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Customer Service Sucks
Posted by Screwed911 on 01/15/2009
READING, MASSACHUSETTS -- My wife and I ordered a glider (lj1l72001) from Jordan’s Furniture on October 13, 2008 for our nursery. We looked at a ton of these chairs and when we found the one we liked at Jordan’s we were excited. We picked it up on November 22, 2008. We put it in our nursery and didn't spend much time in it until we brought our baby home from the hospital on December 16, 2008.

After spending some time in the chair we could tell there was something wrong with it. It was not nearly as comfortable as the chair we decided to buy on your showroom floor. We ordered the feather pillows and discovered the pillows on our chair to be very stiff. Also when you sit in the chair and lift your feet off the ground you fall forward right out of the chair. Not only does this make the chair uncomfortable but unsafe.

I called customer service in hopes of having the chair replaced or fixed. We had to wait 3 weeks for a technician to come to our house. The tech was very nice and mentioned that this had been a problem with these chairs. He installed a couple of wedges and said he would look into the pillow stiffness problem. We were under the impression the pillows were feather not a foam cushion with feathers around it. Disappointed is an understatement. The wedges that were installed did not fix the problem. If you lift your feet you still fall out of the chair.

We then contacted customer service with our issues and got nowhere. David at ext. 4625 was not only uninterested in our problems and unhelpful he was rude, unprofessional, yelled at me and ended our call when his shift was coming to an end. We talked to three more managers who were more professional than David yet unhelpful. One manager told us to wrap the cushions with a towel and walk on them. Apparently she thought it would help “break it in”. Yeah I have a newborn and all that extra time to walk on cushions of a $931 chair. I was hoping she was joking. She was not.

Since our chair was a "special order" if we returned the chair we would lose 30% of the $931.35 we paid for this chair. I said I would accept a 100% refund towards a store credit to buy another chair. I thought this would be a fair compromise for both parties. We pick out another piece of furniture at your store and are happy. To no avail. I was told that the chair was not defective. I offered to bring the chair to the store to prove the chair was defective and was told that was not an option. Talking to your customer service supervisors has been the most frustrating and disappointing experience I have ever had with customer service, ever.

My wife and I finally after hours talking to your managers settled on returning the chair and receiving all but 10% back. We felt our energy was better spent enjoying our time with our newborn than fighting with your managers who could care less about our issues and the defective product we purchased.

My question is…if you buy a piece of furniture that is defective should the customer lose out? Or should the furniture company (Jordan’s) stand by the product they sell.

How can Jordan’s sell this product to their customers and not back it up. This product is defective and I am out not only the five weeks we waited to pick it up then three weeks for a technician to come to our house and another week battling with customer service. Now we are settling for a loss of $90 out of our pockets to return this product.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. I will never return to your store and I will be sure to share my experience with everyone I can.

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Why Not To Shop At Jordans
Posted by Esor on 03/29/2009
READING, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have been a Jordan's customer for approximately ten years. I have been watching their product quality decline steadily during that time. The final straw was a leather sectional couch which has split and ripped within a year of purchase. This couch replaced another fine specimen which split an fell apart within two years. We got the first couch replaced through stain safe, no questions asked. Jordan's said that there were problems with that supplier's leather. The next couch different manufacturer, same problems. This time Jordan's and stain safe is giving us the run around. We have had three coffee tables which are now all at the dump, where they belong, a dining room table that is losing it's finish, and a $10,000.00 bedroom set that is loose and also losing it's finish. We are done with Jordan's and hope that this warning will make other people think twice before going to that wonderful jelly bean, 3d movie filled store.

Maybe if they spent less time doing promotions and filling their store with flash and gimmicks, and more time researching the cheap furniture they are pushing on hard working people this type of thing would not happen.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-29:
They have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the country for furniture stores. Where would you suggest we go? Bob's?
Posted by Jim38 on 2009-05-17:
Final offer to Jordans Furniture...a 25% discount to keep the dinning room set... refused. CS told me that all products from A-America Malaysia's factory come with spots! I didn't notice any defective floor sample, but if all said products have spots then why not the floor sample. I sent a copy of my last email to Jordans CEO.Jim
Posted by SC on 2013-11-16:
I have had similar problems with Jordans, The quality is so bad. I have had TWO sofas with defects delivered to my home. I have to eat a 175- delivery charge.For there mistake. I will never by anything from them again.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Lkasher on 10/09/2007
NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I received the worst customer service at Jordan's Furniture in Natick, MA-or rather, no service at all. I walked around the store for about an hour and not one person offered help or even a friendly greeting. At one point, three employees were standing around chatting 5 feet away from me-I had to go over and ask a question and received a not-so-friendly response and still got offered no further help.

Not sure if I'll go back.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09:
Why would you want to go back?

If they treat you like this during pre-sale, can you imagine how they will treat you post-sale?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09:
I am surprised to hear this. Jordan's has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the country. I think that if contact their corporate office with your concerns, that they will act on it. I don't think they fool around in this regard.
I do know that they train their personnel not to follow the buyers around trying to score, so maybe it just got carried forward a bit too much.
Personally, I wouldn't even consider buying furniture anyplace else.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09:
I agree with Happy and if it was that bad then you should let them know like KenP. said, maybe you can get them to talk to that store? good luck

"Find A Store

Jordan's Furniture prides itself in "thinking outside of the box".

From the marketing to each store layout, unique techniques of doing business are everyday occurrences. Although all locations have beautiful showrooms and impeccable customer service, each store has its own individual characteristics."

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09:
Liddy, they are indeed individual. There are four (large) locations, each one unique. The one near me hosts a Motion Odyssey Movie, which is a hoot. The entire $5 admission charge goes to charity. A different one is named each month. Another location boasts an IMax theater, and a franchise of a locally famous roast place sandwich joint.
They are family run, and the brothers Jordan take great pride in their operations. They have the highest furniture sales (per square foot of retail space) in teh country, so they must be making most people happy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09:
KP, I will have to check them out this sounds good, thanks.
Posted by jryan22 on 2008-01-28:
Happy...go to bernie and phils or Bobs and you will RUN back to jordans! If I am not mistaken, jordans sales associates are paid by commision and treat you as such. We stopped at bernie and phyls in nashua and were basically stalked by a sales person which made my wife very uncomfortable. I convinced her to bear with him as he was probably being paid commissions on his sales and it was just before the holidays so she calmed down. We found a couch that we liked so I approached the salesman to ask him a few questions, none of which he had answers to!! I couldnt believe it. He stalked us for 30 mins to "sell" us something but when we had questions, he couldnt "sell" anything! We then went to Jordans because its a very short distance. We were able to walk around for a half hour without being bombarded or being made to feel uncomfortable. We found a set, had a few questions and got answers!!! What a wonderful, novel idea! Sales people that know what they are talking about!! The sales person worked with us and stayed 40 mins after closing to ensure we got the furniture we wanted! It was even delivered a week early, within the specified time frame! Refreshing! We went back a week later and furnished our office....bedroom to follow. And like Ken, I wont go anywhere else.
Posted by jcrawford on 2008-10-06:
I am not surprised. We went for an imax movie one day and for fun another day. Both times we were walking through the furniture store looking at prices. Not once were we approached. We spent probably an hour total during both times looking at furniture.
Posted by esor on 2009-03-29:
KP and Lidman, DO NOT SHOP AT JORDAN'S! There customer service department does not take care of you. I have been getting the run around with them for months. I have been a loyal customer for over ten years, and within the past six months they have lost my business. The quality has consistently gone down the tubes. Recently, I had one technician come out to take a look at a leather sofa that fell apart within a year of purchase. He showed up in an unmarked caravan, not a Jordan's van, and basically wasted my time. We have a dining set that the finish is coming off of, a $10,000.00 bedroom set that is loose and the finish is coming off this as well. We have brought three coffee tables to the dump, where they belong. I cannot stress enough what a waste of time the stain safe warranty is, they will not take care of you. I will never shop at Jordan's again.
Posted by littlepersonfighting on 2010-05-11:
Jordan's has many customer complaints about bed bugs, but doesn't want to take the blame. I will be having Help me Hank investigate them. They should be ashamed of themselves. No I have not stayed at a hotel, gone to the movies, had friends over in my bed or tenants with bed bugs. However, Jordan's takes old mattresses out in the same truck as the new. Thank you Jordan's no one I know will shop with you again!
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Leather Couch Not Leather
Posted by Cdooley83 on 11/21/2013
READING, MASSACHUSETTS -- Purchase all my furniture from Jordans raved about them. However I bought a couch four years ago with a service agreement. The couch is falling apart on the arm rest and now the head rest. Had the servce out told me it was not real leather it was called Bonded leather no where on my slip does it say that.Why would I pay to have a leather treatment done on a bonded leather Couch?? Went to store, funny thing all the bonded couches have notices on them to make it clear they are bonded not leather. Surprise- Guess a lot of people were taken for a ride. Hoping they will step to the plate and help me out. I think a couch should last more than 4 years!!!!!. Lets see if they really are 100 customer service. as Barry says on their ads.

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Posted by cdooley83 on 2013-11-21:
follow up .Was told that They are going over board with their customer service by offerring me 100 credit to use in their store to purchase yet another piece of junk. thanks But no thanks
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Does Not Stand Behind Their Furniture
Posted by DES79CP on 08/17/2013
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Purchased a very expensive Klausner sectional set. Within a year the side panel on two of the cushions were cracking due to the fact that they were apparently cheap vinyl. Their man came out and said it was happening because I was placing my hands on it! I bath every day! I got worse so they replaced the covering of the recliner.

One year later it happened again. They didn't want to know me. My wife is very good at sewing so since we still had the original covering, she sewed on a new side panel but we didn't know how to remove the cover from the recliner. I called and asked them to send someone out and I'd pay for it. They said that because we had altered the covering they couldn't do it. I asked for a supervisor and he said that if they did all the furniture repairs requested, they wouldn't be able to do warranty work.

I spent a pile of money for what became junk in a few years. Clearly, I will NEVER shop there again.
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Returned Piece of Furniture and Would Not Give Us Credit
Posted by Prplhazeprinces on 07/08/2013
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We had bought a 3000 dollar leather sectional and had an issue with one section of the sectional that was 699. After 3 attempts at getting it remedied we were told there may have an issue of matching the same color. I mean its a black leather couch. We refused to pay for something that was not working properly. When you buy a $3000 piece of furniture you hope that it is of good quality and Jordans would stand by their furniture and customers.

So after being delinquent for 5 months because they would not remedy the issue so we refused to pay, they finally agreed to take back the piece and give us a store credit and we settled for an amount to pay them. If they had given us the credit in the first place we would have never been delinquent in payments. They stated that now the account was closed as we settled and they would give us a store credit for 699.

We went to use the credit and Jordans stated they credited it to the credit card that was closed. So ultimately Jordans STOLE our money and got their furniture back! Extremely Chitty furniture and worse customer Service.
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Jordan's Furniture Not as Expected
Posted by Decembersnow on 06/15/2013
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Bought a expensive couch at Jordan's. Felt very comfortable sitting on it at the store also I didn't like the fabric on the couch so I ordered special order material, which they charge you extra money for. Couch arrived it was the most uncomfortable couch, hard as a rock. This couch was supposed to be made in the USA. I think it was made oversea's. The material I ordered for this couch was very soft as a sample. The material on this couch was very stiff and itchey. Made me break out in a rash on my legs. Complained to customer service, they don't care.

I also ordered a brand name recliner at the same time. Recliner came later. Was not like it was in the store, leaned to far back, instead of watching TV, I was staring at the ceiling. Again the material ordered on this chair was not the fabric the soft material that I felt in the sample. From what I understand a lot of these fabrics are being made oversee's, Both went back only received a portion of my money back. Their delivery prices are also way out of line. Might as well have gone to Bob's discount furniture instead of wasting my money at Jordan's.
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Jordans Furniture - horrible customer service
Posted by Tipper1 on 05/08/2010
I bought a $1200 table and chairs in January. They said there would be a short delay but it only just arrived. What I am upset about is there lack of communication on the delay and when I called the customer service people did not seem to care. Al ltheir hype and marketing means nothing when I feel they do not understand what I value. I will never shop there again

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Posted by Jim38 on 05/14/2009
E. TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- On 4/20 I purchased a dinning room set complete with buffet. On delivery I noticed stain spots in the finish resulting from stain hitting the unfinished surfaces. I photographed the affected pieces and sent the photos to Customer Service asking for a reasonable price reduction if I were to keep the set. CS told me the spots were"antiquing" and that all the furniture of this make had them. I've finished furniture at home and can identify sloppy work. I told CS I didn't buy it.
How could a store knowingly sell defective products
from Malaysia with no quality control in the pipeline? I asked them to pick up the set and issue me a check for the amount I paid. I will not accept a store credit. Goodbye Jordan's
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
Did the display furniture have spots? I would think that would tell the tale.
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