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JP Morgan Chase
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017-2014
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Counterfeit Check
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Some thief orders temporary checks of my account and did two checks. One for $1,738.00 and the other for $1,789.00, (thief) went to the bank and cashed these checks. When I went to the bank after my accounting notified me, the bank denied my claim because it was over a month old.

Why didn't the teller verify my signature? And after my real check came to the bank with the same Ck No. the bank did not return the check or notify me. This is supposed to be a red flag TWO checks with the same number and different amount. Now the bank doesn't want to take responsibility of their negligence.

Chase Mortgage Is a Complete "Bait and Switch" Operation
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COLUMBIA, MARYLAND -- Chase reached out to me via multiple phone calls and federal express packages telling me that I was approved for a no cost modification of my first mortgages on two investment properties. Then, after I called to inquire, I was sent two, full document packages and my loans were "put into processing".

Note, these modifications were for on time paid, first mortgages, non-distressed properties. I did not reach out to Chase for a refi or modification. After I submitted the documents, there were many unanswered emails and phone calls from me to Chase inquiring as to the status of my deal. Now, Chase is telling me that my rate lock has expired and that they will continue to process my loans only if I agree to pay $3850. I believe that this process is their scheme. Do not fall for it.

Additionally, I selected a title company other than the one that Chase uses--Maryland law requires that borrowers have the right to select their title company. My selected title company was never contacted by Chase to commence title work. However, I was told by the Chase representative that my files were waiting for the title work. This could not have been true. Warning--do not bother with Chase and their promise of a no cost refi. They simply want to charge you fees.

Free Checking
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LARGO, FLORIDA -- I am treasurer for local support group of ** a non profit organization registered in New York state. Our title is **. I was trying to find a bank with free checking account since we are a low budget non profit group. I was told that as long as one of our signatories was a veteran we would be eligible for free checking account. I provide them with identification for one of our signatories to that effect.

To my surprise after several months a fee was added to our monthly statement. I called the bank and received no satisfaction. In fact by the time I got to the bank a week later to officially close the account they added another fee. I was never offered any explanation why the original offer was not honored. I have since put our monies in another bank.

Mortgage Loan stopped 1 1/2 weeks before closing!!
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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- I hope I am writing to someone who can check this out. My husband and I had our home up FOR SALE. A couple (Mexican) came to see our house and fell in love with it. They went to Chase for financing, got their pre-approval, and we were all happy campers.

Now here we are about 1 week until closing. My whole house is packed up, movers are scheduled, new house for us is ready for closing 2 days after we close on this house. BOMBSHELL!!! Our realty company called yesterday around 6pm and said Chase Underwriters decided to cancel the loan.

Their people had a pre-approval letter. We all had moved forward in good faith and now Chase has pulled the loan? How crazy is that? We are all so disgusted with Chase for these actions we are thinking seriously about filing suit against Chase and calling NBC for an interview about Chase's bogus loans, and how these "Big Dogs" have jerked the common everyday family around!

I have talked to several people about this and they cannot believe how Chase treats their customers. I am not going to take this lying down. It is wrong for Chase to treat people this way. Our last name is ** and the buyer's name is **. I am going to spread this as far as I can go so that people may know just how hard-hearted Chase Mtg is.

Small businesses should leave Chase bank
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COVINA, CALIFORNIA -- This is to show everyone how Morgan Stanley Chase Bank cares and helps small businesses. You have seen their advertisements on how they love small business and how they help small businesses. Helping small businesses my **. My story will shed some light on this matter.

I own a small manufacturing company manufacturing writing instruments and personal care products in southern California. We used to have over 25 employees but are down to 11 mainly due to the imported product from China. Several times, I was approached by Chinese businessmen wanting to move my production to China and get a lower price, but I wanted our products to be molded and manufactured in our factory in the good old USA. Though I knew it was financially not a smart decision.

I have lost money in the past two years but things are beginning to look better but I am still not making money. So I decided to sell my industrial building we occupy. I have about $600,000 equity in it and Chase is the mortgage holder. So I asked Chase to let me slide and not make the monthly payment for a few months until the building is sold. Then you will get your money plus interest and this would really help my company a lot.

After submitting tons of paperwork including my next years projected sales and profits, a ** called and informed me that Chase would not go along with my need and that they would have to foreclose. I said you will get your money for sure plus interest, I just lowered my building to $1.3 million (down from $1.9 million 4 years ago), my mortgage is around $760,000; you will get your money first, so there is no risk for you. You are guaranteed to get your money, guaranteed. So what is your problem? I am one of those small businesses that you say you love to help. Her answer was for me not to pay other bills and to pay Chase instead, otherwise they will foreclose.

I was so revolted by her mannerism that I hung up on her. This woman had no feelings about small business, 11 employees losing their jobs, 11 additional manufacturing jobs lost. She did not give a damn. She wanted her $5000 per month.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is JP MORGAN CHASE, a bank that loves to help small businesses succeed, the one that we, tax payers, bailed out; and this is how they return the favor. SHAME ON YOU. I WILL SPEND 100's of hours pasting this on web sites. It will not have any effect on a giant like you, so you will not give a damn, but it will make me feel better.

Lacking Knowledge of Policy and communications
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PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA -- I transferred my account over to Chase. My mistake in trusting them. I had fraud on one of my accounts (not their fault). I was advised to CLOSE that account and reopen a NEW account. I had direct deposit linked to that old account. I was assured this would be monitored and handled.

I had an employee tell me he would 'take care of everything' with my direct deposit. I come in, fill out the form to be submitted to the state. Turns out the state NEVER received the form! Deposits were returned "account closed". I had checks returned unpaid because of this which left marks on my credit.

With all the employees running around playing stupid, even one saying, "I told you we could not take care of your direct deposit. That you had to go through the court." Please... Just admit you all dropped the ball! YOU are fully ABLE of doing this for your customers. In fact I have a copy of the form your employee signed and supposedly submitted to the state...

The truth is you lack customer service. You lack communications. You want to LIE and you got caught. Let's also say "It's against our policy to put any apology in writing." Chase Branch Manager also told me she does not keep documentation on file that clients sign. I find that truly hard to believe that you do not keep a document on file that pertains to a customers account. I will file a complaint. DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE OR BETTER YET THIS PARTICULAR BRANCH.

More from the author: Chase returned an item (not paying) on my account $34.00. Then the Merchant tried to run the debit again two days later (makes sense. They want their money). Chase then decides to pay the item, charging me another $34.00.

I did go into the branch and tell them "look, either pay the item the first time or don't. Chase purposely made money off me to benefit them." Wait....I recall another bank doing this and their being a huge lawsuit a few years ago. **Let's also remind them, I would not have had all the fees (above) if Chase would not have screwed up my direct deposit information and placed this in someone else's account!!!

No Credit For You
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I went to my local Chase Bank, which I have had an account with for over 20 years, to get a Auto Loan. My wife and I are aware that our Credit Scores are in the 600's so we asked her father to Co-sign. He has an 820 credit score. Banks LOVE him. He pays everything on time or early.

We filled out the forms at the bank with an associate. When he saw the 820 I thought he would faint. All he says we have to concern ourselves with is the amount of time for the payment. When we left he told me to call the next day to work out the details.

I called the next day and he said we were DENIED! He also told me that he couldn't tell me why. It will be sent to me in the mail in two or three days. I told him my car won't be there then, what's going on! He started telling me about my credit problems. I agreed, that's why I brought in my Father-in-law with the 820 score to co-sign! It should be a no-brainer. They told me that the co-signer doesn't matter. WHAT! When did this change? He should be welcomed with open bank wallets. His credit score is higher than MANY business!

When trying to find out why, I was given the run-a-round by chase to 5 different operators with no answers or suggestions. I have been with them for 25 YEARS! No consideration? No suggestions? Nobody advocating for the consumer! NO HELP!

I will be ending my relationship with the bank within the next month but just me leaving does no lesson learning for the institution so, I am asking ANYBODY that reads this to take into consideration my plight and decide for themselves if Chase is the bank for them. What have they done FOR YOU? What do you get from them that ANY other bank could also do? Consider changing banks, closing investments, or just plain get AWAY for them.

I felt the Attorney General's office might be interested so I called them. They could only say..."go to this site and fill out the form and we will get back to you. Again, there goes the car I wished to buy. You know, be a good consumer. Even the "Domino's" pizza owner in the commercials was more upset about his pizza's sticking to the box than the bank was about their own customer of 25 years. I'm so glad my tax money went to bail out the banking system (TARP). NOT! Let them FAIL. They don't mind if you do.

Online payment sent 4 times resulting in account overdrawn, no money available to me
By -

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently began using Chase online banking to pay bills and on Aug. 12 I set up an automatic payment to my Chase credit card for the following day, (Friday the 13th). When I went to the bank to withdraw money from my account there was no money and I was overdrawn by over one thousand dollars!

My paycheck had just been deposited and there was no way I should have been overdrawn. I checked my account online and discovered that my payment for 540.00 had been sent 4 times, a total of 2160.00 had been withdrawn and sent as payment to my credit card, causing my account to be overdrawn. I immediately called my bank. They said to call the credit card company that the payment had been sent to.

I was on the phone for over an hour. The credit card company said there was nothing they could do because the payment(s) were being processed. The bank told me there was nothing they could do either. I went to the bank on Saturday and they told me there was nothing they could do, they were sorry, but it was up to the credit card company to reverse the payments and that it would take up to 5 days, (2-3 working days, and it was now Saturday).

I currently have no access to any funds because of the overdraft on my account. The payment to the credit card is not accessible to me because it is an overdraft protection account in which I do not have a card for. It is my daughter's birthday. I have no gas in my vehicle, no food, and the bank is offering no help and no explanation for the error that THEIR ONLINE BANKING CAUSED! DO NOT USE CHASE ONLINE BANKING! They told me they would try to reverse the charges for the overdrafts but could not guarantee it. UNBELIEVABLE!!! ON MONDAY I WILL BE SWITCHING BANKS.

I Sued Chase and Won over $7K
By -

CA, CALIFORNIA -- My mortgage with Chase (formerly Washington Mutual) included PMI because the LTV was over 80%. The problem arose when I attempted to have the PMI removed three years after the loan origination. Chase not only delayed but also made one specific statement that is illegal. I sued in San Mateo County Small Claims Court. I was awarded a judgment of over $6K (the total cost of ALL PMI payments) and less than a year later actually collected over $7K (because of additional fees and interest). The above information is public record.

I have no doubt that Chase (and probably many other banks) have duplicated this illegal behavior thousands of times. The letter they sent to me with the illegal statements was a generic form letter that they send to anyone inquiring about PMI removal. I received at least two copies of the same information from them at different times in this process. I am happy to share this information and a strategy to pursue reimbursement from Chase or any mortgage lender. Send requests for information to "**. I am unable to reply via the "" site.

Checking accounts
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I went online yesterday to check my account and it said that there was a hold on the account. So I called the bank and they said "yes we are closing it because we choose not to continue with you as a customer anymore," but I could not get my money out for 10 days. I had never overdrawn on my account, always had money in there, and they said "I know."

I don't know why they are closing it. Now I can not have my money and they will not let anything go in or out of the account. They also said they will not pay for any fees I get from other companies I sent money to. So now I have to pay all the fees and I have no damn money to do that until I get mine in 10 days. Never bank with them. They do not run a biz very well and their customer service sucks and are very rude. Even the managers. If this ever happened to you let me know what you did.

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