Johnson Hardwood Flooring

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Johnson Hardwood Flooring
825 Sentous Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748
800-910-3047 (ph)
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OMG what did we buy?
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We are 3 days in to having Johnson hardwood engineered flooring installed in our entire living area. Tonight I was admiring the work thus far - it looks beautiful - and walking around with a glass of wine. I set the empty glass on a bucket of glue to move a chair and accidentally knocked the glass off of the bucket. It broke and the floor was nicked twice. A small white spot is now on my brand new dark floors. I am sick to my stomach. I sat down to look for reviews, which I did not do beforehand and only found this one independent review of Johnson floors. All other reviews are by the company itself.

Has anyone else had this same problem? I am going to have to talk to my dealership in the morning. Its ten days before Xmas. My house is partially done. I think we are going to have to have it removed and buy a different product.

Our dealer and installer are wonderful people and I trust them, I just wonder though, if there hasn't been enough research on this product. And what exactly does a 50 year warranty include?

I just can't imaging what my floor will look like in a few days. One small empty wine glass falling a short distance? OMG!!!!

I am worried about this.

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