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JRP scam, deceptive school.
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SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- I will share my own personal experience and opinion with the public about JRP of Southfield. I found out this school is a big SCAM after I enrolled my daughter and paid $5900. They are deceptive and only wants to sell classes. They will mislead you into believing that they will get your child a paying job to off set the cost of the school fees, but this is not true. They will never get your child a paying job. My daughter attending classes and didn't learn anything. The teacher at JRP of Southfield is lousy and lazy. The agents will never call you once they take your money for classes. My agent, Dawn called me and threatened me by telling me to stop talking to other JRP parents. I concluded that JRP is afraid to be exposed and lose business by me telling other parents about my experience. Please don't waste your time and money at JRP. They will never get your child a paying audition, all open audition you go to at JRP is a Phony set up audition to extort more money from their current clients. Please check out other acting and modeling schools before spending close to $8000. Most school like JRP will only charge $1400 and give you a lifetime membership and this also includes a photo shoot.

I sincerely hope other parent will read this and do their own research before giving any money to an acting school. If any parents feel they have been scammed, you have the right to express your feeling and frustrations.
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jktshff1 on 08/16/2007:
Sounds like you need another agent
hatetotellyouthis on 12/15/2007:
John Robert Powers IS a scam, no argument there. I worked for John Robert Powers for over two years as an independently contracted acting instructor. I taught quality and energetic classes even though I had to follow their worthless syllabus. I remember all the troubles your daughter Serena had in my class mostly because she just didn't have much raw talent to work with and when coached was obstinant and lacked creativity. I wouldn't stop trying to get John Roberts real motives out in the world but I would stop blaming their instructors because of the unachievable expectations you place on your beautiful but already bitter daughter.
Juliesabuda on 01/05/2008:
The only reason I had my daughter attend JRP is to have the highly qualified instructors to teach my daughter about the industry but JRP clearly lied and is misleading all the very desperate parent by taking their hard earned money. I asked the talent scout at JRP before they took my hard earned money if they thought my daughter had potential but they don't care about giving out honest opinions but only taking our money. If JRP had an actress like Julia Roberts in their office, they couldn't do anything to make her successful. JRP lacks connection and continue to lie and deceive many people. They told me that my daughter's acting instructor would be Annette Sinclair but having done my research found out that she doesn't even endorse JRP business ethics. I don't know Serena's acting instructor personally but from what she has told me about the class and the instructor's work ethics I expected a lot more than what my daughter received. I think anyone can be an acting instructor if the class lesson my daughter experienced was so disorganized and lacked information/instruction. She walked away from her experience at JRP both acting and modeling by realizing how people in this world would do anything to scam and steal from people without any guilt or remorse. Lastly, I don't think anyone is born a star but if they have awesome instructors they can have a better chance of achieving their dreams. I just didn't get that feeling from the instructors at JRP and for sure they are not worth the hard earned money I have spent. I could have taught my daughter about acting and modeling by using a DVD or CD by a experienced actor or model. I just think JRP has totally distroyed any dreams my daughter had about becoming an actor and model by her horrible experience with her instructors at JRP. Her expections of the promise that JRP made for their instructors was totally a lie and totally crushed her outlook on the entertainment industry.
margocady on 09/30/2008:
margocady on 09/30/2008:
iamme916 on 01/22/2009:
John Robert Powers really accepts everyone, when they said they wanted me to take classes (developmental is for normal, elite is for people they see have more potential) I felt extremely excited that they wanted ME to participate in their elite classes, but my friend who also auditioned just for fun (she is a horrible actress and she even agrees) was accepted too and even in the elite classes she told them no but I accepted the invitation, but what they failed to mention in the brief assemebly was that you had to PAY for the classes, at first my mom was like No but then she said she just wanted to see the prices, so the next day they gathered us and we went over the prices depending on the classes you were taking the prices were $3000 to $8000 and it isn't a guarantee that you will get acting jobs but its just is an academy to help you improve your acting skills. So my mom politely said that we will discuss it over and we would call them the next day with the conclusion right when we left me and my mom were both like NO way. People who do not agree that john robert powers is a scam really do not know much about acting. Sorry to say that, but if these people wanted to improve their kids acting skills they could've just looked for community plays for their kids to be in or look at colleges because during the summer they hold little classes for teens to take that are low cost maybe $20 and sometimes even free! So people just need to do research about this because even though I haven't taken many classes lately I am a freshman in highschool so I'm really busy but I manage to find time to join the drama club and we do some techniques there. So people I beg you do not spend your money you worked hard for on these classes, just do a little digging I am positive that you could find in your town or city daycamps for acting, or centers where they have a play every year just don't spend your money here because you will later regret it.
David on 04/17/2012:
The question isn't that you feel you were "ripped off" the question is NOW WHERE do you want to go from here, WHAT have you learned that will be of VALUE in your ongoing career choices? This will lead the HOW question. HOW do I wish to proceed in this same area of interest. True there are 'scams' run by scums out there. Sometimes its the fault of the teacher not the company. Sometimes the fault will lay in the lap of the participant..and sometimes its the companies reputation. As for securing work in the entertainment business, do not trust agencies, managers or schools who say that you WILL secure work. I am an actor, director and artist, and I know some of the business. Modeling is a very competitive business and it should be approached as such. Not to scare but..just be aWare. Training is valuable,..and needed. But it will never 100% guarantee work. Work must be sought after. Not only by the agent or school referral, but also by the talent themselves. A website is valuable as is making yourself known in the arena of talent. Shows, theatre, and tv appearances help a lot! There is a site where a model can place themselves for others to see. It is also on Facebook. Iamme916 comment is a good one. John Robert Powers, John Casablanca or any other acting/modeling school..always do research BEFORE you enroll. Not saying that I agree or disagree on the scam comment. I don't know you. But I do know in NYC and California there are plenty of quality schools and workshops that won't empty your pockets and they are qualified teachers. Break a Leg and God Bless! David / soupergenius1gmailcom
L. Gumina on 09/18/2013:
I, too, currently teach at JRP acting, both for young folks, and those slightly older. I bring over 35 years experience in this field, a teaching degree- on stage and extensive directing experience. I love teaching.

Yes, I agree that the tuition is outrageous...I am not aware of what the parents are told.

But, in my class we work very hard- the students love it- and each one leaves w/ a well rehearsed, performance ready monologue that they are able to take to any audition, and an overview of the business, unions and vocabulary,how to assemble a resume.. On camera video playback and critique. These are priorities to me. And I know they have learned quite a bit- all that I can impart in 7 weeks 14, hours of study.
Lisa on 03/12/2014:
I didn't not join John Robert Powers, because of a similar experience with John Casablancas.

Both places have representatives that mislead you. In my case, I never met an Agent, if I did I'm not sure who he or she was. I insisted that I wanted to act, and the lady placed me into modeling stating that this is what I needed to do. Then, she even said I could work in place of my bill by helping them out around the office. LIARS. I was helping them out, and next thing I know. I was told to never return or the police would be notified. Now, I have over a $1000 debt with John Casablancas. Oh well. Lesson learned.

The reason for my story is if you want to act, if you want to model research for one. Read everything, and get EVERYTHING IN WRITING when it comes to these training schools.

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