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5212 Tennyson Pkwy., Ste. 130
Plano TX, 75024
1-800-876-3507 (ph)
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Last week, I placed my second (and very likely the last) software order with I only bother to deal with the vendor, because of its exclusive academic pricing for some software products. Otherwise, if at all possible, I suggest that you stay away from the headache of dealing with JourneyEd. If you need to call their customer service (i.e. because your online order seems to be completely lost), you are almost sure to encounter unfriendly often rude customer service.

Interestingly, if you choose to purchase software download to expedite access to your software, do not expect to receive it promptly. Three days ago, I paid for a piece of software with download option, but I am still waiting to receive the download link. According to JourneyEd's customer service, this is their "normal process." All I can do is just keep waiting. Horrible!

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