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Long Term Care Insurance ?? Really ?? Think Twice !!
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- John Handcock by far THE WORST company in the US. We purchased a policy for my Dad in the 70's, in 2011 he suffered a stroke. The policy has a 100 day wait clause until they cover outside care (health aide) salary.

Its now October and after over 35 calls, 50 pages of forms and about 7 huge fights, we still have not any resolution and all of paperwork was in. They are a disorganised and until to get to upper mgmt, rude bunch of non-professionals. Our aide is wonderful and was approved by them. She still has not been paid. It is now November 2011, they have not sent a dime.

I would not insure my goldfish with these clowns. They are the worst. The case manager Shiela in Boston was and is completely useless. She doesn't even return calls. Give John Hancock a complete pass on any insurance needs whatsoever, they have been nothing other than an added burden ensuring a very difficult time in my families life. Shame on you John Handcock ! SHAME ON YOU !
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clutzycook on 11/08/2011:
LTC policies are great when they work. My dad had to fight tooth and nail to get my grandfather's LTC insurance to pay out for his nursing home care last year.
Youbetcha on 05/11/2012:
Totally agree with jconnolly24 and going through the same run-around with John Hancock at this time. Calls are not returned and every "associate" has a different answer to every single issue. Calling every day now and documenting every single word while preparing case for department of insurance.
Sandy on 05/18/2012:
I was just notified today that my L.T.Care Insurance with John Hancock will be increasing by 100% when it comes due in July. Instead of paying $1400 per year, it has increased to $2800. I have never had any insurance increase this much at one time. What's going on?
PMH on 06/07/2012:
On hold at this moment with John Hancock Long Term Insurance. Going through same run around, stonewalling, confusion of employees and downright out and out over and over again efforts of them to do anything and everything to avoid paying a dime.Complete Sham. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all cost.
Mark Silverman on 03/12/2013:
Agreed! They are the WORST company I have ever dealt with. They take premiums after the ellimination period and getting a refund from them is a nightmare.
Jane jones on 10/05/2013:
Just got letter that my premiums would sky rocket for no reason they say I'm 71 being paying in for years now they are moving price up so high to force you to cancel it appears. Must be tied in with the banking corruption - all owned by same people Do not buy anything from this company .
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