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Bafoons Running This Company
Posted by on
I received a ring for Christmas and after 1 day of wearing it a stone fell out. I contacted Joy jewelers and was issued an RMA. I was told to ship it back to Torrance CA. I called and spoke to BAFOON #1 one week after they received the ring to see what the status was. I was told after they received it they had to ship it back to their manufacturing plant in OHIO and I had to give it time to get there. I asked why I was not informed of this and he stated that they do not inform their customers of every little move they make. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and was told that he was the supervisor. I hung up and called back with a complaint and was then directed to BAFFON #2. BAFFON #2 apologized and said that he would let me know the following week via either a phone call or email what they would be doing to the ring. I did not receive any communication the following week so I called on the following Monday and spoke to BAFFON #3 and was told that the factory closed shortly so he would have to let me know tomorrow. I told him that was unacceptable as BAFFON #2 had said he would contact me and had not. He proceeded to put me on hold for a couple minutes and came back and said that BAFFON #2 said that the ring would ship back to me this week, I asked if a tracking # would be emailed and he confirmed that it would.

As of Friday, 2/13 I had not received any email so I called back and spoke to BAFFON #3. He said, Oh yes, after I spoke to you on Monday I emailed the factory and was told by them that they are behind 3 weeks. I asked why I was not communicated this and was told by BAFFON #3 that they do not call every customer for everything, I told him this was unacceptable and asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that, BAFFON #1 or BAFFON #2 would be the ones to speak to. I said I have already spoken to all of them and this is ridiculous. I was put on hold and directed to BAFFON #2 whom I told I was very upset and I am being mislead and asked if there was someone higher up that I could speak to.

He told me that he was the president of the company!!! What a joke! He then proceeded to tell me I have 2 choices.... wait the 3 weeks for the repair or stop the repair and get my money back. I do not trust that if I decide to get my money back if he will truly do that.

Obviously there are only 3 people working here, all in the supervisory capacity and all they know how to do is answer the phone! and I don't know why they bother because they never have information regarding THEIR defective merchandise that they sold you.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/15/2009:
I must say, it was a real treat to read this review, such a charming personality. I'm betting you're a real gem to deal with on pretty much any subject matter. Kindness and patience goes a long way, you should try it sometime.
Anonymous on 02/15/2009:
One more thing, the word you were going for is actually spelled b-u-f-f-o-o-n.
Anonymous on 02/15/2009:
The stone on a well-made ring will never fall out (or at least it won't for a very very long time). If the stone falls out one day after receiving it, you can bet that the ring wasn't well-made to begin with and won't be well-made when you get it back. Get your money back and have whomever gave you the ring buy a new one from a reputable jeweler.
Anonymous on 02/15/2009:
If you're going to call people names, you ought to learn how to spell them first, otherwise you'll look like a buffoon.
winter3 on 02/15/2009:
Best answer KenPopcorn :)
DOOZEE on 02/16/2009:
So CJ, which one are you? # 1, 2 or 3?
Anonymous on 02/16/2009:
Talk about a lethal combination!!! THREE 'BAFOONS' and a ring that was manufactured in OHIO!
Anonymous on 02/16/2009:
How did I know that would be your response? ROFL!!
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Stay Away, Unprofessional and Incompetent.
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
TORRENCE, CALIFORNIA -- Awful, unprofessional business. Sold a ring that they did not have in stock and then had been sold out. But wait, then they did not notify me for the next 4 days, past the shipping date that there was no ring, and that they couldn't fulfill my order. And when contacted their response was sorry we were out of the office last week and didn't know what was going on and we will try to help you when someone comes t the office.

Think about it do you want to give $100 and $1,000 to such an incompetent unprofessional business. If this is how they handle order fulfillment and customer service, I can only imagine that they quality of the jewelry itself is awful.
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Dishonest Retailer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TORRANCE, LOUISIANA -- I ordered my husbands wedding band from their website. It was the perfect, titanium ring that we were looking for. I had seen it on a few other websites for less, but I paid the extra because they advertised a lifetime warranty. When it came time to register my ring first I got the run around, then I was told the manufacturer will not warranty it because it came from an online retailer and they took down the warranty info on the product.

Not only did they lie about removing the false advertising, (it is still up as of this post), but they removed one of my reviews on their website. The one praising the way the product looked is still there, the one complaining about the warranty mysteriously disappeared. is not worth the time, money or hassle. They will not even respect you enough NOT to lie directly to you
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Re-Stocking Fee Scam?
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My overall experience with Joy Jewelers is poor. They contract with Art Carved who make some of the Military rings they sell. The finished ring is drop shipped from Art Carved direct to the customer. Joy Jewelers never sees the ring only process the paper work and collects their sales commission. They are essentially the "middle man". If a problem arises with the ring, you the customer ships the ring (you pay the freight) directly to Art Carved. Again, Joy Jewelers never sees the ring. Joy Jewelers made a poor assumption that my complaint regarding the illegible text under the POW emblem on the ring, was false. This poor assumption resulted in a restocking fee. A restocking fee for a product that Joy Jewelers never stocked nor did they ever see. Joy Jewelers offered a $50 credit if I where to keep the ring. Does this not imply that they believed there was a problem and made an initial attempt to resolve it? When I refused the credit and returned the ring a restocking fee was charged. A restocking fee for a manufactures design flaw.

For Joy Jewelers to charge a customer an additional fee and refuse to consider what was obviously a manufactures issue and not the customers sends a clear message. We will side with our manufacturer regardless. We don't need to see the product to better understand the customers complaint. Our word is final.. deal with it...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
JoshuaSterling, I agree with you 100% and I will never use Joy Jewelers. Thanks for the information.
heaven17 on 06/07/2007:
I agree with the general idea of a re-stocking fee (retail stores are not rental outlets, folks), but in this case (manufacturer error), it doesn't quite seem fair, especially since it was a custom order (or was it...? Not sure).

Hope you get some sort of response or resolution.
JoshuaSterling on 06/07/2007:
A restocking fee may apply for most returns or exchanges that are "Not Due" to a manufacturer error of some sort.
If a customer is to be charged such a fee the retailer should first examine the product and determine if a complete refund is due. Instead, Joy Jewelers assumed that the ring was as it should be based on their relationship with Art Carved.

Art Carved goofed and shipped a product that was flawed. Joy Jewelers being the "middle man" should have requested the ring returned to them for examination and resolved this with Art Carved. Instead they directed me to ship the ring direct to Art Carved, who have failed all together to comment on this issue.

Joy Jewelers wrongly assumed that I was in error and decided to charge me the re-stocking fee. Bad choice...
colleen on 05/02/2014:
I am so glad I checked your review . I wa going to order a ring and now I won't
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