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OKLAHOMA -- UPDATE-I am confused, very confused. I suggest that Joe Spears would do well reading and implementing some of the sugestions in these links.

Instead the only options that he has put forth is that I am wrong for making me request and that if I am unhappy that I can pay to have the big item shipped back, which is contrary to the responsiblites of the customer. The merchant is responsible when it is delivered different that what was ordered.

I emailed requesting again what I have now requested multiple times, you can read it. I am not sure where he gets that he can get charges accepted for this post. Rather than address my concerns and my fair minded request, he attacks me, attacks me personally by making anti-Semitic and other defaming references. I continue with my simple request and that is to get what I paid for. I did not pay to get a lift that I must pay someone to finish. Joe stated that I need to have the receivers cut to have them work as provided. He stated that the reason the stingers (the extensions in the three port) are not fabed per the picture is because I can have the 4 inch receiver ports cut to have them as U receivers and I can raise and lower the lift without removing the stingers. What the heck did I pay for, this should have been completed by Joeylift or I should have had the correct stingers. There are no instuctions, no parts list, no company address but he has stated in a recorded call that he has sold 15000, yep fifteen thousand units. I stuggle to grasp that 15K people have these lifts with this type of business.

It is his choice to continue down this attack the customer approach(I wish I could write-valued customer but...he does not value his customers, nor will he give me anything that a typical business would give), make threats and refuse their logical request.

He has never meet me, I had the lift droped off at my shop and land where I store my 2003 HR Endeavor Class A pusher under a rather larger building (not at my home where it is against the law/rules) and I am not sure what Man I have had in my mouth, but you can figure out if you want to do business with and be comfortable with the warranty that I can not get a copy of nor anything else.

This is his response to me below email.

I have posted my experience with "you" on line also in several places and was sure to include your name as well as business info warning othere of your potential to commit credit card fraud by making false and fraudulent claims to your credit card company. You apear to be one who knows how to work the credit card system. But did not anticipate on someone filing criminal charges. That is the only reason you attempted to call in the first place. Your curiosity got the best of you. I know you are trailer trash and live in a junky mobil home park. Spent more money on your car than your house. You should consider putting cement in your garadge floor. My shop alone would fit your entire trailer park in it. Gues you spent all your money on education. Probably spent most of your time in a dorm room figuring out how to scam credit cards and how much red man you can cram in your mouth.
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From: Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 13:37:43
To: JoeyLift
Subject: Re: Joey Lift Joe Spears


I am sorry that you are upset that I posted my experience with you online. You market online and my experience was not positive, thus I choose to post it. I do hope that you have a conversation with your lawyer, he can help you get a grasp of what is allowed.

I am not sure what part you are referring to as liable and slander, if you want to point out what part you disagree with, I will review it.

Additionlly, All I care about now is a copy of the purported warranty details-WARRANTY INFO. ALL JOEY LIFT PRODUCTS ARE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON FRAME AND STRUCTURE TO ORIGINAL PURCHASER TO BE FREE FROM DEFECTS, the pins that I paid for. the install instructions and you to appologize that you called me a Jew. You were more than rude and even went as far as to say that you do not need any customer service skills. You stated that you recorded the call, go and listen to it.

I have it recorded and can play it back for you, if you need refreshing.

(I acutally would believe that they should pay to have this fabed because it does not work as described, but per Joe, I am the only one in two years with that problem-I have 2003 HR Endeavor with the monoco hitch)


This is an email that I reieved from

"I am going to teach you a verry expensive lesson on defamation of caracture and liable and slander, we are persueing criminal charges and my attorney will be contacting you"

I purchased a motor home package motorcycle lift from this company. I now wish I had not. I thought I did my research but I ignored it, because I choose to believe that it is just a lift, how bad could it be, the price is good etc etc.

All the signs were there, but I foolishly choose to ignore them. I found the website,, full of grammar errors, misspelled words and little information. There is no listing of what is in the package, no install instruction, no company information, no names; nothing. But I convinced myself that if the worst thing was the grammar, I would be OK. After all Joe Spears told me that he has sold over 15,000, yes fifteen thousand. Well, now I am convinced the best thing is the grammar.

I ordered this unit one day on the phone and via email. The very next day it was driven to me. Joe requested that I meet his driver at a truck stop nearby. They called me prior to the time I was supposed to meet them and stated that they were early. I went there and had to wait for 30 min because their truck was over heated. They then followed me back to my shop to drop it off. (According to Joe, they later complained that they had to follow me to my shop and that I did not take this heavy, rusted, dirty iron lift in my New Navigator, when it is posted and it was agreed that shipping was included and I gave the guys a $20 tip)

The lift came in a good deal of pieces and with some pieces missing from what was in the pictures. No parts list, no shipping/packing list, no instructions, no even any information on this company Joeylift.

All I had to go off of was some pictures. I emailed Joe Spears that a couple of parts were not put on the lift. He responds quickly. I then emailed a few more time but did not get a response. I requested written instructions and a parts list for the purchase. No response. (I now understand that he did not receive the emails-or so he now says). I hired a couple of helpers (I was a pipefitter in a previous lift-while in college, and my father is a welder) to help me set it up to be welded. Well in addition to having to put the thing together with supplied bolts that appear to be rated less than the purported strength of the lift, the main part of the lift did not fit in the receiver, there were no pins and the two port hitches are not what is pictured but merely thin square tubing. It appears that it is a 2x2 solid main bar was just cut and welded with no fabrication to it and it did not fit into the class A motor home Class IV hitch. Joe Spears told me that I am the only one that has ever stated that it did not fit in the receiver (this is after 15K sold), in addition he states that he has never had any issues (I pointed out that I found online someone stating that the lift twisted, he blamed it on the owner...)

This again frustrated me, because of the missing parts and now this. I sent one last email to JoeyLift with no response, so I charged back the charge via the CC Company via the internet so he would call me. Joe never called me until the cc company ruled in my favor, and boy was it a call. Remember that the cc company gives the merchant 6 weeks to respond and reply to me. He did nothing for 6 weeks, but it was not his fault...He called after this period and he was rather rude. He could not have cared less about any of my issues, everything was my fault and he even called me a Jew (I have this recorded). He insulted many times over and made excuses about all the above issues. I request the warranty papers; he told me that there are none. I asked for install instructions, he had only the pictures. I asked about the missing parts and the pieces are appeared to be thin square tubing and he stated that they changed the package. All excuses, he could not care less about my needs. He stated that he does not need customer service skills and never addressed my concerns; he threaten to drive to my house, to have me arrested and was just plain rude in addition to calling me a Jew.

Even after the CC Company ruled in my favor, I went back and had them re credit the money and will just hired someone to fix all the issues that I have had. It is just not worth it and I doubt it will be worth it for you as well. Good luck with getting any paperwork on the purported warranty

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