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Bad Business Practices of Chase
Posted by on
After dealing with JP Morgan and Chase and
other banks in the Fullerton area in CA, I have come
to the conclusion that whatever rationale
the bank's policies are, the consumer can not
directly fight the inequities of the corporate
Unfortunately, they can do what ever they want if they can get away with it unless it is a
gross violation involving the Federal reserve.
Look at your account disclosure(s).
But who do you think lobbies the Federal Reserve.
I went to one bank, to deposit cash and they wanted to put a 24 hold on it. But why, to make
sure it isn't counterfeit?
Again, my feeling is that they want to accelerate
the overdrafts (this was published in the LA times recently).
Certainly, like any other business there are
good banks out there but in today's economy they
are hard to find.

Recently, I had received what I believed to be
a bonafide offer in which if you made an online
bill payment they would give you a $10.00
gift certificate. It came in yesterdays mail.
Upon looking at the fine print, it had expired
on 4/09/2009. I called my banking representative
and she did nothing to make good about it, either
did the 24 hour banking representatives.
This happen to be a well known bank. I simply told them the next time it happens again I would
file a report to the FTC (OIG) and to the BBB
so I can get a fresh offer which could be reedemed. Okay people make mistakes, but not coreecting them is worse and showing bad faith.

Okay back to JP Morgan chase. Historically,
JP Morgan, though a smart man in finance
unfortunately if you read his past I think you
will have to agree his integrity was severely
tarnished. His greed was equivalent to the robber
barons of the oil pioneers -

I myself am holding a JP morgan chase Platinum Master card According to the disclosure they can close
it anytime they want to. They do not have to give you a reason. In my case I have a FICO,
Vantage Score, and PLUS score of 800. I have held this card for 1 year and have never made
so much as a late payment. At present it is at
-0- . Right after I paid it off, I got a new
account disclosure saying that the purchase
APR increased 60%. The cash APR remained about the same. These people are incredible.
I do believe that it is up to out lawmakers in Congress
and civil courts to stop bad banking practices.
I myself would like to inform the White house
through the Internet at about
my experiences and others. It wouldn't hurt to
consult our 2 senators and the representative
of our district.

Other than that, I have been suggesting to people
that if they do not want to be dictated to, that
they are going to have to pay the price of getting out of the rotten banking system, and that is when you get your pay check, go down to a check cashing place and cash your money. They normally charge 2% of the amount of the check.
Make sure that you keep your money in a strong heaby vault/box in your apt or house that is hidden. There are a lot of people doing this.

I have already canceled my chase card and ripped
aand shredded it. Lastly, This OCtober 2, 1990
go out and relax and watch Michael Moore's
"The Love of Capitalism - a love story"
I think it will be a good documentary on our
existing capitalistic system.

Good Luck to you.

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User Replies:
skelly39 on 08/04/2009:
That's a lot of words to say "Chase sucks."
Suusan B. on 08/04/2009:
". . what I believed to be a bonafide offer . ." OK. And the part about holding cash deposits for 24 hours to maximize overdraft fees says you spent money you didn't have available in your account and tried to deposit cash to cover it and missed.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Cash is never held. Period. Either you have no understanding of how a bank works, or you are lying. Either way this post gets a big fat NH.
PepperElf on 08/05/2009:
I'm thinking it was....

1) a money order


2) cash deposited at the night atm which is held until they can verify the amount

either that or it's just like what you said ken :)
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Chase Bank - Customer *DIS*Service - CC interest rates SOAR
Posted by on
BREMERTON, WASHINGTON -- Previous to the total "assimilation" of Washington Mutual by Chase bank (they were in the throes of being taken over), I had signed up with WAMU's Online Savings account - they offered a 1% interest rate if you signed up online. Of course, there were no rate "guarantees", but less than two weeks after I signed up, the rate went from 1% down to. 95%, the following month down to. 85%, and this month at. 75%.

After the assimilation, when I signed onto my account yesterday under Chase, lo and behold, the interest rate tanked out at. 01%. Yes, point-zero-one percent!

Thinking there was a mistake during the takeover, I called them. I was on the phone for over an hour. I'd try to talk to one "customer service" person (English is NOT their first language apparently anywhere in Chase, by the way), and they'd tell me I'd have to talk to another department about the interest rate, so they'd "transfer me". I'd get transferred alright, back to the main menu! So, I have to push all the buttons again (press 1 for your personal checking or savings, press 2 for...), plus you have to press in your account number, debit card number, etc. And even after pressing in all those numbers, the customer service reps ask you for it all AGAIN.

After being bounced around and having to call back several times, I finally asked to speak with a supervisor. Long story short, I finally did speak to one after going through more transfers.

She told me that they'd sent out notices about the transfer, which explained that the interest rates would probably change. I agreed that I understood they might change, but they did not disclose that they were planning to pay virtually next to nothing! .01% is basically NOTHING. I asked why they didn't disclose that, she had no answer. I asked why my interest rate wouldn't stay the same, she said it's because of the buy-out of WAMU by Chase, and that Chase only offers. 01% on their savings accounts.

No further discussion, no apology, no sympathy, just a "that's the way it is" attitude. I said that I would not continue to leave my money with a financial institution that RAISES my interest rate (to almost double) and drops my savings interest rate from. 75% to. 01% in one day. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE! She didn't care. None of them care.

The point is, if you are unsatisfied with Chase, as so many, many people here are, it would be wise to find another bank - preferably a local bank - to do business with and to move your money to. Granted, they don't pay as much in interest, but chances are you'll get a lower interest on your credit cards too. Plus, at least a local bank (state bank... if there are any left!) are a better choice.

Chase bank absolutely sucks, and it is appalling that they have taken taxpayer money to buy out other banks and credit cards, then raised he credit card interest rate and lowered the savings interest rate to virtually nothing!

How does that make you feel???

I'm not happy with Chase on SO MANY LEVELS, and will be taking my money and putting in my local (state) bank where they actually know me by my first name when I call and come in.

Go to H**L Chase, you're not wanted here.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 05/26/2009:
I received a big 15 cents for my Chase checking account last month and I have a large balance too.
Anonymous on 05/26/2009:
I use a local bank and get 3.5% interest on the first 25K in my rewards checking account so long as I do 12 signature based debit card transactions in a month.

There are good deals to be had with the local banks if you shop around. Never be *loyal* to any bank. Good review!
grandma005 on 05/26/2009:
Here in California Banks don't pay high interest. I have a Money Market account that only pays 1.18% interest.
grandma005 on 07/17/2009:
That account is Wachovia and they are down to paying only 0.33 percent interest. Chase pays 00.01 percent interest. Should I take my money out and put it in my home safe?
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Chase Bait and Switch
Posted by on
LIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a customer of Chase for approximately 30 years. For the last 15 years I have been taking loans on the low balance transfer offers that have been offered by the various banks. This has helped with building our house without having the whole amount put on a home loan. As long as the rate and balance transfer fee was good, I took advantage of that offer. As soon as I paid of one balance or had a low balance, Chase was marketing furiously with the next offer and if I did not take advantage of that offer, the rates and fees would get better. Chase continuously kept on increasing the credit line without me ever requesting the increase. At the moment the credit line is $23,000.

Thankfully I never took out a loan even close to that amount. My current rate is 3.99% which was to have been for the life of the loan as long as I paid on time, which I have always paid on time. Now Chase decides that these offers are not a good business decision on their part, and since they cannot raise the rates, they have found a way around this for all the customers who took advantage of these offers.

In the past year Chase has changed the due dates, which after looking at comments online from other people, it seems that this was Chase's way of trying to have the customers default on these loans by moving up the due dates since Chase knew these customers were not making purchases on these accounts and were paying monthly and mostly on the same date. For the people that this scheme did not work, Chase is now going to charge a $10 monthly maintenance fee and increase the minimum payment from 2% to 5%.

I am interested in paying off my loan and personally I do not have a problem with the 5% minimum payment. I cannot wait to pay off this loan, which will be in about a year.

However, I have a huge problem with the $10 monthly maintenance fee which is used for accounts that are for people who have no credit or bad credit. In addition, in regard to the increase to the 5% minimum payment, I have a huge problem with a bank that would do this to customers who took advantage of these offers when Chase kept sending checks and information regarding how other balances should be paid off, your car loan, your school loan, your other credit cards, take a vacation, buy things that you need, the check can be made payable in your name and you may use it any way that you like and constantly increasing the credit limit and making that credit limit available for the low interest balance transfer offer with the low rate offer being for the life of the loan as long as you pay your payment on time.

In addition, there is no credit card fee and the minimum was set at 2% of the balance. Now, Chase has decided to make a business decision increasing the 2% minimum payment to 5% at a time when the country is in a huge financial crisis - people are losing their jobs, the jobs that people have are not secure. This was a loan that was supposed to be set and as long as you paid on time, than you did not have anything to worry about, or so everyone thought. Chase obviously is a very "ME" company and does not care about its customers or the country in which it does business. This decision will force people who otherwise would have been able to pay their minimum payments to default, further increasing the crisis. Of course, Chase is very kind to offer an alternative by allowing you to keep the 2% minimum payment if you allow Chase to increase the rate to 7.99% set for two years and Chase will also be kind and also waive the $10 monthly maintenance fee.

After the two years, the rate will go to the purchase rate. This also hugely affects the minimum paid that will need to be paid and further delays repayment of the loan and allows Chase to hold on to the loan for a longer time thereby collecting more interest and allows Chase to change the accounts to a very high rate after the two years have expired (if Chase does not come up with another scheme in the meantime). Of course, Chase told me that I can take my balance to another bank - so this is another alternative. If you pay off the balance, then you will still be charged the $10 monthly maintenance fee even if your balance is zero. Chase told me I can close the account. Obviously Chase does not want customers who have zero accounts also. But, Chase is offering you $125 if you open up a checking account (which pays no interest) and you set up direct deposit into the account. Chase pays only. 10% interest on its savings account at the moment. Chase must be at the very bottom if it is resorting to this type of scheme.

THIS WAS A HUGE BAIT AND SWITCH ON THE PART OF CHASE. And, the government is bailing out these banks and financial institutions which will have to be paid by tax dollars. I thought the bailout was to help out the banks so that they could continue doing business - maybe the government should have demanded to find out first what kind of business the banks were planning to do before letting them have the money.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/14/2008:
Actually, the change in the minimum payment was dictated by the federal government.
tom z on 12/15/2008:
Kenpopcorn, you skip over the glaring breach of trust going on.

These are not dead beat card holders. They essenstially told me on the phone and also ON CNBC's ON THE MONEY. Chase isn't making money on these accounts so its raising the rates. And also charging a 10 dollar fee. Whether you use the card or not?

Do whatever you can to tell your friends on these bad busisness practices. Even if Chase changes its name I will NEVER do business with them again.

I paid off the the balance , it was almost done anyway.

But I never received notification , I had to see it on TV.
Chris J on 01/28/2009:
Ken Popcorn, the govt requires 1% of balance plus interest as a minimum payment. Don't blame it on the government. This was a business decision by the bank because they did not feel they were making enough money. Apparently representations they make to customers mean nothing. As well as what the effect of increasing their customers' payments by 250 percent will have on an already struggling consumer. They take our money through Tarp and turn around and do this. It is outrageous. There is a law firm in New York that is looking into starting a class action over the $10 fee issue. Their web site is
jiva34 on 05/30/2009:
money corrupts
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Counterfeit Check
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Some thief orders temporary checks of my account and did two checks. One for $ 1,738.00 and the other for $ 1,789.00, (thief) went to the bank and cashed these checks. When I went to the bank after my accounting notified me, the bank denied my claim because it was over a month old.

Why didn't the teller verify my signature? And after my real check came to the bank with the same Ck No. the bank did not return the check or notify me. This is supposed to be a red flag TWO checks with the same number and different amount.

Now the bank doesn't want to take responsibility of their negligence.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 09/07/2013:
Take it to the police or DA. That might get Chase's attention. If not, then sue in small claims court, they might win that one on the 30 day business. If everything fails you you might be able to write it off on your taxes as a loss.

Just more reasons why I hate big banks and only use my credit union.
John Nicholson on 09/07/2013:
See an attorney
cmthru on 09/07/2013:
Unless you are personally known to each and every teller at all branches they don't know it's false signature. That the bank passed two check with the same number is reason for concern. And that they are refusing to do something about it it very serious. Contact the state banking commission at and file a complaint. They need to investigate. You need to stay on top of this until your money has been returned.
Soaring Consumer on 09/07/2013:
I suggest filing a police report ASAP.
CU on 09/07/2013:
As a rule, tellers do not verify signatures. They are too unreliable. They do however, check ID. So if the forger also had good fake ID, it's possible to get by.

Further, since you are free to have checks printed wherever you want, banks don't track check numbers beyond what they need to print the statement.

However, you, on the other hand, have a responsibility to open and reconcile your statement in a timely enough fashion that when you report a forgery the bank stands a chance of a recovery. This is not bank policy, it is law and is spelled out in the Uniform Commercial Code.

Crimes like this tend to be inside jobs. If the forger cashed the check at a branch, then the bank has his photo. Have you asked to review these photos to determine if you know the thief?
yoke on 09/08/2013:
It does sound as if the OP did reconcile his statement on a timely fashion. You get a statement once a month and that is when the accountant found the fraud. The thief knew enough about this account to know when the cycle started and ended. Sounds like they were smart and did it at the beignning of the cycle so the accountant would not catch it until into the next month, knowing that the bank would say it was over a month ago. Sounds like an inside job at the bank. Time to call the police.
CU on 09/08/2013:
You have thirty days AFTER you receive the statement. One thing further on check numbers: two check for different amiunts with the same number do not raise any kind of flag. It happens all the time. But... two checks with the same number for the same amount will be flagged instantly, probably right at the teller window. Now that people can take pictures of the check on their phone and make a deposit, the banks have to assue that the same check doesn't get later deposited at a branch. It's amazing how many people do just that. They either forget that they deposited it electronically, or they are not sure it really went in, so they deposit it again just to make sure.
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Chase Mortgage Is a Complete "Bait and Switch" Operation
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLUMBIA, MARYLAND -- Chase reached out to me via multiple phone calls and federal express packages telling me that I was approved for a no cost modification of my first mortgages on two investment properties. Then, after I called to inquire, I was sent two, full document packages and my loans were "put into processing".

Note, these modifications were for on time paid, first mortgages, non-distressed properties. I did not reach out to Chase for a refi or modification.

After I submitted the documents, there were many unanswered emails and phone calls from me to Chase inquiring as to the status of my deal.

Now, Chase is telling me that my rate lock has expired and that they will continue to process my loans only if I agree to pay $3850. I believe that this process is their scheme. Do not fall for it.

Additionally, I selected a title company other than the one that Chase uses--Maryland law requires that borrowers have the right to select their title company. My selected title company was never contacted by Chase to commence title work. However, I was told by the Chase representative that my files were waiting for the title work. This could not have been true.

Warning--do not bother with Chase and their promise of a no cost refi. They simply want to charge you fees.
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Free Checking
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LARGO, FLORIDA -- I am treasurer for local support group of [snip] a non, profit organization registered in New York state. Our title is [snip] I was trying to find a bank with free checking account since we are a low budget nonprofit group. I was told that as long as on of our signatories was a veteran we would be eligible for free checking account. I provide them with identification for one of our signatories to that effect.

To my surprise after several months a fee was added to our monthly statement. I called the bank and received no satisfaction. In fact by the time I got to the bank a week later to officially close the account they added another fee. I was never offered any explanation why the original offer was not honored. I have since put our monies in another bank.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/30/2012:
Were you given no excuse whatsoever, such as the first CSR gave you incorrect information?

Did you open the account in person? If so, I would have gone back to that branch and demanded and explanation from whomever opened the account.
jktshff1 on 06/30/2012:
Was the signatory the one that signed all the checks?
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Mortgage Loan stopped 1 1/2 weeks before closing!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SHERMAN, TEXAS -- I hope I am writing to someone who can check this out. My husband and I had our home up FOR SALE. A couple (Mexican) came to see our house and fell in love with it. They went to Chase for financing, got their pre-approval, and we were all happy campers.

Now here we are, about 1 week until closing. My whole house is packed up, movers are scheduled, new house for us is ready for closing 2 days after we close on this house. BOMBSHELL!! Our realty company called yesterday around 6pm and said Chase Underwriters decided to cancel the loan.

There people had a pre-approval letter, we all had moved forward in good faith, and now Chase has pulled the loan? How crazy is that? We are all so disgusted with Chase for these actions we are thinking seriously about filing suit against Chase, and calling NBC for an interview about Chase's bogus loans, and how these "Big Dogs" have jerked the common everyday family around! I have talked to several people about this and they cannot believe how Chase treats their customers. I am not going to take this laying down. It is wrong for Chase to treat people this way. Our last
name is Holmes and the buyer's name is Sanchez. I am going to spread this as far as I can go so that people may know just how hard-hearted Chase Mtg is.
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User Replies:
traceylynn on 03/14/2012:
The problem isn't Chase. The borrowers had to prove what they gave Chase as far as income, debt, sales price, etc. was factual. Somewhere along that line something didn't match up and that is why it was canceled. The 'pre-approval' letter is off of information given to Chase and Chase typed up that letter in good faith that those numbers were right. Obviously they weren't which is not Chase's fault.
Kris10 on 03/14/2012:
Unfortunately, pre-approval isn't an approval. I'm sorry to hear about this, but I can't see how it's really Chase's fault. They probably found something that made them decide the loan was too high risk or something equally as disturbing to a company who is in the business of loaning out money and getting it back.
trmn8r on 03/14/2012:
Think how "crazy" it would be for a bank to loan a ton of money to someone who turns out to be a bad risk. Think about it. Sounds like something came up that made the bank think twice. The timing stinks, but this is something that can happen.

Are you looking to make it to NBC with your one story, or have you found a pattern of this behavior?
FlShopper on 03/16/2012:
Why was the ethnicity of the potential buyers mentioned in the OP? Do you think this may have had something to do with the loan falling through?
Anonymous on 03/16/2012:
FlShopper> I asked the exact same question, almost verbatim, on another review about a young girl being treated rudely at her first job interview. And the comment was subsequently hidden from public view. I can see it, but I don't think others can. You can always tell by the scrunched lettering and type format.

I meant nothing disrespectful by it, as I'm sure you didn't either. I was only curious what it had to do with the review, unless they may have felt that it played a part in the incident.

*scraping the eggshells from my feet*
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Taking money without permission
Posted by on
Chase took my mortgage out of my account because I paid my auto loan. they assumed I should pay my mortgage at the same time causing me to go negative in my account with over $300 of bills pending. After calling them and b*tching for many hours they finally agreed to send my money back BUT it will take 3-5 business days to overnight a check... meanwhile I have to "deal" with the inability to pay my bills, they claim they'll pay all overdraft and late fee's, I can't get gas to get to work, can't get my child's medications, can't get my husband's medications, and can't buy food for my family. Do they care about this... no. only reply I got was "we'll we're very sorry but there is nothing I can do". Pretty much they don't care and keep making me fax more and more paperwork to them just to get the check request started. Beware of Chase!

PS I never even opened my online account so there is no way it was set up for auto draft. they even agreed they don't know how this happened.
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User Replies:
hi on 05/26/2011:
I don’t did Chase pay your mortgage company or even know who your mortgage company was? Is your mortgage company Chase? Was your payment past due? If you bank with the same company that your mortgage company is with some have a clause if your payment goes 'x' amount of days past due they can practice the 'right to offset' and take it out of your checking account without notifying you. Usually it happens 15 days after your due date .
DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
I agree with Hi. That is exactly what Chase does because I worked for Chase Mortgage for a short time and they told us they have that right to go into a Chase bank account and 'take' their payment for a mortgage or car payment. The Chase reps didn't even know that until customers called to complain that Chase took their payment out of their Chase bank account without their permission.
I guess there is mention of that in their agreement. When the Chase reps (who had a mortgage/car loan and a bank account with Chase)learned about this, THEY Closed their Chase bank accounts and transferred their accounts to other banks.

Being that I've see so much 'behind the scene' at Chase, I will never, EVER have ANYTHING with the Chase name on it OR anything to do with a company that is connected with Chase. EVERRRRRRR!
DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
OH....and don't be surprised if you find out they WON'T make good on their promise to pay it back.
I can almost guarantee you, it won't happen. Their excuse will be one of two. Either there will be no record of your call to them OR they will tell you the rep gave you the wrong information.

Let us know which one it is...or if they come up with a new one.

Good luck and get as far away from Chase as humanly possible.

clutzycook on 05/26/2011:
My co-worker has a Chase account and she came in this morning telling us that last week they deposited someone else's paycheck in her account, then froze her account, removed the incorrect funds but have yet to unfreeze her! They told her it couldn't be done until June 1! I think I'll stick with BOA. At least they haven't tried any unauthorized withdrawals...not yet, anyway.
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Escrow Account
Posted by on
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My escrow account was review on 1/25/11 and had a surplus of 1006.71 cents, after waiting a couple of days for my money to be returned to me I call customer service on 1/28/11 and was told that they had 21 business days to send me my money and ask why because I do not have 21 days to send Chase my mortgage. I was told that since they had so many people with surplus that it was taking longer for to process refunds. Then on 2/5/11 I receive a letter of the Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement and at the bottom of the letter it state that my surplus of 1006.71 would be mailed on 2/19/11 and to allow 10 days for receipt. Today[2/10/11] I called to find out why my money had not been sent to me and was transferred 3 times, and the 3rd person told me that my money had been place in reserve, and I said that my money should have been mailed to me on 1/26/11 I was then told that it was system generated and that there was nothing to do. I stated that the taxes and insurance was also system generated but that they got their monies on time. I then ask where the money was and she stated in a reserve account.

I stated that they were making money with my money and she stated that they were not getting any interest from my money. now everybody know that a bank does not have place to put money that does not make any interest. This company is CROOKED and has no ones best interest at hand.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 02/10/2011:
What the bank representative told you is pretty much true. Money market rates are essentially zer0 (0%) right now.

But let's say you could get 1%. For three weeks, the amount of interest is approximately 21/365*.01*1000 = 210/365 = 58 cents.

The bank has told you a consistent story through all of these calls. Your money is going to take another 1-2 weeks to get to you.
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
I haven't had an escrow account in a long time, but shouldn't you be the one collecting interest on the money?

You were not going to get the refund in a couple of days, as you thought. (Did you really think it would be mailed the day after review?) I think the time frame is reasonable. If you haven't received the refund by the end of the month, that would be the time to complain.
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Accounts closed with no reason provided
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I originally banked with WAMU, I opened a second checking account with Chase who later took over WAMU. My daughter banked there as well. I received a letter dated 1/5/2011 and received it 1/18/2011 stating that my checking accounts were being closed 1/16/2011 and the Bank reserves the right to close the Accounts earlier, at any time, for any reason without notice. My daughter has had CD's with Chase for many years and my employment checks have been automatically deposited to Chase as well. Chase refused to honor a withdrawal on the 15th of January and returned two checks for which I am now facing additional fees and the $ was in the account to cover these expenses. I called them today to see if I can withdraw my cash and they told me no that the funds would be mailed out 2/2/2011. I have never had an experience like this in my life. I would think that if I had done something wrong Chase would at least provide me the reason. If Chase sees my checking Accounts as a risk, why wouldn't this be explained to me? There are no NSF checks involved! I think this is a pretty lousy way to handle business. Now I am in a bind with additional expenses of which according to Chase, they are not obligated to explain.
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User Replies:
MJGoldfarb on 01/26/2011:
Check out a local credit union for your accounts.
madconsumer on 01/26/2011:
there has to be some reason.

bank of America is a great bank. I have been with them since 1986, and never any issues.
saj80 on 01/26/2011:
Banks don't close accounts without valid reason (overdraft trends, credit issues, etc.). I have been with my small community bank for 10 years, and am 100% satisfied.
Sacramento Business Owner on 07/30/2013:
Chase did this EXACT same thing to me. When I called I got a run around and transferred from dept to dept. Finally went into the branch got it handled.... two weeks later guess what, same f'ing thing. I went through this bs for two months and it had a devastating effect on my business and cash flow. I am currently suing Chase for the repercussions of their unwarranted closure of several business and personal accounts I had with them.
daniela on 10/02/2013:
THe same think happened to me this week. I never been in minus. My current balance is over $30,000 and never go lower than $10,000. I am with them 3 years. They don't want to give me reason. I am totaly shock. They told me they have a right to choose their customers and they don't need to give me reason. I find 100s of people with the same situation. This is crazy.
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