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Customer service is not included
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Last week, I placed my second (and very likely the last) software order with I only bother to deal with the vendor, because of its exclusive academic pricing for some software products. Otherwise, if at all possible, I suggest that you stay away from the headache of dealing with JourneyEd. If you need to call their customer service (i.e. because your online order seems to be completely lost), you are almost sure to encounter unfriendly often rude customer service. Interestingly, if you choose to purchase software download to expedite access to your software, do not expect to receive it promptly. Three days ago, I paid for a piece of software with download option, but I am still waiting to receive the download link. According to JourneyEd's customer service, this is their "normal process." All I can do is just keep waiting. Horrible!
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heaven17 on 06/04/2007:
Wow, zhuchok. This is a freaky situation...because I work for Journey Education!
Again, wow.

Customer service is not my department (I'm in Purchasing), but let me see what I can find out as far as software download links are concerned.
Sarah May on 06/04/2007:
Gasp! Are we witnessing a problem in the solution stage? Right here on My3Cents?! Brilliant!
heaven17 on 06/06/2007:
Well, I attempted to make good on this, but I couldn't do much. It was out of my hands. JourneyEd has their bad moments like any other company, but I feel bad when someone feels slighted or ripped off.
Arles on 02/16/2010:
heaven17 a little advice, the link the send you with the key code doesn't work either. I am going through the same issue with them and they refuse to refund my money. I have reported them to the attorney general, the Department of Education,the school who endorses them, the Better Business Bureau and an attorney. I have been given the run around for 3 weeks now , and have yet to receive any responses or e- mail replies, or better yet anything for my money. I have had enough and don't want to play there little scam game any longer. I hope you have better luck than I have had.
Best wishes
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