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Jim Coleman Toyota, Bethesda MD Consumer Reviews

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Bad Workmanship and Terrible Customer Service
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- Jim Coleman Toyota has been the only people to service my Toyota Avalon. When my car died I had it towed to nearest mechanic who said engine had "seized" and I needed a new motor. Called Jim Coleman who immediately said they would pick up the car and look at it.

They came up with the same diagnosis, and said it would cost them too much to figure out why it seized (like maybe they did not put enough oil in it last time they changed it!!). They wanted $3900 to repair PLUS THE COST OF TOWING! They became rude and obnoxious about it. I have the same engine in my Lexus and the Lexus dealer said that they have never seen that happen unless something wrong was done to the engine.

When I spoke to the General Manager, ** I found him to be both patronizing and of absolutely no help. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for many years but with people like ** running their operations, I really wonder where they are going.

Deceitful Warranty Sale Practice
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- When I bought my Avalon in 2000 at Jim Coleman Toyota in Bethesda, MD, strong pressure was placed on me to also buy the exterior paint and fabric protection warranties, costing me more than $400 dollars extra. I explained I was moving to Florida, and their strong selling point was: "You really must have this warranty because of the strong Florida sun!"

Never, not once, was it told to me that the warranty was only valid at Jim Coleman's Toyota, neither does the 8-year written warranty say so. Now that my black car has faded, when contacting them I heard: "You must have the car here for us to look at it." I offered to take my car to any Toyota dealership they chose in my area, and obviously I can't take my car back to Bethesda, MD for them to look at it.

They knew very well that I would be at the other end of the country, therefore making their present demand impossible to satisfy. To me, this is deceitful and fraudulent, just a way to refuse satisfying the terms of their warranty. Now, my question is: where do I go to complain, whom can I contact at Toyota Corp. or other organizations that control or have an interest in the agencies that sell their product?

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Jim Coleman Toyota, Bethesda MD
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