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NBC uncovers a chain-wide scam
Posted by on
I just got done watching an NBC video uncovering a Jiffy Lube scam. I wanted to share it with everyone on this forum:

They went undercover and found that in 5 out 9 Jiffy Lubes did not do the repairs they charged the consumer for. In one scam they told the customer they needed a new fuel filter, charged them and never replaced it.

In a more common scam they offer a trans fluid flush service. In most of their service attempts (5 out of 9 locations), the service was never done!!!

My favorite part of the video is when the district manager was caught and questioned. He denied he was the manager and said he was a customer. Jiffy Lube executives later confirmed that he was indeed the district manager.

Steer clear of Jiffy Lube!!!


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Anonymous on 12/05/2006:
It's really pathetic what some will due to screw the unwary public.

The clip can be seen at: http://www.nbc4.tv/video/2620224/index.html
Washingtonian on 12/05/2006:
The only time I ever brought my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, they stripped my car's oil drain plug. Here's what happened: I picked up my car after having the oil changed at Jiffy Lube and there was a puddle of fresh oil under the car. I notified the manager and insisted that they find out what was causing the oil leak. I soon discovered that they had tightened my oil drain plug too tight, causing it to strip. After contacting the regional manager, they agreed to reimburse me for repairs to the oil pan and drain plug by another repair shop. Needless to say, I never brought my car back to Jiffy Lube again!
Sparticus on 12/05/2006:
Washingtonian - That is my exact experience with them... twice! My skid plate under my truck was filled with oil dripping from my leaking drain plug. The first time I gave them the benefit of doubt that it was just a random mistake. After the second time I never went back.
*Brenda* on 12/05/2006:
Yikes! That's horrible.
Anonymous on 12/05/2006:
Fraudulent repair practices are not restricted to one brand. Wise consumers demand to see the parts that have been replaced, pop the hood for a cursory inspection and query the warranty period and get it in writing.
Sparticus on 12/08/2006:
I like the idea of "marking" parts you know they are going to replace. Now if I could only predict what they are going to say my car needs before I go there...! Perhaps the best way is after they recommend additional services, schedule a follow-up appointment. Then mark the parts when you get home.
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Disgusted with the way Jiffy Lube treats their Employees!!
Posted by on
ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- I can't believe how poorly the employees are treated at the Altamonte Springs, Fl location!!! How do they expect to run a good business, if the employees are being treated terrible. They also have cameras with microphones that can prove a lot..
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 07/24/2009:
*sigh* More details please if you expect anyone to take you seriously.
Anonymous on 07/24/2009:
Asiya on 07/24/2009:
I apologize for not being more detailed. The manager told his employee to stop acting like he was from the ghetto and to do what he told him to do , after the employee had refused because he said it wasn't his job to do that! Then threaten to fire him. They are short staffed and have these young men running around doing two or three jobs at once. It's uncomfortable for everyone.
skelly39 on 07/24/2009:
Wait a sec. So the employee is refusing to do work? Yes, the manager was extremely unprofessional in speaking to an employee like that in front of customers (if you are a customer and not just a disgruntled employee or relative of one), but you don't tell your boss that you are not going to do something that might not be in your job description unless it's dangerous or it's to pick up his dry cleaning.
Thank you for the clarification, though.
Nohandle on 07/24/2009:
I'm a bit curious here. What exactly did the manager tell your friend to do that he refused to do because he felt it wasn't his job?
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Three strikes- the're out
Posted by on
REDDING, IOWA -- I have gone to the Jiffy Lube in Redding for years however-6 months ago they indicated they filled the window washing reservoir-the next day when I got into bad weather I realized it was empty. Three months ago- I knew I had a low tire-after the oil change I asked if they had checked the tire pressure- the guy said "sure" two blocks down the road, I drove into a gas station and found the tire pressure was 20 psi not 35. Yesterday- he was going through the 28 point check and stated that my windshield wipers were fine- It reminded me that my wiper on the passenger side was shredded- I called it to their attention and they replaced it. None of these are part of the oil change but they advertise they check them all- obviously they don't.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/09/2006:
Well, I wouldn't go there again.
beanbagbritches on 09/09/2006:
Sounds like they are slacking off. Definitely find a new place to go. Talk about incompetence.
Anonymous on 09/09/2006:
I agree with the other two. Fined a new place
glc on 09/09/2006:
NBC in Los Angeles recently did a "sting" operation on Jiffy Lubes in California. A Jiffy Lube employee would talk the vehicle owner (the reporter) into certain "extra" services, and then never do them!
For your viewing pleasure, the full video is here: http://www.nbc4.tv/video/9152183/detail.html
Anonymous on 09/09/2006:
We have Jiffy Lube and Valvoline Instant Oil Change. I've had decent luck with Valvoline, but like anything else, one store can sukkk and another store can be good. Usually depends on the manager, I'd say. I did change which Valvoline store I went to when the one close to me really started to sukkk bad. I had a discount mebership for $3 off and I told the manager up-front. When he rang it up he forgot the discount and was not willing to re-do it. I didn't argue, I simply have never gone back there. I did tell him there was something on his shirt and when he looked down, I smacked his face. It was worth $3.
Anonymous on 09/09/2006:
You could have ordered him a pizza or two also.
Sparticus on 09/09/2006:
I stopped going to our local Jiffy lube when my car started leaking oil after every oil change! They weren't putting the cap/plug back on tight enough, or in one case, crooked! It leaked oil all over my skid plates and made a mess of everything else! At least at the dealership they know if they screw it up they have to fix it (if still under warranty).
a601mom on 09/10/2006:
Sounds like they need to reorganize their management. Too bad because it has been very convenient.
Slimjim on 09/12/2006:
Many times I have had quick oil change places that do the "#" point check change my oil and give me a punch down list with all checked fine. All except those things that can be sold to me (air filter, tranny fluid change, wiper blades, etc.) I know they rarely do check these things as they claim (washer fluid fine, but I know the thing was empty). I just treat it as an oil change service and ignore there check down, and any attempts to be sold something else unless I know I drop dead need it.
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left out the air filter
Posted by on
SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- My car has only been serviced by Jiffy Lube. Went to a brake shop to have the brakes serviced. The brake people informed that I had no air filter installed. Based on my last visit from Jiffy Lube I have driven more than 2000 miles without an air filter. Called Jiffy Lube and was told to bring the car back for the air filter and they'd also clean the fuel injectors. Had that done but was worried about the long term consequences to the car. Had Jiffy Lube done the oil changes, transmission fluid stuff, radiator stuff properly or at all? Spoke to the Regional manager. He said to bring it in and he or the other manager would check the car very carefully. Took it in today... of course the regional manager wasn't there. The other manager looked over the car for about 10 minutes and told me it was fine. No one apologized.

Looked up Jiffy Lube on the web. Was scared by a truly scary consumer website where people post their experiences with Jiffy Lube (new cars end up needing $1,500 transmission jobs, that sort of thing). Google "Jiffy Lube" and you'll find the website. Was their 10 minutes perusal of my car sufficient? Was my car properly serviced in the past? Guess I'll find out one day. :-(
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User Replies:
ejack053824 on 01/07/2006:
My car goes to the dealer and dealer only!
Sparticus on 01/07/2006:
On TWO occasions Jiffy Lube didn't put my drain cap on tight enough and my car leaked oil for days before I realized it. I don't use them any more.
miketech on 01/08/2006:
I used to use them for my old Jeep but they started breaking things every time I went. Not things that they made money replacing they would just tell me what they broke and I'd get it and put it on. Just a buncha kids doing automobile work. But most will probably make it to real mechanics one day. As for the dealers, usually the lot boy or mechanic in training does the oil changes and tire rotates there so you don't really get a better tech doing the work and if the dealer breaks something you will usually end up paying a lot for it. Not always, but usually.
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Oil Change
Posted by on
DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- Once I went to Jiffy Lube for Oil Change that located nearby my home. The service is awful. The service person came up with the diagram to explain which services are recommended and I did not understand a word. When I asked questions, he did not answer properly. And then after oil change, they did not flush the oil properly and so the oil was leaking from the car. Then I took the car to dealer to fix it.

Never go to that store again
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Slimjim on 08/25/2007:
Small world, I used to live in Danbury years ago. Is this the one on Osborne and White that went up where the jack in the Box was?
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Good service
Posted on
SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- I just used a Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. I am usually skeptical of these quick oil change shops. I was impressed at the amount of detail this shop in Schaumburg took with my car. They cleaned the windows, cleaned the tires, I even saw the guy underneath the car cleaning behind the wheels! Next they used a hose to clean off the buildup of dirt from the bottom of the engine, and did the air in the tires.

I was very impressed and would recommend them to anyone!
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Sparticus on 12/06/2005:
I used these guys before. Twice. Both times they didn't screw my oil cap plug back in all the way and my car leaked oil all over. Twice. I won't be using them again.
Bohizzle on 09/09/2007:
I have never had a problem with Jiffy Lube. I would be upset if they didn't screw my oil cap back all the way tho. However, I'd make sure they cleaned up the mess and gave me fresh oil again.
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