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Jiffy Lube
P.O. Box 4427
Houston, TX 77210-4458
800-344-6933 (ph)
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Bad Oil Change and Poor Service
By -

HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- I would not recommend this facility. I went for an oil change. The technicians left oil marks all over my car. I drove my car off and found the engine cover uncovered and hanging when I got home. The oil filter was then inspected and found that the filter had rust marks which means it was never replaced. HUGE MISTAKE AND BAD BUSINESS.

Disgusted With the Way Jiffy Lube Treats Their Employees!!
By -

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- I can't believe how poorly the employees are treated at the Altamonte Springs, Fl location!!! How do they expect to run a good business, if the employees are being treated terrible. They also have cameras with microphones that can prove a lot..

Where Do I Start?
By -

SPRING, TEXAS -- Where do I start? First of all, I let them change my PCV valve when they told it me it was only $4.99 and when I got my ticket, they charged me $9.99. I asked for a complete service and they did not fill any fluids other than my windshield washer fluid although my brake fluid was low also. I told them I had a K&N air filter so they wouldn't mess with it, but when I look outside there they are, about to clean it out with an air compressor.

After this journey, I noticed a leak the next morning under my truck. I climbed under the trucks to find it was my transmission fluid pan. All the bolts were loose and the gasket was all torn up. Though I can't prove they did this, it sure seems funny that it started the day after I went here. I don't know what they are thinking but I promise I will never return to any Jiffy Lube again!

Three Strikes - They're Out
By -

REDDING, IOWA -- I have gone to the Jiffy Lube in Redding for years however 6 months ago they indicated they filled the window washing reservoir - the next day when I got into bad weather I realized it was empty. Three months ago - I knew I had a low tire. After the oil change I asked if they had checked the tire pressure - the guy said "sure." Two blocks down the road, I drove into a gas station and found the tire pressure was 20 psi not 35.

Yesterday - he was going through the 28 point check and stated that my windshield wipers were fine. It reminded me that my wiper on the passenger side was shredded - I called it to their attention and they replaced it. None of these are part of the oil change but they advertise they check them all - obviously they don't.

Left Out the Air Filter
By -

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- My car has only been serviced by Jiffy Lube. Went to a brake shop to have the brakes serviced. The brake people informed that I had no air filter installed. Based on my last visit from Jiffy Lube I have driven more than 2000 miles without an air filter. Called Jiffy Lube and was told to bring the car back for the air filter and they'd also clean the fuel injectors. Had that done but was worried about the long term consequences to the car.

Had Jiffy Lube done the oil changes, transmission fluid stuff, radiator stuff properly or at all? Spoke to the Regional manager. He said to bring it in and he or the other manager would check the car very carefully. Took it in today... of course the regional manager wasn't there. The other manager looked over the car for about 10 minutes and told me it was fine. No one apologized.

Looked up Jiffy Lube on the web. Was scared by a truly scary consumer website where people post their experiences with Jiffy Lube (new cars end up needing $1,500 transmission jobs, that sort of thing). Google "Jiffy Lube" and you'll find the website. Was their 10 minutes perusal of my car sufficient? Was my car properly serviced in the past? Guess I'll find out one day. :-(

Oil Change
By -

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- Once I went to Jiffy Lube for Oil Change that located nearby my home. The service is awful. The service person came up with the diagram to explain which services are recommended and I did not understand a word. When I asked questions, he did not answer properly. And then after oil change, they did not flush the oil properly and so the oil was leaking from the car. Then I took the car to dealer to fix it.

Never go to that store again

Good service

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- I just used a Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. I am usually skeptical of these quick oil change shops. I was impressed at the amount of detail this shop in Schaumburg took with my car. They cleaned the windows, cleaned the tires, I even saw the guy underneath the car cleaning behind the wheels! Next they used a hose to clean off the buildup of dirt from the bottom of the engine, and did the air in the tires.

I was very impressed and would recommend them to anyone!

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