere until they view it first. Then they sit & wait you out. When you tire of this & have it towed it somewhere to be looked at, they will blame the damage on that place.

The Jiffy Lube business motto is maximum profit, minimum expense, & admit to nothing. That is why you read all of the horror stories that have happened. Now it should all make sense. Oh, not to forget about minimizing expenses, payroll is part of that. Cheap salaries, & sending people home, or not scheduling enough employees to keep the store operating efficiently is one way of keeping labor budget costs down.

If you work for Jiffy Lube & are an honest person, forget about working for them for long. They will find a way to get rid of you, either by write ups for incidents that never happened, or by framing you for something so that HR can cut you loose. They will then try to find a used car salesman type (profits first above all, the hell with actual mechanical skill) to fleece the customers & keep the profits rolling in. You've been given an inside look at the industry, & hopefully learned something from it. Oh, one more thing. Google "Jiffy Lube problems" & look at the dot com site that comes up. You can either read it or leave your experience there.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 01/02/2013:
Excellent post. I have never trusted these fast oil change facilities. One look at the employees makes me very dubious of their mechanical abilities. As you mentioned I don't want my car used for training purposes. For this reason I change my own oil so I know it's done right. I use the Mobil 1 full synthetic (purchased at Costco) and a quality oil filter. Total cost about $30 bucks. This would easily be double at Jiffy Lube and they would use a junk filter. Customer beware.
trmn8r on 01/02/2013:
This doesn't surprise me in the least.

I change my own oil. I can't imagine running a business based solely on changing car fluids, and making a sufficient profit. I also can't imagine telling someone I will change their timing belt, if my training is only how to change oil.

Thanks for the post - it confirms my suspicions about this kind of outfit.
jonthethird on 01/03/2013:
My company uses a local garage, who is also one of our customers, for vehicle maintenance. I remember when using Jiffy Lube, they always tried to sell an air filter, even when the existing one was close to brand new. Upsale is their business model.
Jiffy Lube International on 01/09/2013:
Hi - Here at Jiffy Lube we strive to ensure drivers have a worry-free experience. That’s why every Jiffy Lube service center technician is required to complete an award-winning Jiffy Lube training program - a program so extensive, that Jiffy Lube is the only company in the fast lube industry to earn the distinction of being an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Training Provider. This extensive curriculum, called Jiffy Lube University (JLU), combines state-of-the-art computer-based instruction, supervised on-the-job training, and proficiency testing to help Jiffy Lube technicians become skilled in providing comprehensive preventive maintenance care.

In addition to that, if you do have a specific service center experience you’d like to discuss, please feel free to reach our customer service here at jiffy-lube-customer-service@shell.com. We appreciate your feedback and would like to hear from you!
imashtr on 03/16/2013:
Here comes the magical talk that's supposed to make consumers believe that ASE Certification actually means something today, especially when JL is doing the certification. The computer training is no more than an interactive DVD that explains how to create the illusion of being semi-professional by tucking in your shirt, making sure your pants aren't hanging low, wearing the cap with the bill facing forward, not fiddling with the radio stations while in the vehicle, making sure not to get grease on the interior,scratch the exterior paint, etc. Basically trying to teach common sense to those who don't have any. That's hardly real training, and you admit that the training is done on the job. Is the JL CS number still not being picked up because every call coming in is trouble? JL should get in to writing spin for politicians. Anyway, for people reading this, when you're at your favorite local repair garage, ask them how much collateral damage business comes in from JL oil changes.
imashtr on 07/11/2013:
April 2013 sting operation. Same old JL like in the 2006 sting.

imashtr on 07/11/2013:
Good reading from actual customers who have been burnt by JL.

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Failure to Inform Me of My Dangerous Tires
Posted by on
On April 2, 2011 I took my car in for a check-up and oil change. A few days later, I had a flat tire. When my boyfriend examined the tire, he discovered that my two front tires were bald. As he rubbed his hand around the tire, he cut his finger on the wire because the seams of the tires were poking through the rubber. Jiffy Lube should know for the most part, tires should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch. Tires have tread wear indicators that show when the tires should be replaced. These indicators are the raised sections in the bottom of the tread grooves. When these indicators are even with the outside tread, the tires should be replaced. I took my car to a tire dealership and they couldn’t believe that Jiffy Lube let me drive off the parking lot with the unsafe tires.

From my understanding, Jiffy Lube is dedicated to “quality”. “Jiffy Lube will inform you of services that may be necessary during your visit. Jiffy Lube will recommend services based on manufacturer's time and mileage intervals for "severe" driving conditions.” However, my tires were not even brought to my attention. What if I drove on the highway and the tires gave out? Tire blowouts can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. When the tread comes off of a vehicle at high speed, the loss of control can be due to friction or braking action as the loose tread piece strikes against or catches on the undercarriage of the vehicle. This sequence of events occurs so rapidly that it is virtually impossible to handle most high speed tread separation failures without losing control.

I do not trust Jiffy Lube to keep me safe on the road.
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User Replies:
raven2010 on 04/24/2011:
Their website indicates they check tire pressure as part of an oil change. I would think they would notice the bald tires and say so----but maybe they are not permitted to diagnose/point out anything NOT on their checklist?

Ytropious on 04/24/2011:
Do they even do tire changes? I don't think so. If they don't replace tires I can see why they wouldn't even bother to tell you. You didn't notice them being bald either.
trmn8r on 04/24/2011:
raven2010 -> good point. If this is the service program the OP was under, checking the condition of tires themselves isn't on the list. Since it isn't, it may only be the very astute employee who might look at the tire tread in passing.

Granted, something like this should be very easy to spot - but this is Jiffy Lube, not Memorial Hospital. Brain surgeons are found at one, but not the other.
Anonymous on 04/24/2011:
Good review. Very informative. They should have been more thorough examining the tires.
trmn8r on 04/24/2011:
Yes, it was very informative of raven to point out that checking tire tread isn't on the list of items covered by the Gypy Lube signature inspection. Here is what they do check:

Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs) Serpentine belts Wiper blades Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels Engine air filtration system Exterior lights Chassis (lubricate when applicable) Tire pressure and multiple vital fluids: Transmission/transaxle fluid Differential fluid Transfer case fluid Power steering fluid Windshield washer fluid Battery water (excluding sealed batteries)
Anonymous on 04/24/2011:
Just to reiterate, I was referring to the OP's review as being informative. But I do agree that ravens comment/link is very helpful as well.
Starlord on 04/24/2011:
I was always taught that checking the condition of my equiopment was totally my responsibility. If you take a penny and insert it in the tread, and the surface of the raised portion of the tread touches Lincoln's head, it is time to re-tire. I worked in a tire shop and we did a complete safety inspection on every vehicle we worked on, regardless of the work being done. Numerous times, we ahd customers throw a hissy fit, yelling that we were just trying to rob them. So, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. You just can't make anyone happy.
Nohandle on 04/24/2011:
This was informative to me in one respect. Some people expect things that are not offered so think twice before you assume anything. Once, years ago, I pulled into my full service gas station and while the owner was gassing up my car, cleaning the windshield and checking under the hood, noticed a deep gash in a front tire caused by a bent bumper that was cutting into the tire. Had I not stopped my car in the exact spot I did he wouldn't have it noticed it. I had loaned my car to someone and obviously he didn't mention he had had a slight mishap.

Longer story shorter, the station owner told me to replace the tire immediately. It was not his job to tell me but he did and he didn’t sell tires, although at my request he found one locally and replaced it for me. I always thought a Jiffy Lube was to change the oil and a few other things under the hood. I've never been to one so I don't have a clue. I do think if your tires were bald you night have noticed that.
madconsumer on 04/24/2011:
great review.

very helpful.

I agree with AFR that Jiffy Lube should have checked the tires and reported them.
Anonymous on 04/24/2011:
Jiffy Lube is not a tire change shop. If the bald tires were THAT obvious, why didn't the OP or boyfriend notice it prior. They didn't just get bald on the way to Jiffy Lube.
olie on 04/24/2011:
DIRM, that was my first thought. If the tires were so bad, OP or boyfriend should have noticed.

In my experience, shops check for things they can change/fix. Jiffy Lube will change the oil, add fluids, and check tire pressure--because they can fix those.

Our local car wash can check for 26 or 28 things, if we get an oil change there. They *will* suggest new tires, even though they don't do tires. But they'll suggest air filters, wipers, light bulbs, and probably a bunch of other things we haven't needed.

(Regarding that air filter: Even I said, "Pshaw. *I* can change an air filter!" and drove to an auto supply store. I bought the proper filter and opened the hood. It wasn't the same as the '82 or earlier Buick I'd learned on--I didn't have to merely remove two wingnuts. So Mr.olie looked at it and decided that he couldn't do it either. I went back to the car wash and asked if I could watch while they did it. After they removed the SEVENTH screw/wingnut/whatever, I realized that this was no longer a job for the layman.)
Venice09 on 04/24/2011:
At the risk of being sent to the cornfields, I just don't understand how anyone could not know their tires were that bald. It's interesting that you know so much about tire safety and yet were driving under such unsafe conditions.
How many miles were on these tires?

Generally speaking, people really need to start taking responsibility for themselves and their own lives.
jktshff1 on 04/25/2011:
Anonymous on 04/25/2011:
Venice, I had to chuckle at your comment. I had a similar experience a few months ago when I took my Jetta in for an oil change and VW notified me that my tires were 'barely' street legal. The funniest part about that was I had checked them...I looked at them and they appeared to be fine to me...I also learned a valuable lesson that day, I need to start learning the basics of car maintenance b/c I am obviously oblivious LOL!

I also agree with AFR...this is a great review and very informative, take your vehicles to a reputable mechanic or dealership for all general maintenance and don't trust the 'dime a dozen' joints like Jiffy Lube.
Starlord on 04/25/2011:
One customer, a winter visitor, brought her RV in for a tire repair. I did the safety inspection and pointed out on the work order several things I found that she should be aware of. She went off like a Roman candle saying that because she was a visitor for the winter, we were trying to gouge her. I told her it was my job to do the inspection, FREE OF CHARGE, and make her aware of the possible problems. I said I don't care if she has the work done here, someplace else or never has it done. I had done my job, so if she was rolling down the road and the front end fell apart, she could not say she had not been informed. I guess she thought about it, because she came in the next week and had the brake job she needed done.
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Took in for radiator flush..... need new engine
Posted by on
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I took my car in to get a radiator flush because I knew I needed it and it had not been done. The guy who did it was very friendly and told me most normal cars it takes 2 times of pushing coolant through it, he did mine six. I paid for it and went on my way. Parked it for the weekend and when I drove it for the first time my engine coolant light came on and the car was running really super hot. got to the Jiffy Lube and the manager came out and looked at it and told me that I was about a quart low in coolant, so he put the hose into my car and dumped tons of coolant in my car to try to cool it back down. the entire time he left the engine running. after about 20 minutes of shoving coolant into it he looked under the car and the ground was soaked. he tole me that I must have a leak or something now. More guys started to look at it and they just kept pumping coolant in, luckily they let my fiance and I stand there to watch what they were doing, after about an hour and a half of trying to figure it out they determined that a head gasket had blown. Steve the manager told me that I must have blown the head gasket while I was driving it between the days I had brought it the first time, well my car was running totally normal (well besides super hot) so he told me it was my fault. we had to have my car towed out of their shop, the auto shop we towed it to and took one look at it and could tell the engine was shot, because they left it running for so long the entire engine was full of coolant. Not one single person from Jiffy Lube has called me to try to come to a solution to get my car fixed. Every time we call the store they say the district manager will call us, have not heard a single thing. I am still fighting with them to get a phone call and get my car fixed, so please don't make the mistake I did, I never should have gone to Jiffy Lube!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 07/28/2010:
just sue them in small claims court. They will then call you to settle.
SaMoore on 07/28/2010:
Dan is correct. You will have to sue them in small claims court.
Starlord on 07/28/2010:
One question from a former mechanic. What led you to believe you needed an engine flush? I personally never saw a vehicle that required an engine flush, except for one signature symptom. If you cannot tell us what that symptom is, then you did an unnescessary flush that may have damaged your engine.
MRM on 07/28/2010:
Starlord, he was getting a radiator flush not an engine flush.

This is one of many reasons why I would not let anyone service my vehicle. I would suggest to go to Youtube and watch an instructional videos in maintaining your vehicle. DIY maintenance and repairs are priceless.
Starlord on 07/28/2010:
MRM, I knew it was a radiator flush. Pardon me for using a partially inaccurate term. I reiterate, the vast majority of RADIATOR flushes are not necessary, and are sold just to bring cash into the shop doing them. I try to do my own vehicle maintenance, but have to take it to my son's, because I am disabled now and unable to do a lot of it, and we are forbidden from working on our vehicles in our apartment complex parking lot. I do not agree on viewing a DIY video on youtube to learn vehicle maintenance. One would not do brain surgery based on viewing a video. People complain about incompetent mechanics, yet will tackle car repairs that should be left to the pros. A lot can be done by the owner, but as Dirty Harry said, "A man has to know his limitations." I do appreciate and value your input, and thank you.
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Transmission Fluid Flush
Posted by on
OAKBROOK TERRACE, ILLINOIS -- In February of 2005 I took my 2002 Escort into Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change. It was recommended that I have a transmission fluid flush performed, and since it was part of the regular scheduled maintenance, I agreed.
Throughout the summer of 2005, I had problems with acceleration in my car, which peaked in August when my car started sticking in gears. I brought my car into a Ford dealership where they determined that the drain plug for the transmission had been improperly reinserted, resulting in a slow leakage of transmission fluid. Over the months, the fluid eventually got down to a low enough level to cause overheating, which burned through a few clutches, causing over $2200 worth of repairs (plus almost $300 for use of a rental car for 2 weeks).
I contacted the manager at store #1100 to make him aware of the situation. He acted strangely when I told him that I had already had the car looked at, and so I offered to allow them to inspect the vehicle since the repairs had not been performed yet. He said it wasn't necessary, but when I asked for that in writing, he told me he didn't have the authority to do that. He got me in "contact" with his District Manager, Dan Brown (in quotes because I wasn't allowed to have his phone number OR e-mail address... we'll get back to that), who then spent three days dancing around my request for written approval to continue with repairs. On the third day, he stated that he would prefer to inspect the car.
Just as a side note, the "District Manager" of this Jiffy Lube had NO company e-mail address (he used Hotmail as his personal/business e-mail), and the only way to contact him was to leave a message with his office, as he travelled around all day and only carried a PERSONAL cell phone with him. Apparently, the largest oil change business in the land does not find it necessary to provide their Managers with the tools they need to keep their customers happy.
Anyway, after having JL inspect the car, they lied to me and told me there was no blowback (trail caused by motion of the car blowing back the leaking fluid onto the undercarriage) visible. This was not true... in fact, my service department provided photos of the undercarriage to show the blowback. A week later, the repairs were done and I got the statement for the work to give to the District Manager. I didn't hear back from him for a while because (you guessed it)... he went on vacation. Meanwhile I have almost $2500 on two different credit cards collecting interest. I finally got word back from the District Manager a few days ago... Jiffy Lube is refusing to reimburse me for the repairs.
I'm currently going through arbitration through the BBB. Jiffy Lube has up to 30 days to reply to my complaint before the negotiations even BEGIN. Since JL is a "member in good standing" (meaning, they pay their BBB dues on time) I doubt I'll get anywhere with this, and will probably need to sue in Small Claims.
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 09/07/2005:
You should check the different fluids in you car once a month. You could have avoided the damage if you would check your levels. Do you wait for the engine light to come on before looking at anything? You said that this happened over the course of the summer which would be several months. You may have been able to catch the low levels in time before any damage was done, if you check. I learned this the hard way with my anti-freeze and broke down on the interstate. She was fine once fluid was added.
Anonymous on 09/08/2005:
Sif: you would be correct if they had done a true flush. Sounds more like they did a drain & fill. This is going to be interesting though, JL is definitely guilty of faulty workmanship, but the poster may have some responsibility for not maintaining proper fluid levels as "Crazy Red Head" noted.
octbr14 on 09/10/2005:
back in the summer of 2000 I had Jiffy Lube in countryside, il flush something or another...they cracked my radiator. I made the reginal manager meet me at a radiator shop to see what they had done. I had to make many phone calls and whatnot...they finally paid for the almost $400 worth of work.
I had been a loyal customer until then. I now go to duke of oil for oil changes only. my mechanic does everything else for me.
Garyrds on 06/13/2008:
Stay Away from Jiffy Lube, Stay Away from Jiffy Lube, Stay Away from Jiffy Lube - they almost ruined my transmission on my Toyota Highlander. We went in for a scheduled flush and they used regular Dexron III that is not designed for Toyota. The car started to slip and jump and I went back to them and they just added more (actually overfilling it)! I then took it to the local Toyota Dealer and they discovered the wrong fluid was used. They had to flush it twice and use additional cleansers to get the wrong stuff out and put the right fluid in. The cost of the dealer multi-flushes and new fluid was over $300. Jiffy Lube in Folsom and their headquarters will not settle. The BAR did a full investigation with all of my documentation and dealer statements of Jiffy Lube error and the BAR found them at fault but can't force them to settle. I'll have to invest more time and money to take them to small claims court or eat the $340. Stay away from Jiffy Lube! This was in Folsom California. I'm logging this on every site I can find to warn others. GaryD
Suzanne Regan on 04/03/2014:
We'll my husband went in today to get an oil change and they put an old and wrong size filter on. It blew off in the parking lot when he was driving away. Of course they said its from the last oil change we received somewhere else and that their filter popped off bc it wouldn't fit. Too bad for them the guy from the other place came down with one of their filters and it's not even from the company they use. And what does corporate say? Not our problem. His engine is shot and he badly left the parking lot. Funny they were trying to wash the oil away while we were taking our beautiful pictures we will be using in court. DO NOT USE JiFFY LUBE in Charlotte at 5610 South Blvd.
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Brought My Car In For An Oil Change Engine Knock
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Rating: 1/51
SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY -- I brought my Mustang GT in for an oil change and 45 minutes later the check engine and oil light came on. I pulled over and started the engine briefly and it was knocking.

This vehicle ran perfectly prior to the oil change. The vehicle had 26,000 miles. The owner wanted me to give the oil filter so they can get an analysis completed. I was instructed by a lawyer not to give the oil filter and hold it. The owner was reluctant to provide insurance company name and number. Eventually after several emails he have it. Insurance company assigned a technical expert to look at the vehicle. The expert came and looked at the vehicle and could not make a decision if they are at fault. Now they want a mechanical engineer to look. How long do I have to wait, so they can figure out how to screw me? Be persistent and writes emails and call.
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They Wrecked My Car
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OAK PARK, ILLINOIS -- I went to Jiffy Lube on 8/21/13 to get the oil changed in my car. The attendant talked me into getting a fuel line flush so I did and when they finished my car was smoking a lot they told me it was supposed to do that and that it would stop two days later I still have the smoking and now my engine is knocking I called Jiffy Lube and the politely told me that they did nothing wrong I can pay to get a diagnostic done and they would see what they could do if anything. I took it to a shop and the mechanic told me there was barely any oil in my car and that the motor was damaged now and I would have to get a new one I forwarded that information to Jiffy Lube and they told me they would talk to the mechanic. Later I received a call from Jiffy Lube saying that he talked to the mechanic and he needed something in writing but now the mechanic will not take my car at all. I am a single mother of 6 and have a very limited income.

I cannot afford to take my car to any other shop so in essence I have been screwed by Jiffy Lube and to top it all off now no one at Jiffy Lube will talk to me, I am without a car and maybe lose my job because of no transportation to work
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trmn8r on 09/01/2013:
This is a poster case of why not to take a car to one of these oil change places, WalMart, etc. An emphasis on speed and lowest cost is not what you want when it comes to auto repair.
azRider on 09/01/2013:
Sounds like a good small claims case. You said you took it to a shop, do you have that shops info in writing? if not go back and get it. in the mean time, use buses, taxis, get a scooter, get a bicycle, do something to stay at work. then file a small claims action at your local court for the repair cost to fix your car. take them to court, it only cost a a few dollars for small claims.
madconsumer on 09/01/2013:
didn't the oil or check engine light engage?
John Nicholson on 09/01/2013:
Hindsight is wonderful, I know but taking an auto to a fast oil change place is a crap shoot---you never know what the end result will be. They took advantage of you in selling you a fuel line flush and it sounds like they drained your oil but forgot to put clean oil back in. As suggested, file a small claims action.
Dennis on 09/02/2013:
This is terrible.

We use Jiffylube for our company trucks and they've been good but expensive for the service-Good God,never let them replace your window wipers.

Jiffy Lube should do something for you because I've never even heard of any car needing a 'fuel line flush'.

That is not even a regular maintenance item.
jonthethird on 09/02/2013:
Don't let them replace the wipers is good advice, but add in the air filter.
We buy air filters by the case, and replace them regularly. I have had the "technician" try to sell me a new air filter because the old one is plugged. It must have been a dirty five miles between our shop and JiffyLube, because I put a new air filter in before taking it in for oil change
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Oil Change
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COVENTRY, RHODE ISLAND -- I went into Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they never did the oil change. All they did was change my oil filter and add new oil to what was already in my engine. By the time I got my car to my ford dealer the engine had blown. They drained 11.5 quarts of oil out of my engine. My engine only holds 4.5 quarts. I am in the process of suing them. They cannot do this to people and get away with it.

We trust them to perform the duties we are paying for and they are just messing peoples cars up. Something has to be done.
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trmn8r on 08/02/2013:
You say "something has to be done", but there are a lot of incompetent people doing oil changes. It isn't brain science, but there are several details to be aware of such as not stripping plug threads, making sure to drain the old oil before putting in the new, etc.

Good luck. I change my own oil to avoid losers ruining my vehicle like these people did to yours.
BigAl on 08/02/2013:
That is a bold statement to make. If there had been an additional 4.5 quarts of oil , or thereabouts, it would make sense that they forgot to drain your old oil before putting in the new oil. Seven additional quarts makes no sense. I am curious as to how the dealership surmised that there was over 11 quarts of oil in your car. You do realize that a blown engine can cause other fluids to enter your oil system as can other engine malfunctions. It would be interesting to know the type of car in question and the timeline between your "oil change" and the visit to the dealership. Your success in court may not be as easy as your post would indicate.
fja1981 on 08/02/2013:
I'm curious as to how they could replace your oil filter but keep your old oil in the engine.
GEARHEAd on 06/17/2014:
This allegation does not seem to have any logical sense. Your car would not be able to hold 11 quarts of oil (over twice the amount it would hold after dry). Oil would have to be drained in order to replace your filter, and when you add new oil, about 4.5 quarts, you are still adding to a very small amount of oil already in the cars oil pan (vehicle will not always be completely drained of oil, a small percent will still linger). If your cars engine blown, then the 11 quarts of oil is probably mixed with antifreeze in order to amount to that much. I see little reason (if any) to believe Jiffy Lube actually had anything to do with your cars engine blowing.
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Auto Belts That Were Checked as Part of Service / Turned Out to Be Very Unsafe
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been taking my car to Jiffy for oil changes for years and they have always marked the info given back to you on items checked that were "OK" or done. Well ,during my last oil change everything was basically checked OK except that they noticed that there was a little but of moisture on the transmission seal. Now the problem is ...is that they noticed this but didn't notice that my belts were in dire need of being changed. Yet, they marked that they were "OK" and they were not .I had a screeching noise that would sound every time I stopped and then proceeded.

I finally got tired of this noise and had a mechanic check it out. Indeed the noise was from the belts being so worn they were cracked and almost transparent when held up to the sun. I was told I was lucky that they didn't give out while on the interstate when I take my son to work. I feel they jeopardized my safety and that of anyone with me. I will never go to any Jiffy Lube ever. The Jiffy Lube I went to was in Tucson AZ, located on Ajo Way and So.6th Ave.
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FoDaddy19 on 06/19/2013:
Honestly, I don't think you can really expect much from Jiffy Lube, the "techs" that work there aren't trained mechanics by any stretch. All they do is perform oil changes (and sometimes they even get that wrong), and push overpriced and almost always unneeded extra products and services onto customers that don't know any better. IMHO it's not a good idea at all to rely on them to maintain your car or tell you when something needs replacing.
John Nicholson on 06/19/2013:
They probably just did a cursory look-see of the engine compartment and did not notice the belt's condition. Easy to do and not unusual given the skill of the people working at a fast oil change place. The main responsibility belongs on you as the driver/owner to pay attention and seek help/advice when you hear strange noises emanating from you engine. Not ignore them.
stitchy_m on 06/20/2013:
You don't have to be an expert mechanic to notice that the belts right in front of you are going/are bad..but they shouldn't mark that they were checked especially if it involves someones safety..My lesson learned I will never rely on anyone elses word reguarding my car ..I will be checking for odd noises etc. and when in doubt I will have it checked out but in the same token I know a lot of us rely on the advice of those charging us for their services to be honest to what they are stating was checked.. that it was indeed checked.
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