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Let us help you stay connected to those who matter in your life. We want you to be prepared for any situation, especially when you leave your home. We have created the Jitterbug cell phone specifically for seniors, and choosing the one you need couldn’t be easier. Our phones are crafted to help users by providing large buttons for easier dialing and assuring conversations are loud and clear. Get the conversation started by calling today!
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Jitterbug: Service Plan Ripoff!!!
By -

I recently purchased a Jitterbug phone with a Simply 29 plan (250 any time minutes, 500 evening/weekend minutes) for my elderly mother. She tried using it for a month but was unhappy with the service for several reasons, so I decided to get her a landline. My mother has difficulty dialing numbers due to the rheumatoid arthritis in her fingers, so she used the Jitterbug operator service to dial her numbers. Little did she know, every time she dialed the Jitterbug operator, she was billed for 5 minutes of Jitterbug service! She thought that this was a free service provided by Jitterbug. NOT!!! Be sure you READ THE FINE PRINT!!!

Then she gets her bill and she was charged for 120 minutes for dialing the Jitterbug voicemail retrieval number!!! After seeing the initial bill from Jitterbug, we decided that Jitterbug is definitely not "elderly friendly" as had been described, so we got a Comcast landline and changed the Jitterbug service to a basic plan (50 minutes per month for $14.99) for emergency use only. We made this change on the last day of the current billing period.

Here comes the next bill.....Whoa!!! We received a bill for $86.00 when we were expecting a bill for $14.99!!! Ends up they treated all the calls in that billing period (400 minutes) as if we had been on the $14.99 basic plan the entire prior billing period!!! We were never told that we should wait until the first day of the next billing period to downgrade our plan! UNBELIEVABLE!!! In my opinion, Jitterbug preys on the elderly population. Many of the elderly will not be savvy enough to read the FINE PRINT and to question what is going on with their bill. I cancelled my mother's Jitterbug service today. Bye bye Jitterbug!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Jitterbug "owns" my phone number? Really?
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- After several years of Jitterbug use I needed to upgrade. The phone had worn out - took hours to receive voicemails, the ringer often didn't work, etc. However, my business cards have the Jitterbug number, so I tried to have the number ported. THREE different cell companies (Auto Club Cellular, T-Mobile and Verizon) have tried to port the number and after many conversations and hours on the phone, tonight I was told that Jitterbug will not port that number because they "own" the number.

And, when they did not port the number to the first company they did close my account - meaning I have not been able to receive or make calls on the cell for a week... Major issue for a substitute teacher - job offers are made by phone.

Company Response 10/07/2013:

My name is Sue Weaver, and I'm the VP of Customer Service at GreatCall, creator of the Jitterbug cell phone. I saw your post today and hoped I could personally discuss your concerns with you.

We apologize that you encountered these issues, and would like to learn more from you about your experience so that we can resolve this for you and prevent this for other customers in the future. If you would like to discuss with me, you may contact me at your convenience at 760-602-6700 and ask to speak with Sue Weaver.

Think twice before buying
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- After making a purchase from Jitterbug I wasn't given any account number or any shipping notifications. So I went online and I found all those negative reviews and complaints about Jitterbug... I called them to cancel the purchase. Their charge was still pending on my credit card and I hadn't receive the phone yet. But they said it had already been shipped and even if I refuse the package from them I will not be getting back the activation fee of $35 and shipping fee of $10.

They claim the phone comes activated already but when I talked to their customer service representative before making a purchase she said I would have to call a specified number that will come with my phone to activate it. They have 30 days return policy where they refund the phone cost but not the minutes used from the plan nor the activation and shipping fees. But that is if you activate and try it. In my case I don't understand why should I pay activation fee if I never even touched the phone. Also they don't have any tracking number for the shipment so I am not even sure the phone had been shipped.

No matter the outcome I would like people to know about Jitterbug and their dirty business practices. You can find hundreds of complains from their existing soon to be former customers online at http://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/Jitterbug.html. Former Employees and Customers Speak Out Against Fraud and Poor Management at Great Call Inc DBA Jitterbug Cell Phones. I found these comments at: **.

Company Response 04/27/2011:

Hello. My name is Sue Weaver, and I'm the VP of Customer Service at GreatCall, creators of the Jitterbug cell phone. I read your post today and wanted to personally reach out, as we apologize you've experienced trouble with your order.

We strive to offer our customers a superior level of customer service and superior products, and as such I would be very interested in speaking with you to learn more about your experience, properly address your concerns, and answer any questions you may have.

We will be reaching out directly to you, though in the meantime you can please feel free to call me at your earliest convenience at 760-602-6700 and ask for Sue Weaver.

What Customer Service
By -

I thought I cancelled my mother's Jitterbug 5 months ago. I had sent an e-mail to their customer service asking how I can cancel the account and did not receive any reply and they never sent a final bill (since I paid ahead, and had a credit balance, I never thought anything about it). Now I get a call on my phone saying I need to call them since some mail was returned. Turns out they were sending mail to the wrong address (magically I got mail from them before I tried to cancel the account). They let the account go for 5 months, presumably sending them to the wrong address. Who does this?

Any other company would have cut it off by the second billing cycle that was missed. When I returned the call they tell me that "You can't cancel by e-mail and must call customer service to cancel". I asked why their customer service did not reply to my e-mail explaining this I was told that they don't reply to customers who do not have an e-mail address on file - Something that is not disclosed on the site. I asked why they did not call me before 5 months and he said they tried to call the Jitterbug phone 3 months after I sent the first e-mail.

Since that phone was sitting in a drawer not being used, because I thought it had been cancelled, that was a pretty futile thing to do. I set this up for my 70 year old mother, I paid all the bills, and I was the contact on every other occasion. Yet they called my mother 3 months in and did not bother to call me till they finally cancelled the bill at 5 months past due at which point they somehow remember that I pay the bills and call me for payment.

When I called customer Service the first customer service representative was AWFUL. The First time I asked for his supervisor, instead of giving me to the supervisor, he replied why should he do that since he was answering all my questions (though not to my satisfaction).

When I finally got the supervisor, after explaining everything and being told about the customer service I told him how disappointed I was at not having at least cut the bill in half (even though I think they should dismiss it all) he said he would not do that because he considered it all legitimate even though there was no usage on the phone, because a lot of people use the phone for emergencies only and have zero usage and I could understand that if I had the minimum coverage, but at one point there was large usage ($250 in the first month and we upped it to more minutes).

How is that for emergencies only in this case? If you are going to use it only for the pre-pay it might be good but if you think you may need customer service at any time do not use them. If you plan on skipping on the bill then use them as they won't cancel you for 5 months.

Company Response 08/16/2010:

I read your posting and as VP of Customer Service I am committed to resolving customer issues. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so I may review the account and take the appropriate action.

No Refund on Jitterbug Touch Phone
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Rating: 2/51

I found the Jitterbug Touch phone difficult to use and returned it, in its original packaging well within the 30-day time frame for a full refund, as their advertising promises. It was returned to me stating: "We are unable to process a refund due to the following reasons... EXTREME WEAR AND TEAR OVER PHONE SURFACES." I have had 3 people look at this phone and none of us can see evidence of any wear and tear at all, much less EXTREME wear and tear.. It looks pristine.

I emailed customer service asking that I be allowed to send my phone back for re-evaluation. I was told by the customer service representative that 2 people evaluate the phones before they are returned to consumers and mine would not be re-evaluated. I asked for the email address, and verification of name of the Head of Customer Service. I was not answered. The recourse that I seek is simple. I want a Department Head to look at the phone and tell me where the extreme wear and tear is.. Thank you.

Jitterbug Phone Company Is a Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- I have a three year old Jitterbug cell phone. I have not used it for a few years. I tried to add minutes so I can use it again. The Jitterbug people said that it was too old of a phone for me to add minutes. I said I have a friend that has one just like it, and he can use his. They said it is because he has been using it continuously. I didn't realize that once you stop using a Jitterbug phone, it becomes worthless and unusable. All they want to do is sell me a new phone. What a scam... Stay away from these people.

AARP Promoting and Running Ads in Their Magazine for a Scurrilous Cell Phone Service
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Rating: 2/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Being in the market for a cell phone service that caters to seniors' needs, I researched online GreatCall. I was absolutely appalled and disgusted to learn how crooked this company is and how it rips off people. They do not honor their ads and force members to pay for services not supplied. AND on top of all this several employees (current and past) have painted a very negative picture of this company. Now it really bothers me as a member of AARP in good standing, that AARP would promote a company like this who tries to dupe seniors. I wonder if AARP is also being dishonest in not looking out for us.

Company Response 07/19/2013:

My name is Sue Weaver, and I'm the VP of Customer Service at GreatCall, creator of the Jitterbug cell phone. I saw your post today and I wanted to provide my contact information for anyone with an issue or concern.

I'd like to learn more from you about your experience so that we can resolve the issue for you and in the future. You may contact me at your convenience at 760-602-6700 and ask to speak with Sue Weaver.

No Incoming Calls for 4 Years
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- My sister got a Jitterbug 4 years ago for emergencies. We are both in our 90's. We had heard that Jitterbug catered to Senior Citizens. Whenever anyone called her phone it always said that she was not available. We all assumed that her phone was off. For 4 years she did not get any incoming calls. She never used her minutes for outgoing calls. Then one day I was tipped off when I called her from my phone and her phone was on. I still got the same message - not available. I tried to call her for several more days. I always got the same message and I knew her phone was on.

When I called Jitterbug customer service I was told maybe something was not properly installed when she got the phone. They did not bother to troubleshoot. They said they could not do anything because her phone was outdated. She needed to buy a new one! They offered to give her a small discount on the new phone. I rejected their offer as not enough compensation. She had a phone for 4 years and it did not work properly ever.

In the end they offered a free phone but she had to pay for shipping. I rejected that too. As it stands they are offering to cancel her balance due at this time. That is all. Previously they had offered to cancel my balance due also, but they are not honoring that proposal any longer.

Jitterbug is an Embarrassment
By -

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- As an employee of Jitterbug since 2007 I need to say that Jitterbug is a lousy company to work for and do business with. The company does NOT care about its customers or employees. The Customer service Director ** is a real piece of work. This is a guy who had absolutely NO experience in the wireless industry prior to coming to Jitterbug. He also has NO people skills whatsoever and walks around the call center all day scowling at and intimidating employees. When it comes to customers, Jitterbug really takes the cake. Customers are treated as if they are stupid because they are of a generation that finds electronics challenging.

There have been many instances of Jitterbug printing incorrect billing statements and when the customer calls to inquire, the customer service reps are FORBIDDEN to contact the billing department directly to provide a resolution for a customer - this in turn causes an unnecessary delay, which in turn causes the customers cell phone service to be interrupted... Any way the Jitterbug Management team can screw a customer is OK with them... STAY AWAY FROM JITTERBUG!!!!

StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK -- I had Jitterbug for two years back around five years ago and I liked it. But then, Jitterbug got expensive and it's getting more expensive. My experience with them is great except that I keep hitting the button and have hurt myself as it's in such an awkward place. I carry it around with me so if I fall down, I can use it because I live alone.

Jitterbug's service is terrific. It's easy to use even for older people like me who have trouble with things. I have had five other cell phones and have hated all of them and not used any of them in the end because I couldn't make them work. Jitterbug is to the point and I can do it and don't have to worry about it.

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